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What is the toxicity level of the /r/ subreddit compared to other subreddits?

What is the toxicity level of the /r/ subreddit compared to other subreddits?

What is the toxicity level of the /r/ subreddit compared to other subreddits?

Why is Reddit such a toxic place?

Why, you’ve finally noticed. Yes, Reddit is a toxic place. Reddit is so toxic that someone will start attacking you even if you do something innocent, such as providing a positive view of a teaching career. The toxic users or pseudo-intellectuals on Reddit greatly outnumber the “good few.”

Why is Reddit such a toxic place?

Because Reddit is a place for social rejects, those who cannot get laid, get jobs, or get anything of value in life come there for validation from strangers and to find those who are like them. Most Redditors are an utterly hopeless bunch of incels/simps/neckbeards/feminists who society has outcasted. I say they should be allowed to exist there so that normal people can live without dealing with them. You will hardly encounter them in real life, for they are basement-bound with little or none to live for.

I tried Reddit for a short time and found it to be very toxic. I am a very educated woman who would have people make comments about things I had made, telling me I was stupid or giving reasons as to why I was dumb for the comment I made. It was filled with posts and comments about gaming and complaining about older generations. I saw many posts where a person said they didn’t have anything and had so many more opportunities when their parents were their age. It’s a very bandwagon app with 100 people speaking as if it was just one.

I felt like I was in a room of childish, introverted people.

Because the public is there, and if you have ever dealt with the public in your job, you can understand a small fraction of the problem. Anyone can post anything, regardless of their level of intelligence or sanity. It is the worst social media site on the internet.

In your opinion, is Reddit a toxic community?

YES!! I believe Reddit is toxic! Reddit is not a very good website for a person like me! I don’t think I ever want to log back on this website again! I can’t bear to look at some of the comments that have been posted against me! I’m sorry about the rant; it’s not you that I’m upset with

Let me tell you, the toxicity level of the conservative subreddit is off the charts!

  1. I mean, seriously, have you seen the things said there? It’s enough to make your blood boil!
  2. From racist comments to sexist remarks, it seems like anything goes on that subreddit.
  3. And don’t even get me started on the political polarization and fear-mongering there.
  4. It’s like the people on that subreddit live in a completely different reality than the rest of us.
  5. Honestly, seeing how much hate and negativity can be generated in one online community is pretty disturbing.

Now, I’m not saying that all conservatives are toxic or that every conservative on that subreddit is bad. But a pattern of toxic behavior and language seems more prevalent on that subreddit than on others.

Of course, this is all subjective, and other people might have different experiences on the /r/conservative subreddit. But from my perspective, it’s not a place I recommend spending much time if you value kindness, empathy, and open-mindedness.

Ultimately, it’s up to each individual to decide what online communities they want to participate in. But if you’re looking for a place that fosters healthy discourse and respectful debate, you should steer clear of the /r/conservative subreddit.

What does R do on Reddit?

On Reddit, the letter “R” itself doesn’t have a specific action or function. Reddit is a platform where users can participate in discussions, share content, and engage with a wide variety of communities called subreddits. Actions on Reddit are usually associated with specific buttons, links, or commands rather than individual letters.

However, if you are referring to a specific subreddit that starts with the letter “R,” that would be the community name, and each subreddit is dedicated to a particular topic or theme. For example, “r/AskReddit” is a popular subreddit where users can ask and answer a wide range of questions.

If you have a specific context or if there’s a particular function you are asking about, please provide more details so I can offer more accurate information.

What is the most toxic and popular subreddit for you?

News, world news, and politics.

Those are your standard ones; most on Reddit would agree with me. For me, it’s /r/pcmasterrace. Their community claims to not be toxic towards “console peasants,” but it’s the worst PC group on the internet. And to top it off, it’s only the face of the community on Reddit; as far as I’m aware, the actual PCMR community isn’t that toxic.

Is the “Female Dating Strategy” subreddit a toxic place?

