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What are some diaper punishments for 2024?

What are some diaper punishments for 2024?

What are some diaper punishment?

  1. Denied a diaper change, or the new diaper is put on top of the used one instead of the used one being removed first; forced extended wear in general.
  2. Forced to use only the diaper; no going to the toilet to pee even if you think you can make it.
  3. Forced exposure of diapers; no pants allowed, maybe; anything public; anything that makes the diaper obvious to others
  4. Over-the-knee spankings while still in the diaper, for the embarrassment value
  5. Made to wear age-inappropriate or gender-inappropriate diapers; an athletic boy might be made to wear girl Goodnites, for instance.
  6. Made to wear diapers instead of underwear when underwear would normally be worn, like in the daytime in addition to the nighttime for those who normally only wear at night
  7. Made to wear adult baby diapers instead of medical diapers, or noisy and bulky diapers instead of quiet and discreet ones

What are some diaper punishment?

I already wear diapers 24/7 because of my epilepsy

, but my parent’s diapers punished me with the following :

  • Keeping me in a wet diaper
  • Making me wear a diaper without any clothes around the house, even when friends or visitors came.
  • Making me be with an “adult” 24/7, even moving my bed into my parent’s room
  • I had no spare time having to be with an adult wherever they were; if they were preparing food, I had to be with them. If they were on the toilet, I had to wait for them outside of the door.
  • If in public, I must hold an “adult’s hand no matter what.
  • And if eating, I have to have an adult feed me.
  • My parents chose what I wore; as my mom said, “Babies get no choice.”
  • And I don’t get to ask for diaper changes. They check and change me when they are ready. “As babies get no choice in anything,” my parents say.

What are some diaper punishment?

I was bet, and I lost that bet 16, and I would be in diapers again. I remember waking up hungover as a mother sucker to my girlfriend and her best friend laughing at my predicament. I heard Aww, good morning, Baby want us, Bubba I said, What the They both giggled as I had said, quote, unquote. If you can get me into a diaper while sleeping, I will be your baby until we run out. That big mistake—I had thought it would be just for the pack. It turns out each punishment of corner time, spanking time, quiet time, or rule I broke just made it longer. I was 21 when I left her for five years. I was the baby, the laughing stock of her friends. I didn’t have any because of this, and even some of my own family found out and shunned me for it. Now, let’s fast forward. I was older this time, and now my wife has won the same bet. I bet she thought I would be gravy so I could win blow jobs for a month, and now I earn diapers for as long as she keeps me in them. Well, she has even now invited the Abdl community to help. They can punish me if they send a pack or case of diapers, and each gives them many photos and videos of me doing their punishments in said diapers. God, I’m such a bad judge of bets.

What are some diaper punishments?

  1. Wear a diaper out in public and at home.
  2. Get changed out in public and have to use the diaper.
  3. Get spanked every change.
  4. Bathroom access is banned.

Using diaper punishments can be a controversial and sensitive topic, especially when involving adults. It’s essential to approach such discussions with respect for individuals’ boundaries and consent. In specific contexts, diaper punishments may be considered inappropriate or even unethical.

If you are considering disciplinary measures or consequences, it’s advisable to focus on methods that are respectful, effective, and align with the values of the individuals involved. Open communication, understanding, and positive reinforcement are often considered more constructive approaches to dealing with behavioral issues.

If your question is related to parenting and disciplining a child, it’s important to use age-appropriate and effective discipline methods that promote a child’s well-being and development. Physical or emotionally distressing punishments may have negative consequences and may not be considered appropriate by child development experts.

Suppose you have specific concerns or questions about discipline. In that case, it’s recommended to seek advice from professionals, such as pediatricians, child psychologists, or parenting experts, who can provide guidance based on evidence-based practices and individual circumstances.

What are some diaper punishment?

You missed mine. In my younger years, my mom put me in some cloth diapers and plastic pants during the day for some infraction. When I was 11 or so, I woke up with wet diapers and soiled diapers. I was changed and re-diapered. This time, she put a stained bib on me, put me in my little sister’s car seat and took me on numerous errands. I was dragged into these stores like a 2-year-old. As you can imagine, it took a while to get over this.

