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Why do people yell “world star” when people are fighting 2024?

Why do people yell world star when people are fighting

Why do people yell “world star” when people are fighting 2024?

If you’ve ever witnessed a fight or altercation in public, you may have heard someone yell “world star.” This phrase has become a popular meme and catchphrase in recent years, but its origins are a bit more complicated.

The phrase “world star” is a reference to WorldStarHipHop, a popular website that features hip-hop music videos, celebrity news, and viral videos of fights, pranks, and other shocking content. The site has gained a reputation for featuring graphic and often violent videos of real-life altercations, and it has become a go-to source for people looking to watch these types of videos.

Why do people yell “world star” when people are fighting 2024?

So why do people yell “world star” during fights? Some people believe that yelling the phrase will increase the chances of the fight being captured on video and uploaded to the WorldStarHipHop website. Others may yell it as a way to incite or encourage the fight or to draw attention to themselves as a bystander.

However, it’s worth noting that not everyone who yells “world star” during a fight is doing so for nefarious reasons. For some people, it’s a way to acknowledge the absurdity of the situation or to express their surprise at what they’re seeing.

While the origins and meaning of the phrase may be up for debate, there’s no denying that “world star” has become a ubiquitous part of internet culture. Whether you love it or hate it, it’s clear that this catchphrase isn’t going away anytime soon.

Interesting facts : What makes people shout when they are angry?

A saint was walking along the river Ganges when he noticed some family members shouting at each other. He smiled and asked his disciples, “Why do people shout when angry?”

The disciples thought for some time. Some said “because they lose their temper and calm,” others said “that they want to stress upon their views,” and so on. The saint wanted more. Finally, he explained to them the reason, “When two people are in love, they talk softly with each other. What happens when the love increases much more? They start whispering. And then comes a point when they only have to look into each other’s eyes to convey their thoughts. Now, can you guess the answer?”

The disciples still needed clarification. So he continued, “When two people become angry, the distance between their hearts increases. To cover this distance, they need to shout so that they can hear each other. The more the anger, the greater the distance and hence more the shouting.”

This is what happens. So when you become angry, don’t let your heart create distance from the other person, because someday the distance might increase so much that it would be impossible to bridge it.

Why do people yell “world star” when people are fighting?

WorldstarHipHop is a website that features, among other things, many videos of public fights; yelling “world star” is a way of saying that this particular fight is going to end up there and adding to the entertainment value of the people who eventually watch it on video.

Why do bullies bully 2024?

“Ladies and gentlemen, I don’t know whether you fully understand that I have just been shot, but it takes more than that to kill a Bull Moose.”- Theodore Roosevelt, after being shot mid-speech on October 14th, 1912.

Starting with one hell of a badass quote, let’s dive into the topic.

As a person who’s faced bullies almost all my life, I’ve understood the psychology of a bully to a certain extent. But only after I became an adult I learned how to deal with them.

A bully is someone who uses strength and influence to intimidate or harm a weaker person.

Bullying is a serious issue in our society, yet it is neglected. We are compelled to think that bullies are super strong, mean, and can’t be defeated. But they are not complicated. Bullies bully with a certain desire in their minds…

Why do people yell “world star” when people are fighting 2024?


Bullying starts at a very young age. Stronger kids beat up weaker kids for no reason…why would a little kid who has no idea about right and wrong would cause harm to others? Children are like clay. They are molded by the environment in which they grow up. That’s why you see a lot of bullies with issues in their homes, like abusive parents, divorced parents, etc. Sometimes, they don’t get the love and attention that they deserve. Sometimes, it can lead to more serious problems like ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). Sometimes, violent movies and video games can affect the child.

The best solution for schoolyard bullying is to talk to the kid’s parents, teachers, etc. Consult a child psychologist if required.


Now comes the fun part…

We are all adults now. We know hurting someone is wrong. In spite of the maturity and judgment that comes with age, why do some people still bully? They want something from us or others.

