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What happened to Manganiello! Why is the Mangago site not open?

Why is the Mangago site not open

What happened to Manganiello?

Why is the Mangago site not open?

Please don’t use the #mAngAg0 on Ig, Twitter, or other social media because they might take it down forever. DON’T MENTION OR TELL ANYONE PUBLICLY THE NAME OF THE SITE, ESPECIALLY ON TIKTOK. They are gaining more attention when you all use the # or mention it.

Ooooh, I got all the tea. Lol

Mangago is down and probably forever.

The individuals behind the site were Chinese, which conflicted with the laws there, and most of the context pages on the site were pirated.

Always remember:

LIFE by keiko suenobu, ee tokyopop jp. co.

Why is the Mangago site not open?

You must credit the original artist and developer when uploading context and always purchase the scans of their comics so Mangaka receives money for their work. Still, websites are also fine when you upload publicly.

People nowadays have forgotten the number one thing your English teacher should have taught you… to cite your sources.

It is important to cite your sources rather than taking credit for another developer’s work. Hence, at the bottom of the comic page, I posted.

Why is the Mangago site feed not working?

Mangago is down and probably forever. The individuals behind the site were Chinese, which conflicted with the laws there, and most of the context pages on the site were pirated. You must provide credit to the original artist and developer when uploading context and always purchase the scans of their comics so Mangaka receives money for their work. Also, websites are fine when you upload publicly. People nowadays need to remember the number one thing your English teacher should have taught you: to cite your sources.

So, you’d better wait for Mangago to come back instead of finding another site where you can read your favorite comics.

What happened to Mangakakalot on Tachiyomi?

Mangakakalot was taken off Tachiyomi’s YouTube channel on May 8, 2018. The removal is because Mangakakalot no longer meets YouTube’s community guidelines. The company has not revealed the reason for this decision yet, but they have posted a statement saying:

“We take our policies and enforcement of those policies very seriously, and we’re always trying to improve our systems and processes so we can better enforce them in a way that serves everyone well.”

Why is the Mangago site not open?

The page remains active, with the video still available for viewing but only in the Japanese language

Mangakakalot is a popular manga-reading platform that was recently taken down. The reason for this is unknown, but it is speculated that the site was taken down due to copyright issues. This is a shame for the manga community, as Mangakakalot was a great source for manga. With its loss, manga fans must find other ways to read their favorite manga.


Why is the MangaOwl website not working?

I’m having this problem too! Dont worry, tho. You can revive your bookmarks. The site is down for a bit, but I will return soon. But in the meantime, I recommend using vyvymanga to read since it is similar to mangaowl, and if you put your mangaowl account’s email and such, it will find and bookmark all of them on its website.

How do I open the Mangago website?

If you can’t open mangago, it is safe to assume it is banned in your country. In that case, you must download a VPN and open the browser. I would recommend you need a VPN but trust me; any VPN will do

Suppose you are too lazy to download a VPN and then open up the site and blah blah blah jus, search bato. It is another manga reading site.

Thank you. Hope it helped

Why is the MangaOwl website not working?

I have no idea, but it’s not working. It must work, or all my progress will be gone, and I can’t have an update on my manga or something

What happened to ‘Mangahere’? Why is it not working?

As is common with your run-of-the-mill, it is free to read manga websites/apps; from time to time, they stop working or get taken down. Reasons for this might range from:

  1. Network error: In this case, wait a while and try again.
  2. The website has been moved to a new domain or server. Perform a search in discord groups and forums for any announcements & info regarding the new web address.
  3. They’ve dropped their scans and reader services (Which is what happened to Mangarock, one of the more popular free-to-read manga sources). There is nothing we can do but move on.

Why is the Mangago site not open?

If you depend on free-to-read manga websites/ apps, I suggest you have a few different sources installed or available. So that if your Go-to source is no longer viable, you can migrate to the alternate.

Note: Believe me, this happens at least once a year. You built up your reading list with hundreds of manga, and one day, poof, the website is dead, the app is no longer supported, and you’ll need to start building the collection from Scratch. 😢​😭​


Does Mangago. Do I need to be fixed? Is it currently down right now?

