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Why doesn’t The Purge exist in reality?

Why doesn't The Purge exist in reality?

Why doesn’t The Purge exist in reality?

Because people, in general, aren’t psychopathic or wooden-headed stupid.

The purge of “I want to go kill people!!” only appeals to the psychopathic.

“I’m going to manipulate the populace by giving them this vent” is something no sensible government is going to advocate. It’s literally playing with fire, and the odds of people deciding to just clean out the government once they learn that they can solve problems with violence are too dangerous.

Can The Purge really take place in the future?

“I’m going to rape you on the Purge.” Johnny said, making Sarah’s blood run cold. The Purge had been looming for weeks; all crime would be legal for one night, and nobody was sure what would happen.

government. Most people she knew had criticized the government; some had disbelieved, but as it grew closer, denial turned into acceptance, and acceptance into planning.

knew, but still, most people she knew who seemed disturbed by the Purge had been planning to spend the night with friends holed up in a safe place; Lord knows she was planning the same herself. So hearing that somebody she knew, had known, was not only excited for the Purge but was planning something against her left the girl speechless.

She was home before she found her tongue again. “Johnny said he’s going to rape me tonight,” she said as soon as she entered, closing the door. The words fell from her mouth in a glassy, smooth monotone.

The family home was busy with preparations for the night. It was situated on a hill, away from the other houses in the neighborhood, with a good view of everything around it, but its trees and shrubbery provided cover for the house itself. A few dozen men sat around, in the living room, in the kitchen, and in the dining room, all of them armed.

Her brother Kevin looked up from the rifle he was cleaning. He’d shot that same rifle for years, a Savage Axis. ‘Cheap as dirt, ugly, and uncomfortable. But hell, if you want to reach out and touch something, It’ll do the job.’ Or so he’d always described it. Sarah had never been all that interested in shooting before today.

“I’d fucking well like to see him try.” Kevin said, his bearded face pulling into a deep scowl. “Never did I like that little bastard.”

Sarah just nodded, still unable to believe that this was actually happening.

back,“We’ve all got your back, Sarah!” her neighbor, an old veteran named Tom, said, raising a shot glass he was holding, despite it being empty. “I’m not going to let anybody touch one of ours.”

There was a chorus of cheers from the rest of the house. Sarah smiled for the first time all afternoon. Yes, Johnny wanted to do something awful to her. But she was surrounded by her friends, safe in her home. She’d be okay.

Why doesn’t The Purge exist in reality?

At nightfall, the purge began.

Johnny could hardly wait; his friends had agreed to help him with it. Sarah had hung him out to dry and denied him more than once. He didn’t want to be an incel; she’d forced it on him! This was really her fault, and his friends agreed.

His dad’s car stopped harshly. He’d never driven before, and his dad had wanted him to stay in. But Johnny had already taken his gun, so he got to call the shots. “You guys ready for this?” he asked, getting out.

“Yeah man! Fuck that bitch!” Rubin shouted. “God, I’m stiff already!”

Each of them grinned, following their intrepid leader around the bend to her house. “The fuck is this?” Johnny asked, looking at the fence that had sprung up across the road. A monstrosity of pipes and angle iron sections were so freshly welded together that the flux was still crackling off the beads.

“Don’t know, man, just climb that shit.” Jeff said, grabbing the still-warm metal and hoisting himself up. Johnny shoved his dad’s pistol in his pants and followed suit. He landed on the other side, and soon all of them were walking up the deserted street. Johnny could just see darkened houses and then nothing else.

Johnny saw literally nothing else, ever. But his friends did, as a.3-inch-wide ball of lead weighing 200 grains traveled from a Savage Axis to his face at 3,000 feet per second, causing the would-be rapist’s head to explode like an overripe watermelon.

Moments later, his friends saw nothing too.

Why doesn’t The Purge exist in reality?

Story time is over.

Could a dedicated night for crime actually happen?


First, you still have to live with all the consequences of your actions, of which prosecution is likely only one. But you’ll also be trying to do it on the one night of the year where everybody is armed, banded together, and alert to the fact that bad people could be trying to do bad things to them.

Look, the majority of people are honest, kind, and reasonable folks. If they actually wanted to rape, murder, rob, etc., there would be no government, no police force, and no power in the world that could stop them.

Incidents pop up all the time in your life. A big guy sees a girl walking down an abandoned stretch of highway with a gas can. He could offer her a ride, but then drive her out into the woods and rape and kill her instead.

Yet, the vast majority of the time, a guy in that situation drives her to the nearest gas station, sometimes buys her the gas himself, and then drives her back to her car. Not because the law said he shouldn’t hurt her, but because his family, his religion, his experiences with others, and his hopes for how his sister would be treated in that scenario have taught him better.