It’s pretty much just female incels spreading misandrist stereotypes about men.

No different than 4chan.

So yeah, it’s very toxic.

No deliberate misogyny or misandry is OK in my eyes.

Does anybody find the subreddit r/foxhidesinfo toxic?

Look at 90% of the subs on Reddit and the things people say, and you will see that the entire platform is toxic. Using downvotes and the threat of karma loss and banning simply because someone doesn’t share the same opinion as you tells you all you need to know about Reddit.

What are the most toxic subreddits on Reddit that you used to follow?

R/relationship_advice is the worst. The poster was trying to ask advice about his GF with PTSD from being SAED and how he could help her better in public settings due to her fears of certain kinds of men from her trauma. to which multiple people commented, telling him to “break up with her immediately” because she was “too far gone.” I had commented on my perspective, telling him to try and help her seek therapy and to avoid these comments as the people giving such advice were selfish and only thinking about themselves, to which I was permanently banned for “moral whataboutism.” And send a personal, condescending message to one of the moderators who had commented on the post.

Is Reddit the most toxic social media site?

Without a doubt, yes. It appeals to people’s worst instincts. If you want your mental health to decrease significantly, Reddit is the place for that. It has grown into a monster barely controlled by reasonable humans, so they employ bots. The internet would be a slightly better place without it.

Why is Reddit toxicQuora?

The perception of whether Reddit is more or less toxic than Quora, or vice versa, is subjective and can vary based on individual experiences and perspectives. Both platforms have their own unique communities, norms, and user behaviors.

Here are some factors that might contribute to the perception of toxicity on either platform:

  1. Anonymity:
  • Both Reddit and Quora allow users to maintain a degree of anonymity, which can lead to more open and sometimes contentious discussions. Some users may be more inclined to express solid opinions or engage in inappropriate behavior when they feel their identity is shielded.
  1. Community Culture:
  • Each subreddit on Reddit and topic on Quora has its own community culture. Some communities may foster a more positive and supportive atmosphere, while others may be more critical or contentious. The culture of a particular community can significantly influence the overall perception of the platform.
  1. Moderation Policies:
  • The effectiveness and rigor of moderation policies can impact the level of toxicity on a platform. Communities with active and fair moderation tend to have better control over inappropriate content and behaviors.
  1. Size and Diversity:
  • The size and diversity of user bases on both platforms can contribute to the overall tone. Larger and more diverse communities may have a broader range of opinions, potentially leading to more clashes or conflicts.
  1. Content and Subject Matter:
  • The nature of the content and subject matter discussed on both platforms can influence the level of toxicity. Controversial topics or highly debated subjects may attract more heated discussions.

It’s important to note that generalizations about the entire Reddit or Quora community may not accurately represent the experiences of individual users. People’s experiences on these platforms can vary widely based on the specific communities they engage with and their interactions.

Ultimately, whether Reddit is perceived as more or less toxic than Quora is a subjective judgment that can vary from person to person. It’s recommended to explore both platforms and their communities to determine which aligns better with your preferences and interests.

Is Reddit the most toxic social media?

It’s not the most toxic social media platform, but it’s definitely on the list.

  • They love to talk trash.
  • Nobody, and I mean NOBODY there, is genuine with most of their answers.
  • The moderation system is like a conservative household there.
  • The harassment I’ve seen happen to others on Reddit over petty stuff is insane.
  • The moderators delete your nice and truthful posts but leave nasty and harmful comments there for months, if not forever.
  • Tell me how Reddit will moderate your nonharmful posts but has an NSFW system that anyone could access easily.

It’s sad.

What is the most toxic popular subreddit for you?

News, world news, politics.

Those are your standard ones; I think most on Reddit would agree with me. For me, it is it’s/r/pcmasterrace. Their community claims to be not toxic towards “console peasants,” but it’s the worst PC group on the internet. And to top it off, it’s only the face of the community on Reddit; as far as I’m aware, the actual PCMR community isn’t that toxic.

