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What does ‘poggers’ mean? top 12 facts 2024

What does 'poggers' mean? top 12 facts 2024

What does ‘poggers’ mean? top 12 facts 2024

My son has started saying the word “poggers,” and I am worried that it is rude. What does it mean?

Poggers isn’t rude at all. It’s an Internet meme. Usually, when someone does something awesome, people will go, “That’s pretty pog,” or “That’s pretty poggers”. Don’t worry about it; it doesn’t mean anything offensive. It’s just slang, and as he’s growing up, you should get used to a bunch of slang words you don’t know. They’re usually Internet memes, and they’re mostly harmless.

My son has started saying the word “poggers,” and I am worried that it is rude. What does it mean?

Poggers are just a way to exclaim excitement about something. It originates from “play of the game” in video games and is usually used on Twitch. It is an emote of a man or Pepe, the frog, making an excited face. There’s nothing offensive about it.

My son has started saying the word “poggers,” and I am worried that it is rude. What does it mean?

Ok ok. As a regular thirteen-year-old kid, I have known this meme for a WHILE now. Poggers is technically a phrase in which a derpy-looking frog yells. The frog looks like a depressed human with a green face but punchy lips and puffed-out eyes like a frog. Your son probably got influenced by his friends during school while watching a Twitch stream or watching some funny memes. It is all right for him to say that since I have gotten into a habit of saying “Dattebayo,” which is a verbal tick by the anime character “Naruto Uzumaki.” (I do not recommend your child to watch this if he is under 10).

Anyways, the word does not have any definition that resembles anything. It is like the “verbal tick” of the meme. It’s sorta like having a “ya know,” except you saying “Poggers” aloud on its own. Just let him stick to it; over time, your son will eventually get bored of the word and abandon it from his vocabulary of public speech. However, if this continues, try to refrain from watching anything related to “Poggers” and maybe let him watch Naruto if he is above 12. Do not worry, the show is appropriate. Or try to get him hooked up to something ill-related to memes. If this continues for a month, try explaining to him that the verbal tick creation is bothering you. If he refuses, don’t force him to stop. It is not a word that means any profanity, and it’s not that annoying (at least for me). The word is meaningless; let him keep saying it if he wants to. This word describes excitement, for example, “yeet.” Oh, I nearly forgot.

Check his electronic devices. If he uses it, Twitch tries to block the site. I do not watch it. However, my friends got overly addicted, and they stopped thinking about reality and abandoned any schoolwork. If he seems to fall behind, try to stop him from watching Twitch. And Poggers is something that isn’t free on Twitch. So check if he is using any of your money. Yes, it is a sticker to use on Twitch. Just ensure he isn’t using your money to watch useless Twitch streams. I don’t want you to freak out; however, MAKE SURE. It is best to be cautious of your child.

My son has started saying the word “poggers,” and I am worried that it is rude. What does it mean?

It’s an exclamation of excitement after someone does something Impressive.

I suggest googling Urban Dictionary. It’s a great way to look into slang you don’t understand

What does ‘poggers’ mean? top 12 facts

“Poggers” is an internet slang term that originated from the gaming community and is used to express excitement or enthusiasm about something. It’s often used in response to something impressive, exciting, or surprising in a video game, a live stream, or other online content.

The term “poggers” comes from the word “PogChamp,” an emote on Twitch’s streaming platform. The emote features the face of John “Gootecks” Gutierrez, a competitive Street Fighter player and content creator, who is making an excited expression. “PogChamp” became a popular emote used by viewers to react to exciting or memorable moments during live streams.

Over time, “PogChamp” was shortened to “pog,” and “poggers” is an extended variation of this. It’s often used in chat rooms, comment sections, and social media to convey excitement or approval.

Internet slang like “poggers” can evolve quickly and may have different nuances in online communities, but it generally conveys a positive reaction to something impressive or exciting.

My son has started saying the word “poggers,” and I am worried that it is rude. What does it mean?

You asked: “My son has started saying the word “poggers” and I am worried that it is rude. What does it mean?”

It started with Overwatch and other team PVP video games where after every match, one player wins the “Play of the Game” prize. Play Of the Game = POG. Other players vote on who is to receive the POG prize. So, you must be effective and a team player to get the POG. It’s like getting the MVP prize in traditional sports.

A player who often gets it is a POGGER.