This is when I met my bully…at the age of 18-19…

I am a moderately built adult male. My bully (let’s call him X.) was a heavy person. I could have defeated him. But here’s the catch:

I was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis, a rare genetic disorder that is extremely painful and degenerates the body’s muscles. And it has no cure; the only way to beat it is by physical exercise ( a doctor with an incurable disease…the irony). My body muscles were almost completely wasted. I had to limp around the college from my first day as a medical student to the next 6 to 7 months. X was the only friend I had since I had known him for two years before joining med school. OR SO I THOUGHT!!!

As we got familiar with our new surroundings, he started making friends with girls. And then the bullying started…

He used to comment on my disorder, my limp, my inability to participate in sports…all in front of girls. Now, as a young boy, it would be crushing to feel humiliated in front of people, more so in front of the opposite sex. Everyone knew I was going through hell. But no one came to my defense except for 2.

Why do people yell “world star” when people are fighting 2024?

Eventually, I failed my first-year exams as I couldn’t concentrate. After six months, I came back at the end of the batch after clearing my supplementary exams. He was waiting to torment me again. But what he didn’t know was that I worked out and gained my strength back. And I was already a failure in front of the batch…I had nothing to hide and nothing to lose. I started retaliating. Every time he tried to attack me, I attacked him with twice the amount of savagery. I didn’t give him a chance to get the last laugh. I humiliated him harder in front of girls, his weakness. And in the first three months of 2nd year, he knew I had changed and was not going to stay on the ground. He stopped bothering me, and my batch realized I was not a weak kid anymore.

As they say, from then on, the rest is history.

Cut to 6 years, I secured a job in the Department of Neurosurgery, and he is still single, unemployed, without a PG seat, and still trying to woo girls with his stupidity. XD

Guys…if someone is bullying you, they are just insecure morons who feel powerful at the expense of another man’s pain and suffering. I tried nonviolence and reasoning with X, and it didn’t work. I had to fight. He tried to bully my best friend, too…I told him to fight back, and violence worked again. They have to be put back in their place, one way or another.

Some people would defend the bully by saying that bullying is a natural way of culling weaklings, that he was an alpha, that he was just a sick person with issues, etc. To them, I would say this: hurting a fellow human being just for the sake of it is always bad. And we are not unaware of the suicides due to bullying and cyberbullying. And an alpha is someone who protects people who can’t protect themselves. And an adult doesn’t crack medical exams with psychological issues.

I thought of going anonymous, but that would just kill the purpose of this answer. So boys and girls…if you are being bullied…fight back because nobody will fight for you. If you see someone bullying, then stop them, as the silence of good men is a bigger sin than the deeds of evil men. If you are the bully…then buddy, you better hope your victim doesn’t stand back up…as he would fall as a dog and rise as a wolf…

Sorry for the length, guys…hope this helped. 🙂


Why do people obsess over celebrities, models, and stars who act like spoiled brats when great people are ignored? What have they done for society in 2024?

That is a very good question. I am one of those rare people who couldn’t care less about celebrities. In my case, I care about those I respect, especially those who provide teaching and feed my mind. I ignore the headlines about celebrities like the Kardashians and find them irritating. I would struggle to find a reason to follow their seemingly vacuous and empty lives. They seem so narcissistic and selfish.

Now, to apply my thinking to why this phenomenon occurs and to offer you a little more than my feelings about the matter:

  1. A desire to have what they have. One of the reasons for obsession with celebrities has to do with their lifestyles. People might want to imagine what it is like to have so much money and to live a jetset (and seemingly carefree) lifestyle.
  2. Need for significance. Another relates to an intrinsic need to be loved and to feel like we matter. One of our core needs is to feel significant. When people follow celebrities, they are vicariously living through their idols, imagining what it would feel like to be universally adored. Reality is somewhat different. I have had exposure to many wealthy and famous people, and I can attest to the fact that money and fame do not bring happiness.
  3. Need for role models. My last theory relates to how we learn. As we know, the most effective way to learn is to find a mentor or role model. This requires that we model our mentor so that we learn their skills/ways. I have been mentored by many great speakers and learned a lot from modeling them until I was able to develop my unique style. And now, I mentor others. Sadly, celebrities are often role models for our young (and, in some cases, not so young), and many model themselves on their favorite celebrities. Girls will copy a celebrity’s style and makeup and, in some extreme cases, go for cosmetic surgery to look like that person. The desire is normal, but I think many have adopted some very poor role models.