Is there any way to search for toxic subreddits (for example, if someone said gaming was a toxic community)?

I BELIEVE IT’S ALL ABOUT THE ROOM YOU ARE STANDING IN AND WHO IS AMONG YOU IN THE ROOM. Everyone is toxic to someone else, no matter how wonderful, kind, and caring you think you are. Someone will think your behavior is toxic if you have a room full of toxic people doing toxic things and having toxic conversations. And you are super positive, super happy, super friendly, and living a wonderful life filled with happiness that you want to share with everyone in the room. YOU WILL be considered the TOXIC person in the room because of your positivity. You will ruin everyone’s mood because of your positivity and negativity. Toxic people have a lot more fun among themselves when no positive people are around to try to stop the fun.

Some people viewed Gandhi as toxic and bad for trying to bring peace and unite the world. Some people considered Hitler the greatest human ever and savior of Germany and Europe. He was right about bringing war. It’s all about what room you are standing in and who you are among. Everyone is toxic to someone.

When I was younger, living my toxic life, I had a ball. I mean fun and not a care in the world. POSITIVE people were a downer to me; they ruined all the fun when they came around. Not that I’m older and wiser and positive. When I come around with my positivity, I know there is a downer to some, even my friends. They tend to straighten up when I’m around; they are back at it as soon as I leave.

I asked my best friend why didn’t you tell me what you all were up to. We don’t keep secrets. He replied we like doing bad shit, and you always talk sense into us, and sometimes we want to do bad shit….. I just shook my head and said, You’re right. I damn sure would’ve said something…….smh.

That said, NEGATIVE people teach POSITIVE people the best life lessons.


That said, POSITIVE people teach NEGATIVE people the best life lessons.

Both are needed, like it or not.

What are the worst subreddits on Reddit?


Its whole purpose is to repulse you.

It’s not exactly illegal, but it certainly comes as a nasty shock when you’re looking for r/Eyebleach

Have you faced this much toxicity on any subreddit?

I am aware that there are harmful components in some internet forums. Several things can be toxic, including anonymity, divergent viewpoints, and poor moderation. It’s crucial to remember that while some subreddits may be toxic, there are also a lot of supportive and uplifting groups. Online interactions can be improved by participating in constructive dialogue, encouraging polite conduct, and reporting or blocking disruptive users.

Why are PC subreddits so toxic?

PC subreddits are so toxic because there are many toxic people on board.

What are the worst subreddits on Reddit?

Only two come to mind: r/atheism and r/AgainstHateSubreddits

First r/atheism

R/atheism is probably the worst Atheist group on the Internet. These guys aren’t just Atheists. They’re anti-theists. These people think religious people are mentally ill, that religion should be banned, and that they’re intellectually superior to religious people. This kind of Atheists.

Here are some posts from that sub:

Freaking out about the kid’s show VeggieTales in the City because the word ‘God’ was mentioned a few times.

Panicking because Christian music was played at school.

Getting mad that a cashier said, ‘Have a blessed one.’

Getting mad that the NASA Administrator said ‘thank God.’

Guy is mad at his family because they’re mad at him for refusing to come to his uncle’s funeral.

I can only sum up the members of this sub with one meme:

As for r/AgainstHateSubreddits…

It’s a cancel culture sub that bans anyone who even remotely disagrees with them.

For example, they try to ban other subs for having… right-wing opinions. And when I say right-wing, I don’t mean fascism or anything like that; I mean ordinary right-wing opinions.

You can’t be against the idea of children changing their gender…

You can’t be pro-Russia…

You must like The Last of Us 2…

And I’m not saying I necessarily disagree with them. I am against the Russian invasion of Ukraine, for example. But this sub tries to shut down other people’s opinions and create some hive mind where everyone has the same opinions. They also have a very, very, very broad definition of hate.

These two are the worst subs on Reddit.

What are the most toxic subreddits on Reddit that you used to follow?

