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What is the origin of “winner, winner, chicken dinner!”?

What is the origin of "winner, winner, chicken dinner!"?

What is the origin of “winner, winner, chicken dinner!”?

The phrase “winner, winner, chicken dinner” has its origins in gambling and is believed to have originated in Las Vegas casinos. In the 1970s, some casinos in Las Vegas used to offer a chicken dinner as a promotional item for winning a bet at the blackjack tables. When a player won a hand, they would receive their winnings and a chicken dinner, leading to the expression “winner, winner, chicken dinner.” Over time, the phrase has become a popular saying to celebrate a victory or success in various contexts.

What is the origin of “winner, winner, chicken dinner!”?

It comes from cock (rooster) fights … They fought to the death. The cock that won and the respective owner were WINNER & WINNER, pointing to the cock and the owner.

It was common to berate fellow “punters” (gamblers) for betting on chicken dinner. The losing cock was dead … and became Chicken dinner.)

Thus, winner, winner, chicken dinner.

Cockney rhyming slang is adopted in other gambling situations. Rhyming slang: Wikipedia Are you ready to take home a chicken dinner? (They were claiming that they were going to lose.) If your bird was berated as scrawny or a “sure-fire loser” (was going to get cooked), you’d have “to make soup out of it” because there wouldn’t be much left. You were “in the soup” if you could not back the wager. (in the soup became slang for ‘in trouble’ as you would be if you couldn’t cover your bet.) Cockney slang is often slang-on-slang, and it is hard to decipher the original origin.

In the 1930s, a labor dispute between a candy maker and his employees was arbitrated so that both the company and the employees were considered winners. One of the candies the company made was named Chicken Dinner. The lawyer in the arbitration grabbed headlines by proclaiming, “Winner, winner, Chicken Dinner!” News coverage of the agreement resulted in subtly changing the original meaning relating to gambling.

Guy Fieri, currently a food network host and chef, proclaims it whenever he has just tasted something well above average as a win … “Winner, winner, chicken dinner… That’s a win in my book.”

I hope that helped.

What is the origin of “Winner, winner, chicken dinner!”?

A chicken dinner in Las Vegas used to cost less than $2.00, and the usual bet at that time was $2.00, so when you won, you had enough for the chicken dinner. Hence, “Winner, winner, chicken dinner!”

Where did the phrase “winner, winner, chicken dinner” come from?

The phrase “winner, winner, chicken dinner” originates from 1970s casinos that were trying to attract players to underplayed tables. At the time, the most common casino bet was two dollars. Coincidentally, most casinos also offered a standard chicken dinner that was priced at just under two dollars. “Winner winner chicken dinner” was called out by dealers when someone won at their tables, indicating that the player had just won the equivalent of a chicken dinner and attempting to attract others to come play at the table to have the chance to win the same thing.

What is the origin of “Winner, winner, chicken dinner!”?

There are a few different supposed explanations for this phrase. Two of the most common ones are here: (see #2 and #3.)

Online, most Q&A sites, wikis, worldplays, etc. quote the Vegas-related story. But without sourcing, and with the phrase having been around for decades, it’s hard to know for sure what the true origins really are.

It would seem logical to conclude that the term got its origin in a way related to some sort of game, challenge, or contest in which the prize was chicken. It also seems reasonable to think that any contest giving out a free chicken dinner, which develops an actual catchphrase, is related to gambling of some sort, even if it’s just bingo or something.

The Vegas story sounds as likely as any other, and it’s the most common origin given, and I know that in at least some casinos apparently the phrase is somewhat common (that could just be because the phrase has seen a new popularity in recent years and people are familiar with the story of a Vegas origin, though, but there’s no way to know for sure).

What does “winner, winner, chicken dinner” mean?

It just means, “I won.”

But here’s the nerdy analysis: the repetition of the word “winner” is for emphasis, and the phrase “chicken dinner” rhymes, thus it is included.

