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17 facts:Is Teresa Fidalgo’s ghost real or fake 2024 ?

17 facts:Is Teresa Fidalgo's ghost real or fake 2024 ?

Is Teresa Fidalgo’s ghost real or fake?

I answered this

I’m sorry, Teresa Fidlago, but you messaged the wrong guy.

I’m an agent of the SCP Foundation. We are a global organization specializing in Containing the supernatural, and we have dealt with ghosts, demons, devils, monsters, and eldrich horrors.

I’ll contact my superiors about the issue and contain the anomaly now designed SCP-6705, AKA ‘A Rampaging Ghost,’ and safely and securely contain it to protect humanity.

Thanks for the alert. You will always be under watch if you will further spread knowledge of our organization.

Sincerely, the SCP Foundation

Secure. Contain. Protect

Teresa Fidalgo is a fake online ghost. She does not just send this message. She sends. It is just human-made. I just ignored this, and my mom is still alive and smart…

No, the story of Teresa Fidaglo is not true at all.

I was on my phone, and I got the text. At first, I was scared and showed my mom; she said not to believe it and that it was a weirdo trying to scare me. Oh boy, was she right? So then, at least a month later, nothing happened at all. Everything was fine, which means it will be fine for you to ignore the message, too!

It’s fake. I searched on Google, but she died in an accident 27 years ago.. then a movie named “Curva” was released, and in that, the same message was there, but it was fake.

People are stupid, believing nonsense without any reason.

It’s fake. This is the second time I received the message; I received one last year and one this year. I did send it to anyone, and it has been a year since my mom has been alive and well

The viral story (“I am Teresa Fidalgo, and if you don’t post this on 20 other photos, I will sleep with you forever, A girl ignored and her mom died 29 days later. You can even search for me on Google.”) Attached with this clip in the name of Teresa Fidalgo is fake.

This is a clip of a Portuguese film, ‘A Curve,’’ directed by David Rebordão, which they published to promote the film, but it soon took hype on Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook. That was purely some forward-chain message, not a real one.

But there’s the actual story behind it; the young girl named Teresa Fidalgo is the girl who died in 1983 in a car accident. Later on, in 2003, Aping Blair Witch Project, the found footage shows a car of friends driving in the mountains when they pick up a hitchhiker going by the name Teresa Fidalgo.

She is the same girl who died in 1983, which was later proved by local authorities, where their investigation showed the evidence of her accident. The clip we are seeing is of the film made by director David Rebordão, who was inspired by the 2003 incident of how Teresa Fidalgo’s ghost was encountered in 203 by three friends.

That indicates the ghost of Teresa Fidalgo, who haunted a group of friends in 2003, but not any chain message scaring you and forcing you to forward it.

I hope this helps. Feel free to edit if anything needs to be added.

Is Teresa Fidalgo’s ghost real or fake?

100% fake. There are no real ghosts. I don’t even need to know who that Teresa Fidalgo woman was in the first place (never heard of her), to know that her alleged ‘ghost’ (as well as all the other claims to ‘ghosts’) – are 100% hoaxes.

No, I received this message multiple times. Yet, I’m still here. Teresa Fidalgo is a made-up character for a movie or show. So, don’t be worried or scared. For you all’sy’all’s sake, ignore it and live your life normally.

“I am Teresa Fidalgo, and if you don’t post this on 20 other photos, I will sleep with you forever; a girl ignored me, and her mom died 29 days later. You can even search for me on Google.”

This was written on many Websites, WhatsApp, Instagram, and tiktok.

Indeed, you can search for Teresa on Google. However, her extensive search results are different from her physical existence, more a catalog of various regurgitations and reworkings of a story that originates with Portuguese producer David Rebordão’s viral video ‘A Curva.’ Aping Blair Witch Project, the found footage, sees a car of friends driving in the mountains when they pick up a hitchhiker named Teresa Fidalgo.

Teresa Fidalgo was a girl living in Portugal. In 1983, she took a car on a highway, but the car later encountered an accident. She died because of this accident. Some years later, she was found to be standing in the same place where she died. A couple accepted her for hitchhiking, and they were conversing in the car. At first, Teresa Fidalgo 1983 appeared calm, and they had a lovely conversation. But soon, the face of Teresa Fidalgo in 1983 became bloody, and she screamed seriously. The couple was scared and shocked, and their car crashed. When the police found the crashed car, the car was badly damaged, and the couple died. There was no sign of the appearance of Teresa Fidalgo in 1983 because her body was not found there. However, the police found a video that recorded the conversation mentioned above. In other words, the video was one of the evidence showing the existence of the ghost of Teresa Fidalgo.