What are some diaper punishment?

One is what I received,

It was a Sunday afternoon, and I was watching TV on my sister’s lap, and then suddenly a bit of poo went in my pants, and my sister felt it. She told my mum and went to the shop to get some nappies. When she came home, she stripped me naked, put me in a diaper, and said, ” You are not getting out of it until you have pood and weed in it, till it gets heavy. So, three days later, it is heavy. I told my mum, and she changed me like a real baby and put another diaper on me, which continued for two years or something.

What are some diaper punishment?

It depends on what they did, but here are some of my favourite 


  1. Lock them in plastic panties/pants with very thick diapers and only change them once every day or twice a day. If you want to make them fill their diapers, you can make them drink lots of liquid and fill them with an enema or use suppositories.
  2. Buy them a short skirt or some tights and make them go outside. I like to pull down their pants in a public area or around a group of people and check them, make sure to tease them, and it’s even better if they actually use their diapers.
  3. Bring their friends or close family and keep them in nothing but lockable mittens, a short shirt, and a thick diaper. Babyish ones are recommended, and baby them in front of all their friends or family.

What is the most humiliating diaper punishment you have experienced?

Last year, my “daddy” caught me using the toilet. It was really a problem, but I was about to go shopping with a friend. I had to mess, and I knew she’d be there any minute. I didn’t want to be in the middle of getting changed when she got there, or worse, she got there just as Daddy checked me before I went and had to have her wait while I earned and got my diaper changed. She accepts our dynamic as normal, but it’s always embarrassing in front of others. She showed up while I was in the bathroom, so Daddy had to answer the door and call for me. I knew right where to look when I didn’t answer. Just as I was flushing and pulling my wet diaper back up, he opened the bathroom door, scolding me for removing my diaper without permission. He took my arm, pulled me to the living room (where she was waiting), put me over his lap, and spanked my thighs until I almost cried. I left my shorts on the floor and put myself in the corner. She commented teasingly about me being naughty while he went to the kitchen. He came back in and had me face him, point his daddy parts in the waistband of my diaper, and pee in it. He then had me put my nose back in the corner and go back to the kitchen. I quietly apologized for making my friend wait and that she had to see this, but she just laughed and said something about how she knows naughty girls need to be punished, and it’s what I get for breaking the rules. About 10 minutes later, Daddy came back in and pulled the back of my waistband back.

What are some diaper punishment?

Reached in, and I felt him push my big plug in my backside, then pour warm baked beans into my diaper. It felt EXACTLY like a big, real mess, plus the plug made me feel full and violated. Then he took my shorts back to our room, came back with a mini skirt, and had me put it on while asking my friend to send him pictures of any clothes I try on and that I’m not allowed to buy anything that hides my diaper too much with my allowance. Of course, she agreed. I know my skirt let my diaper peek out whenever I wasn’t standing perfectly upright, and I heard a couple of guys behind us on the escalator laughing at the mall. I’m sure it was at me. The plug and beans in my diaper constantly reminded me that I was naughty. My friend even rubbed it in with occasional comments and bought herself some new panties, asking if I thought they’d look cute on her. I tried on a dress about as short as my skirt and a couple of pairs of cute jeans that were tight enough to show the bulge of my diaper. Had to come out of the dressing room to let my friend take pics for Daddy. She even made me bend over in the dress. I ended up getting a pair of jeans and a cute crop top. Daddy invited my friend to hang out and dine with us at home for several hours.

What are some diaper punishment?