There are other thoughts, but those are my top three.

Why do people yell “world star” when people are fighting in 2024?

People yell “World Star” during fights for a variety of reasons, but the most common reason is that they want the fight to be recorded and posted on the website. This website is known for hosting videos of violent fights, sex, and other forms of disturbing content. Some people may also yell “World Star” to show off, prove a point, or try to start a fight. The website has faced criticism for promoting violence and encouraging bystanders to film and share violent incidents rather than intervening or calling for help. Despite this, the website remains popular and has a large following

Facts about Why do people yell “world star” when people are fighting 2024?

The phrase “World” is often yelled at or shouted by onlookers during fights or confrontations, and it has become associated with recording and sharing videos of such incidents. This trend originated from the website “WorldStarHipHop,” which is a platform known for sharing videos related to hip-hop music, viral content, and, unfortunately, a significant amount of videos featuring fights, altercations, and other controversial content.

When people yell “WorldStar” during a fight, it’s often a reference to the website and an indication that they believe the altercation is worth recording and potentially sharing on the platform. It has become a cultural phenomenon, and for some, it may be seen as a form of encouragement or recognition that something noteworthy or dramatic is happening.

However, it’s important to note that encouraging or glorifying fights and violence is not a positive behavior. Yelling “WorldStar” during a fight should not be condoned, as it can escalate tensions and promote harmful behavior. It’s essential to prioritize peaceful conflict resolution and discourage the spread of violent content.

Why do Korean people say “fighting” in 2024?

Another answer suggests that “fighting” came into use in Korea in 2002 as an ad campaign, but that’s not quite true. That word was already in wide use when I was growing up in Korea in the late ’70s – early ’80s. As for the origin of its use, the story goes like this – back during the Korean War, local civilian contractors provided various services at U.S. Army bases, such as laundry, cooking, etc. Because jobs were so few during the war, undercutting of each other’s work at U.S. bases between the Korean contractors was very common. Sometimes, these led to public quarrels in plain view of American soldiers. Apparently, such a display was entertaining for the soldiers, and they’d often chant “fight,” “fight,” and “fight” to egg them to get into a real physical fight. Koreans saw this and misunderstood the word “fight” as a generic word to rally or cheer people, and the rest is history.

Another example is the word “nod aji,” which is a slang word for gold in Korean. In the late 19th century, there were several gold mines in Korea owned and operated by the British. The legend goes that every time a major gold nugget was discovered, white managers would yell, “No touch!” as they rushed to the site. Koreans thought that “No touch” must mean gold, and nodaji became a slang term for gold in Korea.

There are few other examples of this, but “fighting” is by far the most popular bastardized foreign word in use among Koreans.

Why do people tend to cry after shouting at anyone or after fighting with someone?

Only if the fight is with someone with whom we are emotionally attached, then tears come out after verbal accusations.

The shouting part is due to the adrenaline rush caused by anger, while tears come due to pain caused by the thought that we are being misunderstood by the very person we love.


Why are quiet people in 2024?

Most quiet individuals are just shy, intelligent, and well-behaved people who are called introverts. I have never heard of an introvert who speaks to you as though you are across the street in order to be heard. This is what you would expect from an annoying extrovert who seeks attention. However, introverts are always considered the strong and silent type. Some have mastered very good social skills, so they can tolerate annoying extroverts who are a pain in the proverbial backside.

Many people were in leadership positions in society who were quiet and unassuming as children. They were always the ones who stood out from the crowd because of their quiet nature. Quiet people observe their environment as a self-defense mechanism in order to relate to others peacefully. They can be placid and know how to work things out on their own. Don’t mistake a quiet person with passiveness. That is another story.

Why do people yell “world star” when people are fighting 2024?

