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What are the weaknesses of a poisonous Pokemon?

13 What are the weaknesses of a Poison Pokemon?

What are the weaknesses of a Poison Pokemon?

Typically, a poison type is weak to Psychic and Ground-type moves.

Below is the information for dual-types

Poison/Ground -> Nidoqueen & Nidoking. Additionally, it is weak to Water and ice. Also, get immunity from Electric moves.

Poison/Flying -> Zubat family. Immune to Ground. Also weak to RockRock, electricity, and ice.

Poison/Dark -> Alolan Grimer family, Stunky family & Drapion. Immune to Psychic.

Poison/Fairy -> Galarian Weezing. Weak to Steel & Immunity from Dragon.

Poison/Bug -> Skorupi. Weak to FlyingRock & Fire. Not weak to Ground. Surprisingly, it doesn’t remove Psychic weakness for some reason or make it 1x effective.

Bug/Poison -> Weedle family, Venonat family, Spinarak family, Dustox & Venipede family. Weak to FlyingRock & Fire. Not weak to Ground.

Poison/Water -> Skrelp & Mareanie family. Additionally, it is weak to electricity.

Water/Poison -> Tentacool family & Quilfish. Additionally, it is weak to electricity.

Poison/Fighting -> Croagunk family. 4x weak to Psychic due to both types & additionally weak to Flying.

Poison/Dragon -> Dragalge, Naganadel & Eternatus. Additionally, it is weak to Ice and dragons.

Poison/Fire -> 4x weak to Ground due to dual type & additionally weak to Rock & Water.

Grass/Poison -> Bulbasaur family, Oddish family, Bellsprout family, Budew family & Foongus family. Not weak to Ground anymore. Weak to FireIcePsychic, and flying. Additionally, Mega Venusaur is not weak to Fire and ice due to its Thick Fat ability.

Ghost/Poison -> Gastly & Haunter. Since they have Levitate ability, they are immune to Ground. Weak to Ghost & Dark. However, Gengar doesn’t levitate and hence is also weak to Ground.

Rock/Poison -> Nihilego. 4x weak to Ground. Also weak to Steel Water.

Electric/Poison -> Toxel & Toxtricity. 4x weak to Ground.

What are the weaknesses of a Poison Pokemon?

Ground and Psychic. But you must watch out because some poison Pokemon fly and would be immune to ground attacks. Beware if you are using the psychic type, too, because the poison will often have bug-type moves that the psychic Pokemon is weak to. It’s a tough matchup, to be sure, but rare in the endgame or metagame. I love an excellent poison tactic. Toxic is great.

What are the weaknesses of a poisonous Pokemon?

Psychic and ground type are moves powerful (super effective) against a poison-type Pokemon. Steel-type Pokemons are immune to poison moves though they can be poisoned by twinneedle.

Poison moves are strong against grass and fairy-type Pokemons. Pokemon with the ability “immunity” cannot be poisoned. Pokemon with “poison heal” can be poisoned, but instead of harming, they will heal their HPs.

Are there any weaknesses you would remove from one of the Pokémon types?

The first one that comes to mind is Ice’s weakness in Fighting. The logic behind it seems to follow with Fighting being intense against Rock and Steel — martial arts techniques letting their user break strong materials, like the guys who karate-chop through stone tiles. If they can chop rock or metal, they can also chop ice. The problem with that is… Ice types aren’t made of or covered in ice like almost all Rock and Steel types are made of (or covered in armor made of) their type’s material.

For example, Rock-types look like this:

Ten of them are composed mainly or entirely of RockRock (including molten RockRock in one case), and another 11 or 12 have rocky shells, horns, or outer skin layers… leaving only a couple of fossil Pokémon outside the “made of rock” category.

Meanwhile, Ice-types:

Of this group, we have to go all the way to the third row before we stumble across any ice types that are made up of ice, either partially or entirely. Glalie has a central body made of shiny black material with an icy layer on the outside, Froslass is similar but purple on the inside, and Kyurem has an icy armor/shell/outer skin layer… Regiice, Vanillish, and Cryogonal are the only Ice-types in this picture that fall into the “actually made of ice” category. Most Ice-types are polar/snowy mountain creatures able to control ice/snow/cold, rather than those made up of their element.

