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What are some good SFW furry comics in 2024?

What are some good SFW furry comics in 2024

What are some good SFW furry comics in 2024?

I have a few personal that are pretty good

dogs and cats are living together; mass hysteria!

A comic by Rick Griffin that follows several characters through their daily lives. A good, fun, and wholesome slice-of-life Webcomic. Updates come every other day, excluding weekends, starting on Mondays. Rick has a lot of great jokes.

lo, And behold another


SaveState is a Webcomic that is part of ComicChameleon, which follows Kade, Nicole, and Co., usually following along with current video game news. The character’s personalities are really well developed, and in this story, they add a few interesting aspects. Savestate updates every Wednesday.

Jan’s Comics

Jan the Tiger has three webcomics, two running with one following after the other; this webcomic area updates every Sunday. Nine to Nine follows Jan and the gang after their college life in their exploits. At the same time, Swords and Sausages follow a pair of Rapscallions and their Shenanigans while they harass the local Sherif.

1048: Seeing Behind the Curtain – Twokinds

Now Twokinds

Twokinds is an anime-style webcomic following amnesiac Ex-Tyrant Trace and Keidrein Tiger Flora. The path they walk is long and difficult, but they gain many friends along the way.

Freefall 3214 December 14, 2018

This comic follows Foreign alien squid Sam Starfall and lost dogsicle Florence Ambrose as they try to become unbound from the planet and try to help fix each other’s morals. The artist goes by Stanley.

The world is lost in reverie, and dogs walk the lands.

This story follows a dog who wants to fulfill her dreams; this Webcomic is in a more old mythical tale style and is filled with lovely storytelling. The artist goes by Kodju on the Patreon.

Ep4 – The Twelve Plainswalkers – Page 65

The origin of the serial species in the furry fandom, the new canon Vilous, follows Bakku, an agender, and his group of friends. The Artist is Mick39.

Twokinds is, by far, my absolute favorite. It’s pretty long [800+ Pages last I saw], and the story is fun. The characters are lovable [Flora’s best girl]. Tom [the Author] has done an incredible job on it, and it’s still going.

I need to catch up, now that I think about it…

There are a few good ones:

Tooth and Claw is amazing:

Tellos has more than a few furry characters, and it’s a great story:

R.J. Junior is a devoted furry and staunch Christian. He’s funny and has a great imagination. And a bunch of different comics. Tales of the Questor is my fave. The art and stories of R. H. Junior

I’d include my own, but it’s violent. Issue 1 has Iron Wolf straight-up kill a guy.

If you’re into Peanuts, Calvin, and Hobbes, and the like, you might like Ozy and Millie. Some of the humor is dated, reliant as it was on current events, but still a comic I’d recommend. 🙂

What are furry comics?

Furry comics, as the term is usually used (though I must admit I like Keith Drake’s pun), are comics intended to cater to the furry fandom, which consists of people who have an interest in anthropomorphized animal characters. There is as much variety in these comics as there is in non-furry comics: Just about any story you can do with human characters, you can also do with furry characters (though the fact that they are animals means there is the possibility of exploring how these characters act differently from how humans would).

What is your favorite historical comic strip?

This one is great.


Credit to Adventures of God by Matteo Ferrazzi and Correy Jay

Are there any historical examples of a Furry phenomenon or culture that predate the 1960s?

These were Egyptian gods. People believed in them for quite a while, and they have some furry features.

Greek mythology portrayed things like centaurs, minotaurs, and mermaids.

And there are also Aztec furries. Now, unlike Egyptian or Greek ones, Aztec “furries” were real people. They had tons of decorations and ornaments and went to battle like that. They were mighty warriors. They were the best of the best in their era, and they looked really cool.

If you consider this furry or not, it is up to you. But certainly, these civilizations had respect and admiration for animals, and some of them looked really cool. I live in México, and I’ve seen people dress like those eagle warriors. They look FANTASTIC!

If you like furry art, does that make you a furry or just someone who enjoys good artistry?

This depends. Even furries do not agree on exactly what makes furry.

Different people put lines in different places. Me enjoying furry art means you are furry. My Sir thinks you need fursona. But even Sir agrees he is furry or furry-adjacent, depending on where you draw the line. Neither of us cares too much because we do not think furry is a bad thing to be. I call myself furry. Sir does not care if you call him or not.

Poka poka!

Am I a furry if I like normal animals?

some good SFW furry comics in 2024

You are a furry only if you consider yourself one. Saying you are a furry means that you consider yourself a part of the furry fandom.

The furry fandom is a fandom based around liking anthropomorphic animals.

If you only like normal animals, then you may wish to call yourself an “animal lover,” “naturalist,” or “amateur zoologist,” or something like that.

If you prefer anthro animals that have a body style that is more similar to an animal, such as Todd from Fox and the Hound, then you may still consider yourself a furry that prefers the “feral” or “more natural form.”