I regret joining this shit because I thought it would be filled with appreciation for Filipino culture, but it wasn’t. It has the most negativity that I couldn’t even imagine. It’s even far more toxic than the Gacha community. From political bias, suicide engagement, brigading, and money scams to pedophilia appreciation. They agree with anything so wrong in so many motherfucking levels. I wish I could lecture them, but even with the most amazing argument tips, it doesn’t help me.

What are some alternatives to Reddit that are less toxic and more modern?

While Reddit can be a great source of information and entertainment, let’s be realistic – it’s also a hotbed of trolls, hate speech, and misinformation. Fortunately, some alternatives offer a more positive and modern experience.

One such platform is Social. It is a new decentralized platform that fosters positive interaction, free speech without censorship, and building common interest communities. It’s still small but growing rapidly, and its user base is known for being friendly and welcoming.

Another option is Steemit, a blockchain-based platform where users earn cryptocurrency for posting and participating in content. Steemit encourages quality content and maintains a healthy community, making you less likely to encounter the toxicity common to other platforms.

What is the toxicity level of the /r/ subreddit compared to other subreddits?

If you’re looking for a more niche platform, there’s also Amino, which has communities focused on specific interests such as gaming, art, or music. Amino’s focus on specific interests makes it a great place to connect with like-minded people, and its moderation system is designed to keep communication positive and engaging.

And, of course, we must remember the good old-fashioned forums. While they may not be as modern and flashy as some newer platforms, the forums offer a more personalized and community-oriented experience. They also often have close-knit communities less likely to tolerate toxic behavior.

Of course, no platform is perfect, and it’s important to remember that community is what you make of it. So whether you’re on Reddit, Social, or somewhere in between, ensure you contribute to a positive and constructive environment.

I cannot evaluate or compare subreddits in terms of their toxicity level. However, it is important to note that toxicity is a subjective measure and can depend on various factors, such as the content of the subreddit, its members’ behavior, and individual users’ opinions.

There have been instances where the /r/conservative subreddit has been criticized for promoting hate speech, conspiracy theories, and other forms of toxicity. In response to these criticisms, the moderators of the subreddit have implemented stricter content policies and have banned some users who violated these policies.

It is worth noting that toxicity can be found in any subreddit or online community, and it is important to approach online interactions with a critical eye and a healthy level of skepticism. It is also important to report any hate speech, harassment, or other toxic behavior to the appropriate authorities or moderators.

What’s the difference between R and U?

It seems like your question might be related to different contexts, as “R” and “U” can have various meanings depending on the context in which they are used. Here are a few possibilities:

  1. In the context of letters:
  • “R” and “U” are both letters of the alphabet.
  1. In the context of online communication:
  • “R” could be shorthand for “are” or part of other internet slang, such as “RIP” (Rest in Peace).
  • “U” is commonly used as an abbreviation for “you.”
  1. In the context of programming:
  • “R” might refer to the R programming language widely used for statistical computing and graphics.
  • “U” could be a variable or an abbreviation for “you” in the context of programming comments.
  1. In the context of Reddit:
  • “R” often refers to subreddits or communities on the Reddit platform (e.g., r/AskReddit).
  • “U” could refer to a user or be used as a shorthand for “you.”

If you could provide more details or specify the context in which you are asking about “R” and “U,” I could offer more targeted information.

What are some of Reddit’s strangest subreddits?

It all started when I found this post:

It was satire; no one hates Mercury. However, that didn’t stop an amusing thread from coming along.

And thus, a subreddit was born.

I have heard the voices of the r/FuckMercury community, and they raise some pretty good points. It’s the closest to the sun, but Venus is hotter. That’s pathetic. Also, look at this picture:

It looks just like the moon! Where is the character? Where is the style?

Alas, the hateful peace couldn’t last. An opposing subreddit was quickly made:

Ew, OK, I am in 100% support of canceling M*rcury and anyone who likes that darned ‘planet.’ Also, please bring back Pluto. At least that one had a personality.

Why is Reddit banning so many subreddits?


