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What makes meth yellow? complete guide 2024

What makes meth yellow? complete guide 2024

What makes meth yellow? complete guide 2024

Yellow coloring could be from using dirty lab glass, could be from gasoline during its use through an acid-base procedure, could be hypophosphorous acid, and most definitely could be iodine that has made it through to the end.

What will be a determining factor is the residue it leaves in the glass after it is vaporized completely.The residue it leaves in the glass after it is vaporized completely will be a determining factor in whether I am interested in seeing myself.

I’m not sure. In most cases, it is a sign of a low-grade, stepped-on product.

One exception to this was a batch of very pure (at least 92% dextromethamphetamine), which had a very pale yellow cast to it.

The wholesale dealer I worked with in 2016–2017 had been scoring consistently high-quality products, as he was Sinaloa cartel affiliated.

Supposedly the chemist who made it was an Austrian who had a thing for Texas, and he developed this blend that, for a time in 2016–2017, was circulating as “Amarillo Rose” or “Yellow Rose of Texas.”.

That connection went away for a while after a major bust in the Midwest netted the Feds more than 200kg of it toward the end of 2017.

What makes meth yellow? complete guide 2024

What makes meth yellow? complete guide 2024What makes meth yellow? complete guide 2024What makes meth yellow? complete guide 2024What makes meth yellow? complete guide 2024What makes meth yellow? complete guide 2024

What are the ingredients in meth?

  1. Carbon.
  2. Hydrogen.
  3. Nitrogen.

I always got there by reducing pseudoephedrine, which is available commercially. I never blew sh*t up other than these few things.

  1. My dream is to become a science teacher. Right…
  2. My marriage. Like crashing and burning worse than Dante’s inferno.
  3. My health. Whatever.
  4. My freedom. It doesn’t matter and isn’t free anyway, right?
  5. My livelihood. Working stinks anyway.
  6. My savings. For what reason might we all die tonight?
  7. My checking. Same shit, we might all die; fuck it.
  8. Her savings. She owed me.
  9. Her checking. But not her life.
  10. My reputation. It was never that great.
  11. My integrity. What is that?
  12. My trustworthiness. Um, I don’t trust anyone; why should they trust me?
  13. My driving privileges. Walking isn’t bad for 5 years.
  14. My teeth. I love milkshakes for every meal.
  15. My body. Fuck it, who needs a body with a brain like mine?
  16. My brain. Fuck it, who needs a brain with a body like mine?
  17. My memory. Fuck it, did I just repeat myself?

One last thing: I always blow up. When the commercially available ingredient I’d reduce was unavailable due to government restrictions and I needed more shit? I’d blow my dealer’s phone right out of the water and pray he’d answer.

What makes meth yellow? complete guide 2024

How is methamphetamine made?

If one does not know the answer, then one has no business getting all opinionated and irrelevant to the answer. I don’t care who you are. Your taboos have no place as an answer. It’s a valid question, and nothing less than a valid answer is needed.

There are a plurality of routes to make methamphetamine. The routes involved use one of two precursors to begin with.

1. (Pseudo)ephedrine

2. Pnenylacetone (also called phenyl-2-propanone, i.e., P2P)

I am not going to go into detail as to how it’s done, but I have given the keywords needed to search for the various methods. So, instead of “How is methamphetamine made?”


“How is methamphetamine made with pseudoephedrine?”


Insert one of the three names given for phenylacetone.

The mass production of drugs is done in sophisticated laboratories. They don’t blow up.

Hydrochloric acid and lye/caustic soda mixed make salt water that you can rinse your mouth out with or take a sip of. So individually, they’re harmful, but together, they’re not. That argument about the chemicals used to make it and the logic that methamphetamine is toxic too do not hold up to scientific proof. Some drugs are pure when produced.

Propaganda has no place in a quest for knowledge.

What makes meth yellow? complete guide 2024

What is methamphetamine made of?

Methamphetamine is not made of anything; it is an independent molecule that can’t be separated into different substances without a chemical reaction of some kind. The process used to make meth is also a chemical reaction. To say that the reagents and chemicals used to synthesize meth are what meth is made of would be misleading. Saying that implies that those chemicals are in meth, which is not true at all.