I shall demonstrate with foxes below:

Here, you see Todd and Copper, both anthro animals, because they speak and show other human emotions and display more human-like behavior at times.

Not all anthro animals are bipedal and look like Nick Wilde from Zootopia. This is the form that is preferred by furries, but not the only type of anthro animals that furries like.

Or have to.

If you prefer them in their natural form, like this:

—then you might be better off trying going with a more descriptive phrase, like the ones mentioned earlier.

What would you do if you found out your kid is a furry?

some good SFW furry comics in 2024

Before you read this answer, let me get this straight. I’m not a furry. I’m not anything. I’m just the most average, straight guy you can imagine. There is nothing different about me; I am pretty much the most generic male you can think of.

Now that that’s out of the way go ahead and read.

I’d do… nothing.

I wouldn’t have a problem with it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a furry, but it’s not like I have a problem with them, either. I’ll explain.

Being a furry is not a fetish.

It’s just not.

It’s been unfairly portrayed, and the fandom itself has been exploited and generalized by a small minority of people within that group.

By definition, a “furry” is “an enthusiast for animal characters with human characteristics, in particular a person who dresses up in costume as such a character or uses one as an avatar online.”

It’s a pretty chunky definition, so let me break it down for you if you’re lazy like me.

A “furry” is interested in animals with human characteristics. They sometimes dress in costumes for specific characters/use one as an online avatar.

See anything sexual about fetishes, furry porn, or furry suits with holes in that copy-pasted Google definition?

Me neither.

Granted, some people have fetishes for people in fur suits and want to have “fur sex” (???), but that’s a small minority of people compared to the rest of them.

They’re just people. People who are into things like Sonic, Foxy, Freddy, and any animal with human characteristics.

Nothing else to it. Nothing more, nothing less.

This common misconception actually frustrates me the tiniest bit because imagine being ridiculed for something you enjoy.

Imagine enjoying playing games but being afraid to play them because it’s been warped as a whole by media and by… everyone.

Imagine enjoying anything but not being able to.

While I’m not a furry, it’d goddamn suck.

So, to answer your question, I’d do absolutely nothing. Nothing at all. Just like if someone told me they were gay. Good for them.

But other than that, no reaction from me.


What is the greatest comic book, “Bait and Switches”?

some good SFW furry comics in 2024

I like this one with Superman, Batman, and Zattana.

In this story, Batman has gotten Superman’s powers through an amulet and goes a little bat-shit crazy with the powers.

It’s just too overwhelming for him.

Anyways, Superman needs his powers back, so Superman pretends to have the real amulet.

Which Batman slaps him for and destroys

only to have Zattana hit him with the real one, transferring the powers back to Superman

These panels take place in Superman/Batman #53–56

My 15-year-old son has told me he is a “furry.” I’m not sure what to do about it, but I don’t fully agree with it. He also wants a fursuit. What should I do?

I may be WAY too late to save your kid, but furries are cool! Refrain from listening to the other people; they are misinformed or liars. There is a weird side, but most of them are good people, like me! We like two-legged animals. Search what to do if your son is furry up on Google! He could be into MUCH worse.

What makes a furry a furry?

some good SFW furry comics in 2024

Furries are people who like Anthropomorphic animals, that is, animals with human characteristics. Being a furry at its core requires two things;

1) Liking anthropomorphic animals

2) Calling yourself a furry.

Everything else is extra credit.

For a lot of furries, this can be traced back to the smoothest fox known to man, Robin Hood.

However, newer furries were probably introduced by Nick Wilde, the poor man’s Robin Hood.

Yeah, I said it; fight me.

How do I come out as a furry?

Why bother?

I don’t think there’s any reason to hide it. But I don’t think there’s any reason to go around announcing it, either. I generally don’t care about people’s kinks unless I’m having sex with them or trying to.

If it comes up, it comes up, and if it doesn’t, don’t worry about it.

What are furries, and why do they wear animal costumes?

Furries are a group of people who have an interest in talking animal characters (Simba, Bolt, Garfield, et al.). They form what is usually called the Furry Fandom, which (much like sci-fi and comic book fandoms) has its conventions and meet-ups. Anyone who likes talking animal characters and wants to call themselves a furry is a furry.

Those costumes (usually termed fursuits) are representations of characters designed by the wearer. Effectively, they’re elaborate cosplays. They’re worn to said conventions or meets and are mostly a bit of fun and a way to play a character.

If you have any further questions or would like clarification, feel free to comment.

I’m a 14-year-old furry. What do I do?

