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23:Is Billie Eilish on Onlyfans? Has it leaked?complete guide

Is Billie Eilish on Onlyfans Has it leaked

Is Billie Eilish on Onlyfans? Has it leaked?

The answer

Billie Eilish is one of the most talked about musicians in the world. She has a huge social media following and has already released two successful albums. But is Billie Eilish on Onlyfans?

Billie Eilish is currently off Onlyfans. This is based on our database of the most popular musicians. However, she has been on the site in the past.

Billie Eilish is one of the most popular musicians on the planet. She has a huge social media following and has already released two successful albums. The first album, “No. 6 Collaborations Project,” was released in 2018, and the second album, “Don’t Smile at Me,” was released in 2019.

However, is Billie Eilish on Onlyfans?

Based on our database of the most popular musicians, Billie Eilish is currently out of Onlyfans. However, she has been on the site in the past. She was on Onlyfans back in 2018. Back then, she was only 18 years old and had just released her first album.

In 2018, Billie Eilish was on

Is Billie Eilish on Onfans? Has it leaked?

No, she is not on the site.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Billie Eilish was barely a teenager when her song “Ocean Eyes” became a viral hit. She teamed with her brother, Finneas, to create the tracks for the breakout EP Don’t Smile at Me and the smash album When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?, establishing the artist as a global sensation and multi-time Grammy winner before the age of 20.

Eilish was born in Los Angeles, California, on December 18, 2001. Her parents, Maggie Baird and Patrick O’Connell were longtime actors before joining their teenage daughter’s professional team. Eilish’s full name is Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O’Connell. Her first name is in honor of her maternal grandfather, William, a conjoined twin inspired by the second her parents saw in a documentary, and the third came from the insistence of her older brother, Finneas.

Raised in a two-bedroom house in Highland Park, where she and her brother were homeschooled, Eilish was encouraged to pursue her interests in dance, gymnastics, horseback riding, and music. She learned to play the Beatles’ “I Will” on the ukulele at age 6, joined the Los Angeles Children’s Chorus at age 8, and began writing songs in earnest by age 11, her talents nurtured through her mother’s songwriting class. Eilish has said her first “real” song, “Fingers Crossed,” was penned around that time after watching an episode of The Walking Dead.

Why does Marisa Tomei get so much disrespect in the film industry?

Originally Answered: Why does Marissa Tomei get so much disrespect in the film industry?

Following her surprising (some even thought shocking) Best Supporting Actress triumph at the Academy Awards in 1993 for her role in “My Cousin Vinny,” the lovely Marisa has caught tons of shocking hate.

Marisa Tomei at the 2023 Berlin International Film Festival

Really? Yes, sadly, she has.

According to IMDB:

“Poor Marisa Tomei has been forced to endure a Mount Everest of disrespect.

Her name has become Exhibit A for what’s wrong with the voting process, a punchline of outrage – the poster child of head-scratching awards season jokes.

For many years, she topped the list of “How the hell did this happen?” Oscar moments.

Forget the fact that in the years that followed her win, Tomei has generated another pair of supporting nominations – for “In the Bedroom” in 2002 (a Todd Field movie – hello) and “The Wrestler” in 2009.

The presumption was that Tomei wasn’t nearly a talented enough actress to win, though they usually only find a little lousy performer generating three Oscar nominations.

No matter. The prevailing wisdom was that she was a lightweight actress who somehow slipped through the Academy Awards victory cracks.

Hopefully, Marissa will finally be forgiven and shown the respect she deserves.

Why is Billie Eilish so fat?

Why are you so rude? Seriously, this has to be one of the meanest questions I have read.

What are the saddest songs by Billie Eilish?

Saddest songs by Billie Eilish

  1. I love you
  2. Listen before I go
  3. No time to die
  4. everything I wanted
  5. ocean eyes
  6. When the party was over
  7. When I was older
  8. bitches broken hearts
  9. watch
  10. Come out and play
  11. bored
  12. Danny
  13. goodbye
  14. hostage
  15. I do not want to be you anymore

What do you think about Billie Eilish?

A while back, I was food shopping, and I came across a chartreuse-haired wonder with dramatic black highlights and a don’t-fuck-with-me aura. She was elevated above the masses on some platform boots, and her long green paws were wrapped around an orange like the Evil Queen clutching a poisoned apple. She raised the orange to the front of her face to appraise it—a witch gazing into a crystal ball. I decided she was fabulous and moved on.