Removing the laws wouldn’t change that. He still has to live with himself and everybody else the day after. And hell, he’ll be more interested in keeping him and his family safe than in taking from others.

So normal people will be forming alliances and holed up for mutual protection.

The regular criminals will know that normal business will be closed and guarded, and the regular populace will be on high alert and armed to the teeth. So they’ll be inside with their friends or gangs holed up and ready for anybody else to fight with them.

So only a small number of people who are actually restrained by law would try anything, and their contribution to the gene pool would be quickly cleansed.

What would you do if the purge were real?

Everyone is saying they would fortify their house with spikes, moats, and an armoury of weapons. I would not do this.

I would buy myself a ute (or a truck, as you would call it if you’re from America)

machete.I would fill it with food, water, and a few weapons—nothing crazy, just a handgun and maybe a machete. Also, some extra gas and miscellaneous supplies.

Then, a day or two before the purge, I would drive to the most remote woodland I could find and ride out the purge there. I think it would be pretty safe. If all crime is legal, I’d imagine most people participating would be in the cities.

I’d lock up my house the best I can, but any important possessions I would just take with me.

option,Yeah, kind of boring, but it’d be the safest option, I think, unless you have a bunker, I guess.

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Why doesn’t The Purge exist in reality?

What if the idea of ‘The Purge’ became real?

‘The Purge’ would cause a massive shift of capital to the rich, causing society to essentially collapse.

What would be incredibly rare is private citizens going out hunting and killing each other for sport. People would naturally band together in groups of those they trusted and heavily arm themselves. Neighborhoods would become fortresses. Rich people would hire extremely well-paid private security for the night. If you had a murderous grudge against someone, Purge Night would be the dumbest night of the year to actually try and carry out that grudge. It is the only night where it should be literally impossible to find your victim unarmed, unaware, and alone.

Knock knock! We’re going to kill you, Mutherfu. (*cut off by hail of machine gun fire*)

It would also be unlikely to be an opportunity to rob banks or stock up on luxury goods or cars via looting; people who run banks or supercar showrooms know a thing or two about security. For a purge night, those places would be patrolled by heavily armed private security with orders to drop anyone who came within a 100-meter radius of the place.

What would take place is massive amounts of corporate, financial, and environmental crime, mostly by rich people.

Say you have a factory that produces gigantic amounts of toxic waste. Treating and properly disposing of that waste is damn expensive, so how about instead of doing that, you just store it all up in a giant vat through the whole year and dump it all into the sea on purge day? Millions in overhead have been saved, and your company isn’t on the hook for the cleanup. You could probably even get away with claiming that your company produced zero toxic emissions that year and claim environmental subsidies as a result.

manageSay you are a hedge fund manager responsible for managing a multibillion-dollar portfolio of assets mostly made up of people’s pensions. There are strict rules about how you managefunds; pension funds, however, on purge day, you simply transfer all of the money into your own account and become a billionaire overnight.

Say you are a major property developer who has big plans to demolish a poor neighbourhood to make way for luxury condos. There’s no way you can get away with doing something like this in normal times, but on Purge Day? Shit, you could hire goons to put the whole place to the torch.

The premise of ‘The Purge’ is that it is supposed to act as an outlet to enable people to express their frustrations with life for one day, allowing them to live the rest of the year normally. What would actually happen if this law were passed is that normal people would spend the night huddled together in fear while rich people systematically raped and pillaged the rest of society with zero repercussions.

Why doesn’t The Purge exist in reality?

If the purge was real, would you go out there and purge? If yes, who and why?

Sure, I would probably go purge. I would start by going online and printing off a copy of the sex offenders registry for each state, and then I would create a hit list. After taking out a few dozen child molesters or so, I would probably move on to some of the others that I feel have no legitimate purpose for existing, like this guy…

I mean, seriously. If ever a box of Fruity Pebbles took a shit, this guy would be the result.

What would be the first thing you would do if there was a purge?

First of all, if there is a “purge,” as in “24 hours all crimes are legal,” there wouldn’t be groups of psychopaths randomly killing people on the streets.

“failure.In fact, the movie itself actually addressed it. “failure,The original purge was a a “failure

so to speak, because nobody went out and killed other people. Most human beings have compassion, and we don’t want to hurt others, even given the choice to do so. That’s how the law first came to be. A law is a social agreement that all people in a group will “follow these rules and take care of each other so that we can survive as a group.”. Because human beings as a species survive by working together and forming communities,

So, in the movies, the people who go out killing aren’t really average citizens. They’re mercenaries dressed up as civilians. And the true purpose of the purge isn’t to provide society with an outlet for their anger and frustration. But instead, use this period to get rid of the poor, the old, and the sick. So, of course, their society is getting better when they kill the underprivileged. The purge is their “social welfare” system.

