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Why is Michelle Obama still sticking with Barack Obama in 2024?

Why is Michelle Obama still sticking with Barack Obama

Why is Michelle Obama still sticking with Barack Obama?

Why is there a photo of Barack Obama with a man identified as Michael LaVaughn Robinson, who looks like Michelle, and are there any photos of Michelle? At the same time, she was pregnant with either her daughters or with her daughters as newborns.

Yes, there are pictures of Michelle Obama pregnant, pictures of her as a little girl, and right up to her wedding and after.

Try Google and enter Michelle Obama pregnant. Yes, there are baby pictures of the two daughters and their parents. Even more interesting is that the eldest daughter strongly resembles her father, and the younger resembles her mother.

There is no Michael La Vaughn Robinson. Yes, there are pictures of Barack Obama with many people, and politicians have their pictures taken with many people. Still, the silly notion that the politician has had sex with everyone who appears in the same picture is nonsense. There somewhere a picture of me as a young woman shaking a politician’s hand. I assure you, we didn’t have sex.

Why is Michelle Obama still sticking with Barack Obama?

Do you know something about their marriage that the rest of the world doesn’t?

When she married Barack Obama, Michelle Robinson knew he intended to pursue a political career. If she dreaded the life of a political wife, she could have chosen not to marry him.

If seeing him become president was beyond her wildest dreams, she certainly made the best of it. She used her personal bully pulpit to advocate for military families and better nutrition, and she left the White House with approval ratings as high as his or maybe even higher.

They’re a team and appear to be one of the most happily married couples ever to become president and First Lady.

Some bigot has altered it to push the false narrative that Michelle is trans.

Because questions like this used to ask for pictures of Michelle as a child & when they started being presented

People like you switched to asking for pregnancy pics. Why should anyone post them since we know you’ll switch to demanding the birth video again?

Why does everyone insist that Michele Obama is such a beautiful First Lady?

Not only is Michelle Obama a better-looking woman than Nancy Reagan, she is a nicer woman. My late wife had the misfortune of having to work as a staff member at a hotel that was preparing a dinner party that was to be hosted by Ms. Reagan. Ms. Reagan was having an absolute fit because the dinner napkins were a slightly different shade of red than the tablecloths. Ms. Reagan was livid that her guests would have to use napkins that were not the same shade of red as the tablecloths. She was screaming at my wife over the phone – on and on and on. Fortunately for my wife, Ms. Reagan had no idea to whom she was talking, and my wife’s shift was over, so finally, she just hung up on Ms. Reagan in the middle of her rant, and my wife went home.

I cannot think of Nancy Reagan without considering my late wife’s story. I certainly don’t think of Nancy Reagan as a beautiful woman; I think of her as an old crone. I don’t think of Nancy Reagan as being anywhere nearly as physically attractive as Michelle Obama.

Do Barack Obama and Michelle Obama have valid law licenses?

No. They each surrendered their licenses. Barack formally became retired’ in 2009, which means he no longer intends to practice law. In 1994, Michelle’s license became ‘inactive’ because she didn’t intend to practice law shortly; this is common for lawyers to do as it costs to keep up a license that you can, if you don’t forget the law, pick back up quite easily. Neither have ever been under investigation by the ARDC, as some people seem to believe they merely gave up their licenses instead of spending money on something they wouldn’t use.

What do you think of Michelle Obama’s portrait?

OK… So… as an artist, I think that portrait does Michelle Obama a great disservice.

From an artistic perspective:

  • The color is bland compared to President Obama’s portrait’s vibrant and lively color.
  • Her skin color looks dead, ashy dead. That makes her entire persona look dead.
  • Unclear/washout light source.
  • Her ashy skin color and white dress almost blend into the light blue background.
  • Everything is of the same value; if you change this picture to black and white, you’ll probably notice her skin highlight is about the same value as the background, and that’s why she doesn’t pop out despite the contrasting color of her skin against the background.
    • And because the brightest value of the painting comes from her dress, it is her dress, not her person; the viewers noticed the first.
    • This gives her the feeling that she’s “eaten up” by her dress.
  • She looks quiet, withdrawn, and non-assertive.
  • The face proportion is slightly off.
  • The arms are too long.
  • Her entire body is poorly rendered and shapeless. The muscles of her arm could be better done. The artist didn’t know how to draw muscle groups of human arms.
  • The delicate little finger sticking out gives her an uppity aristocratic feel, which is the opposite of her down-to-earth personality.
  • The artistic skill shown in this painting could be better. Coming out of art school, any graduate fine art student specializing in oil painting can do just as well, if not better.
    • Hell, I can do a better Michelle Obama! Millions of Deviantart artists can do better than this painting.
  • Last but not least, this painting speaks of NOTHING. There’s nothing you can tell about Michelle Obama from this painting besides a poorly done imitation after some second-grade Vogue fashion shot.

Now, in comparison, let’s take a look at Obama’s painting:

The color is vibrant and warm. He looks confident and at ease. The proportion looks right, the skin color is wonderfully rendered, and there is a clear light source. His skin color and black suit pop out from the green floral background. His hands look realistic and powerful. His suit looks casual and elegant. And because of the value differences, you notice his face first, then his hands, his clothing, the chair, and the background. The composition is very focused. There’s an old Renaissance painting quality, particularly because of the carefully rendered leaves and flowers. He positioned himself facing the view and bending slightly forward as if listening to your words attentively. It speaks of his warm and easy personality, yet the entire painting looks dignified.

The portrait has its problems. The face is off, the eyes are too close together, the rim light is too bright, and the nose casting shadow is wrong. There’s no cast shadow underneath, which is most likely an artistic choice, but it does make him look like he’s floating, not grounded. But still, artistically speaking, this portrait is ten times better than Michelle’s. And both of them are 100 times worse than Gilbert Stuart.

I don’t mean to brag, but this is a portrait I did following the tradition of Gilbert Stuart.

I could improve my work, but it’s still better than the Michelle Obama portrait.

Is Michele Obama a woman because trans people say that they are women?

Michelle Obama is a cis woman with a womb and all working parts who is very tall. Like many very tall women, she possibly has more than the average growth hormone, giving her a heavy jaw. Like, you know, Bea Arthur.

What evidence did Joan Rivers have to state that Michele Obama was transgender?

The same evidence that she used to state the following about other famous people:

  • “Lindsay Lohan said she wouldn’t mind being under oath because she thought Oath was a Norwegian ski instructor.”
  • “Elizabeth Taylor is so fat, she puts mayonnaise on aspirin.”
  • “The whole Michael Jackson thing was my fault. I told him to date only 28-year-olds. Who knew he would find 20 of them?”
  • “Bo Derek… This woman is an idiot. She studies for her Pap test.”
  • “Madonna has just lost 30 pounds; she shaved her legs.”
  • “Kristen Stewart got a whole career by being able to juggle a director’s balls.”
  • “More marines landed in Cher’s bed than at Iwo Jima.” H/T Mike Fluitt

RIP Joan.

I imagine it’s a rubbish Photoshop that would only fool dim-witted conspiracy theorists.

As for pregnancy photos online, there are none for any First Lady between Jackie Kennedy, who was pregnant during her husband’s election campaign, and Melania Trump, who was photographed as a minor celebrity during her pregnancy. But you’re only concerned about Michelle Obama’s for some reason.

The question of “Why are there no photos of Michelle Obama pregnant?” comes from the conspiracy theory that Michelle Obama was born a man and therefore cannot have children, and this is why there are no photos of her pregnant online. This conspiracy theory has been completely debunked, and it has no merit whatsoever. It’s just more racist bullsh*t from white Republican anti-Americans to discriminate against American minorities. What they said, wrote, and did during President Obama’s presidency is a disgrace and will be remembered for years.

Michelle Obama had a miscarriage, and after that ordeal, she and Barack decided that in vitro fertilization (IVF) was the way to conceive their two daughters, which is what the Obamas did, like millions of Americans have over the years. Thus, the racists in our society conceived this elaborate conspiracy theory that Michelle Robinson Obama was born a male and therefore cannot conceive children, and thus the bullsh*t continues.