She gladly accepted. He told me to take off my skirt since I’m home now. (I rarely cover my diaper at home unless I’m about to leave.) I commented on how full my diaper was and told it was time to earn a change. Had me get my wand, get on my knees in front of him, and edge myself while I satisfied his erection. While edging, he told me I could make a choice. I can cum in my “messy” diaper, OR I can have a clean diaper after I swallow him. Since I was edging, I didn’t have the willpower to stop and let myself cum… and came again as my friend teased me for being such a dirty little girl. After a couple of hours of hanging out in my top and “messy” diaper with Daddy and my friend, he asked where she wanted to eat and if she wanted to pick something sexy for me to wear. She had me wear my new dress, but after all afternoon in my diaper, it was now sagging enough it peeked out under the dress even when standing. She suggested to Daddy letting me wear a pair of her “big girl panties” over my diaper. He agreed but said I’d have to earn them from her. I asked how, and he whispered to her; she smiled and nodded, looked at me, and asked if I’d ever tasted a woman. (Daddy and I have had 3soms before) I blushed and nodded. So she had me eat her out. Then I got to wear panties over my diaper, which helped support it enough that my dress could hide it as long as I was careful. After dinner, we came home and had a 3some. (Mostly her and daddy, me using my wand on myself and mouth to please them) and I finally got a chance before bed after she left.

What are some tips to diaper punish me?

Set a certain time to wear diapers (s) and decide the rules before you start. Stick to them. Here are some ideas you can use. Add/subtract/adjust to fit you.

Mild. Diaper for one day, only wetting, change when needed or at predetermined times. Maybe a small butt plug too. (Can be removed to go #2 on the toilet.)

Moderate. Diaper for three days, only allowed to use the toilet for #2 if around others, grope diaper as if someone else is checking you before changing. One of the days, you must receive an enema and do X number of chores before being allowed to change.

Severe. 1 week or more in diapers. No toilet under any circumstances. Only change if the diaper is nearing leaking. Must cumulate in the diaper before each change. No orgasms except to earn each change. No clothes to cover diapers at home, and clothes that make the diaper hard to hide in public. (Shirt that barely meets the waist of pants; pants sag enough to show waistband of diaper and snug enough to show slight diaper bulge for guys. (For girls, tight pants to show bulge or a short dress or skirt that lets diaper peek under the hem if not very careful.) Don’t alter normal routines.

Added challenges. Always go as soon as you feel the need. Take 2 TBSP of sorbitol 45 minutes before going grocery shopping. Wear a large toy in your butt while sleeping. Before each change:

  • Put on a pair of your old underwear over the diaper.
  • Look how silly/filthy you look in the mirror and remind yourself you need diapers and don’t deserve underwear.
  • Use scissors to cut the hips off the underwear. Hence, they fall off like a diaper.
  • Discard them.

Remember, if tempted to break a rule you decided on, DON’T! You gave yourself this punishment because you deserved it. You need it. You don’t get to back out just because you got more embarrassed or uncomfortable than you realized. Write humiliating phrases/names on each diaper; when picking what diaper to change, read them all and tell yourself you WANT to wear this one, or this one best describes you/is what you are/deserve right now. (“Diaper slut, dumb baby, diaper slave, un potty trained/unhousebroken, I heart filthy diapers… hmmm, I wanna wear my ‘unhousebroken’ one so if anyone sees, they’ll know I’m a filthy little pet too.” Or “I should wear my ‘dumb baby’ diaper because that’s what I am. I deserve to be kept this way.)

Have you ever received the ‘diaper punishment’?

Yes, when I was seven up until almost ten. I was in foster care then, and the foster mother was a very stern, matter-of-fact woman none of us borders ever dared to challenge. My first experience happened just before starting school in a couple of weeks. Our boys were playing in the backyard when, all of a sudden, I needed to use the bathroom. Not wanting to stop playing long enough to go inside, I relieved myself behind a tree.

The younger boy, seeing me, ran in and told the mother what I’d done. I was immediately called in and asked if what he said was true. Though scared of a spanking, I confessed with promises I’d never do it again. Without hesitation, she told me to get undressed. Her words confused me, but I dared not disobey as I removed my clothes. As I did, she went to the back door, called the other children in and had them line up across the room to watch.

I was embarrassed as I began to shake, thinking I was about to be spanked in front of my playmates. Whenever I’d stop, she’d snap, “I told you to get undressed, and that means all of them, including your shoes and socks. Now do as you’re told.” I felt my whole body start to shake as I continued crying uncontrollably.