The Dutch helaas, or pindakaas, are operating under the same principle. “Helaas” was the key word; “pindakaas” (peanut butter) is only added to make it rhyme. The idiom means: Too bad, tough titty, that’s your problem.

P.S. Korey Daniel versus Chrys Jordan on bikes: who would win?

What is your best “winner, winner, chicken dinner” moment?

It was one game in Sanhok. I was playing with my three friends, a complete squad. We were all well equipped and looting those houses in Pai-nan. A second squad came in two cars from the hills just behind Pai-Nan. We got out of the house and engaged them. It was a classic gunfight. Eight ARsquads are going at once. We blew up one of their Dacias and killed one. One of our own squads got killed. There was no telling who was going to stay alive; ARs were, and I screamed to my friends to take the other car and run away.

At this point, there was a blue Dacia in front of me. Amazed at my friends’ obedience and reflex, I got in, thanking God all the way.

It took me about 20 seconds to notice there’s no driving sign (the little steering sign) beside my teammates’ names. There’s no number showing up in my car either. And my friends are falling behind on the map.

Yeah, I got in the car with the remaining three of that squad. All fully aware of an unwanted guest in their car, all fully equipped, one in a ghilly suit, and two of them were actually Royal Pass players. I remember their clothes.

By that time, I was yet to know the grenade trick in such situations. You peek out of the car, unpin a grenade, and wait for those 10 seconds. Suicide bombing. All four of you will be knocked out; those three are probably dead. Whether you’ll live or die depends on how quickly your imbecile teammates can reach you. The taliban way of chicken dinner.

So I was waiting for them to stop the car and get down to shoot me. I’d take the driving seat and boost away with my life and a car. But pretty soon I realized that’s a bad idea. There is no way a Dacia can sustain three ARs firing at it for 3–4 seconds.

Suddenly they stopped the car, and by whatever reflex, I jumped out and went prone in the grass. Right in front of the car. They all got out and started looking (God bless those long grasses of Sanhok).

whoI saw one guy just beside the car who unleashed the beast. Acar, a fully equipped M416, is my only chance of survival. I killed the guy in, like, 2 seconds. One of his teammates came to this side of the car, and I helped him. While reloading, I saw what seemed like a faint movement in the grass. Hoping for the best, I sprayed. Blood showed in the grass, and the ghilly camper was gone. I stood up, health half gone, armor all red. I searched the three crates and got fresh level 3 armor, loads of 5.56 ammo, scopes, and attachments. My dead teammate was spectating me and shouting in excitement. The other two members got the news, got in a car, and came quickly (I bet if I was knocked out, they couldn’t have found a car, those basterds).

The rest of the game was like any other chicken dinner game. Probably because of my near-death experience, I played a little aggressively. Not to brag, I ended up winning the match with 18 kills. But more than the kills, those intense minutes were what made it the best dinner I’ve ever had. My friends still talk about that match, and it earned me a bit of respect when it comes to PUBG (I’m pretty average otherwise).

Why, winner, winner, chicken dinner?

There are two stories behind it:

  1. In earlier times, the people of lower society who were poor used to play betting as the main source of entertainment, so when they used to win in betting that day, they used to afford chicken for dinner. That was the source of inspiration for the maker of PUBG, Brandon Green.
  2. The story of PUBG was considered to be an inspiration because people were landed on an island to fight each other and survive, and the winner would get chicken for dinner.

I hope you enjoyed the answer, and feel free to ping for more such questions.

What is your best “winner, winner, chicken dinner” moment?

My best chicken dinner was the one where I got really, really lucky.

I was playing with a random squad of three people. We were all landing in Yasnaya, Polyana. I decided to split with the parachute open and head to a different building. While looting, I saw that all three of my teammates had been killed by another squad. I went to the roof of my house and waited there.

Soon, three members of their team showed up. I waited and jumped. I killed the farthest one while still in the air. The middle one turns around to look at what happened and gets killed before he can react. The third one, closest to the door of my house, now knows I’m there. He tries to run for cover, but gets nailed in the back instead.