Can anyone pull off chartreuse? Forget about it. Chartreuse kills or empowers, depending. Chartreuse is for the brave. All others need not apply.

A week passed, and I spied another chartreuse girl in black, mismatched boots. Then another. Is something going on?

Eventually, the name Billie Eilish landed in my tinnitus-laden ear like a butterfly resting on a colostomy bag. Something was going on! I proceeded to Google:

A figure dressed in polluted yellow rips through a similarly colored screen, removes a lump of something large and creepy from her mouth, and hands it to a stoic bouncer type. She bops around a bit and, in a living-dead voice that could hardly be bothered, she explains, “I’m the bad type/ make your Momma sad type/make your girlfriend mad tight/might seduce your dad type…” It was love in the first video.

In the mysterious way of the internet, my Quora feed became flooded with Billie Eilish babble, mostly older adults bitching. I’ll paraphrase,

‘She’s just a kid; what does a kid know of pain?

She thinks she is so special, she isn’t so special.

She’s nothing but a pretentious faux-angst filled privileged little brat.

She’s a corporate creation built out of butterfly tears, and Marilyn Manson farts. This is what’s wrong with music today, you know? God, I miss the Big Bopper.’

She was negated because she came from money. Then, the idea that she came from money was challenged. This went back and forth, then petered to another accusation of faux-angst pretension. The idea that money and pain can exist in the same person was not broached. Well, I’m here to broach it. Rich people feel pain, too. There. I’m done. Now I’ll broach other shit as well.

Here’s a shocking fact: Billie Eilish is not singing to you if you’re over twenty years old. You are not her intended audience if your balls are hitting toilet water or your tits are flatter than day-old pancakes. At 61, I’m not either. I can flap my saggy geriatric jaw till it falls off, but there’s no way to construct my words into any cultural relevance because none of this is about me.

The understanding that my opinion is irrelevant to a new pop star’s audience is important. More often than not, it stops me from being an asshole. “Madonna is a one-hit wonder.” Yeah, I sure called that one.

So I should probably shut up now, and I will—tomorrow. In the meantime, I need to proclaim my appreciation for Billie Eilish. I think her videos are captivating, her lyrics provocative, and I’m an absolute sucker for the droll zombie persona she packages her pain in.


To me, this George Sanders-Ian Curtis-Peter Noone hybrid is completely new. We could locate her origins in goth, but goth was chilly, holding itself at a remove from the audience and life itself. Billie Eilish can thaw. Have you seen any of that concert footage? She’s your new best friend, reaching out to touch your hand, holding a microphone over a crowd of kids who know every single word to every single song and will voice them at will as long as they can stop crying long enough to do so.

She projects authenticity; when she sings, I believe her. I believe she’s been through a boatload of shit, and I believe she contains the impulse that some survivors contain, namely, to be of help.

I imagine Billie Eilish was concocted in the minds of a bunch of corporate suits and in the blackened mind of an alienated kid and her talented brother. All sorts of contrived choices and personal mishaps go into a product roughly labeled art. After all, art is a series of decisions made and guts spilled. But why does that discount her? I’ve got news for you: conceived in a boardroom or not, the Monkees were great. Have you listened to Pleasant Valley Sunday lately? It’ll knock your socks off.

I’m pretty sure that if I were sixteen, I’d be in that audience: mouthing songs, enthralled as a refreshingly lumpy girl with ever-morphing hair spells out her pain—our pain as if we were the first people in the world to feel it. That’s what it’s like to be a teenager. And if you’re too old or tired to remember any of that, let those of us who do remind you.

Disclaimer: It’s been pointed out that I spend much of the post discounting the opinion of oldsters while I, as an oldster, proceed to spout my opinion. Okay, there’s a contradiction there. Leave me alone.

I might have the body of an older man, but I have the soul of a sixteen-year-old girl. Ask anybody.

Which star was most affected by the Fappening?


There have been multiple waves of the Fappening, and it continues to this day, with Kristen Stewart and Olivia Wilde being the latest victims.

But it’s impossible to know who was the most affected by this.