According to the police and the official record, Teresa Fidalgo died in 1983 in a car accident. Therefore, the Teresa Fidalgo 1983 story created many rumors. Many people think that it was a real thing, but some people thought that the video was just a horror film and not true.

No matter what, the video created a lot of discussions between people. Many people said that the video was just a highly sophisticated horror film.

Teresa Fidalgo 1983 Accident Survivor:

But some years later, a ‘survivor’ came out, and he was called David. He was mentally ill, so he could not tell everything. However, according to people who assisted him, David was one of the accident survivors who left the place after the accident. Therefore, the police did not find him at that moment. But this was not a valid thing, according to some people. They have found that there should only be three people in the conversation between the couple and the ghost, and David could not be the fourth. Although David claimed to be the cameraman in that video, some people still doubted whether that was true.

Is Teresa Fidalgo’s ghost real or fake?

Teresa Fidalgo 1983 was later regarded as a white lady. It was partly because she wore the white dress in the video. This somehow increased the mysterious feeling of many people because this type of white dress and horror situation matched the traditional horror movie concept. Therefore, some people wonder whether this was just a tricky video made by somebody.

To conclude, Teresa Fidalgo 1983 was involved in one of the accidents in that period and died because of that. Later, she was believed to be a ghost and haunted around.

My opinion:

This story is unreal because spirits have an electromagnetic field, and humans have an aura. A strong aura and positivity protect the human body from the electromagnetic field. Normally, spirits can haunt only one person at any particular time whose aura is weak, whose mind is not strong, or if the person is spiritual. I dont believe that any spirit can haunt three or four persons simultaneously. Everybody has different types of aura; aura is a protection shield for every human being to get protection from paranormal things. So, I didn’t find any spiritual logic behind this. This type of unsatisfied spirit is not fake, but it can’t haunt any group of humans. It’s not possible that everyone in a group of humans has the same weak aura. They can haunt only a single person. So dont believe in such stupid stories, and dont spread the poor girl’s name as a ghost. I dont know if she was available in real life, but if she was, I pray that God may bless her soul and keep her rest in peace.

I hope you understand.

Why is everyone talking about Teresa Fidalgo?

First, see the photo👆. And read it.

Today, an unknown person has messaged me this. Firstly, I was shocked after reading this message. I was thinking that this was true or fake.

Then I was searching for this on the net; then I got this that it is fake. But then, also, why people are forwarding this message, I need help understanding.

Then I asked the unknown person who had sent me this fake message. He told me he had also gotten this message from his friend, and I am forwarding this to 20 people. After that, I asked him who he was and how he got my number. Then he told me I was in your school and got this number from our school group. I told him that this was fake message and that he didn’t believe in it. I also tell you all readers not to believe in such fake news.

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Thanks for reading 😀.

Is it true that Teresa Fidalgo will sleep by your side?

I can prove to you that Teresa Fidalgo is a fake.

1.) When she said she died 27 years ago, when insta or WhatsApp weren’t there, how could she write?

2.) That message has been introduced previously. It is a message from 3 years ago. And from 3 yrs she died 27 yrs ago. That means in 2067, she will die in 2040. That means she is alive now.

3.) This is a story from a Portuguese film. That’s why Teresa is a Portuguese

4.) What if we never had a phone? Does she sleep only with people with a mobile device or any social media platform in this case?

5.) If an orphan received this message and he didn’t share it, then whom will she kill, huh? Herself!? Or the orphan?

These are a few reasons that prove that Teeraa Fidalgo is a fake.

If you receive that message, don’t panic. Take it as a joke.

#get lost, you Teresa!!!!?

Do you believe in ghosts? If yes, what was your first ghost experience?


It happened to me in my hometown. I had gone to Guwahati during my summer vacation. We are a joint family, so the fun of celebrating every day was completely different at that time (NOT NOW). Being an early riser, I always woke up at 5:30; by 6, I had completed my shower and other morning activities. After that, I went to the terrace to water the plants there. I WISH I SHOULDN’T HAVE GONE THERE.

The plants were kept at the edge of the terrace. So, I went there very cautiously and started watering the plants. The problem started after I returned. It was 6:30, and as I walked down the stairs, I felt a strong PUSH behind my back as if somebody was trying to throw me from the stairs. I held the side grill, which was a support, and tried to counter it. MIND YOU, NO ONE AT THE TERRACE EXCEPT ME, and THE TERRACE HAD ONLY ONE ENTRY POINT.