I don’t understand what your problem is. Be a furry in all its glorious outrageousness. If you save up your own money, would your parents be willing to plan a vacation to Atlanta during the big convention? Are there other furry’s in your area? If you could pair up with someone older and more trusting, perhaps your parents would be OK with you spending the day as your chosen critter. Are your parents confused about the value of being A furry? I mean, really, if you want to have fun, it’s way better to be a furry than a druggie! Do you need some help making your costume? Are you concerned about peers in school? Because of your age, maybe it would be OK if you invited some local furry over to your house. Within the parameters of what it is to be 14, use your imagination and be as furry as you like. I am all in favor of individualism!

When Do furries wear their costume?

some good SFW furry comics in 2024

It depends on the individual furry.

Usually, a furry will only wear the costume (aka fursuit) when doing something related to the fandom. This could be going to a convention, going to a meet, or making a video to upload to YouTube. They may also wear it to places like nightclubs, the cinema, or concerts, usually with other Furries but possibly alone.

Other reasons might be to show it to family and friends, or to do a ‘public suit’ where they’ll walk around wearing it. It’s also been said that there’s nothing better to wear than a fursuit when it snows, so there’s that.

Very, very few Furries would wear it as a daily thing. Some college students will go to class or parties wearing one because, let’s face it, college students tend to do stuff like that, but few Furries would be so unaware as to think, ‘Hey, I’m going shopping. I know; I’ll put on my giant animal costume; no one will stare!’ They also get really hot, they’re awkward and expensive, so you don’t want to risk damaging them.

Trust me, the only reason to wear one of these in public is when you want people to look:

What is it like to be a furry?

some good SFW furry comics in 2024

“The furry experience” can be very different for different people. For some people, it’s all good fun; for others, it’s the most angsty life story ever. Personally, for me, it’s mostly fun, but it has its risks.

I made the choice to be a furry, so only I hold responsibility for my own actions. When people show that they don’t want to talk about it (which is 80% of the time), I politely back off and start talking about memes or some shit. Being a furry can also be good fun when you get to make terrible puns and make your friends cringe; it’s just hilarious to watch their reactions! I have made someone wince just because I said “Bark” before.

Being a furry is supposed to be good fun in the first place. If it’s too depressing or is driving your life in the wrong direction, that’s a problem. Luckily, that doesn’t happen often (I think), but it helps just to be cautious when talking about it with others. Doing that makes it feel so refreshing when you come across someone who has either never heard of furries before or is one themselves! Educating others about the fandom is a great thing I like doing since it adds to my own experience and destroys preconceptions people may have about the fandom had they discovered it by themselves.

Furry things don’t really affect my daily life, except when it occasionally comes up in a conversation (especially since I turned one furry year old two days ago on 23rd April 2017). What it does affect a lot, however, is my YouTube recommended section! Sometimes I have to scroll quickly through it when others are around because furry videos are dotted through it (thanks a lot, Majira and Pocari).

Now for something more specific to me: because I became a furry, I have found a reason to continue creating stories. When I finished my stories with human characters, I thought it was over; being a furry opened me up to making furry stories in the same fictional universe (the furries are different species living on different planets). As a result, I’m actually working on a novel right now, and this might motivate me to finish the whole series (six books planned in total, including this first one)!

There’s that recurring question of whether being a furry is a hobby or a lifestyle. It really varies from person to person; some people just want to enjoy furry stuff in their free time and treat it as a hobby; others want to live by the fandom and consider it a lifestyle. I personally treat it as a hobby, since I have a life outside being a furry. Of course, I might dedicate more time to being a furry if/when I get a fursuit and start going to conventions and interacting with other furs, but for now, when I’m still busy in school, I’ll leave being a furry to my free time.

I feel like the furry fandom is very much suited to me: I have no sense of personal space; I’m a big hugger; I love calling animals cute; I love fantasy concepts; and I love the heart-warming things furries do, like raise money for charity and brighten people’s days by acting all silly and goofy in fursuits.

So, what’s it like being a furry? Well, in three words: awesome, fun, and fluffy!

How can you tell if you are furry?

some good SFW furry comics in 2024

You’re really only a furry if you choose to be one, regardless of what others say. If others keep calling you a furry, that’s their fault for not understanding what it means to be a furry. Say things like “It takes one to know one” if you really want to make a comeback to them.

Now that the serious part of the answer is out of the way, how about something light-hearted?

You know you’re a furry if:

  • “Animals” and “Lifestyle” appear in your YouTube recommended section with videos of giant animal costumes and art.
  • You call every animal you see cute.
  • Your go-to greeting is a tight hug instead of a handshake.
  • You have bought multiple items of clothing just because they had an animal or a paw print on them.
  • You can’t look at animal cartoons the same way as children can because you’ve been on the internet for too long.
  • You have watched Zootopia more than once…just because
  • You enjoy being petted like an animal.
  • You imagine yourself with a ghost tail and ears sometimes.
  • You know off the top of your head what “Digitigrade” means (and you can spell it correctly, too)
  • You keep hearing people saying “Furry” instead of “Very” and “Fur enough” instead of “Fair enough.”
  • You get excited when you overhear someone saying the word “Furry” or mentioning animals in a conversation.
  • You purposefully hide your phone screen from others/minimize the window on a computer when others enter the room when you’re watching YouTube videos.
  • You make god-awful animal puns, for fox’s sake!

