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What does it mean when a bird poops on your head 2024?

What does it mean when a bird poops on your head

What does it mean when a bird poops on your head?

What does it mean if a bird poops over you?

It’s a blessing.

A sign of good luck.

That bird has chosen you from all the people in your vicinity and anointed you. Feel blessed as you walk about with your mark of distinction.

A bit of bird crap staining a possibly expensive item of clothing.

If nothing else, laugh at the situation.

There is value in that.

What does it mean if a bird poops over you?

It means you have bird shit on you and need to clean it off unless you want to look like this guy.

What does it mean if a bird poops over you?

It means judgment day is coming, and you have been chosen. Join the other ‘chosen’ ones with the mark of all that is good on the 12th day at Bimor Beach, next to the red ladder, at 2 pm.

Now, if the bird was dark, it means, party at Adams, Thursday, 7 pm, bring beer.

What does it mean if a bird poops over you?


First, you must save the princess!

(That’s the princess, by the way).

But beware!

The princess, you must save lives in a dangerous hut with cruel gremlins!

(That’s the dangerous hut).

And there are gremlins!

(Those are the gremlins).

And they all live in a very lonely environment.

(That’s a very lonely environment).

And if you need help, Gene will be by your side!

(That’s Gene)

Good luck!

If a bird poops on you, what does it mean?

The common sense reply is it means you need to wash it off. However, my friends remarked that it was a sign of good LUCK. My car must be the luckiest one on the whole block

As a bass-baritone, I occasionally perform in a solo, piano-accompanied recital. On one occasion, it was arranged in the gardens of a local library on a beautiful summer’s day.

In the middle of a rendition of a Mozart aria from Die Zauberfloete, a low-flying seagull, within a circling flock, plopped onto my person (the voluminous, white semi-liquid deposit contrasted sharply with my black suit). The audience was in hysterics with laughter. One very kind and sympathetic lady offered me a large paper handkerchief, which is an appropriate response to your question: you ask if anyone has a disposable paper hanky available and consider the prospects of becoming a pooped-at comedian. But that needs careful nurturing and training of a large seagull with perfect timing and accuracy and a violent dislike of the human voice!

Yes, two or three people pointed out that being dumped on by a bird is a sign of good luck, a philosophy that went way above my head along with the gulls! But apart from eliciting wisecracks from bystanders – including a special request for “Song to a Seagull” – to be pooped upon in public, especially by a large bird, means no more than having to get a change of clothing and a shotgun to deter repeat events. Good luck from an act of pooping should be directed at the person nearest to him/her that was pooped upon!

Any vocalist being asked to perform outside would be well advised to turn down the invitation, not just because of marauding flocks of seagulls but also because there is a good chance that you will be in close and ear-splitting proximity to church bells. That was the second contribution to a disastrous experience on that sunny summer’s day in Carshalton, Surrey.

Imagine a beautiful summer day. I’m in my favorite silk shirt and white jeans, with a fresh haircut; we stopped by for coffee before going to the party.

Suddenly, something hits me in the head – bird shit, hard poop, thankfully, gray-white, not overly large piece. Of course, everyone chokes on laughter first, and then they try to convince me it’s a happy circumstance when a bird poops on you.

I clean my hair in the toilet and return to the table when shit hits my arm, this time greasy, sticky, sparse, slimy shit dripping down my shirt sleeve. I say This is too much luck for me and go back to the toilet. The whole terrace endlessly enjoys my happiness.

Of course, the stain cannot be washed off the sleeve. Luckily.

And so I have to go home and change. I’ll stop by the kiosk and buy chewing gum first. Along the way, shit falls on my shoulder. Again, a bird with diarrhea. I feel so indescribably happy …

As I clean the slimy mass from my shoulder, the woman at the kiosk looks at me dreamily.

– How lucky you are … If only I had been pooped by a bird …

She is sure it is a sign of great happiness that awaits me, so she persuades me to buy a lottery ticket.

Want to know what I got? A S**t.

I know some people think it’s a sign of “luck” (which is weird; can you imagine the “luck” you’d be subjected to if you visited Ailsa Craig without an umbrella or a wide-brimmed hat..) I’ve always failed to see how/why that might be, although I noticed in the first Pirates of the Caribbean film, Curse of the Black Pearl, one of the English Navy gets pooped on *in the shape of a leaf*. Hm. Was this a clue to the location of real buried treasure? Oak Island, perhaps? Wouldn’t that be fun?