Plus, of course, Fighting is robust against many types, and Ice has several weaknesses with almost no resistance. On top of just making more sense, taking away this weakness wouldn’t risk throwing things off balance too much.

Speaking of things that risk throwing off the balance of the game a bit too much… my other thought on what weakness I’d drop was Ghost’s weakness to Dark — seriously, punching or tackling them doesn’t work well, but we’re expected to believe that biting or sneaking up on them does? It’s one of the most nonsensical type interactions in all of Pokémon. Unfortunately, since Ghost only has one other weakness, and that’s its type, you have to leave it in there — removing it would make Ghosts too hard to hit with super-effective damage (a bigger deal for the Ghost type than, say, Normal or Electric, since Ghost also has two immunities) and make Dark a crappy type to have on an attack since it’d only be strong against Psychic-types.

What is poison weakness in Pokemon?

There are many different types of poison in the Pokemon world, each with its unique weakness.

For example, Ground-type moves are super effective against Poison-type Pokemon, while Psychic-type moves are weak against them.

Some other weaknesses include Fire (which is super effective) and Flying (which is not very effective).

Knowing your opponent’s type and using the appropriate move can be the key to victory!

What do you mean by poison weakness?

If you mean weak to poison, then:



If you mean what poison is weak to, then:



For details on Pokemon, rather than asking on Quora, it’d be easier to look it up on Bulbapedia next time.

What is your favorite Poison Type Pokemon?

This is a Gen 4 Pokemon owned by Brock.

WHY is Crogunk so awesome?

  • It’s so cool. Never gets bothered by others. Sits Silently in its world of thoughts.
  • Comes out of nowhere and poisons Jabs Brock when he’s trying to flirt with a girl.
  • Has this awesome grudge against Team Galactic’s Toxicroak.

It’s a cool Pokemon, and I love it!

13 What are the weaknesses of a Poison Pokemon?

What is your favorite Poison Type Pokemon?

My favorite Poison Type Pokemon and my favorite Pokemon of all time is Crobat!

First, its design. It looks cool. Being a tetra-winged poisonous and aerial bat is mind-blowing. I love the colors. This is how violet looks dangerous and powerful!

Crobat is astoundingly fast, being the second fastest poison type Pokemon and speed-tying Mega-Gengar! In addition, a decent attack stat provides a somewhat offensive presence (for example, a Z-Brave Bird one-shots Latias after entry hazard damage). It also has decent bulk.

Move-wise, you have beautiful options such as Brave Bird, my favorite move, Cross Poison, U-Turn, Roost, Defog, and even Steel Wing.

Its hidden ability, Infiltrator, ignores moves like Substitute, Reflect, Light Screen, or Aurora Veil, which is very common.

Plus, Crobat is your right hand as he evolves by friendship!

What Pokemon is the most potent poison type Pokemon?

I wasn’t sure what you meant by “most powerful” in this question, so I looked up the Poison-type Pokemon with the highest base stat totals. From there, there are technically three answers to this question:

  1. For the most powerful Pokemon with the Poison typing, Mega Venusaur is the most powerful, with a base stat total of 625.
  2. For the most powerful Pokemon with the Poison typing in their primary type slot(i.e., the most powerful dual-type Poison Pokemon), Crobat is the most powerful, with a base stat total of 535. Close runner-ups include Nidoking and Nidoqueen(505).
  3. Finally, for the most potent pure Poison-type Pokemon (i.e., no other types), the winner is, surprisingly, Muk, with a base stat total of 500.

Also, on the flip side, the weakest pure, fully evolved Poison-type Pokemon is Arbok, with a base stat total of 438. The weakest pre-evolved pure Poison type Pokemon is Ekans, with a BST of 288.

Hope this answers your question.

What are the weaknesses of a poisonous Pokemon?

How do Pokemon weaknesses work?

Typing. Each PoKėMoN has a maximum of two types, which work with their nature and their surroundings, and attacks that also have such types. If hit by an effective attack, the PoKėMoN takes at least double (2x) damage. If the attacker shares the same type as the attack (a bug type PoKėMoN using a bug-type attack), it makes it a 3x attack). The types themselves work with simple logic. Even those types of disadvantages that seem out of the norm do make sense in hindsight.