I am an introvert. I was always the quiet one who sat in silence in the classroom and on my own on the bus on school excursions. I only spoke up to two words. I was the only member of my family who never said anything at home, either. My three sisters were all extroverts, and they were always talking, gossiping, and yelling at each other. Occasionally, they would belittle and annoy me for some reason because they couldn’t understand my quiet demeanor. I never really grasped sarcastic remarks as a teenager, either. I was very naive and intimidating. I lacked social skills, too. I couldn’t engage in a simple conversation with anyone except with my few friends at school.

Why are some people always in a fighting mode in 2024?

Yes. You will come across such types of people many Times. The first and foremost thing that you should understand is why they are behaving like this. You couldn’t tag a person insane only if he is reacting strongly to everything that is coming his way. These types of people are very insecure from the inside. They don’t feel comfortable in the present environment. They are not fighting with anybody but with themselves. They want peace of mind but don’t know how to get it. They fight to prove their point, which is of no use. There is a way to tackle them. They are hard nuts to crack like walnuts, but once you crack them, you will see the magic: they are ultrasoft from the inside. They laugh, crack jokes, and everything else. Give them love and time, and they will never fight with anybody, and you know that they are best of friends; the only thing they want is peace of mind, which is very costly these days, more costly than gold.

Why do people yell at me all the time in 2024?

You should leave the area next time. You aren’t in this world to stand there and accept what constitutes verbal and physical abuse. You should swiftly escape. What if their loud shouting makes you deaf in one or both ears? You won’t be able to hear your baby cry for you. Or laugh and giggle. You won’t hear a bird sing or listen to a concert. Some people are deaf, who are born deaf, or who have rheumatic fever and cope just fine, but you needn’t join that group. Don’t accept it, [it’s wrong] even if you have to change your living arrangement and move in with your grandparents. You must initiate self-care. I’m so glad you’ve recognized this problem.

Why do people physically fight in 2024?

Recently, I watched. The Imitation Game is a movie about Alan Turing, the genius mathematician. There is a line from that movie that puts the question in perspective. To poorly paraphrase it:

Do you know why people like violence? Because it feels good. There is a level of satisfaction in it. Take away the satisfaction and watch what happens.

Physical aggression is a form of release. It is a damaging form that is here to teach us about ourselves, about managing our emotions, and about respect. There can’t be many people who transgress another person and carry on without a hitch. There are many emotions and afterthoughts in an episode of physical violence.

How do people yell in sign language in 2024?

Signs get larger, more of the body into them, also faster and choppier.

Facial expressions – again, more exaggerated.

Here in the UK, most towns have one or more Deaf-friendly pubs where the staff have some understanding of signing and Deaf culture. Otherwise, two Deaf people arguing can look like they are starting to get physical, and the bouncer or landlord throws them out!

Nine facts: Why do we shout at someone in 2024?

We shout primarily for two reasons:

  1. Expectation: We expect the people outside to behave the way we want them to. We also want the situation to be as per our wish. If any of these two things deviate from our expectations, then we get angry. And this makes us shout at other people. We should remember that we can never change the people and the situation outside. Life is uncertain. Accept it the way it is coming to you.
  2. Power: Very often, we also shout to get our work done. We tend to raise our voices and instill fear in others. We should remember that we should “Raise our words and not voices.”

So never shout at anyone! It is rain that showers flowers and not thunder!


Some strategies for fighting that I have in 2024

Well, I assume you won’t be fighting in an organized place, and it will be more of a street fight. If this is a preemptive and mutually agreed upon fight, make sure you know who you are fighting and if they do MMA or wrestling or something like that. I do not condone violence like this, but I am just going to try to help you not get your ass beat, haha.

1. Be aware of what’s around you. Make sure the person you are fighting doesn’t have friends coming up behind you. And look for anything you (or your opponent) could use as a weapon.

2. In most street fights, the person who lands the first punch will win. That said, being aggressive and applying pressure will be to your advantage.

3. Have your legs spread slightly outside of your shoulders and knees bent a bit. A low center of balance will really help you if they try and take you down.