According to the social media admins, Reddit recently banned subReddits with radical political content.

For instance, there was a site devoted to Donald Trump that it considered too “far right” and banned the subreddit.

When asked if Reddit was also going to ban what it considered too “far left” content, it said it would.

What is the most active subreddit on Reddit?

According to, the most active subreddits, as measured by user participation, are as follows:

/r/askreddit — similar to Quora, a place for open-ended, thought-provoking questions.

/r/politics — exclusively for US politics and political discussion; other countries have their subreddits.

/r/the_donald — an assortment of alt-righters, trolls, spectators, and Trump supporters, this pro-Trump subreddit is extremely active and extremely controversial on Reddit— so controversial its subscriber count has been artificially deflated to make it look smaller than it is.

/r/worldnews — politics and general news on a worldwide scale.

/r/nba — basketball discussion.

What is the toxicity level of the /r/ subreddit compared to other subreddits?

/r/videos — After a subreddit called “video” (singular) shut down, “videos” became the de-facto place for sharing YouTube, Vimeo, and similar content. It’s responsible for several viral hits.

/r/funny — On Reddit, there’s an inside joke that nothing posted here is funny, but that’s not quite true: the catch-all comedy subreddit has spawned numerous memes and other, funnier subreddits.

/r/todayilearned — a trivia hub with a strict set of guidelines to keep submission quality high.

/r/soccer — soccer discussion.

/r/cfb — college football is included on this list due to a surge of activity from the 2018 Super Bowl.

Of course, the “most active” subreddits fluctuate widely, so it’s impossible to say which one has the most activity at any given time.

That said, it’s important to keep this in mind: subscriber counts are often inflated or deflated on Reddit to make certain subreddits look bigger or smaller than they are. The most glaring example is /r/the_donald, which, while listed at 600,000 subscribers, likely has closer to 7 million.

It’s a Reddit thing.

What are the shadiest subreddits on Reddit?

Like many communities, the shadiest ones identify YOU as a potential member before you even know they exist.

There are several shady subreddits on Reddit that users should be aware of.

These subs include r/darknetmarkets, r/crytocurrencies, and r/whistleblowers, among others.

These subs are filled with illicit content and can be dangerous to browse.

What makes subreddits popular?

People and engagement, typically.

Subreddits are popular based on people interacting with each other in the community.

What are the most toxic subreddits on Reddit that you used to follow?

I avoid subreddits that look like trouble, so my answer to this may surprise me: r/ebay.

This sub is nowhere near the level of toxicity that some controversial subreddits no doubt are. Still, for me, it stands out because this sub seems like it exists to provide help and advice to using the ebay platform, but it has a community that doesn’t seem to be interested in doing so. Here’s why:

Question posts tend to get heavily downvoted (this is a problem across the whole of Reddit, probably because on most subs, most questions get asked a hundred times over by people who don’t just use a search engine, but since every ebay situation is different that shouldn’t be an issue on this particular subreddit). Some people think Reddit karma is just ‘internet points’ and shouldn’t be cared about, but it also keeps posts down from being top posts where they might be seen by more people (not everyone sorts by New), which is inherently harmful.

Posts that do get replies will often be full of responses that aren’t helpful and aren’t even made with the best intentions. The one time I asked for advice from the community, for example, instead of anyone who responded addressing my concern, I just got remarks of condemnation, critique, and downvotes. On comments, too many downvotes will hide that comment from view, making it effectively a form of censure that steers conversation only in the direction a community desires, which, in this case, had nothing to do with what was even asked.

The reason? Not because of what I wanted advice over but because the community jumped on the fact I was selling DVDs, which opened me up to ridicule. As someone who has sold hundreds of DVDs on ebay, I found the atmosphere of the sub hostile and unhelpful and thus toxic.

Why is Quora so left-leaning? Everything is anti-Trump and anti-conservative. Every question ever answered always gives accolades to Democrats as they walk on water. Why?

Welcome to the world.