For example:

  • Fairy
    • Are weak against Poison and steel. Those can be seen as forms of industrialism that create pollution.
    • Strong against fighting, dragon, and dark types. Fairies representing light and sound win against evil (Dark), aiding heroes against dragons and tricking those of simple minds (fighting)
  • Psychic
    • Weak against Dark, Bugs and Ghost represent some of the most common fears and phobias.
    • Strong against fighting Poison. The first one is easy as it is often said, “mind over matter,” which means an active mind overcomes a strong body. Poison is more complex, but there are stories where yogis and other mystics overcame the effects of Poison through sheer will.
  • Grass
    • Weak against fire (fire burns wood), Bugs (locusts and termites are a thing), Poison (pesticides), Flying (birds eat bugs and fruits), and ice (few plants grow in winter)
    • Their strengths against water (drink it for sustenance), Ground (plants like to grow on good soil), and Rock (flowers can grow between the cracks and even break concrete that way)

The types to make logical sense and type combination either double the Weakness (Psychic/Grass PoKėMoN takes 4x weakness from. Bug type attacks since both share 2x weakness.) That’s why it is always important to balance your team and not rely on a singular type.

13 What are the weaknesses of a poisonous Pokemon?

What are some Pokemon with no weaknesses?

Before Gen 6, there used to be multiple Pokemon with no weakness. Sableye and Spiritomb. However, both of these need to be stronger with adding the Fairy type.

As of Gen 7, there is only ONE Pokemon with NO weakness (x2 or x4 damage):


It is an Electric type. Electric types have only ONE weakness – Ground.

But let us take a look at its ability: Levitate.

Eelektross, due to its ability, has NO weakness except for a Pokemon with Mold Breaker, Turboblaze, or Teravolt (ignores abilities). These Pokemon are as follows:

Mold Breaker: Pinsir (non-mega), Mega Gyarados, Mega Ampharos, Cranidos, Rampardos, Drilbur (Hidden Ability), Excadrill (Hidden Ability), Throh (Hidden Ability), Sawk (Hidden Ability), Basculin (Hidden Ability), Axew, Fraxure, Haxorus, Druddigon (Hidden Ability), Pancham, Pangoro, and Hawlucha (Hidden Ability)

Teravolt: Zekrom, Kyurem-Black

Turboblaze: Reshiram, Kyurem-White

Additionally, You can negate its Eelektros’ ability by having it hold an Iron Ball or by using Gravity, Gastro Acid, or Core Enforcer. Additionally -Its ability will also be ignored and negated if facing a Zygarde, which uses the move Thousand Arrows.

Many other Pokemon are wickedly strong and seem to have “no weakness.” Still, no other Pokemon can boast it has no weakness (except Pokemon with one of the three abilities) other than Eelektross.

13 What are the weaknesses of a poisonous Pokemon?

What are some Pokemon with no weaknesses?

There are theoretically no actual “no weakness” Pokémon in the game as of Generation 7.

You’re probably wondering, but how about Eelektross? It’s Electric, and it has Levitate = No Weakness!

But wait, two words: Mold and Breaker (FYI, Mold Breaker ignores all attacks preventing abilities from functioning, such as Water Absorb or Levitate).

So remember kids, don’t use your Eelektross on an Excadrill despite walling both STABs because it may pack Mold Breaker + STAB Earthquake, which is synonymous with an instant OHKO.

Also, before the Fairy type came, Sableye and Spiritomb (Dark/Ghost) had no true weakness; this is because;

  1. Ghost is weak to Dark, and Ghost
  2. Ghost resists Bugs and Poison
  3. Ghost is immune to Normal and Fighting
  4. Dark is weak to Bug and Fighting
  5. Dark resists Dark and Ghost
  6. Dark is immune to Psychic

Combine that, and Ghost neutralizes Dark’s Bug weakness while Dark neutralizes Ghost’s two weaknesses. Ghost is also immune to Dark’s Fighting weakness. Therefore, no type can deal SE damage to them.