Vanessa Hudgens, for example, had already had multiple pictures leaked in 2007 and 2011, so when it happened for the 3rd time, she already knew what and how she would feel, even though it begs the question of why she kept on taking more pictures after the first time and then the second time they leaked.

In 2008, after her first leak, she stated:

It was meant to be private, and even though it isn’t anymore, I’d still like to keep it as private as possible.

It was very traumatic, and I am extremely upset it happened. All my fans can learn from my mistakes and make smart decisions.

Jennifer Lawrence was surely affected, as her name has been associated with the Fappening since she was the highest profile actress to be affected when it happened.

She stated in an interview with Vanity Fair:

I was just so afraid. I didn’t know how this would affect my career.

Everything I tried to write made me cry or get angry. I started to write an apology, but I don’t have anything to say sorry for. I was in a loving, healthy, great relationship for four years. It was long distance, and either your boyfriend is going to look at porn, or he’s going to look at you.

I can’t even describe what it feels like to have my naked body shoot across the world like a news flash against my will. It makes me feel like a piece of meat being passed around for a profit.

Just because I’m a public figure, just because I’m an actress, does not mean I asked for this. It does not mean that it comes with the territory. It’s my body, and it should be my choice, and the fact that it is not my choice is disgusting. I can’t believe that we even live in that kind of world.

People forget that we’re human.

The Fappening made more than 100 public figures feel this way. Some are worse than others.

So it’s impossible to know who was most affected by it, but it caused much pain for many people.

Thank you for reading.

What are the most talked about leaked celebrity photos?


Though for the past eight years, the most talked-about celebrity leaked photos were Jennifer Lawrence’s, there were Vanessa Hudgens’ leaks before them.

At the height of her fame, right after she became a teen star, thanks to her role in High School Musical, the internet only spoke about one thing. Vanessa Hudgens’ pictures that leaked in 2007. Wherever you went on the existing social media platforms and news websites, that’s what everyone was talking about. If you went to the newsstand to buy a newspaper or magazine, that was on the cover of all of them. You couldn’t escape it if you wanted to. Neither could Vanessa, the 18-year-old victim in all of this.

Her team made her release a statement in which she had to apologize:

I want to apologize to my fans, whose support and trust mean the world. I am embarrassed over this situation and regret having ever taken these photos. I am thankful for the support of my family and friends.

And then a Disney spokesperson released a further statement accusing her of a “lapse in judgment”:

Vanessa has apologized for what was a lapse in judgment. We hope she’s learned a valuable lesson.

Disney had the guts to blame an 18-year-old who, like millions of people around the world, sent some pictures to her partner for the actions of a hacker who wanted his two minutes of fame and some money. And to make matters worse, the tabloids and people on social media did the same. They slut-shamed her and constantly reminded her of it, not allowing her to move on. When ‘The Fappening’ happened in 2014, the tabloids changed their narrative regarding leaked pictures and said those women were victims and the hacker should be imprisoned. Truly disgusting.

Vanessa had nothing to apologize for… she’s owed an apology.

Why is Billie Eilish depressed?

Hi. I don’t know if that will be a detailed answer, but I will try my best.

The reason is unknown; she didn’t select any reasons, but it’s obvious. So I’ll give my opinion.

She is 17 now; she started her career at 13 years old. She was homeschooled her whole life. It was really hard for her to be a normal teen in her situation. She became a singer at a young age and didn’t have many friends. Probably because of the homeschooling, she didn’t go to school, so that she couldn’t make so many friends.

It became very popular when Billie Eilish released her first song, Ocean Eyes. She gained so many fans she probably didn’t understand what it meant. She was forced to mature quickly; it’s too early to know that life is unfair at the age of 13. She’s so mature, she isn’t acting her age.

Shortly, Billie Eilish feels different than others. She wanted a normal teen life when she was 13–14, but unfortunately, her fate was different. Now she is so popular, she isn’t friending people, because most of her friends would be fake. Most of her friends would be interested in her only because of her fame, not her personality.

Well, I tried to help somehow.

Is Billie Eilish satanic?

If (and that’s a BIG “if”) Billie Eilish ever says she has a demon, likes Satan, or something similar, then I would tend to believe her.

Until then, we don’t know.

However, as part of the answer provided by others here, she has lots of dark-themed music.

Would a Lilly-white child of God even think these things, let alone publish them worldwide to make lots of money for herself and many others?