Mind you, this was all early game. The first circle forms, and as fate would have it, I have 1,200 metres to run. And there are no cars around me. I start running, and the fourth teammate decides to engage me from behind while snaking in the wheat fields next to Yasnaya. I take cover and snipe him out with the Kar 98K I found on one of his buddies. One shot kills.

From there, the long, arduous journey of running began. What made the journey even longer was how my game had started lagging now. I could run 25 metres, only to see that I had banded and was still in the same place. This nearly killed me, but I finally made it into the circle, healed, and went ahead for the final circles of the game. Fate decided that it was to be Pochinki. I encountered no enemies during this.

Now here is where things get interesting.

I finally reach the circle inside Pochinki, and I figure that if the hills are a part of the playzone, it would make sense for me to snipe enemies from there, seeing how I’m outnumbered 4 to 1. I decide to take the longer way around.

I make my way to the top of the Pochinki hills. I can hear sniper fire around me. But no enemies to be seen yet. I hold my ground until the very final circle of the game. Now there’s only me versus four other people. Possibly a squad. And to make things worse, they get the final circle.

I notice that I’ve got one grenade left. I decide to throw it into the circle, and if it doesn’t knock anyone out, I’ll rush in with a hail Mary attempt to score the victory. With that, I throw the grenade a little to my left with four seconds left on the fuse.

The fuse reaches zero, and the Grande doesn’t explode. I’m confused about what happened now. I find myself wondering whether PUBG added new dysfunctional grenades and jamming rifles to their game for added realism. That’s when my aim gets reset towards the front, the grenade fuse counter pops back on screen, and I throw the nade with seven seconds left.

Apparently the game had lagged and banded yet again to waste a perfectly calculated nade throw. I get ready to charge in and face whatever may come at me. That’s when the fuse counter reaches zero and the nade explodes. And all of a sudden, I can see the words Winner, Winner, and Chicken Dinner printed across my screen.

The one grenade that I threw got lagged and landed in the exactly correct spot to kill all four of the opposing teams in one swell move. All that without me even having to intentionally calculate their potential presence. Luck really, really helped me win that one.

Now, it isn’t the most heroic of Chicken Dinners, but I just found it really funny how gamers usually like to blame their lag for their losses. Now I can blame the lag for my victory as well.

Sorry for the long story, and thanks for taking the time to read this.

Where did the phrase “winner, winner, chicken dinner” come from?

The phrase “winner, winner, chicken dinner” originates from 1970s casinos that were trying to attract players to underplayed tables. At the time, the most common casino bet was two dollars. Coincidentally, most casinos also offered a standard chicken dinner that was priced at just under two dollars. “Winner winner chicken dinner” was called out by dealers when someone won at their tables, indicating that the player had just won the equivalent of a chicken dinner and attempting to attract others to come play at the table to have the chance to win the same thing.

Why did PUBG Mobile introduce “winner, winner, chicken dinner”?

The line “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner” is a slang term for winning a grand prize and was selected by the creator and lead developer, PlayerUnknown. The origin of the line comes from the Great Depression in the United States: when gambling was still an everyday occurrence in bars and restaurants, due to chicken being really cheap and money scarce, often a chicken dinner was used as a winning prize in a gambling game between players instead of money, which was not as valuable at the time.

How do you get the winner’s chicken dinner in PUBG?

🤷‍♂️🤪Friend, why do you even need to ask this question? Because PUBG has been there for so long, and everyone has at least seen or played that game. But still, I’ll help you, like everyone else should.

So, it’s all about surviving last in the match against the other 99 players. And then,you can’survive’, by hiding and killing. And then there is a term called ‘camping’, which basically means to usually hide on a high spot and kill people from there; the gun is of your choice (powerful sniper and high scope suggested)If you killed most players, including the other, in the last 2. Then you will win the chicken dinner.😌😎

But, according to me, I think that you should not worry much about winning chicken dinner; what you should consider is that you should enjoy the game, make friends, and try to play in teamwork, because it is really enjoyable in that way, and you’ll definitely survive in teamwork.