Down to just my underwear, I started lifting my t-shirt over my head just as she told her daughter to go and bring her a couple of the baby’s diapers and some diaper pins. Knowing her intention, I went into sheer terror as I screamed I was sorry, just as she grabbed my shirt and finished removing it. Grabbing my arm, she dragged me to the kitchen table while I fought desperately to get free,

What are some diaper punishment?

I was quickly pulled onto the kitchen table and forced onto my back just as her daughter returned and handed her the diapers. I kicked wildly now as she ordered the older boys to hold me down. I could hardly see with my eyes filled with tears as I felt her place the diapers on my chest to refold them to fit my larger frame.

“Lift his bottom.”, she ordered the other boys as I felt her slip the fabric under me. I lifted my head slightly and looked down as she pulled the soft cotton between my legs and brought the first corners together. I screamed for her to stop, but she was determined to complete her task.

I struggled to get free, but the boys held me down as She fastened the corners with one of the pins. I was delirious, and my world spun wildly as I felt the cloth drawn across my stomach and pulled snugly while she grabbed the other pin and locked me in my shame. I could hardly move as she told me to settle down if I didn’t want to get stuck.

The moment the second pin snapped shut, all my resistance stopped instantly. I was defeated, and my fate was now complete. Sitting me up while grinning victoriously, she said, “You didn’t want to use the bathroom like a big boy, so now you won’t have to. You can use your diapers as that is what they’re for.” Her words terrified me as my head whirled in disbelief this was happening. Everything seemed so surreal.

Sitting on the floor, she forced me to face the others while I tried to cover my shameful garment with my hands. “Put your hands behind your back so everyone can see what a baby you are,” she demanded while I numbly obeyed. “Now look up at the others and tell them what you’re wearing and why,” came another demand. I was crying so hard that I could hardly speak as I sobbed. I’m wearing diapers because I work outdoors.”

What are some diaper punishment?

“No! You’re wearing diapers because you don’t want to use the bathroom like a big boy. No, say it; she snapped somewhat angrily. I managed to repeat her words while shaking violently with shame and humiliation. After instructing everyone to point at my diapers while calling me a baby, she finally told them to return outside.

Turning to me, she said, “You too!” Her words tore into my soul, and I cried while begging to stay inside. “Very well, but you’d better not try and remove those diapers until I say you ca. Now run along until I call you for lunch.”

Though still in shock, I felt grateful as I wandered into the living room and sat on the couch. My head was still reeling as I looked down and saw myself dressed in nothing but a diaper. The shame was beyond any words I could use as I sat traumatized and in a daze. Only a short while ago, I was playing in the yard like the other kids, and now I’m sitting here in diapers like a baby.

Little did I know this was only the beginning of my nightmarish ordeals. It became obvious the foster mother found pleasure in my debasement and looked for any excuse to repeat my tormenting transformation to babyhood. Though the other boys were initially scared and fearful, they soon came to enjoy my being put in diapers and treated like a baby.

What are some diaper punishment?

It didn’t take much to convince the foster mother I needed to be punished, and the older boys sometimes even repeatedly lied to watch me pinned in diapers. The mother would up the punishment a little more each time, thinking I needed further reason to behave. The time I remained diapered increased from just a few hours to several days. While in diapers, I was restricted from using the bathroom like a big boy. So, the longer I was diapered, the harder it was to hold back wetting myself until that became a normal part of my punishment.

I was an empty shell as I surrendered to my transformation and even got used to being sent out in the yard in nothing but a diaper, where the others had fun teasing and calling me a baby. They even looked forward to my bouts with needing to use the bathroom and would gather around and watch while I lost the battle and wet myself. I cried uncontrollably as they cheered me on while I helplessly felt my diapers grow wet and warm.

Even during school days, I was subject to diapers, though she would lose one leg opening so I could use the bathroom without removing them. Once returning home, she would refasten the opening, assuring me I would end up wetting myself for everyone’s pleasure. She was the only one who ever diapered or changed me, but she always insisted the others come in to watch, including her daughter, who often had to fetch them.

Why do babies wear diapers?