And with that said, only you can decide if you’re a furry, whether you fulfill those joke criteria above or not!

What is your favorite Star Wars comic book series, and why?

some good SFW furry comics in 2024

Oh, easy, Darth Vader (2015)!

This comic is set after Star Wars (1977), following the destruction of the Death Star. Darth Vader is a bitter bitch after having his science project blown up, so he hires bounty hunters to find the kid responsible. He finds out, gasp! -it’s his son, and he is Very Determined to make him his Scrappy Doo sidekick and take over the galaxy together.

In order to locate Luke and usurp Palpatine as Emperor, Vader hires Dr. Aphra, a morally gray lesbian droid archaeologist with resources to create a droid army for Vader. She makes the perfect pal to Vader but never lingers in his shadows. We slowly learn about her inconsistent morality and how it affects those closest to her. Their partnership goes exactly the way you’d think it’d go if you have Vader for a buddy, but it doesn’t quite end the way you’re expecting. Don’t want to spoil, but God, is Dr. Aphra a delight.

Dr. Aphra is accompanied by her two droids: basically, evil versions of C3PO and R2-D2. This sounds like a lazy idea, but it’s so wonderfully executed that both of these droids become their characters and are important to the plot. One of these droids is Triple Zero, a droid programmed to torture, who’s always wistfully dreaming of killing all humans and using their blood to take over the galaxy; how inspirational!

This is a comic I’m never sick of rereading. The only characters I don’t really care about are Cylo and his students, or whatever they are; they’re minor in the overall plot of the comic. Like Palpatine has been creating them for years to beat Vader, maybe, I can’t even remember. They’re useless because they don’t ever feel threatened by Vader besides Cylo later in the comic, mostly because he gives Vader an amazing scene that proves how devoted to the Dark Side our Lil’ Ani is now.

This comic provides an insight into Vader’s personal goal of overthrowing the Emperor and the strength his hatred provides for him to continue living. Couldn’t recommend this enough!

As the other Answerer said, Doctor Aphra is a great comic, and I recommend reading that wholeheartedly!

What are the best new comic book series?

Trust me on this one.

What’s your favorite furry comic/video?

some good SFW furry comics in 2024

Personally, any comic by Adam Wan. (I know IRL he is a messed up individual, but I try not to think about that.)

Also, “Road Wars.”

My favorite furry video is not really a video, but the music on YouTube by “Halley Labs,” AKA Renard Queenston (Known in real life as David Remmler, who also had his fair share of controversies)

Taurin Fox also made some nifty animations, though some are uncomfortable to watch.

Anyway, I’m assuming what you mean by your title is NSFW depictions, as there aren’t really that many well-drawn comics that are SFW, at least nowadays.

What are the best furry webcomics, and why?

some good SFW furry comics in 2024

I’d recommend:

Dragon’s Burn by Slypon. It’s a bit NSFWish at first, but there’s nothing explicit. It has really unique humor. I’d recommend it far and wide. I’m providing the Tumblr page as I’m not sure I’m allowed to post Furaffinity links.

Original Life by Jay Naylor. This one is SFW; however, other parts of the webpage are not, as the artist draws lots of NSFW. It’s a continuation of Better Days, which sometimes is NSFW.

Sandra and Woo by Powree and Oliver Knörzer. It’s completely SFW. This one is about the lives of Sandra and her talking raccoon, Woo. It’s not furry per se, but it’s really cool, nevertheless.

StupidFox by SilentReaper. Completely SFW. This one pictures random events that happen to StupidFox and its friends.

I may be missing a few, but I’m sure Jake Williams may have a couple more. I’m interested in what he can provide.

My son (who is gay) is a furry. Is this some cult of some sort?

I, a straight, white, 51y/o (update, 55y/o) with both a Business degree and Asperger’s, am a Furry.

There is no theology, and there are no gods or avatars in Furry Fandom, nor are there any constraints on behavior, so it hardly qualifies as a “cult.”

Furries simply like, across a broad scale that likes, reading about, thinking about, envisioning, and imitating (through costume design) People who have specific animal attributes – like upright ears, fur, and tails.

In the same way, some people like Superheros.

Which one is more “realistic and appropriate”?

I’m going with Furry because it’s easier to imagine a nonhominid extraterrestrial species than it is to imagine an extraterrestrial hominid that can fly in the vacuum of space and shoot lasers from his eyes.

What are some good SFW furry comics in 2024?

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