4. Don’t go for high kicks. They will throw you off balance and allow your opponent to take advantage of that. If you are going to kick, throwback leg kicks to their leading leg. That will lower their guard and allow you to throw a couple of jabs to their face.

5. Play to your strengths. If you are taller than them, keep them at a distance. Stronger makes it a slugging match. Smaller ones keep moving, so they can’t land a punch.

6. Remember to consider the jab. If you land a couple of good jabs, they are going to hurt. There is no need to throw haymakers.

7. Other than that, I am going to assume you aren’t going to sign up for any training, so I would recommend watching a couple of Krav Maga and Muay Thai videos on YouTube. They aren’t going to teach you everything but will give you some simple techniques that could be helpful.

Why do people shout and scream at me when I haven’t shouted, screamed, hit, or swear at them? Do I deserve to be shouted at and screamed at?

No. No one deserves that. You must learn your value. You are so much more than how people make you feel or how you allow yourself to feel after they attempt to hurt you.

Some people want to break everything beautiful bc they hate themselves. Don’t let this be a reflection on you. This does NOT speak to your value! (Please don’t misunderstand bc I’m not trying to push my faith on you, but…) I believe we were made in the image of God. Even our lives are sacred. You are sacred! You are so precious. Don’t ever believe that lie that you deserve bad things. God’s grace says the absolute opposite. You have a purpose, and an eternal love has been placed on you.

Also, something that helped me was knowing how to identify toxic/antisocial behaviors and set firm, healthy personal boundaries. It’s absolutely invaluable information for anyone. I don’t know the life story of the person verbally abusing you, but there is a saying, “Hurt people, hurt people.” It is not your job to fix your abuser, though. I’ve tried, and it doesn’t work and only makes matters worse. You have to do your best to walk away, disengage, and know you deserve peace. No one is ALLOWED to take that from you. Guard that. Let them know your boundaries and stand firm with them. I don’t know if this is a family member, friend, etc…………..… but you need distance, even if it’s just mental/emotional distance.

Why do people yell “world star” when people are fighting 2024?

Just do some fact-checking when you start to feel bad. Some people intentionally target your insecurities. Some folks know your worth but refuse to acknowledge that- so you have to. Some people have been so hurt that they have to lash out at other people to feel in control. This is not, nor has it ever been, about you. This is about them. Get up every day, tell yourself who you know you are, and walk in that knowledge. I can’t stress this enough….find a good therapist who really listens. There’s a ton of info online about how to know if your therapist is right for you. But the good ones are empathetic, not disengaged or robotic; they genuinely listen, and they can be very validating toward your feelings, and that can give you a sense of, “Someone sees me” or “So, I’m NOT the crazy one, and I DO deserve better.” And you are worth all that! Love you, internet stranger! I can see you! I hope and pray you can see yourself! So beautiful!❤️❤️❤️

Knowledge about Did people fight in Gita?

Well, not in the Gita, but immediately afterward. The Bhagavad Gita is a dialogue that takes place just before a battle between the warrior-prince Arjuna and the God Krishna, who is serving as his charioteer at the Battle of Kurukshetra, fought between Arjuna’s family (the Pandavas) and their allies, and the enemy Kaurava family and their allies.

Can a single person fight with tens of people in 2024?

Yes, some can when the situation demands

I am picking this answer from another thread

Who is the world’s greatest living badass, and why?

Anjishnu Kumar answered; all credit to him.

Bishnu Shrestha

He is definitely a candidate for greatest living badass today.

Who is he?

Ex-Indian Army, Gorkha Rifles.


Bishnu was on a train to go back to his hometown in Nepal on a break from the army. Presumably, he’d had enough of the violence.

The train was stopped and boarded by a band of about 30-40 robbers armed with knives, some of whom had been traveling as passengers, in the Chittaranjan jungles in West Bengal around midnight.

They started snatching jewelry, cell phones, cash, laptops, and other belongings from the passengers. Shrestha decided not to do anything. He was unarmed, apart from an army knife. A Khukri.