Quora isn’t “left-leaning.” It’s an international site, meaning that its political makeup reflects the entire world; in addition, Quora has a high proportion of highly educated users, meaning that it has a bit of a right-of-center bias.

By international standards, the US Democrats are very definitely right of center. (They have a wide spectrum of opinions, though, and a handful of them would be seen as somewhat left of center; Sanders, for instance, is a run-of-the-mill moderate Social Democrat.) US Republicans are extreme right from an international perspective; people like Trump are seen as so extreme that the European far right is making a huge effort to distance themselves from him.

Let’s work this one out together.

Most Americans voted for Joe Biden (and Hillary Clinton), so Trump was always a loser supported by only a minority of the country.

Since this second loss, he led a seditious conspiracy against the American government AND stole some of our nation’s top secrets.

Do the math, and it’s clear there are likely to be more supporters of democracy on Quora than supporters of the twice-disgraced former president.

Who we now know got a boost in 2016 from Putin, Deripaska, and a corrupt FBI agent who happened to be the Agent in Charge of the investigation that “cleared” Trump just before the election.

Now let’s look abroad:

This survey was taken BEFORE the J6 Committee hearings and Biden’s successful leadership of the allied response to Putin’s war crimes in Ukraine. So, these figures probably understate the gap between support for Biden and contempt for Trump.

And then there is the way a lot of trump supporters use Quora. I get many responses like, “Do you libtards realize Demented Joe and the Demon-crats are destroying America?” It’s not the greatest way to start an online conversation or build followers.

Why? Why do you even think this when entire spaces are devoted to defeating Trump and other right-wingers? Are you just not clever enough to find them, or is the problem that those need to be more for you? What’s happening in most of Quora could be described as “losing in the marketplace of ideas.” You don’t want to deal with the fact that support for Trump and what passes for “conservatives” in the GOP today have a relatively small base of support in the US and a tiny one worldwide — and Quora is a worldwide platform.

There are dozens of right-wing echo chambers on Quora where people congratulate themselves for repeatedly voting for an orange pedophile. But fortunately, the people who post to those spaces are in the minority.

So, while it’s true that the people who post the kind of brainwashed drivel you’re looking for are out there, in an open forum, you will see less from those kinds of people than those in the majority.

With Quora, there is another dynamic. While Facebook and Instagram are mostly geared toward growing personal relationships, LinkedIn is more geared toward growing professional relationships. While Twitter is more about following celebrities, Quora is more about people trying to find valid answers to valid questions, and they look to get those answers from experts in their fields. That means that compared to other social media sites, people on Quora are more likely to value intelligence and research. That means the mindless “Trump good. Biden bad. Let’s own the libs. Huh huh” garbage will not get as many views as well-reasoned answers packed with verifiable data. And like other sites, your feed will be weighted heavily with the posts that get the most interactions. And that means that because Quora has a bias toward reason, the stupidity you’re looking for will be absent.

Quora even has the option to report answers that are factually incorrect or off-topic. That will infuriate the “alternative facts” and “but her emails” crowd. They probably get frustrated and go to places like Truth Social, where mindless conspiracy theories and hate are celebrated.

And oh, look. The snowflake who posted the question got his fragile little feelings hurt so badly that he posted this one question three years ago and disappeared. (Or maybe he died of Covid because he thought it was a hoax and refused social distancing. We may never know.)

Why does Reddit (generally) hate Trump so much?

Both Liberals and Conservatives can be close-minded. However, Liberals tend to think they are superior to others, and every argument against them is null and void because it either comes from willful ignorance or hate. You should see debates between two liberals. You can pull out your stopwatch to see who calls the other person a “bigot” first.