Yes, mango needs to be fixed. It is down right now. The site is not loading properly. You won’t be able to access the site right now.

Where can you read manga for free illegally?

Any browser of your choice.Forex chrome

Search the manga name online but beware of hot milfs in your area.

Where can I read BL manga for free?

Here are a few websites and apps where you can read BL manga for free:

  • MangaToon: This app has a wide selection of BL manga, both old and new. You can read the first few chapters of most manga for free and subscribe to a premium plan to read all the chapters.
  • Tachiyomi: This is an open-source manga reader app with a built-in search function. You can find BL manga by title, author, or genre.
  • MangaHere: This website has a large library of BL manga, both English and translated. You can read the first few chapters of most manga for free and subscribe to a premium plan to read all the chapters.
  • MangaFox: This website is another good option for reading BL manga for free. It has a wide selection of manga, and you can read the first few chapters of most manga for free.
  • Lezhin Comics: This website and app has a wide selection of BL and GL manga. You can read the first three chapters of most manga for free and subscribe to a premium plan to read all the chapters.

Please note that some of these websites and apps may contain ads. Additionally, some manga on these websites and apps may only be available in some countries.

Why is the Mangago site not open?

It’s not subject to the same level of regulation as sites like Crunchyroll or Funimation might be. Still, Mangaowl seems to be a safe and accessible option for manga lovers. According to Tech with Tech, the site is legit and does not rely on piracy to bring readers their manga.

In 2022, Mangaowl is made by scanlators that everyone welcomes as they follow the rules. They don’t host officially licensed, which is morally grey. Everything on there is from scan letters, which are 90% of the time the only way you can read something because it is not officially licensed.

Is a safe and legal site to read manga?

Legal? Pfft, no. There isn’t such thing as a legal site where you can read manga for free.

Safe, though? It should be. I’ve been using it for years without any trouble.

Is Mangareader a safe site to read manga online for free? Is the site down?

I’ve never tried that, but I did search it. It has a lot of pop-up ads and stuff….but I mean, unless it asks for your email or sum, you should be fine.

Is a safe and legal site to read manga?

No, it’s not legal. (Any site that posts this many manga for free, with no login required, is not legal.) As for safety, the site is registered using an anonymous proxy, so it’s impossible to find out who owns it. So it could be safe, or you could be giving away reams of data about yourself just by visiting it to a stranger. Decide for yourself.

What happened to Zonker Ault?

He quit.

He got tired of dealing with Moderation.

He deleted all his answers.

It was his way of blocking Quora.

He won’t be back.

What happened to Zonker Ault?


I don’t know, to be honest. I knew I hadn’t seen him around lately. I’ve missed him. He was and is a knowledgeable, witty, intensely rational guy with a huge heart and set of strong but well-informed views, a fellow who could quote Shakespeare off the top of his head and whose advocacy for the life of the mind always made me smile.

Did Quora send him to one of its mass graves? I hope not, but I can’t find his profile. I hope he departed on his own terms, weary of being dinged for violating BNBR for every slightest acerbity.

Why is the Mangago site not open?

I wish he’d dropped me a line to let me know he was skipping town, though. I miss so many people on this site.

What happened to Machinima?

If we’re talking about Machinima, Red vs. Blue is still out there. However, the variety of Machinima has dropped. There are plenty of reasons for this. There is no real support that is out there for Machinima, and like with plenty of things in entertainment, it is hard to keep doing Machinima full-time. People either have to be really successful with their projects in order to keep up their efforts for Machinima.

You also have to consider that Machinima is tough on its own. Doing a Machinima takes a while since you need to add mods and whatnot you put into the production. You also need to factor in money and time, something that is further compounded by people having their own things to do. That’s why very few Machinima shows exist.

What really happened with BetterWorks?