Is it good luck when a bird poops on your head, or am I being hoaxed?

According to Turkish superstition, it’s good luck.

With as many birds as there are in the sky, it’s supposedly more rare to be pooped on by one than it is to win the lottery. This prompts many people to play the lottery when they get pooped on by a winged wayfarer.

Is it good or bad luck if a bird poops over your head?

I would have thought it was bad luck, but something changed my mind.

Years ago, I got pooped on for the first time. I was alone in a nice park, enjoying a book. All of a sudden, boom! Fortunately, the bird wasn’t huge like a condor – that would have been nasty. But it was annoying, and considering I was pretty much all alone with no one anywhere near me, I thought, “Why here?”

Fast forward to a couple of years ago. Before my first trip to San Francisco, my wife and I saw a charming movie, the Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill. I’d recommend it.

During our visit there, we decided to take one of the hundreds of great walks in the city to some of the very steep park areas. After climbing an extremely steep staircase, we were delighted to see several parrots overhead in the trees. We both stood and stared while the birds calmly flew overhead.

Suddenly, boom, right on my bomber jacket. Somehow, the parrot seemed to know that the jacket was intended for bombing activities. I wasn’t fazed and interpreted it as a good luck message from my newfound aviary acquaintance. We had a great laugh over it.

Just look at these beauties!

I’ve heard it means good luck in some cultures. I’ve also heard New Zealand has a bird that brings bad luck if you become its target.

Many New Zealanders believe if this bird poops on you, you must wait until sunset before cleaning it off, or something tragic will happen to you or your family. They even back it up with anecdotal stories of unfortunate events occurring shortly after the victim cleans up, if before sunset.

The bird in question is indigenous to New Zealand and parts of Australia. It is not a large bird by any means, but because of its dark history, many New Zealanders will not clean any bird poop off until after sunset, fearing the worst and not wanting to take any chances.

The bird is called the Foobury and is about the size of a sparrow. The idiom fostered for this ominous ornithology myth is quite common in that region of the world; “If the Foo shits, wear it!”

What happens when a bird poops on your head?

I take care of a Green Cheek Conure. He likes to walk around my head and stay there – and sometimes… accidents happen. When it does, I usually run to the bathroom and try to clean it with tissues; if all fails, I shower and shampoo the poop.

Is it good luck when a bird poops on your head, or am I being hoaxed?

If a bird poops on your head, you are unlucky to have your head in the wrong place at the wrong time. The Urban myth that claims it’s good luck is to make you feel better about being covered in bird poo. No, it’s a hoax…

What does it mean if a bird shits over you?

It means you walked under a bird who happened to be shitting. I’m surprised this doesn’t happen more often. I assume you mean that the bird shit makes contact with you, as birds are shitting over us all the time, especially when I wash my car.

Is it good luck when a bird poops on your head, or am I being hoaxed?

The only thing I felt lucky about when a seagull pooped on me at the beach was that I was headed into the water and not out.

Although, to be fair, I was headed into the water one way or another after it happened.

If a bird poops on you, what does it mean?

If it was a wild bird (outside), it means you just happened to be lucky enough to be standing in the wrong place when the bird had the “urge.”

Pet birds don’t become “house trained.” They go when the urge strikes. So if you are a bird owner and your bird(s) sit on your shoulder a lot, chances are you have poop all down your back. Birds don’t poop on you maliciously. It’s just nature in action.

Do birds sometimes intentionally poop on people? Do they aim their poops at targets?

Yes. They do.

Seagulls do, anyway. Around 10 minutes ago, I was out with my beautiful dog, Bolt. We go down the same route every day towards a park area. This route passes through an industrial estate where these pesky birds have decided to nest.

We were walking quite calmly and quietly, and a seagull started flying towards us, and it got very close. Bolt tried to jump at it (his prey instinct must have kicked in).

We continued walking; I thought it was a one-off thing. I was wrong. The next thing I know, it’s making a lot of noise, swooping low, and trying to position itself so its poop will spray us.

