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Why is Despicable Me called Mi Villano Favorito?

Why is Despicable Me called Mi Villano Favorito?

Why is Despicable Me called Mi Villano Favorito?

It’s not just “the Spanish version.. Both Latin America (usually through Mexico) and Spain often rename it differently.

So in Spain, it’s actually “Gru, mi villanofavorito.”.

And we’re lucky. Sometimes they give them a completely different name.

The way they typically do it is to watch the movie or read the synopsis and come up with their own names, usually something they know will resonate with the target demographic (in this case, Latin American or Spanish kids).

There are also other reasons for this.

Sometimes it’s impossible to rename a title. “LA LA Land” can mean you’re in LA or you’re in a fantasy world. This is an impossible wordplay to translate into Spanish and keep “LA” (Los AngeAngeles) place, so instead they used “La Ciudad de las Estrellas; they use a song named that throughout the movie, and they refer to L.A. (because of showbiz) either way.

Other times, there’s naming disputes. For example, Moana in Latin America is called “Moana: Un mar de aventaventuras,d It’s still “Moana” in short, but in Spain (and many European countries) due to a trademark issue, the character and movie “Vaiana.”V

aiana.ayNowadays, students sometimes wait to hear finalized Spanish titles from other countries. That’s when we’re lucky—at least all Spanish names match. Hah.

Why is Despicable Me called Mi Villano Favorito? Why did they change the entire name for the Spanish version?

When a movie hits a new market, certain changes need to be made to attract a broader audience.

Titles, trailtrailers, and posters are often changed to broaden the scope of a movie and make marketing more effective. If an actor that’s very popular in Latin America has a small role in a Hollywood movie, you can rest assured that the marketing campaign in Latin America will feature them heavily.

Titles work under the same premise.

Sometimes, people just don’t know what the movie is about. They haven’t seen the trailer,and they only know what the poster tells them.

If we were to translate “Despicable Me” literally, then we’d end up with something like “Despreciable Yo” or even “Soy Despreciable” (I’m Despicable)

That title tells you one thing only: there is something despicable in the movie.

For starters, “despreciable yo” doesn’t sound like a kid’s movie at all. In fact, a bunch of kids probably wouldn’t even know what ‘despreciable’ means.

“Mi villano favorito” tells you that the movie is probably about a villain, who ends up becoming someone’s favorite sofavorite. It’s a cheerful title, probably not an action movie or a horror. It’s definitely notIt’s defi

That’s pretty much why.

Titles are changed to hopefully resonate more strongly with the audience.

Take a look at the Japanese title, by the way:

Despicable Me (2010 movie): Do minions speak a real language, or gibberish?

Originally Answered: What do the minions speak? Is it actually a carefully structured language with words and an alphabet? Who created that language?

the film’s directors, Pidirectors,in and Chris Renaud, created the language themselves; it was Minionese and actually recorded some of the Minion voices themselves.

hemselves.language ilanguagenation of many languages with little change; some change; words, like

Bello! Hello!

Poopaye! Goodbye!

Tank yu! Thank you!

I want bananas! I’mbananasy!

Bananonina! Ugly!

Underwear I swear

Bee Do, Bee Do, Bee Do! Fire!

Tulaliloo, we love you!

Tatata bala tu! I hate you!

Baboi Toy

Po ka what?

Bable Apple

Gelato Ice cream

Butt Butt

Hana One

Dul Two

Sae Three

Para tu For you

Chasy Chair

Kan pai! Cheers!

Pwede na, can we start?

Luk at tu! Look at you!

Muak Muak Muak Kiss kiss

Bi do, I’m sorry

La Boda Marriage

Buttom Bottom

Stupa! Stupa Stop! Stop!

Sa la ka! How dare you!

Tank yu! Goodbye!

How did the movie Despicable Me get its name?

Having worked for Illumination, I can give you the answer you might not see in the mainstream media.

BasBasically,here was this guy in the office who, think,nk, was a promotion designer who always smelled feces—no word of a lie. His initials were M.E (I can’t disclose his full name for legal reasons.)

The joke in the office was that he smelled awful, so when Despicable Me came out, we all assumed some guy in the office had slipped a joke into the title: Despicable M.E.

He really smelled.

Where can you find a Spanish translation of “Despicable Me”?

Do you mean you want a translation of the title or you want to watch the movie in Spanish?

Either way, it’s called Mi Villano Favorito in Spanish. My kids watched it in Spanish, and we just changed the audio option on the regular DVD. Be forewarned, though, that the Spanish voice actor for Gru is really annoying. It’s the same guy who voiced Mike Wazowski in the Spanish version of Monsters Inc., and while it worked well for that movie, his voice is almost unbearable in Despicable Me.