Does she hate every minute of it, but does it for the money (love of money), or does she do it for the fame & fortune (i.e., Pride, greed, envy, etc.)? Or does she get a thrill by being bad and being a negative role model for thousands of her fans?

She has recently revealed that she once struggled with depression, suicidal ideation, and self-harm. In an interview with Howard Stern (on or about Dec. 14, 2021), the 19 yr. Old pop music star Billie Eilish explained that she has been addicted to pornography since she was 11 years old and said that the habit has damaged her brain and hurt her ability to form healthy relationships.

Her music videos’ dark, evil themes and her past life experiences are clearly connected.

Those tragic symptoms of Billie (and others) are often related to not having a clear, strong purpose in their life that transcends the pain and suffering we all experience in this fallen world of Satan.

Because of this weakness, many become bitter and vengeful against the world and lash out at others (e.g., School shootings), while others attack themselves (e.g., Suicide, cutting, etc.).

I suggest everybody should stay away from Billie Elilish’s music (i.e., don’t buy it, don’t listen to it, don’t be fascinated by the music, nor the author herself), as it attracts and promotes negative &/or evil thoughts that can be very damaging. This music could open the door for demons to follow.

Instead, God has a plan for your life. Do you know what it is?

Two dates are most important to everyone: the day they are born and the day they learn why.

Do you know why you were born and are still here consuming food, oxygen, and space?

If you don’t want to fall into a dark hole like Billie Eilish did, I suggest you pray to God to find God’s specific plan for your life and work on it today.

Say a prayer for Billie Eilish that God will help her confess, repent, and heal herself.

Do you think Billie Eilish is pretty? If so, why?

WHAT????? I hear people coming at Billie, saying she’s ugly; she’s not even cute like I’m confused.

Anyone who thinks Billie isn’t the beautiful queen she is just back off.

You see all these fake people and say, “Oh, she’s pretty, but guess what? Those people are fake. Billie is herself and doesn’t care what you think about her and if she’s cute or not. No, she’s naturally beautiful and doesn’t try to flaunt it.

I don’t know what to say if you still think she’s pretty.

Is Billie Eilish fake?

Yes. Billie Eilish’s entire identity is toxic and damaging to the very ideals she claims to support. She is probably one of the worst role models of the modern era. She supports body positivity but then plays shows and says, “Men who wear vans have tiny d**ks!” She has been leading every interview to the subject of her body but condemns the “haters” who call her out blatantly and try to draw attention to her body. Deliberately bouncing her breasts for absolutely no reason whenever cameras are on her, making gestures to direct people to look, and then claiming to be against the sexualization of her body. She is the absolute definition of a hypocrite. Mind you, I have absolutely nothing against Billie and don’t hate her or her music – every artist can create whatever they want. This is merely an example of her actual behavior and statements

Is Billie Eilish Scottish?

No, she’s American. She was born and brought up in L.A.

Her mother, Maggie, was born in Colorado.

Her dad, Patrick, was born in Connecticut. She’s American through and through.

This might be one of those questions: Is Billie Eilish Scottish? Is she ‘really’ Scottish in the sense that her ancestors came from Scotland, so we get to call her Scottish and not American?

Her forebears emigrated from Ireland and Scotland to the USA somewhere along the line, but from both an Irish and a Scottish perspective, she is 100% American.

And I don’t mean that in a snarky And you’re welcome to her! Way, either. I like her. But she is in no way Scottish.


What uncensored photo of a well-known person surprised you most?

I was quite surprised when I saw a recent photograph of Amazon billionaire Jeff Bezos climbing onto his yacht. Because the dude got ripped, damn, he’s in excellent shape for 59, and with his bold head, heading into his Jean-Luc Picard era.

Meanwhile, we have Mark Zuckerberg working out with Marines, doing grueling exercise routines, and winning martial arts tournaments…

The dude even got his kids working out, doing push-ups, because not only does The Zuck want to be a beast, but he also wants his lil’ Zucks to be beasts.

And I don’t know what’s happening to the world of billionaires. There’s this desire for them all to be super ripped lately. Elon Musk is reportedly training and on a strict diet, preparing for an MMA-style cage match showdown with Zuckerberg; as of me writing this…

Something’s in the billionaire water lately. It’s not enough anymore to be richer than all of us and go on trips to space and the bottom of the ocean… now they want to be fitter than us, too, and capable of beating up Joe Average. Fascinating creatures, billionaires. I wish Steve Irwin were still around to observe them from the bushes in their natural habitats.