Thank You.

Why is only a chicken dinner served to the winner of PUBG when vegetarians also play the game?

I too wondered about this a few months ago, and upon searching for an answer, I found out it was already answered by someone on Quora. I will be explaining the same here, but in a more understandable way (hopefully). First of all, the line ‘winner, winner, chicken dinner’ is related to history rather than vegetarians and non-vegetarians. If it’s translated into a modern-day sentence, it would mean the one who won can get to have a lavish meal, or dinner; since most attacks ceased at night and the people got to eat in peace at only night time, the word dinner is used. Now, why the word chicken? Well, this is related to the great depression that spread out during the 1920s. The people used to play games in alleys in America, and due to a shortage of jobs and money, usually they didn’t bet, but when they did, it meant that the winner took home all the money, and in a period where people were having a lack of jobs and money, winning this much money meant that they would have a lavish dinner when they returned to their homes. And what could be more lavish than chicken? For people who are beginning to think about those beautiful French and other delicacies, great depression hit everyone, and without people having money to eat expensive dishes like that, cuisines reduced, making them plus they were hit by the depression themselves (basic rule of economy: one element in the economic chain gets disturbed in any way, and the rest remaining undisturbed is almost impossible). With all this, chicken seemed to be the best for the people who got a good deal of money through games and wanted to eat something lavish. Hence the reason chicken was used for lavish dinners, and hence the sentence ‘winner, winner, chicken dinner’. Also, casinos in the late 20th century used this for the gamblers who won. Whether chicken was a lavish dish at that time or not isn’t clear (not to me at least), but this sentence indicated that they followed history somewhere, and it definitely meant that the gambler who had won could have a lavish dinner tonight (again, gambling was mostly done at night, hence the word dinner). Therefore, while it isn’t too clear from where this line in PUBG was picked up, whether it was from the great depression period or the gambling game from casinos, it makes us sure of one thing: in all the cases, the meaning was the same: get yourself a big win and you can have a lavish dinner. It makes sense in all the situations described, right?Great

Also, a logical answer could be thought of too. A battlefield isn’t a place to choose. Due to a shortage of food, soldiers need to eat what they’re provided with. And even if a soldier is vegan, he has no other option than to choose chicken if that’s the only thing available. However, this doesn’t make total sense since, after a war is won, the soldiers are finally calm and can have whatever they want, as they have a lot of time (but there can be conditions too). So better stick with the answer related to history, as it fits more perfectly.

Where did chicken dinner originate?

The phrase “winner, winner, chicken dinner” is often associated with the game of poker, particularly in the context of winning a round or a hand. Its origins can be traced back to Las Vegas in the 1970s. According to popular legend, a chicken dinner was a relatively inexpensive meal, and winning one in a poker game meant that the player had enough money to afford it.

There are different variations of the story, but the general idea is that a chicken dinner is a tangible reward for a successful poker game. Over time, the phrase gained popularity and became more widely used in various contexts, including in the gaming world. It became especially well-known in connection with the battle royale game “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” (PUBG), where the phrase “winner, winner, chicken dinner” is displayed on the screen when a player wins a match.

What is the winner of the chicken dinner?

“Winner, winner, chicken dinner” is a popular expression that is often used to celebrate a victory or success, particularly in the context of winning a competition, game, or bet. The phrase has become widely recognized and is sometimes used humorously or casually in everyday language.

The origin of the expression, as mentioned earlier, is associated with poker and gambling in Las Vegas in the 1970s. The story goes that a chicken dinner was a relatively affordable meal, and winning one in a poker game meant that the player had enough money to buy such a meal. Over time, the phrase became more widely used and eventually gained further popularity in the world of video games, particularly in the battle royale game “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” (PUBG). In PUBG, the phrase is prominently displayed on the screen when a player achieves victory in a match, contributing to its widespread recognition in gaming culture.

What is the meaning of winner-winner?