And, although they have yet to appear, these types of combos combined with a certain ability or weather will result in no weaknesses (ignoring Mold Breaker):

  1. Dark/Poison (ex: Alolan Muk) + Levitate or Air Balloon + Wonder Guard
  2. Water/Ground (ex: Quagsire) + Sap Sipper
  3. Steel/Bug (ex: Scizor) + Flash Fire or Primordial Sea
  4. Ground/Fire (ex: Primal Groudon) + Water Absorb or Desolate Land + Air Balloon
  5. Normal/Flying (ex: Dodrio) + Delta Stream
  6. Electric/Flying (ex: Zapdos) + Delta Stream

Happy hacking!

13 What are the weaknesses of a poisonous Pokemon?

Are legendary Pokemons seriously overpowered?

In short, no. In the single-player game modes, legendaries are usually seen as deities and are spoken of as such. In Gen 4, Palkia and Dialga were said to have complete control over space and time, respectively. As far as single-player gameplay goes, legendaries are very powerful, to the point where you can usually sweep the elite four with just one if it’s well-trained (healing it after each battle). While I wouldn’t say they are seriously overpowered, they are more potent than, say, a Charizard or some other upper mid-year Pokémon.

In Multiplayer, upper-tier legendaries are, again, powerful. However, lower-tier legends, such as the birds, dogs, or lakes, are balanced. Granted, Azelf is one of the best openers in the game currently, but generally speaking, most lower-tier legends will lose to a well-trained regular Pokémon. For example, Raikou is pretty useless on a competitive team. Almost every team has an earthquake on it, and Raikou usually can’t set up a calm mind before it’s crippled. However, Pokémon such as Mega Rayquaza, Arceus, and Mega Mewtwo can be complicated to beat due to their vast move pool and high base stats. But in the current metagame, everything can be beaten, and unless you build your team with a glaring weakness, it is unlikely you will be beaten solely by a legendary.

In short, legendaries are well-rested. They are strong, but I would take a Toxapex over a Zapdos any day of the week.

13 What are the weaknesses of a poisonous Pokemon?

Are legendary Pokemons seriously overpowered?


Well, legendaries are better than regular Pokémon, but they aren’t seriously overpowered. A well-trained Pokémon with good stats and a good move-set could take down a legendary. Usually, pseudo-legendaries can take down legendaries in the wild. For example, a Tyranitar with a good move-set can take out a low-level Moltres.

In conclusion, legendary Pokémon are more potent than normal pokémon. However, they still have their weaknesses.

EDIT: As Padmanav Chowdhury added in the comments: “The tricky bit is catching them. They usually have meager catch rates, making it very hard to catch them. For, in Fire Red, I was trying to catch Mewtwo, but it just recovered every time I got its health down to critical health and then hit me with a powerful STAB Psychic. It still took me close to 70 Ultra balls to catch it.”

13 What are the weaknesses of a poisonous Pokemon?

Which Pokémon type do you think is the weakest?

It’s a several-way tie. As Sarah mentioned, the most weaknesses a Pokemon can have is seven, and there are many type combinations that at least a few Pokemon have carrying that many weaknesses:

Ice/Grass: Fire(x2), Rock, Steel, Fighting, Flying, Bug, Poison

Grass/Psychic: Bug(x2), Flying, Poison, Fire, Dark, Ghost, Ice

Grass/Dark: Bug(x2), Flying, Poison, Fire, Ice, Fighting, Fairy

Fighting/Rock: Ground, Psychic, Water, Grass, Steel, Fighting, Fairy

Rock/Dark: Fighting(x2), Water, Grass, Ground, Steel, Bug, Fairy

Rock/Psychic is also in the running, given that it’s weak to Water, Grass, Ground, Steel, Bug, Dark, and Ghost. However, the only two Pokemon with that typing are Solrock and Lunatone; both have the Levitate ability (conveniently debuting in the first generation to feature abilities, at that), negating their weakness to Ground.

Which Pokemon is the weakest of all?

If you do not consider its evolution, the answer is obviously…

Magikarp, with the weakest base stats and with SPLASH, which does 0 damage. It indeed learns to tackle, but considering the stats, it does minimal damage to the opponent.