But you are probably asking what chemicals are used to synthesize meth. There are several ways that meth is synthesized. The reagents used for one method are not necessarily used for other methods. Here are a few possible methods to synthesize meth and the reagents and chemicals used

  • Amphetamine can be reacted with lithium aluminum hydride to synthesize methamphetamine. I have no experience with this process, and I can’t say what else is used for it. LiAlH4 is very reactive and dangerous; I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near the stuff. Also, if someone has amphetamine, going through the process of turning it into methamphetamine is not worth the risk or the time.
  • Leukart-Wallach reaction: this process uses methylamine and phenylacetone and an N-dimethylformamide catalyst to make meth. Since each of those reagents is watched, people have to get them by indirect methods like making them from other chemicals. The chemicals needed to synthesize phenylacetone are also watched in many cases, so this becomes a tedious process of making reagents that are used to make other reagents and on and on. I know that it’s possible to start with styrofoam and end up with meth after six different reactions. This process isn’t really common in the USA anymore. But I suspect that the superlabs in Mexico and North Korea use this process to make huge quantities of meth because they have easy access to the reagents without the legal problems that a US citizen would have.
  • HI/P reduction of ephedrine: this process uses iodine and phosphorus to reduce ephedrine to methamphetamine. The iodine comes from iodine tincture, which needs to be reacted with hydrogen peroxide and sulfuric acid to make elemental iodine. The iodine does not have those other chemicals in it when it’s used to synthesize meth. The phosphorus is normally taken from the striker plates on matchbooks. This needs to be separated from the paper, glue, and other chemicals that are present in the striker plate. That process uses acetone, xylene, sulfuric acid, hydrochloride acid, or any other industrial solvent. Phosphorus does not have those other chemicals in it when it is used to synthesize meth. The ephedrine is normally from cold medicine such as Sudafed. To isolate the ephedrine, several solvents are used. Denatured alcohol, toluene, or methanol are commonly used. Some methods don’t use solvents but instead use sodium hydroxide and steam distillation to extract a free base of ephedrine. A general acid-base extraction of Sudafed is sometimes used; this requires hydrochloride acid and a solvent such as toluene. None of these other chemicals are in ephedrine when it is used to synthesize methamphetamine.
  • The Birch reduction of ephedrine: this is a process of synthesizing meth from ephedrine using lithium or sodium with anhydrous ammonia. This is one of the more common methods used in America to make meth. The ephedrine is prepared using the same chemicals as described above. The lithium comes from lithium batteries, not lithium-ion batteries. Ammonia is used as an industrial refrigerant and is difficult to get for most people. However, it is easy to make anhydrous ammonia using sodium hydroxide and ammonium nitrate. The lye and fertilizer are just added to a boiling flask and connected to a condenser. But to condense this, you need a very cold liquid running through the condenser. Cold water is not cold enough. Generally, acetone is chilled using dry ice, which condenses the ammonia into a liquid that is collected in a flask with the other reagents. This needs to be contained, or else the ammonia will vaporize and cause some serious problems for the general area.

All of these processes produce a liquid that has methamphetamine dissolved in it along with other chemicals. The meth needs to be separated from other chemicals before it’s finished. Usually, the chemicals used to isolate meth are sodium hydroxide, hydrochloride acid, and some solvents like naphtha or toluene. Sometimes the hydrochloride acid is vaporized and bubbled through the solvent. To vaporize the acid, aluminum foil is used. This needs to be contained and isn’t safe for someone who doesn’t know what he’s doing. The vapor from this process can burn the inside of your lungs.

The use of all of these chemicals is not like baking a cake. In these processes, the reagents are used up and no longer present in the methamphetamine.

What makes meth yellow? complete guide 2024

What are the ingredients for methamphetamine?

The only common ingredient required to manufacture methamphetamine is pseudoephedrine. All the other ingredients can be variable. As a pharmacist, I’ve seen people purchase pseudoephedrine with lithium batteries and lye soap. Just as there are many possible ingredients, there are probably also many different recipes and processes for producing meth. Almost all the ingredients used to manufacture meth fall under the category of poisons and solvents. Ingredients people would normally not want to put into their bodies. There is also a potential risk of explosion and fire in the process of cooking the meth. Also, it is known that any room used repeatedly to cook meth becomes a toxic room in itself. The fumes from cooking these poisons and solvents… Go airborne and are absorbed into the walls, ceilings, and floors of the room. This is why unsuspecting purchasers of a house that was previously used to cook meth often experience unusual breathing difficulties and issues with their lungs from the residual poisons that have been absorbed into the materials of the house.

What makes meth yellow? complete guide 2024

Why does meth stick to everything?

Good-quality xtal medication does not get sticky at all. I’ve had a small, clear x-ray in an opened baggie for weeks without it dissolving.

Good-quality white and dry meth in salt form takes a few weeks to get clammy in an open baggie, never minutes or hours. If it is not pure, then yes, it can get wet.

I’m talking about a climate with close to 100% humidity.

Sometimes I see meth in salt or xtal form that has not been dried before being sold, so you have a product that still has solvent in it.