The Obamas are a very private couple, and with what some racists continue to say and write about the Obama family, they have chosen not to make a lot of their personal family photos public.

Below is a photo of Michelle Obama taken in 1998 when she was pregnant with Malia, who was born on July 4, 1998.

Why do some people think Obama’s wife is transgender?

Virtue signaling. It’s virtue signaling on the right: “Look at me! I hate the people my tribe is supposed to hate!”

It’s not true, but that’s part of the point. The whole thing about virtue signaling is the more extreme or unsupportable your position is, the better it shows your virtue.

Imagine a tribe that believed telling the truth was a virtue. “I believe it’s best to be honest” is not a strong signal.

Imagine someone saying, “I think you should always tell the truth no matter what, with no exceptions. Are Nazis looking for the Jews in the neighborhood? Tell the truth. A serial killer looking for your girlfriend? Tell the truth.”

Normal people would probably think that’s a deeply fucked-up idea, but there is nobody anywhere who would doubt that person’s commitment to the truth! It signals to the tribe: My belief in the truth is stronger than yours.

The more radical, extreme, or unsupportable a virtue signal is, the more value it has as a signal. In far-right circles, signaling that you hate Obama is a virtue signal, and signaling that you hate transgender people is a virtue signal. So, saying you believe Obama’s wife is trans is a very strong signal. It’s false and ridiculous, but nobody in your tribe will doubt your hatred of Obama!

Do you believe the rumors that Michele Obama is transgender?

No. Don’t be stupid.

Look – very tall cis women such as Michelle or Bea Arthur, about whom there were similar rumors, sometimes have square jaws because they are very tall and have slightly more growth hormone than usual. That’s all.

What are some mind-blowing facts about Barack Obama?

A serving US President will be the Chief Guest of the annual Republic Day parade in New Delhi for the first time. Barack Obama will arrive in New Delhi early on Sunday, January 25, and stay in the capital till the morning of January 27 before flying out for a trip to Saudi Arabia. This is also the first time a serving US president has visited India for the second time during the tenure of his office. Here are some astonishing facts about Barack Obama’s trip to India and his ways of traveling:

“Thousands” of US personnel travel with the President.

For instance, during a recent trip to Malaysia, a staff of over 1,600 people traveled alongside Barack Obama. During Barack Obama’s last trip to India, it was reported that over 3,000 US personnel traveled alongside him. These personnel include US government officials, journalists, United States Secret Service (USSS) officers, counter-assault and counter-sniper teams, technicians, support staff, drivers, and spotters. Sniffer dogs, too, travel with the entourage of the President of the United States (POTUS).

The staff, along with cars and helicopters, start arriving over two weeks before the arrival of the President.

Alongside the personnel, the cars that form the President’s motorcade, including two Cadillac Ones, aka “the Beast,” also arrive at the venue way before the President. Transported via several heavy-duty US Air Force cargo planes, the equipment besides the cars includes every imaginable security tool, metal detectors, and communications equipment. Often, the President’s helicopter – the Marine One – also arrives through cargo planes, two of them in dissembled condition.

The Marine One helicopter is taking off from the South Lawn of the White House. When the POTUS is not using the Air Force One and the Cadillac One, he uses Marine One to commute.

The US Secret Service is responsible for the protection of the President, and every trip by the President is their nightmare:

#3. At least five days before the President arrives, the “advancing team” takes over to do its thing:

The advancing team meticulously surveys the threats, explores all the possible security measures that can be taken, and plans a protective detail best suited for the security of who they call the most powerful man in the free world. They do everything from analyzing gun and weapon sales in the town to identifying threats and tracking every suspicious activity. They also sketch several routes for the President’s motorcade, identify numerous sniper locations along the routes, and designate possible safe houses in case of emergencies.

Secret Service agents surrounded Obama at a US military airfield.

#4. This advancing team usually sets up its Command Centre in a hotel suite.

The Secret Service locks down the hotel suite and is off-limits for the staff and other unauthorized personnel. In this case, the Command Centre will be at the Presidential Suite of the Maurya Sheraton – the same hotel where Obama stayed during his previous trip to India. It’s estimated that just the cost of the President’s stay at this suite is a whopping 75 lakh rupees.