13 What are the weaknesses of a poisonous Pokemon?

What are dark Pokemon weak against?

(If you did not mean to ask THAT – then sorry – that is “how I understood your question”)… OMG – DARK POKEMONS – count me out of this – I am not a gambler/gamer – and if – then I play these here:

Probably ALL of which has to do with

  • Material
  • Money
  • Possessions
  • Status
  • Lies
  • etc.

That is what I came around (experience) with.

Most of them are in this OUTER BS – instead of this:

So – do not expect them to love you for YOURSELF but for your possessions – your bank account, and what else – BS.

13: What are the weaknesses of a poisonous Pokemon?

Which is the best Pokemon at countering its weaknesses?

This is an exciting and relatively complex question. By weaknesses, are you talking about type weaknesses or a more broad concept, like stats? Regarding typing, I’d have to go with everyone’s favorite weird blob thing…


Ditto can use transform, or his hidden ability imposter, to change into an entirely different Pokémon. Sure, if he transforms into another standard type or another type weak to fighting, he doesn’t lose his weakness. Alternatively, we could have…


With Protean, he can change his type to whatever move he uses. This proves to be very powerful in competitive play, with him gaining STAB on all his moves, and it also changes his weaknesses. Another nomination is…


With electric typing only giving him weakness to Ground and access to levitate, Eelektross is the only Pokémon in the game with no weaknesses. Now that we’re done with the best Pokémon at countering type weaknesses let’s look at the best at countering stat-based weaknesses. And first up, we have…


In attack form, Aegislash has impressive offensive stats but weaker defensive ones. In defense form, it’s reversed. So, using King’s shield and any offensive move, you can switch between the forms, making you excellent offensively and defensively; another option is…

Porygon 2

Porygon 2 is a rare NFE Pokémon who’s pretty good, partially because of Eviolite use. He is a well-known trick room user in VGC, which helps counter his low speed. Other popular trick room users, other than Whimsicott and Mimikyu, could be considered significant at countering their weaknesses. And then, finally, I have…

Alolan Muk

With the power of alchemy giving him the ability to take the abilities of other Pokémon, Alolan Muk is amazing at countering his weaknesses. He seems to have gone out of favor a little in doubles, but I expect that in the next VGC when things calm down, he’ll be right back up there in usage.

What is a poison Pokémon weakness?

Poison-type Pokémon are weak against psychic-type and ground-type attacks. Psychic-type moves are super effective against poison-type Pokémon, while ground-type moves are also super effective, and additionally, poison-type Pokémon are completely immune to toxic spikes if they are poison-type themselves.

What Pokémon has no weakness?

As of my last update in January 2022, there is no Pokémon that has no weaknesses. Every Pokémon has at least one type of weakness, even if they have multiple types. Some Pokémon may have a very limited number of weaknesses due to their type combinations or abilities, but there isn’t one that is completely immune to all types of damage.

What is the weakest poison-type Pokémon?

Determining the “weakest” Pokémon can be subjective and dependent on various factors such as base stats, movepool, abilities, and typing. However, one Pokémon that is often considered weak within the poison-type category is Weedle. Weedle is a basic bug- or poison-type Pokémon with low base stats and a limited movepool. It evolves into Kakuna, which further evolves into Beedrill, but as a standalone Pokémon, Weedle is not particularly strong compared to many other poison types.

What does poison do to Pokémon?

In the Pokémon games, poison-type moves and abilities primarily inflict damage over time (DoT) on opposing Pokémon. When a Pokémon is poisoned, it loses a small amount of its HP at the end of each turn during battle. This damage is commonly referred to as “poison damage.” Additionally, some poison-type moves may have secondary effects, such as causing status conditions like badly poisoning the target, which increases the damage dealt over time.

What’s strong against the poison type?

Several types are strong against poison-type Pokémon:

  1. Psychic-type moves: Psychic-type moves are super effective against poison-type Pokémon.
  2. Ground-type moves: Ground-type moves are super effective against poison-type Pokémon.

These types deal double damage to poison-type Pokémon in battles.

Why is poison weak for psychics?