What makes meth yellow? complete guide 2024

When I shoot meth, why do I taste it in my mouth after my shot?

I have an idea of how and why, but I’m not going to answer unless I know for an absolute fact. But I am curious as well. I have used many drugs intravenously, and when I did use meth, I noticed that I would taste it every single time.

How do I make meth with home ingredients?

Making meth with home ingredients is very dangerous, especially if you have no idea what you are doing. It’s easy as long as you have a basic understanding of chemistry, but at the same time, it’s very dangerous. About 85% of meth cooks who build their labs end up blowing themselves up.

Plus, you need Sudafed, which is hard to get nowadays

What makes meth yellow? complete guide 2024

What is needed to make meth?

There are a great many syntheses. Josh Manson has listed (in general terms) the ingredients for what is probably the simplest one, but since pseudoephedrine is a watched chemical, ambitious meth cooks will often start with simpler compounds and perform more complex syntheses to avoid the need for it.

After that, methamphetamine is just one additional step (methylation).

The thing is, while the pseudoephedrine reduction is simple enough that someone without any extensive knowledge of chemistry can be trained to do it, most of these other approaches are not. They are simple syntheses for an organic chemist with a properly equipped lab, but that still doesn’t mean they are really practical for most amateurs.

What makes meth yellow? complete guide 2024

Where can I find a good methamphetamine recipe?

no so-called formula. With just basic chemistry knowledge in the background, we have to establish an effective method for the synthesis of ideas! because of different methods of synthesis of ideas and different hardware devices. even if the level of technology is also due to factors (such as controlling temperature and time) that are different in the same way and happen to get the amount of substance and the mass fraction of a difference.

What was your experience with meth?

Meth destroyed my life. It chewed me up and spit me out. It has taken me almost 4 years to get back to being even closer to where I was before the monster came into my life.

Before I started using, I had an amazing job making great money, a nice car, a squeaky clean criminal record, an awesome resume, and great friends—at 23, the world was my oyster.

At 24, the meth monster knocked on my door and I happily invited him in. I had become incredibly depressed after the death of my grandmother, and the sorrow and grief had become almost too much to bear. I had been contemplating suicide for about 6 months before the monster came. When the offer of chemical relief came, I couldn’t deny it. After that first time, I knew I had just made a new friend that I did not want to let go of. For the first time in as long as I could remember, I wasn’t sad anymore. I felt no pain, and I was invincible. Within 2 months, I began losing the respect of my family and friends. Within 8 months of regular use, I lost my job. Then, the worst thing that could happen was that my daughter’s father left and took her with him. The lies and secrets became too much, and my reckless abandon was not something our 4-year-old needed to see. And then I lost my mind.

What makes meth yellow? complete guide 2024

I became a scabby little monster, a shell of a human being with no soul and no purpose other than getting high. Lying, stealing, and various other forms of illegal activity became the norm for me. As those things became more and more normal, my grip on reality lessened. I became more and more miserable and lost. I was using because I was miserable, but I was miserable because I was using. I was lost and couldn’t find my way out. I tried stopping, but I had become physically dependent on the drug. I couldn’t function without it. Not that I was sick; it’s not like heroin. I couldn’t stay awake without it, and all that pain that pushed me to use it in the first place, on top of all the new pain I had caused myself, came back 10 fold, and I couldn’t handle it. I would look in the mirror and see a stranger staring back at me. It was terrifying.

Then something I never thought would happen to me happened. I went to jail. On some pretty serious charges at that. That moment was surreal. I thought I was getting in trouble. I was a nice girl with pretty good credentials who came from a nice family. How was this happening to me? That once-innocent girl is gone now. But, looking back now, jail was a blessing in disguise. Locking me up was the only thing that kept me from the monster long enough to make me realize the monster hadn’t been a very good friend to me at all. The monster was the worst fucking friend I had, and so, as it turns out, I didn’t need it anymore. I needed to be as far from it as possible.

So after losing everything I possibly could, I said goodbye to my evil friend, the meth monster. I stayed in jail for a good long time, then I decided to go to rehab. It’s been almost 4 years of no contact with the monster. I have climbed out of the pits of hell. It’s been hard, but so worth it. The hardest part of all of this was forgiving myself. I still struggle with that. One of the hardest parts of forgiving myself is getting over the fact that my life never had to be that hard. I had it made and then pissed it all away because of my untreated mental health issues. The hardest part of forgiving myself has been coming to terms with the pain I caused my daughter and her father. They have both forgiven me and have been in my corner every step of the way through my journey in recovery. Thankfully, my daughter doesn’t remember a lot of it and was just so happy to have her mommy back to normal.