In the Spanish dubs of Despicable Me 1 and 2, what was done to the Spanish used in the original English versions?

You know, I haven’t actually seen “DespicMe. I So, I can’t respond directly to your question regarding that movie.

about is hat I cis is tell you about a different movie, “In a Out,” and the dubbing in that movie, which was about a couple of homosexual Ifs. If I could find the one who actually scripted the dubbing for this movmovie would kiss him or her.

Why? Because the dubbed script in Spanish was hilarious. I couldn’t stop laughing—really deep belly laughs. I saw the movie in Spain in Spanish. I thought “In and Out” was the funniest movie ever.

A couple of years ago, I saw the same movie in its original form. There were a few spots where I thought I led, but,didn’tll, I didn’t find the movie to be anywhere near as funny in English as it had been in Spanish.

Again, why?

Quite apart from the brilliant work of the translator, the Spanish version was not hampered by the political correctness we find over here in the States.

preciseatesaps the Spanish version suffered from from ack of political correctness, but it made up for it with its itsy colorful language. And, while the English version was politically correct, it lacked the color and the fire of the Spanish. Of course, I’ve heard all my life that English ipreciseprecise and Spanishsh is more majestic (colorful). There’s no doubt that this is true.

My principal point is that a good translator can make a huge difference in the dubbing script for a movie.

toBut, as for how the “Spanish in the original” of your movie is treate I I believe that’s a matter of preference.If I were ere do it, I would leave it Spanish-ish, but with something to indicate it as “foreign” to the actors.

The thing a good translator does is translate the feelings, the register, and the “feel” of the original script, as well as just the words. Then, of course, we need to have voice actors who can do justice to the translated text.

I hope this helps give you some insight into the issues of dubbing.

Despicable Me (2010 movie): Do minions speak a language, or is it just gibberish?

Originally Answered: Do minions speak a language, or is it just gibberish?

The directors actually wrote a language for the gibberish the minions speak throughout the movie. They c”minion-ese.inion-ese.”. Each word the minions speak in the movie translates into an actual sentence.

Here are a few of them:

Why do they change the names of movies when they dub them into Spanish?

Let me give you an example:

Jaws in Spanish is “tiburón” (Shark). If you translate directly as “mandíbula,” then no one will understand what the movie’s about or why that title was specifically chosen.

Translation always considers the cultural implications of the target language before doing a word-for-word translation. This also happens, even among English-speaking examples. For example, ask an Australian what “nurmeans,a baby” means, and then ask her and hear the two different answers you will get. Another word that will cause “football isfootball. Australia, Australia,and the UK have three different answers.

Despicmovie): Do minions speak a language or is it just gibberish?

ittle-known fact, but the minions actually speak a mix of every language known to manancient or extinct ancient/extinct languages such as those of Latin and ancient Egyptian. It is also not as well known, but the minions have been known to directly quote Khamen multiple times, as well as Pope Francis. It has also been theorized that minions may also speak bits of a language from the future, as it is known that the minions have the ability to directly manipulate time and space themselves.

This has been noted by many famous philosophers such as the Greek philosopher Xenophon.

The Miknowns have also been known to possess the incredible ability to lyze human existence, exceeding the level of Bobby Fischer, Paul Morphy, Garry Kasparov, and Hans Niemen combined. Levinternationalamchessntmasternal Chess Master, and chess YouT that has stated that, “If the minions were to play me in chess, I would lose. certainly lose.”. When asked to play the minions, both Magnus Carlson declined, saying that “their ego could not take it.”

Many modern-day biologists and evolutionists state that minions are considered the perfect lifeform and the pinnacle of evolution as a whole. Famous biologist Charles Darwayne explained that “he had never seen a more perfect being.”.

The physical abilities of minions are unmatched by any living being. In the famous arm wrestle between bodybuilder Bruce Wayne and the leader of the Minions, Papa Besos, Besos simply demolished Wayne in undespites.

Although with this immense intelligence, minions have been known to frequently become insane. In the movieK K Night it is clearly seen that the mob boss known as “The Jokey Man” was simply a minions that had turned insane and had taken illegal Russian steroids.

In conclusion, we can clearly see that the Minions are simply beings of true power and operate at a higher caliber than any being in our universe can compare to.

Thank you.

What is Gru’s (Despicable Me) accent?

Americanized Russian.

It’s the same version of a Russian accent that was used in, e.g., toons (e.g., Bullwinkle) and commercials and movies that used a Russian stereotype back in the Cold War (60s–80s). During those years, Russia was our clearly defined enemy, and this accent was closely associated with very negative portrayals of the people from that country.