The phrase “winner, winner” is a colloquial expression used to celebrate a victory or success. It’s often used to highlight a positive outcome or achievement in a particular situation, such as winning a game, competition, or bet. The repetition of the word “winner” adds emphasis to the triumph or success.

The addition of “chicken dinner” in the popular phrase “winner, winner, chicken dinner” is a humorous and catchy way to suggest a reward or celebration associated with winning. The phrase became well-known in the gaming community, especially in the context of the battle royale game “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” (PUBG), where it is displayed on the screen when a player wins a match. However, the broader meaning of “winner, winner” is simply an exclamation of success or victory.

What country invented chicken?

Chicken, as a domesticated bird, was likely first domesticated in Southeast Asia. The exact country of origin is not definitively known, but the domestication of chickens is believed to have occurred in parts of present-day Thailand, Vietnam, and surrounding regions. Archaeological evidence suggests that chickens were domesticated by the red junglefowl (Gallus gallus), a species native to that region.

Over time, chickens spread to different parts of the world through trade and human migration. They became a significant source of food and were eventually introduced to various cultures and civilizations, where they played important roles in agriculture and culinary traditions. As a result, it’s challenging to attribute the invention of chickens to a single country, as their domestication and dissemination were processes that took place over a long period of time and involved various regions.

What is the origin of dinner and lunch?

The terms “dinner” and “lunch” have evolved, and their meanings can vary depending on cultural and regional differences. The historical origins of these terms are complex and have changed with shifts in societal norms and eating habits.

  1. Dinner:
  • Originally, the term “dinner” referred to the main meal of the day, which was often eaten in the evening. This was a common practice in medieval Europe. The word “dinner” itself comes from the Old French word “dinner,” meaning “to dine.”
  • Over time, especially during the Industrial Revolution, there were changes in work schedules and eating patterns. The main meal gradually shifted from midday to the evening in many Western cultures.
  • In some regions, particularly in parts of the United Kingdom and some older traditions, “dinner” is still used to refer to the midday meal, while the evening meal might be called “supper.”
  1. Lunch:
  • The term “lunch” comes from the word “nuncheon” in Middle English, which meant a light snack between meals. “Nuncheon” evolved into “luncheon” and eventually “lunch.”
  • Historically, lunch was a lighter meal eaten around noon. As mentioned earlier, during the Industrial Revolution, there was a shift in the main meal to the evening, and lunch became a more substantial midday meal.
  • In many modern Western cultures, “lunch” typically refers to the midday meal, while “dinner” is used for the evening meal. However, there can be variations in usage depending on regional and cultural differences.

It’s important to note that the meanings and usage of these terms can vary widely across different cultures and regions, and they continue to evolve. In some cultures, the terms “lunch” and “dinner” might be used interchangeably, while in others, they may carry specific connotations related to the timing and size of the meal.

Who is the owner of the winner?

The phrase “winner, winner, chicken dinner” is a popular expression that has been used in various contexts, including in gaming and as a celebration of victory. However, it doesn’t have a specific owner in the sense of a person or company holding a trademark on the phrase. The origin of the expression is often associated with the world of poker and later gained prominence in the gaming community, particularly through the battle royale game “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” (PUBG).

The use of the phrase “winner, winner, chicken dinner” in PUBG has contributed to its widespread popularity, but the expression itself is not owned by any individual or entity. It has become a part of popular culture and is used informally to celebrate success or triumph in various contexts.

Is the winner’s chicken dinner trademarked?

As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner” has been associated with the battle royale game “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” (PUBG), where it appears on the screen as a victory message when a player wins a match. At that time, PUBG Corporation, the developer of the game, had not trademarked the specific phrase itself.

Please note that trademark information can change, and new trademarks may have been filed since my last update. To get the most current information on trademarks, it’s advisable to check the official databases maintained by the relevant intellectual property offices, such as the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) or other relevant authorities based on the jurisdiction of interest.

What is the origin of “winner, winner, chicken dinner!”?

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