After a few moments, I felt a strange thing! Someone was trying to grasp my neck. I felt like two LITTLE HANDS were trying to grasp my neck and press it harder. The push behind my back was still there!

When I opened my eyes the next moment, I saw myself inside my room. My parents had called the doctor, and he was saying something about being TIRED and SOME HEALTH PROBLEM DUE TO HEAT. But only I know what that was and how it felt. After that day, I suffered from numerous health problems for a month, from migraines to sudden back pain. The back pain was the most prominent, as if someone was trying to sit on the two sides of my shoulder and press my neck.

After a month, it was gone. I still don’t know what it was and why it held me.

Is it true that my mom will die because of Teresa Fidalgo’s?

I can’t believe that I found such a question here. But it’s OK. However, it is quite entertaining; it went viral a few years ago and has become a hot discuss on the net.

And the answer is:

Yes, of course, your mom will die. But, of course, not because of Teresa Fidalgo.

God is the only one with the power to decide when and how anyone dies, including your mom. Not the online ghost is known as Teresa Fidalgo.

I also got this message from someone but ignored it, and nothing happened to my mom. She is still alive now, healthy, beautiful, and wise as before, the most amazing woman I have ever known.

Have you ever thought about your reaction if you saw a ghost?

What if I say I heard(didn’t see) God? A goddess! The reaction would be the same, though.

⚠️If any of you reading is an atheist or doesn’t believe in God, please ignore this answer or don’t comment hate. I am going to delete it.

So this happened at my Grandparent’s house. My nani (Grandma) has seen her a lot of times. She’s an ardent devotee of her. We call this goddess ‘Maa Bipotnashini’ in Bengali. My grandma has more than 1,000 tales of encounters with her. It’s common for her. She’s also not scared.

I have heard a lot of incidents. One of them was when one of my relatives came into our house to stay for a night. She was sleeping in the hall near the temple and suddenly started hearing the sounds of bangles, jewelry, and someone walking or dancing coming from there at 2 or 3 AM, and she ran towards my grandmother as she was so scared. My grandma is the one-stop destination for all these. She claimed to have seen her often at midnight while going to the bathroom or kitchen to drink water, but it’s common for her.

So this was an incident from June 2014/15:

I was at my grandma’s home for my summer vacation, which was only ten days. My mom and brother slept in one room and my grandma in another. Around 2/3 AM, I was still awake while everyone was deep asleep. It was summer; the fan was at high speed. Suddenly, I heard the noise of some jewelry, like bangles colliding or anklets. The calendar momentarily hung on the wall, flipping a lot due to the fan’s full speed. But as time passed, I could hear the sound getting lower and higher, like somebody was moving closer to me and Walking away toward the hall. I was damn scared; I knew someone was walking from the hall to our room and again to the hall. I knew this was her; I was feeling blessed at the same time shit scared. I was scared to move.

I was thinking:

“What if she sees my moving? She will know I am awake.”

“Please sleep, come fast.”

And in no time, I was in sleep. The next morning, I had to share this with my grandma; she did not react. She knew who it was, and so did I. My brother didn’t believe me. So I planned to keep him awake this time so that even he could hear.

That night, we both were awake, and the same thing happened. We were staring at each other in the dark and shit scared.

The next day, my brother and I slept with our grandma and felt protected. My mom slept alone in that room, and she heard it this time, although she had known about this for a long. But she was scared, too. Later, we all slept together.

I still got goosebumps while writing this. That feeling is phenomenal; I am so so blessed.

This is the goddess; I am a hardcore devotee of her after that incident. Sadly, that was the first and last incident to happen.

By the way, that bindi you see is made of gold. That was gifted to her by one of my aunts 🥰

She’s my second mom❤️

She is the goddess who removes troubles and obstructions. That is why the name ‘Bipotnashini,’ bipot meaning trouble, and nashini meaning destroyer.

Until now, I prayed to her whenever she was in trouble or had a problem; many instances made me feel her existence near me, too.

I have just put my heart out here. You might think this is a lie, but I can do nothing to make you understand. But please, no hate.

Also, don’t comment about science and stuff. I’m from a science background, too, but I believe in the existence of God, and now there is no question about her existence for me, my family, and my relatives.