If Purge happens in real life, the crime committed most isn’t going to be random killings and looting on the streets. The crime committed most is going to be financial crime. Privileged people will use this time to transfer large funds from the state to their pocket, transfer their funds to overseas banks so they don’t need to pay taxes, commit insider trading, give money to officials (bribery), and embezzle money…

So, the first thing I do? Probably make a note to vote the party out of office in the next election so we can stop this silly nonsense.

Why doesn’t The Purge exist in reality?

In The Purge, why didn’t they go out of the country for “Purge Day”?

Because it’s a movie. Your version would be 10 minutes.

Purge opening scene: 1 day to purge, family goes to the airport.

Scene of family vacationing in the Caribbean.

Purge happens.

Closing scene: The family arrives home and wades through the deathly carnage of their neighbourhood.

The point of fantasy or fiction is to suspend belief. If it were a logical representation of real life, it would be boring, like real life.

What do you think happens to the people in the hospitals in the movie The Purge?

After watching the first episode of the TV show, I found out that hospitals are the safest places to be on purge night. Tonight, it shows one of the main characters visiting her mother 90 minutes before the purge, and her mother says to her, “You should just stay here with me tonight; it’s the safest place to be,” after she tells her mother she has to work. Hospitals are a safe zone. Any doctors and nurses on duty must sign a contract giving up their right to purge that night if they are working. Basically, anyone working in the hospital would have to.

The show then follows the woman to work, where she is checked for any weapons, and they confirm with her that she signed away her right to purge for that night and that the specific floor she is working on that evening is the only safe floor of the building. The security guard tells her that if she leaves that floor of the building, they cannot guarantee her safety. I definitely know if the purge were real, I’d be breaking bones just before the purge to ensure I’d have a hospital stay for purge night.

Why doesn’t The Purge exist in reality?

What would you do if the purge were real?

In the first year, there will be little killing. Most people will focus on acquiring expensive electronics, cars, designer clothing, weapons, et cetera. There will be a lot of burglaries, especially if your neighbour has a bigger television than you. So, you want to avoid shopping malls, and you can’t stay at home either.

I would avoid any shelters or bunkers too, since many people will try to hide there. That colleague of yours might suddenly take an interest in your wife.

However, there is one place that will be extremely safe, and no one will ever think of going there.

I am, of course, talking about the library.

It would be 24 hours of pure bliss. I would casually browse through all the books and spend the entire time reading.

Since it is the Purge and all crime is legal, I might even talk loudly and borrow more books than the maximum limit.

Why doesn’t The Purge exist in reality?

Can The Purge really take place in the future?

No. The purge is one of the most silly and incoherent things ever created.

The idea in the movie is that the purge is “working,” lowering the crime rate. People are quiet and obedient during the year, waiting for their night of freedom and violence.

But in fact, crime calls crime. Violence creates trauma and more violence. negative One day of anarchy would have a very negative impact on society, resulting in rising violence and lowering obedience to the police.

Rapes and murders create long-term trauma, calling for more criminality.

Victims are more likely to turn into criminals than happy people.

bunkers,Another stupid aspect of the movie is that a totalitarian government would never create a situation encouraging the creation of self-defense groups, the creation of bunkers, or the massive acquisition of weapons.

learnDue to the purge, every citizen has an incentive to learn to fight, to shoot, and to defend himself. If you are a totalitarian government, you don’t want that.

Why doesn’t The Purge exist in reality?

Should the purge be in effect in America?

In my honest thoughts… To a degree, yes, I think it should. I’m not talking about burning homes, cities, and businesses down in mass, causing massive property damage, etc., but being in control (plus survival terms of population control, plus survival of the fittest) and legally being able to air any serious grievances or even get ahold of money you actually NEED (not simply out of greed) to survive the rest of the year with,even if that should result in death,without getting punished for it. Sort of like the movie implies, you need to do so,but on a slightly smaller degree—to just get things out of your system or get what you need—so you can live or feel at least mostly peaceful the rest of the year. controlled (and letting off steam) in a more aggressive, controlled (and potentially more satisfying to some) way and form. As it stands nowadays, it would seem like some are already doing unofficial little’mini-purges’ of their own,or in small groups and in their own ways,anyway. ‘Should’ it happen? Like I said,to a degree,yes. ‘Will’ it happen officially? I highly doubt it,but time will tell. country, and a huge number of the people (politicians most certainly included) in it nowadays are already unhinged enough to go through with it on just about every level,so who knows, maybe they will one day.

Why doesn’t The Purge exist in reality?

Will a purge ever happen in the future?

The entire premise of The Purge is just nonsensical.