Indian security forces guard ITC’s Maurya Sheraton, where Obama will stay.

#5. The USSS calls the immediate area around the President the “Kill Zone.”

The ‘Kill Zone’ is a US Secret Service term that refers to the immediate space around the POTUS. Secret Service officers protecting the President are authorized to shoot at sight anyone trying to enter this zone or already in the zone without the necessary permission.

And this particular “Game Day” for the Secret Service is quite different and more nightmarish. Here’s why:

Another Secret Service term, ‘Game Day,’ refers to the day of the event that the President of the United States will attend. In this case, the Republic Day parade is quite a challenging task for the Secret Service given its several nuances, such as:

#6. The Republic Day parade shall be the first time a modern-day US President attends an open-to-air outdoor event for over 45 minutes.

Barring the Presidential Inauguration, a US President rarely spends more than 40–45 minutes in the open, given security constraints. Still, the Republic Day parade is expected to last over two hours. This has, no doubt, escalated the nightmares for the Secret Service.

Presidential Inauguration is perhaps the only event when a US President spends considerable time outdoors.

#7. It could also be the first time a US President would ride in a car other than the Cadillac One.

The protocol for the visiting guest on Republic Day is to ride to Rajpath from Rashtrapati Bhavan along with the President of India. However, ever since the introduction of the Cadillac One, a US president has never traveled in a different car. Will Obama break his tradition or India’s? While Indian security officers have reportedly requested that the US Secret Service (USSS) not break Indian protocol, they have left the decision up to the Secret Service, suggesting that if the USSS deems it important that Obama must ride in his car, then “the Beast” can be a part of Pranab Mukherjee’s motorcade.

India has also taken some pretty extraordinary steps for POTUS’ security. Such as:

#9. Metro stations, government offices, and roads around Rajpath have been taken over 72 hours before the parade.

At the request of US security personnel, all metro stations around Rajpath ceased to function 72 hours before the parade for additional security. Government offices around Rajpath and roads leading to Rajpath have been shut for two days, starting today.

#10. A No-Fly Zone of 400-450km radius will be in place for the duration of the Republic Day parade.

Implementing a no-fly zone of 300km around Delhi is standard procedure for every Republic Day parade; still, given Obama’s presence, a 400-450km radius around Delhi will be barred for commercial aircraft. This zone extends to Jammu in Delhi’s North, Ajmer in the South, Lucknow in the East, and Amritsar in the West.

The no-fly zone will not apply to the Indian Air Force, which organizes customary air shows that last around 10-15 minutes during the parade.

The President, along with the First Lady, will travel to India in what is perhaps the world’s most advanced jet – the Air Force One:

#11. Air Force One is a callsign and not the plane’s name.

Whatever plane the President of the US steps foot on, it immediately assumes the callsign “Air Force One” to avoid any confusion. However, since introducing the existing Boeing jets for the President, there has never been a known instance when the President had to travel in a different plane. The same applies to India’s top leaders – the President, Vice President, and the Prime Minister – the planes they travel in are called the Air India One, and the Air India One is reported to be as sophisticated as the America’s Air Force One.

#12. Not one, but two Air Force jets are used when the President is on the move: one carrying the President and his people, the other for backup.

These planes are customized Boeing 747-200B, each as tall as a six-floor building. They can travel halfway around the world with a single refuel and can be refueled by a different jet mid-air. The other plane always travels 5-7 minutes behind the one carrying the President as a backup.

There’s nothing the Air Force One can’t do.

#13. Air Force One is like “the Oval Office” in the air.

The president can virtually run the country from the air. Secure communications channels, internet connections, and direct phone lines to the Vice President, the Pentagon, and the White House—Air Force One has it all. It also boasts an executive office, a conference room, and a bedroom for the president, and its kitchens can serve 100 meals at a time.

Obama chairs a meeting aboard Air Force One.

#14. And it has military capabilities, including the ability to deflect incoming missiles.

Operated by the US Air Force, the Air Force One possibly has sophisticated weaponry on board – although that has never been confirmed. It also has an advanced missile deflection system and can jam enemy radars.