I got closer to my religion now and am extremely proud of it.❤️

Some Bengalis might know about her.❤️


Another incident:

Once, when I was in school (class 9), during the assembly in the morning, the seniors were instructed to check the nails and shoes of every student and pull out anyone whose nails were long, had nail paints (for girls), or had dirty shoes. The checking started; I was damn scared, my nails were long, but my shoes were clean. I was embarrassed and scared to be called out and made to stand outside the line. I just started praying to her, like anything, to save me. Guess what? The person checked the boy behind me, skipped me without knowing, and approached the boy standing in front. I couldn’t believe he didn’t even check me. I was so happy. This seems like a coincidence to many, but not to me. One hundred such minor incidents in my life made my belief in her grow more and more.;)

Do ghosts exist?

Do you want to go to the lake?

My friend asked me this around 8: 30 in the evening.

I asked him, “Which lake?”

He says, “Oh, there’s one nearby. People say it’s really beautiful to look at. But it’s closed at night, so we must be careful.”

Ever the rebel, I say, “Hell, yes. Let’s do this.”

We made our way to this narrow passageway that led to the lake.

My friend had a Duke, an on-road bike, and we cleared the barricade and entered.

Finally, after carefully navigating the rubble, we reached.

There it was.

The lake in all its glory.

It is beautiful, with the moon casting a wonderful white glow over the landscape.

Lonely and desolate, with no one around. Empty and deserted.

We parked the bike and sat on these rocks as my friend lit a cigarette, and I played some music.

Then there was silence.

Nothing but silence with my phone playing Floyd in the background.

It was just perfect.

Until we heard it.

A desperate, wailing scream.

It’d been fifteen minutes by then.

My friend and I were talking when we heard this loud, screeching noise from far away.

Both of us heard it.

I thought it was my friend’s phone. My friend thought it was my alarm or ringtone.

Together, we shifted uncomfortably, but we didn’t say anything just yet.

Then, we heard it again.

This time, louder. Closer. It felt like someone was running towards us.

I looked at my friend as he looked at me.

I said, “Umm, bro, was that your phone?”

He looks at me, equally perplexed, and says, “Wait, I thought it was yours. Please don’t joke about this.”

I said, “I’m not! Wait, did you hear that too?”

He says, “Yeah, I did. I thought…..”

Before he could finish, we heard it again.

Some girl, or something, screaming at the top of her voice.

This time, it was even louder. Even closer. Goosebumps all over us now.

We sprang to action.

Both of us were shaking now.

This was real. It was happening. The only problem, now, was that the shrieks were continuous. It wasn’t stopping.

Something or someone was screaming, and that thing was coming closer with each passing second.

It was a terrible sound.

It was a sound that felt so eerie and unnatural. Utterly miserable. One devoid of hope. Uncanny.

There was nothing around.

No house. No one. Nobody.

It was lonely for miles and miles.

Not a single soul in sight.

But, the scream.

With each second, they ran towards us, louder, closer.

Within seconds, we ran to my friend’s bike.

He fires up the engine.

By now, the screaming is extraordinarily real. It felt like the thing or person was desperately close to us by now.

I jumped on the backseat as he immediately revved his bike.

It was an on-road bike — there was rubble and an offshoot of a gravel road that had to be crossed before we were on the main road.

We didn’t care.

He revved his bike, and within three seconds, we were doing 50 km/per hour.

He was about to lose his balance and fall, but now the screaming felt seconds away from us.

We couldn’t stop.


I say, “Go, go ma,n.”


He says, “Fuck, man. It’s getting closer.”


I say, “Bhai, I’m serious. We need to leave. Just drive. Just drive. Don’t look to your left. Just don’t.”


Seconds away from us now.

I looked to my left and finally saw it.

A figure — something — or someone.

But not a human. That thing wasn’t human. The moon cast magnificent light over that thing, fully clothed in bright, shining white.

It was still screaming, and it was running straight at us, right at us. I’m not kidding; he’s running towards us.

I am shaking now, and desperately, I tell my friend, “Don’t fucking look to your left. Just drive.”

We’d just reached the main road by now as he revved to take us quickly away.

I didn’t even look back to see where that thing was now.

Both of us were shaking by the time we reached — almost in tears.

That night, neither of us slept.

The next morning, we went to college.

One of our friends was from Pune — a locality.

We were telling him the story, and he looked at us with this weird face. One of horror. Utter, sheer horror.

It was strange because this guy didn’t believe in ghosts or the supernatural.

Just as we finished our story, he asked quietly, “Wait, which lake was this?”