Why do people say Billie Eilish can’t sing?

Music teacher and voice actor here. When I first saw Billie Eilish, it was when she performed “Yesterday” at the Oscars. Having heard so much about this unique singer, I was disappointed that the performance was mostly breath. There was no “core sound” to evaluate at all. She may have just been nervous. Still trying to figure it out.

Billie Eilish is special because she’s not a “singer” in the traditional sense. She’s an artist who uses her fame to bring attention to mental health issues. This is commendable and much needed, but it’s a separate issue from her voice. While her voice pales compared to Lady Gaga, Celine Dion, Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holliday, Nina Simone, Barbra Streisand, etc., that’s what Billie’s going for, anyway. It’s OK to evaluate her as such.

What picture made Billie Eilish lose followers?


In July, Billie Eilish lost 100,000 followers after she posted a picture of herself wearing a corset.

In a recent interview with Elle Magazine, Billie spoke about the picture and why people unfollowed her:

People hold on to these memories and have an attachment. But it’s very dehumanizing. I lost 100,000 followers just because of the boobs. People are scared of big boobs.

The other day, I decided to wear a tank top. It wasn’t even a provocative shirt. But I know people will say, ‘Holy fuck, she’s dressing sexy and trying to make a statement.’ And I’m like, ‘No, I’m not. It’s 500 degrees, and I want to wear a tank top.’

She then expressed that sometimes she wishes she didn’t have social media because it’s exhausting for her due to the comments she gets:

I’m jealous of people who don’t have it. I wish that there was a way to avoid it. Deleted my account, but still have contact with the fans. I want to be able to have both, but you can’t.

This wasn’t the first time she lost over 100,000 followers in a short amount of time; in December of last year, a fan asked her to show her lock screen on her phone (a drawing of two naked women), and people became outraged by the image and unfollowed her in mass.

Thank you for reading.

Why is Billie Eilish so weird?

Bille Eilish is so weird that she is an anomaly, an artist who has only become more irreverent with growing fame. “Eilish owns her emotional intensity, mixes it with morbid imagery, and lays it bare over a collage of minimalist synths, trap beats, and dubstep wobbles.” However, her emotional complexity, ranging from that “weirdness” to more vulnerable songs, gives music art real substance. She is part of a changing landscape in how young people should use their voices.

Society expects people to be likable, positive, and easy. However, Billie Eilish would rather be honest, bold, and complex.

However, she does this in a way that doesn’t place her “above” anyone in society. She’s not one to say that she “isn’t like most girls,” even if she has unique problems. She I.S. the society that her art is instead of a wallflower in the corner, observing with angst. She also doesn’t seem to take herself too seriously; her debut album opens with a funny voice memo; she made a version of “bad guy” with Justin Bieber with a childhood photo as the single cover, her as a young fangirl. She quite literally has a song called “come out and Play.”

A perfect blend of vulnerability, creepiness, playfulness, popularity, and irreverence makes her ‘weird’ in an era where most artists are merely expected to be just one.

Does Billie Eilish do drugs?

I take her word at face value because she’s almost too honest. I do think, though, that sadly, much of her friendship base, her musical influences, her personality type, and, in essence, her overt fascination with drugs, even if at this stage of her life, it’s for the better good of anti-drug persuasion, she may, with the nature of time, lifestyle changes, new influences, older influences, unusual life, and lifestyle pressures be a candidate for drug addiction.

As a recovering addict, I hope that’s not the case. Still, sadly and paradoxically, it was my own experience that it was my first use of drugs that clearly and dishonestly sold me a dream that drugs would empower my creative side to a level that I did not believe I could reach drug-free. Unfortunately, this was true for a significant time, although sadly, it also eventually eroded all of my creative force.

Let’s hope that whatever happens in the life of this extraordinary, sensitive, talented, gifted, genius, loving, and hopeful child’s future, it is met with the same grace and support from the public and especially her fan base as the love she feels for the concept and energy behind the love felt for her. May we not be too quick to catch her out but rather catch her by showing her some sense of privacy and some allowance to live her very privileged but highly pressured and lonely life.