  1. Diapers are generally more practical than attempting to toilet-train an infant who cannot communicate their needs.
  2. Protection Against Leaks: Diapers are equipped with absorbent materials and leak-proof barriers to prevent urine and stool from leaking onto a baby’s clothes or bedding.
  3. Promoting Sleep: Babies typically sleep for extended periods, and diapers help ensure that they remain dry during sleep. This contributes to uninterrupted sleep for both the baby and the parents.
  4. Transition to Toilet Training: As a child grows and begins to develop the ability to control bodily functions, diapers serve as a transition stage before formal toilet training begins.

It’s important to note that while diapers are practical and widely used, each child’s development is unique, and the timing of toilet training can vary. Some children may be ready for toilet training earlier than others. Parents often choose between disposable and cloth diapers based on personal preferences, convenience, and environmental considerations.

What are some diaper punishment?

I was almost ten years old when she finally stopped. Not because I was too old to control anymore (I had long surrendered to her demands) but because I no longer resisted or showed any sign of upset. Seeing me shamed and humiliated brought her pleasure, and it became a chore and normal once that was gone.

Several years later, I found a desire to relive those horrid years. Don’t ask me why, as I still don’t understand why I find pleasure in such torment, but I do. What was horrifying and traumatic now is sexually exciting and desirable. I used to think I was crazy for feeling this way. That is until the internet, and I found out I was not alone. Many people have a diaper fetish, some because of childhood punishments with diapers.

Will the desire (need) ever go away? I don’t think so. I used to think it would when I grew old, but I’m over 75 now and still find my body shaking with shame and humiliation as I pin myself into my baby pants. I still see the other children pointing and laughing at me while I’m turned into a big boy wearing diapers like a baby. My heart flutters with embarrassment as the soft fabric between my legs grows warm and wet while hearing everyone laugh and call me a big baby.

What rules can I have for my diaper punishment?

The toilet is off-limits, no covering up your diaper, and the diaper must always be in plain view. When outside, you’ll wear just a diaper and a T-shirt; when swimming, you’ll wear a swim diaper instead of a swimsuit. You would have your diaper changed in front of your friends. If you are a girl, you’ll wear just a diaper and a T-shirt around the house, and when playing outside, you’ll wear short dresses and skirts, when swimming you’ll wear a swim diaper and a bikini top, you’ll have your diaper changed in front of your friends.

What is the most humiliating diaper punishment you have experienced?

My diaper humiliation started on the morning of my 6th B’day. Instead of being changed into my training underwear, I was put back in my diapers, plastic pants and a white t-shirt. My B’day party that afternoon, in front of all my friends, wearing nothing but the same and being dragged from my room crying in half-wet diapers. When I was asked about my diapers, my mom told them I still wasn’t ready for big-boy underwear. Before the cake was served, my mom changed me downstairs in the den in front of everyone. 7 yrs. Later, I woke up dry, so the daytime diapers came off, but I was still put in diapers and plastic pants at night “just in case” for another year. I am happily married now with three wonderful children, one a bedwetter, whom we use an alarm, which is fantastic; it saves a child from the humiliation I had to endure. My mom died a year before our 1st child was born, so my past is 6 feet under, and my children will never know how cruel she was.

Were you ever diaper-disciplined?

I was diaper-polished when I was 16; my parents thought it would help with my behavioural issues. I was a bedwetter back then and had to wear diapers daily, but at the time, I was rebellious, the usual teens do, coming back late, partying with friends in high school, etc. I am already used to being in diapers, so I have an easier time adapting to being back in diapers.

I had to follow a set of rules when under diaper discipline; I was made to wear diapers 24/7, which is wearing them during the day as I already have to wear them at night. This includes schools, malls, etc. I was treated like an infant or a baby ( no kidding ). One of the rules was I had to suck a pacifier while wearing diapers, and at home, nothing that covers the diapers can be worn; this includes Pants/shorts etc., only a Diaper and T-shirt, white socks and white velcro athletic shoes. Diapers are always visible unless it’s cold out. I was forced to see my diapers all the time, knowing I could not remove them alone, and had to wait for the parents to decide when they needed to be changed. The visibility of the diapers allows my parents to see the condition of my diaper and further reminds me that I am in diapers.

What are some diaper punishment?