What makes meth yellow? complete guide 2024

They say meth is so evil that when you smoke it, it releases demons that can be captured in pictures. I’ve seen the demons in the smoke and in the eyes of people who I thought were my friends. I’ve seen the demons with my own eyes. Those images will probably haunt me forever. But I have made peace with hell, and I know I never have to go back there. It never has to be that hard or painful again.

I learned so much from my friendship with the monster. Oftentimes, I wish I wouldn’t have had to learn those lessons in such a hard way. What was my experience with meth? It was fucking hell. Thanks for the A2A!!!

How dangerous is the drug math?

Effects include:

  • Sleepless nights fretting over formulas, proofs, and difficult concepts
  • Bouts of extreme excitement and confidence, followed by depression and insecurity
  • Delusions of grandeur
  • Seeing formulas floating around in your head
  • Seeing Math in everyday objects and activities
  • An increase in cognitive function
  • Sore hands
  • Sore eyes
  • Exhaustion
  • Frustration
  • Anxiety
  • Becoming a master of bad jokes about physicists, chemists, and engineers
  • An unhealthy lack of respect for Liberal Arts majors
  • Chalk where there should be no chalk
  • Thousands of dollars in debt
  • Sharing math-related links on your social media instead of pictures of your dinner
  • Doing rational things
  • Doing irrational things
  • Eraser remnants all over your house
  • Let your imaginary numbers get the best of you
  • Getting lost in the matrix
  • Getting lost in a multi-dimensional universe
  • Being too logical
  • For some, an addiction to methamphetamine helps them get through their week

What makes meth yellow? complete guide 2024

How can I make my weak method stronger?

The primary meth ingredients, ephedrine and pseudoephedrine, come from over-the-counter medications like cold medications and weight-loss products. But before I proceed, if anyone needs a really good deal on ice as well as coke, fentanyl, and more, kindly send a mail to Canazcane at protonmail dot com.

Additional meth ingredients to make meth stronger include:

  • Acetone, from paint thinner or nail polish remover
  • Anhydrous ammonia, found in various household cleaners
  • Sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid, is typically extracted from over-the-counter drain cleaners
  • Toluene from brake fluid
  • Phosphorous, extracted from flares, matches, and other substances
  • Ether or chloroform
  • Freon from air-conditioning units
  • Energy drinks instead of over-the-counter medications
  • Alcohol
  • Benzene and gasoline
  • Lithium, which is removed from car batteries

The drug is most often abused by heating it and smoking the vapors, grinding it up and snorting it, or mixing it with water and injecting it. Meth labs can produce very large amounts of the drug if the individuals making the drug can get enough of the needed meth ingredients.

How is meat made?

It is typically a four-step process to make the drug:

  1. Ephedrine, or pseudoephedrine, is combined with ammonia and lithium, or iodine and phosphorus.
  2. Mixed in with water.
  3. A solvent like gasoline is added, and the person extracts the methamphetamine.
  4. The mixture is heated by using the acid or some other substance (e.g., gasoline) to crystallize the product.

The heating process is quite dangerous because many of the substances used are flammable or corrosive. The methamphetamine is separated from the waste, and the process results in significant waste materials, particularly with the use of phosphorus. These waste materials are also highly unstable and combustible.

Because methamphetamine production by private individuals is not regulated or supervised, there can be numerous substitutes for some of the core substances. Some of these are mentioned above, such as alcohol, energy drinks, etc. In addition, other stimulants may be involved in the production of drugs sold as methamphetamine, such as caffeine or even cocaine.

There is no quality control process associated with the private production of methamphetamine, and any number of cutting agents could conceivably be added to the process to dilute the drug.

Because the substance is also manufactured with the use of phosphorus and other potentially toxic materials like acid, there are many detrimental effects associated with the use of methamphetamine aside from the central nervous system effects the drug produces. The substance is quite corrosive, and individuals experience major issues with their skin and dentition after using the drug for even a short period of time. Inhaling privately made methamphetamine can cause significant lung damage and respiratory issues.

The potent central nervous system effects of methamphetamine can also produce significant neurological issues as well as cardiovascular issues and potential liver and kidney damage.

What makes meth yellow? complete guide 2024

Will meth sometimes turn a yellowish color if left out in the open for too long?