And on Twitch dot TV, where some amazing and popular players like Shroud would get the POG in game after game, POGGERS became a popular exclamation. Memes got tied to it, including Pepe the Frog.

My son has started saying the word “poggers,” and I am worried that it is rude. What does it mean?

Oh no, it’s not a slur at all!! When people say, “That’s poggers,” they mean, “That’s cool” or “That’s awesome.” a good website to learn what these things mean is an urban dictionary. However, some people put a joke or fake responses there.

What does ‘poggers’ mean? top 12 facts

A variation of the PogChamp emotes commonly used on Twitch. TV, a popular live-streaming site. At least from what I know, PogChamp was supposed to mean ‘play of the game champion.’ It is an image of a person’s face in awe and happiness. A quick Google would give the image to you. Poggers is the Pepe the Frog version of the same emote. It is common practice on Twitch to remake popular emotes using Pepe. A different version of the same emote with the name POGGERS also exists. Granted, they can be named whatever the streamer/uploader wants to name it, although they always tend to be named similarly to the original.

There are multiple variations just for Pogchamp on Twitch, customized by some streamers to use their face instead or other versions like a snake. It is commonly used to depict awe and happy shock (not sure of the term) when something cool or awesome happens on the stream.

Because of the huge number of kids watching streams and even becoming streamers themselves in recent years, Twitch speak (using Twitch emotes in normal conversations) is becoming more common to them. Just accept it as just another internet culture and move on.

Update: Due to the person behind the face of PogChamp supporting the 2021 capitol insurrection efforts, Twitch has removed his face from the emote, instead opting to use a random person daily as the face. He also requested the removal, but I am not sure on this point.

What does ‘poggers’ mean? top 12 facts

Poggers” is an internet slang term you will hear if you are into gaming or are conversing with someone who happens to be an avid gamer. It is used when someone performed a good move that earned them many points. You could use many different words instead of “joggers” to relate the same meaning, some of which are: Wow, Heck Yeah, Amazing.

The Urban Dictionary users have also defined “loggers” to mean a person who is mentally impaired or has a very low IQ. However, the meaning stated above is the most commonly accepted.

My son has started saying the word “poggers,” and I am worried that it is rude. What does it mean?

The Origin of Poggers: a Twitchy Tale

The other day, a strange word landed on my screen. “POGGERS,” it read, floating with seeming innocence in the middle of a sentence. At first, I thought I was witnessing yet another “member-berries” nostalgia moment—someone dragging me back to the 90s and our inexplicable love of stacking tiny cardboard circles with printed images. “Are Pogs making a comeback?” I wondered.

No, turns out not (sad, I know). So, I dug in. There are a handful of uses of this expression that I came across, though some are more common than others. Primarily, we’ll be wading through some weird meme-cry from the heart of Twitch streaming, but we’ll also go deep to find every use of the term we can find. Here’s the basics:


Nowadays, “poggers” refers to a specific emoticon on Twitch that depicts a surprised-looking Pepe the Frog. The word “poggers” expresses excitement during a game when something exciting occurs.

My son has started saying the word “poggers,” and I am worried that it is rude. What does it mean?

Why not ask your son how you(dad) can use the word at work???

As parents, we make many mistakes. One of the worst is not to believe our children, whom we raise, to communicate with us. We can make hasty decisions and then push them further away because we dont listen. One way to investigate is to contact a parent of your child’s friend. Ask if their child has been using the word” poggers”? If they say yes or no, you can express concern and get the outlook of another parent. Then, ask your child to play with the word deliberately, using it incorrectly to get laughter from your child. You might learn from him.

What exactly is a blogger?

This term has already been used over the internet and chats, and now people have begun to ask questions to the person who coined it. So, what is a blogger? Here’s my attempt at an explanation.

The meaning of loggers is that they are the members of a multiplayer online video game platform who are addicted to dropping “pog,” otherwise known as “potato” code, on other players’ computers or gaming systems to destroy them and win the game. I’ve seen some examples on YouTube of gamers bragging about how they got a “five-kill streak” or something similar, which pretty much says it all. POGs are not just some random person out there from nowhere; they have been in forums, chats, videos, and even real life. This is known as a “log” or “meta-tag.”