I wasn’t allowed to do many things, I was regressed to like a baby, and my younger brother and sister would “take care” of me like I was a baby and were told by my parents to treat me as such; I was almost always in restraints when during diaper discipline, my hands were put in mittens to hinder me grabbing stuff. A pacifier gag was used on me, too; it was a normal pacifier except bigger and had a strap to secure it behind the back.

I became very submissive when in diapers as I didn’t want it to be any worse than it already was; from my mom’s perspective, I am an obedient boy who is very submissive to her, and she tasked my younger siblings to look after me.

They would also tease me, calling me names like a diaper boy even though I’m their older brother. This was done through the school holidays and lasted for a long time; by the time school reopened, I was so used to the regression treatment I had to wear diapers to school for the first few weeks as I would wet my diaper during the day and had no control, it was humiliating.

Have you ever been put in diapers against your will?

Yes, it was many years ago when I was eight years old. I was in foster care for most of my childhood. The foster mother was a very firm, unemotional woman in her mid-thirties and very controlling to us boys but not with her daughter. The daughter hated having us boys sharing her home. Though she was a year younger than me, she kept me scared of her because her mother always believed whatever she’d said over us boys, and she often used that to get us in trouble if we didn’t bid or let her play with what few toys we had.

I remember the first time I felt the full wrath of her hatefulness, and it still makes me shake whenever I think back to that day. We boys were playing ball in the backyard, and I accidentally threw the ball crooked, and it hit her. She quickly ran into the house, crying, and told her mother that I had deliberately hit her. I was called in and pleaded that it was an accident, but she didn’t believe me. I was so scared that I started to cry and began to shake uncontrollably. Without warning, I started to wet my pants from nervousness as they both looked in disbelief.

I was terrified now as I hadn’t had an accident since I was a toddler. The mother became even angrier as she shouted what a disgusting boy I was. Her daughter started laughing and called me a baby over and over again. I don’t know if that gave her mother an idea of how to punish me, but she started to grin as she repeated her daughter’s comment about my being a baby for wetting myself.

What are some diaper punishment?

That’s when I heard the fatal words from her daughter, “I think he needs to wear diapers since he still wets himself like a baby.” When I heard the word ‘diapers’, I felt overcome with pure terror as I screamed for forgiveness. Still, the idea was already planted in her mother’s mind as she gave a large Calico Smile and told her daughter to get her a couple of the baby’s diapers and some diaper pins.

My head spun as I screamed I was sorry just as she grabbed my arm and pulled me into the living room where the real baby was sitting in the playpen. Yanking me over beside the pen, she pushed me to the floor and told me to wait while she fetched a changing pad nearby. Spreading it across the floor, she pulled me to my feet and removed my clothes.

I fought as hard as I could, only to get slapped several times until I stood in my wet underpants. My eyes were filled with tears as her daughter entered and handed her the diapers. “Get yourself down on the pad now.”, she demanded as I dropped to the floor in horror. Kneeling at my feet, she forced me onto my back as her daughter stood by and watched. “Looks like I have another baby to take care of.” she chuckled as if finding pleasure in my debasement.

What are some diaper punishment?

Though I struggled to keep my underpants on, I was no match as she quickly yanked them off, removing my last barrier of dignity. Grabbing the diapers, she refolded them to fit and ordered me to lift my bottom while she slipped them under me. I could hardly see from my tear-drenched eyes but could make out her daughter looking down and grinning with delight. I stared at the ceiling as I felt the soft fabric pulled up between my legs and gathered at my hip.

I was delighted as she pulled the other corners snugly across my stomach and finished pinning me in shame. I was empty now as she struggled to pull me to my feet. “Oh! Doesn’t he look cute in his diapers? He looks just like a real baby, gleamed her daughter. I was traumatized now, and all my resistance was gone. I was like putty to whatever they wished to do.

“Alright big baby, get yourself in the playpen with the other baby while I take care of your wet clothes.” I stood frozen until she guided my leg over the railing and sat me down. My mind was blank and void of feelings as I stared through the bars and watched them leave the room. It was only minutes later when I heard a commotion and, looking up, saw she had called the other boys in to see my new status.