Bolt was jumping around to catch it, and I was flailing my arms and legs to dodge it! Then its friends decided to join in!! The noise must have been its way of calling for help… Then BAM! Bird poop flew at us from all angles, with about 20 seagulls swooping and firing poop at us.

We ran in the opposite direction and managed to get out of this shit shower quite quickly without being hit.

When we were far enough away, they all stopped and just carried on.

So yes, birds aim poop at targets and intentionally poop on humans. In the case of seagulls, anyway.

Oh, and to top it all, it started pouring with torrential rain after this attack. Such an eventful walk.

EDIT: Here is a photo (or 2) of Bolt:

Why would any bird want to poop on him? 😅

What happens if I touch bird poop?

You will almost certainly be perfectly fine. I was a zookeeper for six years. I worked with birds the entire time. I’ve had bird poop in my hair, face, hands, eyes, and one horrible day, I even looked up with my mouth open at precisely the wrong moment. To my knowledge, I never contracted anything from the animals I worked with. If I did, it certainly wasn’t serious. I worked with healthy animals, sick animals, and animals in quarantine. All I did to protect myself was to wash my hands thoroughly before I ate, touched my face, or used the bathroom…and then again after I used the bathroom. The likelihood that you encounter bird poop containing a dangerous zoonotic germ is very small.

Why is bird poop white, while all other animals poop is brown?

The white matter in bird poop is uric acid, their urinary waste. Birds don’t have urinary bladders because stored urine weighs them down, interfering with flight. Instead of excreting urea as we do, they process their nitrogenous waste further to uric acid, which is less soluble and can be concentrated in a paste form. (We secrete a bit of uric acid from the digestion of DNA and RNA in our food.)

As mammals do, birds have only one opening, a vent, rather than separate urethral and anal openings. Thus, their urinary and digestive waste mix and are excreted together. The digestive waste, such as seed hulls and insect chitin, is the more brown, black, or green matter in their feces.

Trust me on this. I’m a biologist—I know my shit.

What is the best course of action if a bird poops on my head in public?

First, that is supposed to be a good sign! Remember the movie “Under the Tuscan Sun”? Since I have birds that aren’t happy unless pooping on me, I feel like an expert here! Lol! If it’s a direct hit, right on the top of your head, napkins from a fast food place or paper towels from a restroom. Wipe it out as best you can. Do the same if it’s down your front or back. If they go in my hair, I pinch right behind it and slide it off….then I wash my hands. I do know that it also matters what kind of bird and what they’ve been eating. If it’s a seagull that’s been eating a huge meal of fish or a big raven that’s just eaten an entire bush of blackberries and has splattered you with purple goo….I say GO GOME. Lol!

What is the most well-known case of a bird pooping on someone?

The two that I know of are these.

An amateur bird watcher was walking down the shore and found a colony of nesting Caspian terns. Instead of backing away or going around, he walked intrusively among their nests, gawking at their eggs and chicks on the ground. The adult terns mobbed him, swooping down on his head and defecating profusely. The man got so mad he picked up a handful of rocks and threw them at the birds. He left no tern unstoned.

The other was told to an audience I was in at a meeting of the Audubon Society. The speaker told of studying seabirds with a colleague, another ornithology professor. They were walking the beach together, and the speaker looked up toward the sky at a huge black-backed gull flying over when the gull (as this species often does) let loose with a huge load of guano right in the man’s face. Half-blinded with bird shit and trying to wipe it off his face, he yelled to his colleague, “There’s a roll of toilet paper in the car. Run and get it.” “What’s the use?” his colleague replied. “The bloody bird’s long gone by now!”

How dangerous is bird poop? What will happen if it lands on your head? Must you wash it away immediately?

I don’t think it’s all that dangerous. Most bird guano becomes dangerous when it dries out because it slowly turns to dust, which gets into the air and, from there, possibly into our lungs. THAT can be a real problem.

Fresh bird poop is still, umm, juicy? So you’re not going to inhale any of it anytime soon. I would wash it off sooner rather than later, as it’s easier to wash off while it’s wet.

I once raised a tiny chick the local kids had stolen from its nest. Since they would not tell me where they got it, I did the best I could for it. Every time I allowed this chick to sit in my hand, it anointed my hand with a puddle. Yuck, for sure.