Now that you know what a blogger is, let’s talk about the meaning. The meaning of a pog will be determined by what game they happen to be playing. For example, if you are playing a popular game such as Pokemon, anything goes regarding using the Pog cheat. However, things are slightly different if you are playing a game like WoW. POGs in WoW are very rare, usually only used on certain quest objectives, which, for the most part, can’t be classified as cheating. Many WoW players feel that logging is an integral part of the game, and they would love to ban those who do it, but since banning varies with each game, the punishment hasn’t been determined yet.

As for those of you who aren’t playing World of Warcraft but have an addiction to playing video games, you probably aren’t aware of what a blogger is. If you’re a man, you know them better as “goots,” the kids called paddles in the olden days. They are characterized by excess body fat, often covered in hair; they usually wear clothing that is only slightly covered in skin, and they commonly engage in activities considered excessive during normal situations. For example, many a Longchamp will go to great lengths to get a tattoo on their back that covers just a part of their back, such as their chest, upper thighs, or even their butt. They also spend at least 10 hours a day listening to music with subvocals on their phones while they grind away at their computer.

The meaning of pogchamps is a little more obscure. Based on what you’d expect from the name, pogchamps are nothing more than game testers who play the game carefully so that bugs or glitches can be found and repaired before launching the game. This job is grueling but is often rewarded with the game developer’s pat on the back. There is a Hall of Fame in San Francisco called the Video Game Tester Hall of Fame because of the many programs that certain game companies have employed over the years.

The meaning of pogchamps isn’t clear to many people. Although there are several explanations for their behavior, it’s mostly speculation. Most public speculation revolves around them destroying computers when they find glitches or go on dangerous ramp jumps to test the game’s physics. What we do know is that they certainly aren’t happy about it!

What is the meaning of poggers?

“Poggers is a pepe frog super exciting and surprised face emote used in online gaming live stream on Twitch.”

Twitch TV is a live-streaming gaming website owned by Amazon. Poggers can also be used to remind the use of pog champ in their chat. It is normally seen on live stream by overwatch streamers, mostly used by the League of Legends community. You can find Poggers emote on your screen when you are on BTTV (Better Twitch TV).

What is the meaning of poggers?

A mysterious word appeared on my computer the other day. “POGGERS,” it read, seemingly innocently floating in the middle of a sentence.

I felt I had yet another “member-berries” nostalgia moment—someone pulling me back to the 1990s and our strange obsession with piling tiny circles of cardboard with printed pictures.

“Are Pogs making a comeback?” says the narrator. I was perplexed.

No, as it turns out (sad, I know). So I dove right in. I came across several different uses of this expression, some more common than others.

We’ll primarily be looking for weird memes from the heart of Twitch streaming, but we’ll also dig deep to find any instance of the word. Here are the fundamentals:

Nowadays, “poggers” refers to a Twitch emoticon that portrays a surprised-looking Pepe the Frog. When something exciting happens during a game, “poggers” convey excitement.

What is the meaning of poggers?

Poggers is an emote used on the Twitch streaming platform to express emotion, joy, or shock. The image surprised streamer Ryan “Gutek” Gutierrez. or shown with an expression of shock.

The original emoticon originated from a video uploaded to YouTube on November 26, 2010, showing a behind-the-scenes look posted on Gutierrez’s YouTube channel “Cross Counter TV.”

The motif was added to Twitch’s globally used emotes pool in 2012 and was removed by Twitch in early January 2021, following Gutierrez’s tweet on his Twitter page supporting civil unrest during the 2021 US Capitol invasion. It was after the comments.

Twitch answered the call to bring up the emotion. Back by adding a unique face every 24 hours, each using the same or similar expression, and eventually allowing Twitch users to vote for one of those faces, which they called The Pogchamping.

Ryan Gutierrez was initially reluctant to let Twitch use his face in the original Pogchamp emote, but he soon struck a deal for between $50,000 and $100,000 to add his face and additional undisclosed trades.

The emote, like the others on Twitch, displays at a much smaller size of 56 by 56 pixels. PC Gamer described the Pogchamp emote as “one of the most commonly used expressions in the history of Twitch […] CNN describes the use of Pogchamp as an expression of player enthusiasm, Pogchamp”. Co. expands the use of the term Pogchamp and its variants “pogs” and “poggers” to describe “particularly impressive” moments.

Overall, CNN reported that emoticons popularly known as “advertising nausea [and] sic]” are used during times when player activity is streamed live. Given the long history of using the PogChamp emote and its variants, Twitch has shaped the culture of its streaming services.

What is the meaning of “tailspin”?