Here is how people would react to The Purge:

They would form local militias, with neighborhoods banding together to protect each other. They would form a well-organized hierarchy and effectively fortify the area. They would arm themselves. They would also set up alliances with neighboring militias to warn each other of dangers and help each other prepare.

And when the Purge comes, they will probably make short work of any roving hoodlums, thieves, or murderers.

Then they would say, “Hey, you know, we have a functioning local government and police/military force. And we’re on good terms with the local governments of the neighborhoods all around us. So…why do we even need the central government anyway?”

So you have people who are armed and organized and who do not see the benefit of your authority, as you have decided to leave them to fend for themselves against murderers.

In no case would a totalitarian government ever want such a situation to occur.

Tyrants come to power through chaos, but they maintain power through enforced order, trying to convince the masses that only they can deliver that order. The Purge is essentially counterintuitive to that. There is no way it would bring about the desired effects.

But because the ideologues in Hollywood wanted to associate the right to bear arms with totalitarianism, they made a series of movies about just that. Even though it makes no sense whatsoever.

No, if anything, such pop culture scare tactics will be used to divest us of our right to bear arms so that an actual totalitarian government can be put into place… to “protect” us.

Why doesn’t The Purge exist in reality?

Why isn’t the Purge real?

“The Purge” is a fictional concept created for a series of horror movies and television series. The idea behind The Purge is that, in a dystopian future, the government allows all crimes, including murder, to be legal for 12 hours once a year. The concept is designed to explore themes of societal violence, morality, and human nature.

The Purge is not accurate because it is purely a fictional and speculative concept created for entertainment purposes. In reality, the notion of legalizing crime, especially violent crimes, for any period would be highly impractical, dangerous, and ethically unacceptable. Society relies on laws and law enforcement to maintain order and protect individuals’ rights and safety.

While discussions about the concept of The Purge may raise interesting philosophical questions and serve as a backdrop for fictional storytelling, implementing such a system would be incompatible with the principles and goals of a functioning and just society.

Why doesn’t The Purge exist in reality?

How long till the next purge?

I want to clarify that the Purge is entirely fictional and does not actually occur in reality. It is a concept created for movies and television shows. There is no scheduled or impending “Purge” in the real world. The idea of a government-sanctioned period where all crime, including murder, is legal is a speculative and dystopian scenario designed for entertainment purposes. It’s essential to distinguish between fictional narratives and real-world events and understand that The Purge is not something that happens in reality.

Why did The Purge not end?

As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, The Purge film series was ongoing, and there was a television series as well. However, I don’t have real-time information about any developments or decisions made after that date.

In the realm of fictional storytelling, creators often continue popular franchises as long as there is audience interest and financial viability. If new movies or series within the Purge franchise have been released or announced, it may be because the creators believe there are more stories to tell or themes to explore within that universe. Additionally, ongoing success at the box office or through streaming platforms can be a motivating factor for continuing a franchise.

Suppose there have been changes or conclusions to The Purge series since my last update. In that case, I recommend checking the latest information from reliable sources or official announcements from the creators or production companies involved in The Purge franchise.

Why doesn’t The Purge exist in reality?

How do you survive a purge?

It’s important to emphasize that The Purge is a fictional concept created for entertainment purposes and does not exist in reality. However, if you’re interested in discussing how one might hypothetically survive in a dangerous situation or emergency, here are some general safety tips:

  1. Stay informed: Be aware of your surroundings and any potential threats. Stay informed about local news and follow official guidance.
  2. Have a Safe Place: Identify a secure location where you can take shelter if needed. This could be your home, a designated safe room, or another secure location.
  3. Stay Indoors: If there were a hypothetical situation resembling The Purge, staying indoors and avoiding any confrontations would be a primary survival strategy. Lock doors and windows, and keep lights off to avoid drawing attention.
  4. Emergency Supplies: Always have a basic emergency kit with essential supplies, including food, water, first-aid supplies, and any necessary medications.
  5. Communication: Have a way to communicate with others, whether it’s a cellphone, radio, or other means. Inform family members or friends of your whereabouts and safety measures.
  6. Avoid confrontations: If faced with a dangerous situation, the best strategy is often to avoid confrontation and seek safety. Self-defense may be necessary only as a last resort.
  7. Form alliances: If it’s a prolonged or widespread crisis, forming alliances with neighbors or others in your community for mutual support and protection can be beneficial.

Remember, these tips are general guidelines for hypothetical survival scenarios and not specific to The Purge, as that is purely a fictional concept. In reality, society relies on laws and law enforcement to maintain order and protect individuals from harm. If you have concerns about safety in your community, it’s advisable to reach out to local law enforcement and community resources for assistance.

Why doesn’t The Purge exist in reality?

Why doesn’t The Purge exist in reality?

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