The weakness of poison-type Pokémon to psychic-type moves is primarily based on thematic and gameplay balancing decisions made by the developers of the Pokémon games. The relationship between psychic and poison types can be understood in the context of traditional role-playing game (RPG) elements:

  1. Thematically, psychic-type Pokémon often represent creatures with strong mental powers, including telepathy, telekinesis, and other psychic abilities. Poison-type Pokémon, on the other hand, may represent creatures that rely on physical toxins or venoms. Psychic powers are commonly associated with being able to overcome or neutralize physical threats, including toxins.
  2. Gameplay Balance: In the early Pokémon games, psychic-type Pokémon were notably powerful due to their high Special Attack stats and limited weaknesses. To balance the game and create strategic diversity, developers introduced certain types of matchups to give players a way to counter psychic-type Pokémon effectively. Making poison weak to psychics was one such decision, providing players with a reliable way to counterbalance the dominance of psychic types.

Overall, the weakness of poison-type Pokémon to psychic-type moves is rooted in both thematic consistency and gameplay balance considerations.

What are the weaknesses of a Poison Pokemon?

What is the best Poison-type Pokemon?

There are very few pure poison types, and they could be better.

According to me, the best poison type is a dual-type:

Gengar (Ghost/Poison):


1. Ability Levitate:

It is immune to Normal, Fighting, and ground-type moves thanks to this ability

2. Stats:

High special attack and speed make it a great special sweeper/late-game sweeper

Base Sp. Att. 130

Base Speed 110

3. Awesome move pool:

Damaging:-Giga Drain, Thunderbolt, Shadow ball, psychic, sludge bomb

Status inflecting: toxic, will o wisp, hypnosis, Confuse Ray

This makes Gengar very versatile and unpredictable, along with access to substitute, destiny bond, and seismic toss

4. Mega evolution possible

‘Nough said

13 What are the weaknesses of a Poison Pokemon?

What is the best Poison-type Pokemon?

Hmm, Pokemon can’t be judged as “good” or “bad”; it just depends on how you use them. There are three poison-type megas in the entire game. If you want one of the best poison tanks, use Venusaur. If you want one of the best special sweepers, Gengar is perfect. Mega Beedrill is the physical sweeper that checks Mewtwo well.

Other good Pokemon are Scolipede for baton passing speed, draping for shenanigans, and Dregalge as a fantastic special tank. But one of the best poison types has to be acrobat. Its cheesy speed combined with moves like a brave bird, roost, and cross poison make it a poison-type talon flame. It even gets confused ray and hypnosis (in doubles, gravity-hypnosis is powerful) and inner focus so that it can’t get faked out. But there are others as well. Tentacreul is used sparingly, but its typing is robust, and it has a lot of potential with its move pool.

If I have to choose one, it must be among us. It is not only a fantastic tank, but it gets crazy good moves like rage powder and even spore. Spore. Yes, that one move has a 100% chance to put the opponent to sleep. Effect spore, it’s ability, is flat out op, and yeah. That’s it. You have that Pokemon, rage powder, take attacks all day, and win. The end.

What is the most excellent Poison Type Pokemon to you?

I like Arbok because of its face pattern design. It changes throughout the game, which I think is unique:

My favorite is the penultimate Arbok. It’s as if its head isn’t scary enough; they just had to add a creepy face on its hood.

And in case you didn’t know, “Arbok” is “Kobra” spelled backward. It’s based on an Indian Cobra, so it fits the bill perfectly as a poison type. It’s poisonous and intimidating (Arbok learns to glare as well, which paralyzes the opponent), and it’s purple. Also, have you seen its shiny form? It looks damn terrific as well.

Why is Dragon Pokemon weak against Ice?

As previously stated, if you’re looking for an explanation based on lore for why dragon-type Pokemon are weak to ice-type attacks, it would be because dragons are reptiles. It so will die if their body temperature becomes too low.

However, a more logical answer is that this weakness is simply due to balancing the game. While it’s true that one can often find somewhat logical reasoning behind the type-effectiveness in the Pokemon games, you have to keep in mind that type-balancing is what’s most important. Nobody cares about the lore behind your gameplay mechanics if they’re no fun.

What are the weaknesses of a poisonous Pokemon?

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