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The 7 Best Adult Inline Skates of 2022 – Comparison

The 7 Best Adult Inline Skates of 2022 - Comparison

The 7 Best Adult Inline Skates of 2022 – Comparison

In countries like ours, where we have sun, beaches, and good weather, inline skates are a perfect alternative for pleasant walks or sports.

They are entertaining and generally inexpensive, so they have more and more fans, and many adults are signing up for this trend that has become fashionable again. There are freestyle, aggressive, speed, etc. It’s easy to get confused, and you can waste a lot of time searching until you know which inline skates to buy.

To pave the way for you, we have selected the 7 best inline skates for adults, and, in our practical guide, we tell you what matters when buying your inline skates. The chosen models are from the best inline skate brands on the market.

In the end, we leave you a table so that you can compare its main characteristics at a glance.

What skates to buy? The 7 best inline skates 

You will find inline skates for adults who want to start skating, those who already have an intermediate level, and advanced skaters.


In all inline skates, it is recommended that you buy a number more than the one you fit to ensure that your foot works well and that you will have enough mobility to handle it with ease and not bother you when skating.

Hudora inliner RX23 

If you are starting in the skating world, you must look for skates that help you learn and that are designed to make it easy for you to take your first steps. The Hudora RX23 is a perfect option for beginners, and we explain why:

  • They come with ABEC 5 bearings and small wheels for better maneuverability and more manageable balance.
  • Although you can get to go fast with them, they are not especially fast, and it is easy to have a speed appropriate to your level.
  • They have an affordable price.

They are easy to put on and take off, and you don’t have to fight with them. This mold well to the foot thanks to the quick laces and adjustable buckles, although the sizing is somewhat fair, and it is recommended that you buy a number more than you usually wear.

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