From 2 very smart former employees. The other answers are based on speculation and spin; this answer is rooted in direct experience. Anyone who worked with or at BetterWorks will recognize the issues below as the main drivers of disintegration:

1) The founders – Paige Craig and Zao Yang – only agreed on a few big issues. Some strategic differences are healthy, but these two appeared to work at two companies. The vision communicated to employees could have been clearer and more consistent. Bottom line: these two needed to learn to run a company, at least not as co-founders. Angel investing and operations are two different skill sets

Why is the Mangago site not open?

2) They hired too many salespeople too quickly

3) Engineering and Sales civil war. Engineering, believing they had built the greatest product known to man, couldn’t understand why sales couldn’t close more deals. But anyone who used the product knew it wasn’t a great UX. The vendor coverage needed to be stronger, the onboarding process needed to be clearer and more time-consuming for something non-mission critical, and there never seemed to be major improvements – just small iterative stuff. Additionally, it required a subsidy. Who in their right mind is going to allocate $50/employee/month for mediocre deals? Plus, they killed the ability of the product to go viral within a company (employee-to-employee sharing/liking) by requiring corporate funds. There needs to be more friction to adopt widely. Sales took the fall (layoffs).

4) Marketing was non-existent, and messaging needed to be more consistent. People often asked what marketing was even doing. Is it free? It was potentially free last month, but now you’re telling me I must put in $50…

5) Series A valuation was almost $100 million, mostly based on the reputation of the founders. The short-term demands would have been lower if they had raised a more rational $40mm. This company was 100% focused on the short term because of the valuation bulls-eye. Once the business was scaling slower than (unrealistically) anticipated, certain senior leadership checked out. And this doesn’t even get into the margins, which were razor-thin. In the end, margins may have been a bigger issue than sales growth.

Why is the Mangago site not open?

As a result, the culture was “absolutely miserable.” The sunny exterior was a facade. Internally, it made Square look like Disneyland. Most people were interviewing at other places, knowing that management was driving the company into the ground. And the VP layer was, reportedly, very weak. E.g., sales managers getting rolled over in meetings – not sticking up for the troops / failing to communicate feedback from prospective customers.

Now, the remaining engineers/product people are trying to sell the platform and themselves…quickly. Salesforce could be a potential acquirer, though they just picked up ChoicePass.

What happened to Machinima?

Did you mean the company?

Management issues lead to distrust in the community and the failing (readjustment) of the entire MCN model. This led to a slow fall from the top of the YouTube space to a day player.

Couldn’t keep what made them popular in the first place. The people, creators, and fans.

ETC is still good, though.

What happened to Spurlock?

However, Spurlock made a shocking admission about his past sexual misbehavior not long after agreeing to a distribution deal with YouTube Red. In the statement, it was mentioned that the director had been accused of rape decades before, that he had cheated on his partners multiple times, and that a sexual harassment case involving a young woman who worked for him at his production company, Warrior Poets, had been settled out of court. Following his admission, Spurlock vanished from the public eye.

What happened to Vitaganic?

Thanks for the A2A.

As a Canadian, I’m not overly familiar with many of the supplement companies in the USA, including this one, but I found these links informative:

  • Vitaganic Inc. 2/8/12
  • Personalized Vitamins – Nutrition and Supplements (New)

If you still have the containers for the products you were taking (to get the list of ingredients and their quantities), you could approach a compounding pharmacy in your area or online to make something similar for you. Alternatively, have a discussion with a naturopath in your area for a recommendation for alternative products.

What really happened with BetterWorks?

They are going to attempt to pivot. I’ve heard this from both former Betterworks employees and in the press. Here’s a good article from PandoDaily on their layoffs:

According to Craig, the company still has approximately half of this cash in the bank, and the new slimmer operation has a 16-month runway to figure it out.

They’re now down to a skeleton team of engineers working on something new – we’ll have to wait and see the new direction.

Why is the Mangago site not open?

What happened: The Betterworks team grew rapidly to over 60 employees and didn’t have enough interest/sales to justify their burn rate. Rather than continuing to iterate on the sales process and product, they decided to cut their losses and start something new.

What happened to GoPago?

Summary: GoPago ran out of money, sold off part of their team to Amazon, and shut down their business in December 2013. They are one of the first POS 2.0 companies to fail.