So basically, the answer to your question is simple- Reddit is a place where Liberals thrive, and Conservatives are vilified. It’s not just about American politics. One of the largest right-wing Indian news subreddit called r/chodi was banned on Reddit. Reddit is a place where unpopular opinions get downvoted to obscurity. Get enough downvotes, and Reddit may limit how much you can post. Similar to the Ban appeals/reports. Enough people can band together and get a subreddit banned. And as you may have known, liberals unanimously hate Trump. Have enough of these liberals clumped up in a web forum, and you get a nice look at a phenomenon called “Trump Derangement Syndrome.” Any liberal who even makes the mistake of praising Trump gets kicked out because praising Trump is “hate speech” and it “triggers” the victims of post-2016 Presidential election trauma.🤣

Many don’t know that Reddit is owned by a left-wing Jewish family (Newhouse Family) under the umbrella of Advance Publications, which also owns Vogue, Vanity Fair, and The New Yorker. I don’t think they will hire right-wing people or allow right-wing opinions to float around their site. Imagine a right-wing neo-Nazi subreddit on a Jewish-owned site; that would be ironic.

Extra: The co-founder of Reddit, Alexis Ohanian, is very, very liberal. He even advocated for the hijab emoji🧕🏻 so he is pretty SJW. I hope you can understand the core principles that are the foundation of Reddit. I am surprised right-wingers even care to visit this site.

Fun Fact: Ohanian is also the husband of tennis star Venessa Williams.

It’s the same bunch of reasons that people who hate Trump in general hate him. First, even before going into politics, he was a divisive celebrity figure. He’d start feuds with other celebrities like Rosie O’Donnell, and he’d say many crass things that some people loved and found hilarious, and others hated and found offensive. Part of how he marketed himself was always making sure people had strong opinions of him, good or bad, and the hatred strengthened the support. This is a strategy he’s carried into politics, and having a large contingent of haters is something he was likely aiming for.

Then there are the standard reasons like second, that he lost the popular vote and he’s not viewed by many as a legitimate president because of this; third, that they disagree with his politics; and fourth, that he disagrees with theirs.

So obviously, the fact that they have all these reasons to dislike him and Trump himself seemingly isn’t particularly interested in building bridges with left-wing liberals creates a very vehement anti-crowd. Hell, a big part of his appeal in how he presented himself was as someone who, to use the crude internet slang, “triggered the SJWs.”

Has Reddit developed more “toxic communities” over time?

Why is Reddit so overwhelmingly liberal/Left-leaning and hostile/close-minded? How do Reddit and Quora differ in the composition of their user audience and sociopolitical values/makeup?

The election of Donald Trump drove many Leftists nearly insane. Yes, he was a huge blowhard who was a registered Democrat most of his life, but when he flipped Republican and went on his rants – that sealed it.

So, the Leftists, not wanting a repeat, decided to take over social media and control the propaganda machines alone, and Reddit is no exception.

Now, on places like Reddit, having a counter-leftist opinion will get you banned on most threads:

1.) Disagreeing with the neo-Leftists about current transgender people’s declarations and neo-Leftist biological dogma will get you banned – this is wild.

2.) Disagreeing with neo-leftists on 3rd wave feminism’s misguided misandry will get you banned.

3.) Disagreeing with Neo-Leftists on infection protocols will get you banned, even when they agree with you a few months later. Again, it’s insane stuff.

It’s spread to all social media, and we’ve seen some pushback with Right-wingers forming their online communities, but with pressure from Left-wing organizations like Google, Apple, and Amazon trying to ban their applications from being hosted or published.

None of this is healthy in any way; if half the country needs to go “underground” to talk amongst themselves while the other half gets their way on the easier-to-access big platforms, we will have two huge and disconnected echo chambers, which will eventually breed more hatred, fighting, maybe eventually civil war.

Probably because Liberals are more hostile & aggressive and threaten Conservatives with violence, I don’t think it’s the age thing because most of the young people (20s) I meet are Conservative. I’m a mostly conservative, non-religious Asian female, and while I care about the environment, I think leftists are accomplishing it wrong. And are overall a hateful, deceitful bunch.

What is the toxicity level of the /r/ subreddit compared to other subreddits?

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Where does the phrase “The man, the myth, the legend” come from?

What is the hardest/easiest college math basic?

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