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Simple yet important slips and falls accident tips

slip and fall accident 6 Tips to Help Prevent Slips, Trips and Falls

Simple yet important slips and falls accident tips

Causes of occupational accidents: It is necessary to know the causes of occupational accidents to prevent them.


A slip occurs when your balance is lost due to surface conditions, limiting the amount of traction. Mistakes usually happen because of:

  • Broken tile and mosaic, defective rugs and carpets, etc., and surface materials such as ceramic or smooth concrete.
  • Contact with wet or slippery surfaces, whether due to rain, snow, ice, oil, raw material spills or any liquid or viscous matter.
  • Use of smooth or inappropriate footwear for the type of surface.


 Tips to Help Prevent Slips and Falls

Stumbles occur due to a lack of stability in the body’s lower extremities or due to problems with hearing and vision of people. Causes of tripping include:

  • Hitting with one or both feet causes a loss of balance.
  • Destabilization is caused by a sudden movement, such as bending over or standing up unexpectedly.
  • Poor lighting, as well as directions from lighted areas to dark areas.
  • Obstructing pathways with tools, equipment, supplies, debris, cables, and cords.
  • Walking across uneven, bumpy, or cracked surfaces and temporary walkways.
  • Load weighty objects or with an unconventional length.


Causes of occupational accidents

In order to prevent occupational accidents falls: Falls occur when you lose your balance and go from an upright posture to a downward movement, possibly falling to a lower level. There are two types of falls:

It Falls on the same level. The most frequent falls are usually caused by tripping and slipping. When a person suffers a fall, it can: fracture, injure their back or result in a sprain.

High-level drops. They are less frequent than falls from the same level. Injuries resulting from this type of fall are more severe, resulting in fractures, paralysis, and even death. These can be from:

Ladders or scaffolding. Climbing on ladders or scaffolding is potentially dangerous if you carry any object, heavy or light. In addition, if liquids are transported or exposed to the elements, the risk is double because people can slip. It is important not to accumulate objects in these structures, as they can also cause falls.

Falls from vehicles and equipment. When raising or lowering the kit or unloading trucks, the risk of falls is always present because traction is usually low when going up and down steps or other parts. Also, the improper use of seats or traveling outside the vehicle is dangerous for physical integrity.

The importance of prevention in the industry

 Tips to Help Prevent Slips and Falls

Work accidents caused by slips, trips and falls are one of the most common causes of injuries within the workplace, regardless of whether you are in an office, industry or business. Such damages can include fractures, burns and wounds, which can reduce the capabilities of workers or even be fatal.

Although the Federal Labor Law is responsible for regulating the compensation that workers must receive in the event of an injury due to an accident at work, the ideal is prevention because injuries can cause emotional and psychological problems for employees. 

                                                                                                                                                                   One of the best options to prevent industry risks is using fiberglass ladders and structures due to their non-slip and anti-corrosion properties if you want more information about them or want to acquire them to provide greater security to your company.                              

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Simple yet important slips and falls accident tips

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