In early 2012, the company raised $25m from JP Morgan Chase and inked a distribution agreement with them. After the Chase investment, the company started heavily pushing its tablet-based POS system, even though it continued to expand its online ordering and line-skipping mobile app. They hoped to distribute their point-of-sale system through Chase banking outlets and Chase Paymentech (a merchant processor/acquirer). This strategy is widely believed to have failed, and whether Chase ever distributed any POSs for the company needs to be clarified.

In early 2013, the company began to pursue distribution through other channels, including ISOs, acquirers, and processors. They became a fixture at payments conferences around the country. By September 2013, they announced a reseller program and twenty resellers (GoPago, Inc. Debuts National Reseller Distribution for Its Android-Based Tablet POS (Point of Sale) System).

Why is the Mangago site not open?

The company was believed to have only a few hundred merchants using its POS system (although more were signed up for their online ordering app, which didn’t work for most of 2013).

In Q4 2013, the company attempted to raise additional venture capital. Still, according to various VCs who looked at the deal, the company’s valuation expectations far exceeded their traction, and they needed help to complete financing in the crowded space.

News of the dissolution of the company was first reported on one of the founders’ Facebook pages (Vincenzo Di Nicola | Facebook)


1. It can be challenging. Building a 2-sided marketplace with merchants and consumers is difficult. Square Wallet failed. GoPago failed. Leapset’s mobile ordering app failed. Someone will be able to do it, but likely after they’ve first dominated one side of the market (consumers or merchants).

2. The POS 2.0 market is taking a long time to develop. Most merchants in the US still use terminals (not POS systems). New entrants Revel Systems, Square (company), Groupon (company) (Breadcrumb), and First Data (Clover) are all still trying to get their products to the point where they’re competitive with the established players such as Micros, Aloha, NCR. Most still need to be more reliable (particularly with their internet connections) or durable enough (due to dependence on off-the-shelf consumer tablets). Many companies have spent too much money on new features instead of achieving reliability first. So, the products are catching up on the most important dimensions to merchants. More POS 2.0 companies will fail before they have a chance to reach product parity with the incumbents.

3. Distribution (not product) is still the biggest challenge for everyone locally. By comparison, building products is easy. Direct distribution is extremely expensive (minimum $500, sometimes thousands of dollars) to acquire an SMB. That requires a lot of capital when your breakeven stretches beyond 12 or even 24 months. Third-party distribution can be highly leveraged if it works, but only a few good examples exist in the POS 2.0 market (and only a few local ones).

4. Efficient merchant distribution is significantly undervalued in Silicon Valley, particularly by investors. VCs tend not to prefer something other than third-party distribution and instead prefer a direct sales model where the company has full control over contact with their customers. The challenge is direct sales are too expensive for the vast majority of products that tech companies want to sell. The economics don’t make sense. Many founders and VCs like to believe they can tolerate a high CPA early in a product’s life and hope that a viral effect will kick in if they reach a tipping point. Unfortunately, this consumer virality rarely occurs in the B2B world. Furthermore, unlike consumer products, most merchants don’t become more valuable as new merchants sign up, so merchants typically have no incentive to tell their merchant “friends” (in many cases, they are disincentivized to do so). This presents a difficulty for anyone wanting to launch a business locally. It also represents a big opportunity for companies with a large merchant base or an efficient way of accessing many merchants.

Is it safe to use MangaBuddy to read manga?

I use Tachiyomi. It is an excellent app for the manga, though it requires a bit of tweaking to use, and you don’t get it on Google Play as the app requires installing an additional mini-application, which is not allowed by Play Store policy.

But through its extension, you can have access to a plethora of manga sources like MangaHere, INKR, Kissmanga, Mangatoon, Webtoons, etc., not limited to Hentai sources are also possible.

All in all, it is an excellent app over MangaBuddy and a must-try.

Why is the Mangago site not open?

Am I a bad person if I like Shotacon but don’t like little kids?

What does “play stupid games, win stupid prizes” mean?

How long does marijuana stay in our urine?

What are Trixie Tongue tricks?

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