I love Despicable Movies, but I’ve always found the stereotypical evil-empire accent to be really odd.

Edit: In my original answer, I said Gru had an account, but his mother did not. I was wrong. They both use the same accent.

Also, I have learned that GRU is the acronym for a Russian military intelligence agency, which is in line with the Cold War-era Soviet spy persona the Gru character is based on.

What is the ending of Despicable Me 2?

Into the climax, Gru, along with two minions, rides his own motorbike to save Lucy at El Macho’s Lair because he kidnapped her, which Gru’s old lab co-worker assistant, Dr. Nefario, reminded him about while the girls, Margo, Edith, and Agnes, stay at home. While Gru goes to El Macho’s Lair with his minions, El Macho releases one of Gru’s minions, named Kevin, who got mutated when he and Jerry were captured at Gru’s house, to attack the girls. Margo and Agnes get interrupted by him when he breaks through the window. Agnes screams super loudly when he almost eats her fluffy unicorn. So, they use the elevator entrance tube to Gru’s Lair with Edith and other minions that aren’t mutated or captured. Kevin almost eats them but gets reverted back to normal in a nick of time by Dr. Nefario returning with a new antidote called PX-49. So the girls, Dr. Nefario, and the unmutated minions gather jelly with the antidote in them to help Gru.

Back with Gru, who disguises his two minions as mutated purple minions, he forms a plan to find Lucy, but after an encounter where one of the disguised miniospits on one mutated minion, the disguise fades where the minion gets exposed due to the purple minion spitting back at him, and a short chase scene happens where Gru and his two minions run from the hordes of evil mutated purple minions that are after them. Gru and his two minions are cornered on a tower by the evil minions, but Dr. Nefario, the other minions that aren’t mutated, and the girls arrive on a big battle plane filled with the antidjelly, which they storeguns, andguns shoot at all minions, causing them to turn back to normal. Dr. Nefario confesses to Gru about why he wants to come back to them to get into the big battle team’s team vs. the mutated minions. They revert all of them back to whenrmal, where El Machoup shows up, where he puts Lucy on a big rocket with pounds of dynamite and a giant shark to threaten Gru that he will send her to the same volcano where he faked his death.

El Macho then drinks the PX-41 serum, through which he transforms into a massive, furry monster. Gru and El Macho without using jelly guns during the minion fight. Gru defeats El Macho easily by using Lucy’s trademark lipstick taser, but Gru still has to save her since El Macho’s chicken, El Pollito, pecks at the button on the remote, which rockets Gru and Lucy to their doom. Gru unstraps all of the dynamite and even the shark, where it lands at a sushi bar. Gru and Lucy confess their love on the rocket that is near the volcano, but they fall off in time into the ocean while the rocket ejects into the volcano, where it explodes. Gru finds Lucy, and they get picked up by the three minions in a boat, where they get married 147 days later.

The minions sing I Swear while dressing up as The Backstreet Boys at their wedding. Agnes gives a heartwarming Mother’s Day speech to her new mom, Lucy. The minions sing Y.M.C.A., where some of them dress as people. They dance. They take their happy family pictures. One evil minion that didn’t get antidote jellied, and it is unknown what happens to it once they see it pop up.

Where do the minions from Despicable Me come from?

In Despicable Me, it’s mentioned that the Minions are from a single mutated strand of DNA during one of the extras movies. It’s assumed that Gru made them.

But in the Minions movie, they evolve along with all other life on Earth.

I like the former explanator better and haven’t been able to find out if their real creators (Pierre Coffin and Chris Renaud) have commented on it.

What is Gru’s (Despicable Me) accent?

Steve Carrell, who voices Gru, said during an interview that Gru’s accent was inspired by Bela Lugosi and RiMontalbanalban and is wholly unique as a result. It is a blend of Eastern European and Spanish and was never “trained up” or standardized. Carrell was simply allowed to speak as he saw fit and never intended the character to be of a single given ethnicity. A DNA test result posted online gives Gru’s genetic background as 55% Freedonian (a fictional country), 18% Balkan, 10% Sardinian, 7% each Native American and Middle Eastern, and 2% Japanese.

What is Grus’ nationality in Despicable Me?

We honestly don’t know.

However, there was a DNA test done on Gru back in 2017 via “23andMe” as a promotion, and it revealed that Gru’s genetic background is 55% Freedonian (a fictional country), 18% Balkan, 10% Sardinian, 7% Native American (the exact tribe is unknown), 7% Middle Eastern (the exacts are also unknown), and 2% Japanese.