A US Air Force fighter jet accompanies Air Force One during a photo shoot over New York.

President Bush and his staff look out at US fighter jets accompanying Air Force One on September 11, 2001.

The POTUS has an even more luxurious ride on the road – the Cadillac One, “the Beast.” It is, by and large, the most advanced car in the world:

#16. It looks like a Cadillac limo but runs on a truck engine.

While the car’s exterior body is that of a Cadillac CTS – stretched, it runs on a Chevrolet Kodiac’s (shown below) engine.

The engine of this truck powers the Cadillac One.

#17. The weight of the door of the Beast = the weight of the door of the Boeing 757.

The door of the Cadillac One accounts for a significant chunk of the car’s weight of 8 tons. Extraordinary hinges are used to make these doors functional.

Now, when the car’s body is 8 inches thick and the windows are 5 inches thick, it is obvious that the doors will be super heavy!

#18. The car and its fuel tank and tires can withstand almost any attack, including a missile strike.

While Cadillac One’s fuel tank possesses a special type of foam that ensures that in case of a direct attack, the fuel doesn’t become a catalyst to the attack, the specially-made Goodyear tires are Kevlar protected and allow driving the car even when the tires are deflated.

The car carries enough oxygen for several emergencies. The most dangerous is a chemical attack where the car is automatically configured to cease outside air inside the car and use the backup oxygen for internal ventilation. The car also has shotguns and other moderate-defense weaponry on board.

Except for flying and sailing, the Cadillac One can almost do anything.

#19. The car can make a 180-degree turn, and the POTUS can launch a nuclear attack from the car itself.

Secret Service drivers are specially trained for several ‘orgasmic’ maneuvers, including a 180-degree turn in case of an attack. The 18-foot-long “Beast,” which can seat seven people comfortably, also has night-vision cameras and a direct line to the Vice President and the Pentagon. The POTUS can also launch a nuclear strike from within the car.

Talk about swag.

That is not all, though, here are some more things you should know about Obama’s visit to India:

#22. Millions of dollars are spent every day every time the US President travels.

A Press Trust of India report in 2010 suggested that Obama’s trip to India cost the American exchequer over $200 million per day.

Barack Obama’s entourage in Egypt in 2009.

And that is why India leaves no stone unturned to protect its ‘Guest of Honour.’

President Barack Obama will be visiting his father’s homeland, Kenya, for the first time as the President of the United States on Friday, July 24.

His official carrier, ‘Air Force One,’ is identified worldwide as a symbol of the presidency of the United States and will touch down at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport on Friday afternoon.

Here are five amazing facts about ‘Air Force One that you probably didn’t know:

Number Four

Only two customized Boeing 747 jets fly under the title ‘Air Force One’.

They are nearly identical, approximately the height of a six-story building.

Number Three

Air Force One has four General Electric jet engines and can move at a top speed of about 1,126km per hour. The airplane flies at 45,100 feet, while similar commercial 747s fly at about 30,000 feet.

With a full tank, the plane can fly halfway around the world; however, it doesn’t need to land for refueling. It has mid-air refueling capability and can stay up in the air indefinitely.

Watch a video simulation of Air Force One refueling:

Number One

Besides being a huge presidential office on the air, the plane has living quarters for staff, officers, and guests. The onboard electronics have about 383 kilometers of wiring, heavily protected to withstand electromagnetic pulses from a nuclear explosion.

One of the most remarkable features of the plane is its extensive electronics: The plane has secure telephone connections, enabling the President and staff to reach anyone around the world while on air.

Crew members in charge of preparing meals on board Air Force One protect the President from poisoning by randomly picking food markets, making undercover purchases, and providing first-class service throughout.

Why do people believe Michelle Obama is a man?

Some people will believe anything you want them to if you just tell them enough lies about someone they already hate. If those people are racists (which is already a form of stupidity in itself) then it’s even easier.

Why is Michelle Obama still sticking with Barack Obama?

Is area code 833 safe?

Why is a person from Germany called a ‘ Deutschlander ’?

What is the difference between a webinar and a webinarach?

Is Teresa Fidalgo’s ghost real or fake?

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