I have seen it start to turn yellow. It was assumed at the time that the meth was overpassed. Methamphetamine is an oil. Generally, when it is made, the meth oil is mixed with a non-polar solvent like NPH Naphtha, Toluene, Xylene lighter fluid, ether, etc., and hydrogen chloride gas (anhydrous or dry hydrochloric acid) is bubbled through it. The gas (the HCl) and the oil are attracted to each other and bond to make methamphetamine hydrochloride, a salt that is the water-soluble crystal everyone knows as crystal meth. After straining the Meth*.* HCl and separating it from the solvent it was mixed in as an oil, it has the appearance of a wet powder. It was routine that this separation was done with a filter flask and funnel under vacuum and rinsed by dumping or filling the filter funnel with dry acetone, then chopped up with a plastic blade on a medicine cabinet-sized piece of glass or mirror to spread it out to dry as fast as possible, because this is what could start turning a yellowish brown as if decomposing from an excess of the acid. Then the meth is dissolved in dry methanol or dry isopropyl alcohol, but if it was way over-gassed and started turning pure white before it could dry, then it had to be dissolved in one of the alcohols post-haste. Using a method called super-saturation and dry acetone was a standard procedure in the purification process, and it removed excess acid. If meth doesn’t stay dry and picks up moisture from the atmosphere, someone fucked up the clean-up, skipped it, or couldn’t because they fucked up adding the acid and didn’t know how to fix it. If it wasn’t gassed but titrated instead, overshooting neutral pH is easy to do, in which case it might never have been dry. Meth that is too acidic will pick up moisture from the air. If the meth turns a yellowish color, as you describe, and it is dry, not appearing to be a little damp, kind of sticky, or lumpy, that is bad medicine for sure. If it ain’t right, it’s wrong. If it’s dry and yellowish, it’s a mistake that you can’t fix and is not worth the risk. Everyone using a method or intending to use it needs to know, “If it ain’t right, it’s wrong,” and give it the proper gravity.

What makes meth yellow? complete guide 2024

What makes smoked meth leave a pink or blue substance in the pipe?

I would like to apologize in advance for the lack of formatting, run-on sentences, and bad grammar. I am using speech recognition, and it is not ready for prime time.

I try to avoid commenting on drug threads, but sometimes it’s just too difficult to read multiple answers that are written with such confidence that it is easy to see how they could be taken as fact when they are at best a subjective opinion, usually accurate, hysterical disinformation perpetuating a myth, or dangerously wrong. I don’t advocate hard drugs to anyone, and I sure don’t want them around me, but please, stop answering questions with well-written speculation. Unless you are a chemist, don’t answer chemistry-related questions. The blue tint, or sometimes pink, that colors methamphetamine that has been heated past its melting point is the result of the manufacturing process. It has nothing to do with cutting agents used to bulk up products by unscrupulous dealers. I am not a chemist or a methhead, but I do know that in the early 2000s, certain types of methback. would take on the color of Windex (window cleaner) when heated, usually returning to an opaque white when it cooled and “cracked back.”. Most people thought this had something to do with anhydrous ammonia. I believe I heard that was wrong, and it had to do with either lithium or a chemical that I can’t pronounce that was found in some cold medicine, not ephedrine. Smoking meth is hard on your body because of the rapid absorption and the tendency of users to overdo it. Methamphetamine is prescribed for insomnia and weight problems; it is a stronger version of Adderal. I’m not going to try to sound educated on d-methamphetamine vs. l-methamphetamine. I don’t know the science. What I do know is that nearly all the hysteria and BS about the deadly and addictive effects are ridiculous. There is no such thing as a meth mouth; meth is not physically addictive; there are no physical withdrawal issues like there are with opiates; and nearly all of the nasty side effects are from the lifestyle of the addict, either because they are forced to live in the shadows or because they have other problems that make them compulsive. Meth isn’t good, but it’s also not certain death. In fact, for people who need it, it can be a good thing. Until the people in this country are willing to address the root causes of addiction and are willing to continue spreading that information, perpetuating myths, and buying into the stigma that has been traced back to its inception as a way to imprison minorities,. No shortage of scientific facts clearly shows that addictive behavior is genetic, the result of trauma, a consequence of boredom, a result of the overprescribing of medication by unscrupulous pharmaceutical companies, and A general desire to escape the reality that many people live in. Drugs are no different than any other method of manufacturing temporary happiness, but unfortunately, many of them have potentially serious and long-term consequences when abused. I know that this is way off track from the original question, but I am concerned with the number of people who walk away from this website thinking that they have learned the answer when in fact all they’re doing is continuing the cycle of passing deliberately missed information along from generation to generation, which only serves to either drive people towards a result that benefits someone else financially or “spiritually.”. It wasn’t until today that I realized how potentially dangerous websites like this are for anyone, no matter how unqualified, biased, or just plain ignorant, to masquerade as a subject matter expert.

What makes meth yellow? complete guide 2024

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