The dacoits were armed with knives, swords, and a few country-made handguns. So he did nothing. The dacoits saw that he was a soldier and left him alone.

However, a couple of the bandits grabbed hold of a young 18-year-old girl, a medical student, sitting near him and asked her to strip off her clothes. She refused- and they decided to rape her in front of her parents and all the other silent onlookers on the train.

Why do people yell “world star” when people are fighting 2024?

The girl pleaded for help: ´You are a soldier. Save a sister.´

Bishnu says he thought of his sister at that point. And then he snapped. He whipped out his Khukuri and attacked the nearest dacoit.

He grabbed one to use as a shield. It was one man with a knife against up to 40 in an enclosed space- which ensured that they couldn’t overcome him by sheer numbers.

He killed 3 with his blade and injured 6-8 so badly that they were still crawling around when the police arrived. He took severe cuts on one arm and finally collapsed due to blood loss.

But by then, after watching 3 of their friends falling within seconds- the rest of the bandits decided that it was smarter to run away instead of taking on the one-man-killing machine.

When the intended rape victim’s family offered him a large cash reward, he refused it with the following comment: “Fighting the enemy in battle is my duty as a soldier. Taking on the thugs on the train was my duty as a human being.”

Can a single person fight with tens of people in 2024?

Growing up, I didn’t believe it was possible. Seeing movies of one guy surrounded, blocking punches and kicks from multiple opponents, was great entertainment. But, theatre, nothing more. What confirmed my belief and refuted it at the same time was an event I still refer to as an “eye-opener.”

I was 18 years old. My friend (a kid of about 120 lbs) was jumped by a gang in the parking lot of a store over a bandana he wore. I don’t know if my friend had martial arts training (he didn’t use any I recognize). But what he did was very difficult to explain in words. He didn’t fight all of them, yet he whooped every one of them.

Why do people yell “world star” when people are fighting 2024?

When it happened, I was about to “help” but realized that it was both unnecessary and possibly harmful. However, my primary “motive” for just standing there with my jaw hanging open and watching without intervention was pure fascination. I remember thinking, “So that’s how it’s done!”

It was geometry. It was simple. He didn’t fight them all at once. He forced them into a one-on-one situation.

When they fanned out or to the sides, in an attempt to circle him, he leaped/charged one with a kick or punch, driving through the person and putting that guy between him and the others in a way that formed a line. Getting around someone to assist in fighting their opponent proved to be time-consuming and difficult. Enough for him to fight the one guy for a few seconds.

When they fanned out to the sides to help their gang-banger buddy, my friend abandoned his opponent and launched at an “end” one, forcing them into a line again by also positioning the opponent between him and the others, forcing the others to reposition around their new front guy…repeating until it was over.

What seemed key to the strategy was my friend’s speed and aggression in attack, combined with using them as obstacles against each other, combined with a sudden change in opponent and attack that repeated the same until all of them were beaten beyond the will or ability to continue (some hurt too badly, others too tired, and some lost the will to continue).

He confirmed what I believed, that one cannot fight multiple opponents simultaneously. But he taught me that one can defeat multiple attackers if one aggressively engages them one at a time and uses strategy in that decisive aggression to exploit their perceived advantage as a tool in hindering them. He turned their advantage into a hindrance. A principle I found so valuable in so many areas of life that I cite what he did as an example, even in matters wholly separate from physical endeavors, of how to overcome seemingly insurmountable odds. Take it one problem at a time; only attempt to solve it one at a time.

Also, it taught me that I can be completely wrong about a belief by getting focused on, or having the wrong interpretation of, what it means; in that case, an erroneous idea of multiple opponents means an ability to fight and defend in multiple directions at the same time.

In that, he was a genius to me.

Why do people yell “world star” when people are fighting 2024?


What does it mean when a bird poops on your head 2024?

What do the acronyms “PAWG,” “THOT,” and “POAD” stand for?

What is the literal meaning of “La Cage aux Folles”? Is it “The Madhouse”?

Are some wild bottlenose dolphins evil?