But please, give me a dollop of baby bird crap on my palm any day if it means I need not deal with a baby’s dirty diaper!

I just washed my hands and am still here, 50-odd years later.

Sometimes, I’ve had to clean up too much pigeon poop off my balcony, and I once had a seagull drop a little ‘gift’ on my head. And I’m still here.

Many other things in life are a much greater worry than an avian excretory accident.

What does it mean if a bird dies in front of you?

All living things, all around you must die sooner or later. By the law of averages, a bird, a fly, a worm, etc……….. will die before you at some time.

Perhaps it died of old age, disease, being struck by a vehicle or just after flying into a window or attacked by a predator, a whole host of possibilities.

Why are you reading any special meaning into this event? If you go around analyzing every occurrence in your daily life, there will be no time for living. Bad things happen amongst the good. Live your life fully, help others when you can, and the good things will outnumber the bad.

I inhale the dry poop of a bird. Is it bad? Which disease will I get?

This question is very concerning.

Did you inhale it into your lungs, or did you swallow it? If it’s in your lungs, you now have a foreign object. That’s quite serious, no matter what the object is. Generally, when your body doesn’t know how to react to something, it freaks out and overreacts, and the way it reacts is often more problematic than the issue itself. If this thing’s in your lungs, I advise you to seek medical attention immediately. Extracting an object from your lungs should be fairly simple, so you don’t need to worry, but please seek medical attention.

If you swallowed it, your main concern is that it’s disgusting, but you’ll probably digest it and be fine. The hydrochloric acid in your stomach is extremely strong and will kill off most harmful microorganisms. You should still check in with your doctor and share your concerns, but it’s likely not that serious.

In conclusion, please go to your doctor. Internet diagnoses are generally inaccurate and always need more reliability. If you’re looking for diseases you could get from this, you will probably get very worried and anxious, which won’t help. Just see your doctor!

What does it mean when a crow poops on someone’s head?

That depends entirely on the situation it happened in.

Crows have been known to ‘poop’ on predators that they are mobbing to get them to leave an area. Were they also swooping close to your head and cawing loudly? If so – you were probably being mobbed. In that case, they were uncomfortable with you (likely due to them having a nest or fledgling/youth nearby) and asking you to leave.

If a crow was casually flying over or sitting in a tree, minding his own business, and just so happened to poop on your head because you were underneath him, it means nothing.

What does it mean if a random bird suddenly lands on your head?

I had an experience where a wild blackbird came out of nowhere and startled me as I thought it was attacking me. One of his or her baby chicks may be close to me. It missed landing on me and landed on my porch. As I looked around for the baby chicks, I realized there weren’t any chicks by me. The blackbird flew towards me, handed on my head, then jumped onto my shoulder. That was the same day that I discovered that my dog, Dino(a solid black dog), had died. He was missing two days before the blackbird visited me.

After the initial shock of the bird landing on me, I felt as if it was Dino coming to me with his spirit in the bird. And he was telling me that he was ok. The bird acted as if he knew me. See, I loved my dog. He went almost everywhere with me. We had that bond. I was crushed when I found out that he got killed. It wasn’t very good. I worked outside on a trailer to haul my lawn equipment that day. I had never seen that bird before that day. He stayed with me all day. Walking up and down my head to my shoulders and arm to my hand. He was showing me a lot of love. He wasn’t scared of me in any way. My wife, Kris, had gotten Dino’s favorite food( a weenie) and cut it up. The bird flew down to the porch and started eating them.

I was blown away. I didn’t think birds even at wienies. But that blackbird sure did. He even scratched himself as Dino did. It was an unreal experience. It was an awesome feeling. The blackbird stayed with me all day long. Like Dino would have done that evening, I went to my home, and the bird flew off. I never saw that blackbird again. I have never experienced that situation, or anything close to it, like that in my entire life. I have a video of that day and the experience I had of that day that I have shared with other people. I believe in spirits and have been blessed with the vision to see them. Since I had my heart attack several years ago and was laying on the floor with my friends beating on my chest, I was hovering above, looking down on them. That’s when I saw ‘ the bright light” that I believe to be God. Since then, I have seen different spirits. I truly believe that day my dog, Dino, came to see me in the spirit of a blackbird.’

What does it mean when a bird poops on your head?

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