Like we all do, I really hope that her music is her drug and one of her addictions. And that we continue to benefit from her blissful and mind-blowing addiction.

Is Billie Eilish overrated?

Yes, Billie Eilish is super overrated. Or the better term is overhyped.

Before all the Billie Eilish fans get pissed off, I want to mention that I liked three….. of her songs: Ocean Eyes (her best Song), Bad Guy, and Bury a Friend.

I heard her 2019 album won a lot of Grammys, so I went and checked it.

I heard this album, and the first thing I said was, “That’s it?” That was underwhelming.

I think Billie Eilish resonates with young fans because she has “depressing” lyrics, and since most young fans are depressed, they find Billie Eilish relatable.

But here’s the problem: Her fans think having depression makes you seem cool.

But it’s not; depression is never cool. Young kids sure like a lot of autotune, and people like her music because it’s relatable and edgy.

Seriously, look at these lyrics from I Love You.

And Bury is a friend.

I listen to these lyrics, and I fall asleep. Whenever I want to fall asleep, I listen to her album.

Her lyrics aren’t that deep or personal compared to people like Vince Staples or N.F. Plus, I hate how she’s one of those “woke” Celebrities.

Now, I dont have a problem with people being political, but Billie Eilish says that she’s “oppressed” and that she’s always super sad. And look, I sympathize with Billie Eilish being depressed because I dont know what other people think.

But I dont like how Billie Eilish is somehow an “expert” on life. She’s two years younger than me, she was born to a rich family, she had close ties with the music industry, she was the child of talented musicians, and her brother is a skilled songwriter and musician.

I think Billie Eilish is extremely overhyped. I look at her lyrics, and I dont see how they’re deep, even when I look at Genius Lyrics. Her soundtrack and songs are pretty derivative, and I fall asleep every time I hear her songs. For me, Billie Eilish is extremely overrated.

What is the most scandalous photo of Lana Del Rey?


A picture of Lana Del Rey kissing Jennifer Lawrence went viral last year, and those who investigated further were shocked by what they found.

This picture, originally taken in 2012 by Lana’s sister (Chuck Grant), drove fans crazy at the thought that the two stars were passionately kissing on camera.

But the woman Lana was kissing was not Jennifer, and that woman came forward on her social media:

I get many messages about looking like Jennifer Lawrence, but this takes it too far. Lana del Rey and Jennifer Lawrence. It’s comforting to think that if my photography were to fail, I could work as Jennifer Lawrence’s stand-in.

The woman she’s kissing so passionately is Chuck, her sister, and since the truth was revealed, fans don’t know what to think about it.

Thank you for reading.

Who is Billie Eilish? Can anyone tell me about her?

Billie Eilish is an 18-year-old singer-songwriter who makes music with her brother Finneas in his childhood bedroom.

This is Billie and Fitness. 🙂

Billie has a unique style, wearing almost exclusively baggy clothes, chains, acrylic nails, sneakers, and colored hair.

She’s released an ep- don’t smile at me (she was just 15!)

And an album- WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP WHERE DO WE GO? (released at 17 years old!)

This album won Album of the Year and Best Pop Vocal Album of the Year at the Grammys, and her Song Bad Guy of the album won Song and Record of the Year. Along with this, she also won Best New Artist.

Billie’s songs are typically of the alternative genre and cover more dark material than the average artist. She takes a very creative aspect to songwriting and sometimes writes from different perspectives. “bellyache,” for example, was written from the perspective of a murderer who just killed their friends.

To pair her music, she also puts huge effort into the visuals of her songs. These videos gained a lot of attention as they are quite striking. “You Should See Me in a Crown” features spiders crawling around her and out of her mouth (it was all real, by the way, no CGI); “When the party’s Over” displays her crying black ink in “bury a friend” she is shot in the back with multiple needles, in “watch” she lights herself on fire, in “Danny” cigarettes are put out on her face leaving burns. You get the picture: dark, striking imagery to go with her soft, pretty, almost haunting voice.

She is highly creative, talented, and interesting, and I recommend checking her out.

Is Billie Eilish on Onlyfans? Has it leaked?

If you want to be grammatically correct, is it “geez” or “jeez”?

Is Redo of Healer an actual anime, or is it a hentai?

What is the raw understanding of the law of reincarnation?

What is the origin and meaning of the phrase “your turn in the barrel,” ?