I say, “There’s one close to Lohegaon. Do you know it?”

That’s when he says something that chills us to the core and knocks the breath out of us.

He says, “Bhai, that’s the infamous suicide lake.”

Shaking now, I asked, “What do you mean?”

He says, “It’s the suicide lake. The government has banned entry to the lake because hundreds of people have died there.”

I’ve never doubted the existence of the supernatural since.

Is Teresa Fidalgo’s ghost real or fake?

There are several possible answers to this question, as people’s opinions on Teresa Fidalgo’s ghost vary.

Some believe her ghost is real, while others think it is fake.

However, some clues suggest that her ghost might be real after all.

For example, many people have reported seeing her ghost in various places worldwide.

Additionally, some reports about her sightings are quite detailed and credible.

While there is no concrete evidence to support the existence of Teresa Fidalgo’s ghost, there is certainly enough circumstantial evidence to make one wonder if she might be out there haunting people.

Will I die from Teresa Fidalgo’s?

No, You will not die. Someone sent it to me. I did not die; I am still here. It has been 20 days, and my mom didn’t die, so it’s fake. 😁 Welldon’t Welldon’t believe me? Well, how come I am still alive? Ya, guys, dont be scared. It’s all fake😊.

Because Teresa Fidalgo is nowadays a famous and viral ghost on the internet, it is fake; if you receive a message with her name, you can ignore it. Did Teresa Fidalgo really die? According to Portugal police, a girl named Teresa Fidalgo died in 1983 in a car accident.

Teresa Fidalgo’s ghost is a content that has gained significant attention and contestation over time. The story revolves around a viral videotape and accompanying communication chain claiming to show the ghost of a woman named Teresa Fidalgo. In this blog composition, we’ll claw into the legend’s origins, examine the substantiation presented, and determine whether Teresa Fidalgo’s ghost is real or fake.

The Origin

The legend of Teresa Fidalgo’s ghost began with a videotape named” A Curva” ( The Wind) that surfaced online in 2006. The videotape featured a nipping tale of a group of musketeers encountering a ghostly figure on a dark road. The videotape snappily went viral, accompanied by a chain of communication warning observers of the ghost’s curse.

Examining the substantiation

1. videotape Authenticity

The videotape is a fabrication work created by Portuguese filmmaker David Rebordão. It was meant to be a short horror film, not a real paranormal hassle. Rebordão later clarified that the videotape was part of a marketing crusade for a horror film design called” Almas Penadas” (Tortured Souls).

2. Actors and Interviews

The individualities appearing in the videotape are actors, and their names aren’t Teresa Fidalgo or the musketeers mentioned in the chain communication. Several interviews with the actors involved have debunked the myth and verified their participation in the fictional design.

3. Lack of empirical Information

Despite the wide rotation of the chain communication, no empirical substantiation supports the actuality of Teresa Fidalgo or her ghost. The story lacks believable sources or literal records to back up its claims.

4. Civic Legend and Viral Marketing

The legend of Teresa Fidalgo’s ghost gained traction through civic legends’ power and the internet’s viral nature. The combination of a compelling story, a creepy videotape, and a chain of communication fueled its fashionability, leading to a wide belief in its authenticity.


Teresa Fidalgo’s ghost is a product of fabrication and viral marketing. The videotape portraying her ghost is a work of fabrication created by a filmmaker, and the individuals involved are actors. The lack of empirical information and believable sources further supports the conclusion that Teresa Fidalgo’s ghost isn’t real but rather a civic legend that charmed the internet.

It’s important to critically estimate and corroborate information before accepting it as fact. While stories like Teresa Fidalgo’s ghost can be interesting, separating fact from fabrication helps us maintain a rational perspective on similar metaphysical claims.

Is Teresa Fidalgo’s Real Or a Myth?

On the internet, a video went viral in 2003. The video clip appeared to be a movie but was very close to accurate. The video was, however, taken from a Portuguese movie. The online rumor claims that Teressa perished in a car accident in 1983. Later, she started messaging people on various social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

She died in a Car Accident in 1983

Whether you’re a believer or a doubter, you’ve probably encountered the Teresa Fidalgo ghost story. It’s an urban legend that has been circulating the internet for years, and it’s been the source of much attention. The story has even been published in newspapers and on local television channels.

The Teresa Fidalgo story is based on an accident in Portugal in 1983. The story tells of a young lady killed in a car accident. She was only twenty-five years old when she died.

Is Teresa Fidalgo’s ghost real or fake?

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