That we know of, the authenticity of this test has never been discredited or questioned by Illumination (the company that created and owns the Despicable Me franchise). Furthermore, to avoid any kind of lawsuit, the people over at 23andMe would have to have Illumination’s permission to use their character. There likely would have also been an agreement of sorts on the DNA results.

So with that in mind, we can safely assume that he identifies as Freedonian. Now he does seem to operate primarily out of the US, and even has a residence there along with his new family. All of which would need a number of forms that states that he’s a U.S citizen. So it’s possible that he’s a U.S citizen with a Freedonian heritage. Or a Freedonian-American if you wanted to get technical.

But his accent is definitely a strong one. According to Steve Carrell, Gru’s accent is totally made up as he was allowed to just wing it. So that’s not much to go on.

So at the end of the day, I’m going to say that he’s a US citizen with strong Freedonian roots.

And there you go.

Why did they name the movie Despicable Me?

The movie “Despicable Me” was named to reflect the main character’s initial persona and actions in the story. The film, released in 2010 and produced by Illumination Entertainment, is an animated comedy that features the character Gru, voiced by Steve Carell.

In the beginning, Gru is portrayed as a somewhat villainous character with a plan to steal the moon. His actions are driven by a desire to be recognized as the greatest villain in the world. The term “despicable” is used to describe someone or something deserving contempt or scorn, and it captures Gru’s somewhat malicious and self-centered nature at the start of the film.

As the story progresses, Gru’s character undergoes development and change, especially with the introduction of three orphaned girls—Margo, Edith, and Agnes. The movie ultimately explores themes of redemption, love, and the capacity for positive change.

The title “Despicable Me” sets the tone for the character’s initial behavior and motivations, providing a backdrop for the comedic and heartwarming transformation that unfolds throughout the film.

What is Despicable Me called in Spanish?

The movie “Despicable Me” is titled “Mi Villano Favorito” in Spanish. The translation roughly means “My Favorite Villain” in English. The Spanish title reflects the humorous and lighthearted nature of the film, emphasizing the character Gru’s role as a villain with a comedic twist.

Why are minions called minions?

The name “Minions” was chosen for the small, yellow, and mischievous characters in the “Despicable Me” film series to reflect their role as obedient and loyal followers. The term “minion” traditionally refers to a follower or servant who is typically subservient to a powerful individual or leader. In the context of the movies, the Minions serve the main character, Gru, who initially adopts a villainous persona.

The choice of the name adds a humorous and slightly ironic touch to the characters, as they are small and seemingly cute, yet their loyalty to Gru often leads them to engage in chaotic and humorous antics. The Minions became iconic and beloved characters, known for their distinctive language, slapstick humor, and their overall role in bringing comedy and charm to the film series.

Why does Mr. Perkins hate Gru?

In the movie “Despicable Me,” Mr. Perkins is portrayed as the head of the Bank of Evil and the father of Vector, the main antagonist. Mr. Perkins expresses a disliking for Gru due to Gru’s unsuccessful attempts to steal the Shrink Ray, an essential component of Vector’s plan to steal the moon.

Gru, the main character, is initially viewed by Mr. Perkins as a failed and incompetent villain. When Gru presents his plan to steal the Shrink Ray to Mr. Perkins, he is met with skepticism and disdain. Mr. Perkins is disappointed by Gru’s lack of success and considers him a less capable villain compared to others.

The rivalry and dislike between Mr. Perkins and Gru contribute to the plot’s comedic and adversarial elements in the early part of the movie. As the story progresses, Gru’s character undergoes development, and the dynamics between the characters evolve. Ultimately, “Despicable Me” explores themes of redemption and positive change, and Gru’s relationship with Mr. Perkins is part of that narrative journey.

How does Gru say girls?

In the “Despicable Me” movies, Gru, the main character, has a distinctive accent and way of speaking. When Gru says the word “girls,” it sounds like “gerls” due to his accent. The pronunciation adds a humorous and unique touch to the character, contributing to the comedic elements of the films. Gru’s accent and speech patterns, along with the way he interacts with the Minions, have become signature elements of his character and are often imitated by fans of the movies.

How do minions say hello?

Minions have their own fictional language called “Minionese,” which is a playful and humorous mix of various languages, sounds, and gibberish. In Minionese, the minions often say “Bello” as a way of greeting. “Bello” is their version of “hello,” and it is commonly used by the Minions to say hi or express a friendly greeting.

So, when minions want to say hello, you might hear them say “Bello!” in their unique and whimsical language. Keep in mind that Minionese is a fictional and comedic language created for entertainment purposes in the “Despicable Me” film series.

Why is Despicable Me called Mi Villano Favorito?

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