What are some diaper punishment?

Though my head was still whirling, I felt a fresh rush of shame as they surrounded the pen. Bursting into heavier tears only added to my babyish appearance as everyone laughed and said I was cute. The mother picked up one of the baby’s pacifiers and forced it into my mouth while telling me to settle down. I had no sense of time, but it seemed forever before they stopped and were sent back outside.

I was terrified when the daughter returned alone and looked down at me with delight at my plight. “Well, well. Looks like I’ve another baby to play with. I think mom should keep you in diapers until we are sure you won’t have any more accidents. I can’t wait until my friends come over this afternoon and I can show off our new baby. Maybe we can even play house and take turns being your mommy.”

Her words terrified me and cut into my soul as I helplessly cried. Thankfully, she didn’t have any friends over to torment me further. Her mother probably told her to keep it quiet and in the house, but I’m not certain. Whatever the reason, I was grateful as I didn’t know if my mind could handle any more trauma than I was already experiencing.

It was late afternoon when the mother returned to check on me and asked if I felt ready to use the bathroom like a big boy again. Of course, I said YES. She took me to my bedroom and removed my diapers while warning me of a repeat for much longer if I ever had another accident. I quickly dressed, but my clothes didn’t protect me from being teased and called a baby for several weeks.

After that day, I would get a fearful, tingling feeling whenever I saw the baby, especially if its diapers were exposed. This reaction has remained long into my teenage life, and even today, many years later, when I see diapers, I get that tingling sensation, though the fear seems less. However, whenever I reflect on that day, I shake and oddly feel I am about to be diapered again.

Have you ever been put in diapers against your will?

Yes. When I was about 10, I found some diapers in my parent’s room, took two, and made them fit with some tape. I didn’t use them for a couple of days because I wanted to wear them, but I finally wet them and hid them in my room. When I came home from school one day, Mom found my diapers and questioned me about it. I was extremely embarrassed and wouldn’t answer her questions. She told me to go to my room and wait. She came back and told me that I would be getting a spanking and to take my clothes off. I protested a little but ended up doing it. I was bent over the bed and spanked first with her hand, then with a wooden spoon, probably about 30 times. I was crying pretty hard by the end, and that was all for that punishment. She did tell me if she ever caught me playing with diapers again, it would be much more severe. When I was about 14, I fantasized about that day since it was my hardest and first bare-bottom spanking. I was a good kid and didn’t get it again after that, so when I was 14, I was at a friend’s house and snuck home his younger sister’s diapers and tried to make them fit the same way, and it worked. I did this for months until I got caught by his mom, who told my mom, and she was angry. She picked me up, and we didn’t say a word. She went to the store and got a pack of diapers that would fit me, and when I saw that reality set in, I started begging and pleading. I realized this was only fun when it was a fantasy. When we got home, I was still crying. She pulled my pants down in the living room, pulled me over her knee, and spanked me with the wooden spoon. I was kicking and screaming by the end of it, and then she made me stand in the corner till my dad got home, and when he did, I went over the couch for the belt about 40 times hard. This was the first time I got the belt, and then the new rules were I would be grounded for a month for the diapers and a month for stealing and would be diaper 24/7 while grounded, and they also informed me that they would be punishing me with spankings from her on out. The worst part was we were going on vacation to Florida in a couple of weeks. So, for the next couple of weeks, my mom diapered me just like a baby and would do it in front of my sister, who was 17 then. It was the worst part of my punishment when we got to Florida.

I was made to wear diapers the whole time, and on the way there, it was just a diaper and a shirt for the whole car ride, and I would be changed in the back seat at rest stops. When we got to our hotel, I was made to walk in with just a diaper and a shirt. The next day, we went to the beach, and I was allowed to wear swim trunks over my diapers. Still, once we were there for a couple of hours, I started whining about not being able to get in the water and that I hated this vacation. Hence, she made me remove my swim trunks and only wear diapers. That was the most embarrassing time of my life; I felt like everyone was looking at me. Once we got home, my diaper punishment continued for several months. I got the diaper punishment again, but the spankings did not go away.

What are some diaper punishments for 2024?