What is the meaning of “tailspin”?

It is a technical term in aircraft engineering. It means “a situation in which the pilot loses control of an aircraft, and it spins as it falls quickly towards the ground with the back of the aircraft making larger circles than the front.”

Once it goes into a tailspin, an airplane is difficult to control and often crashes.

This term finds use in other subjects also with a meaning like :

a situation that suddenly worsens and gets increasingly out of control.

  • Nobel Laurette Abhijeet Banerjee has said the Indian economy is in a tailspin.

What does the word “Poggers” mean, and where did it come from?

It can mean two different things.

Poggers is the name of the emote Pepe the Frog, …for some reason.

I also just learned that a blogger is a good video game player or can refer to a good play during a video game. It is short for “Play Of the Game” or “Player Of Games.” At least, this is what my 15-year-old son told me; he and his buddies are all poggers.

What does the term “pog” mean? Are pog and poggers the same thing?

The word ‘pog’ means a response of excitement; suppose the excitement is if the batsman hits a six in the last over of the cricket game, which gives a jerk to the audience.

Poggers is not known to be a rude word. It is an internet slang to express excitement among the teens as ‘awesome’ and carries the meaning of playing the game.

Although some people define both in a bit different meanings, in practice, both pog and poggers are used in more or less in a similar manner as far as the games are concerned. That may be the reason for this question.

What does “pog” mean on Twitch?

Play Of the Game

It’s generally used in a versus match-up where one player has done something so impressive that the “play of the game” is expected to clinch the victory.

Some people may use it to spam in response to any good play, but it’s intended to mean it was a series of moves so good it will lead to victory.

It is also a reference to an emote, which means essentially the same thing:

Since the emote is just an open mouth, some people will use it as “shock & awe” rather than “play of the game.”

What do Poggers and MonkaS mean?

“POGGERS” is a Twitch emote and a variation of another emote, PogChamp. It features an edited “Pepe the Frog” with its mouth opened. It can represent multiple things: Excitement, Surprise, Amazement, etc.

It can also be used ironically when something or someone “child friendly” is shown on screen (for example, Fortnite, Marshmello…)

“monkey” is yet another Twitch emote featuring another Pepe, but this time sweating profusely with his panicked eyes. This is used when something scary or worrying is shown or going on.

In the United Kingdom, are the words “innit” and “bruv” considered slang, or have they become standard British English? I’m an American, but I often hear those words in British movies and TV shows.

I’m from the East Midlands and use “innit” quite often. I hear myself saying it and cringe. I use the variant “int it,” too. The latter is more common in these parts. It means “isn’t it?” It’s as simple as that.

So, it goes like this: “It’s good that, innit?” “Nice day, innit?”

I don’t know why we wish to turn everything into a question. It may come from a lack of conviction in our opinions, and we need to seek verification.

That’s right.

Int-it, or isn’t it in other circumstances? For example: Innit him that killed his missus? Or Innit a lovely day?

Like I say, around here, folks also say, Int-it. We struggle with consonants in the middle of words.

Bruv is less common. We tend to use Duck, Love, Mi-ode, Mi-ode mucker, chick, flower… the list goes on. I don’t like being referred to as any of the above, but I deal with it, especially if the person using them is older than me or it can appear condescending.

That’s awesome.

**Edit: Yes, it’s slang and not Standard English. Please do not use isn’t it and bruv during a job interview, when speaking to the Queen as you receive your Knighthood or explain to a judge why you are lurking in a dodgy area, even if you are looking for your bruv.

In the United Kingdom, are the words “innit” and “bruv” considered to be slang

I live on the West Coast of Scotland but worked and became mates with a few decent, proper Cockney blokes. Most of them are the same age as myself, mid to late-40s +. I think it was when the millennial generation was entering their teenage years that you first started hearing all that “Innit like bruv, it’s lit, peng man, know what I mean.” It’s a bunch of estate kids adopting a quite weird pseudo-cockney Jamaican accent; most of my Cockney mates hated that their younger brothers and cousins were speaking this way. Back in the day, a typical Cockney greeting would consist of something like “Awlright Geeza ahs it was faking gorin’ you faking can’t, faking ‘ell take butchers at your boat, what a fake’ mess lets gan daaaahn the battle and get sam veras in you.” Nowadays, the younger generation is completely unintelligible.

What does ‘poggers’ mean? top 12 facts 2024

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