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In “Avatar (2009)”, how much taller are Na’vi than people?

In “Avatar (2009)”, how much taller are Na’vi than people

In “Avatar (2009)”, how much taller are Na’vi than people?

This comparison will help.

It looks about 5′6 inches vs. about 9′6 inches to 10 ft tall. Jake Sully’s Avatar is probably 10 feet tall. They are probably 4 feet taller than the human that plays them on average. They are taller due to lighter gravity and evolution.

The average height of humans in our world is 5 ft 7.3 inches. The Na’vi people on Pandora have an average height of 9 to 10 ft, almost double the height of humans. The Na’vi people are taller than humans because of the low gravity of Pandora. Additionally, the Na’vi people have only four fingers, while the Avatars have 5 fingers.

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In the movie “Avatar” (2009), the Na’vi are depicted as being taller than humans. The average height of a Na’vi is around 10 feet (3.05 meters), while the average height of a human is around 5.5 feet (1.68 meters). This makes the Na’vi around twice as tall as humans.

In the movie, the height difference is used to showcase the Na’vi’s physicality and strength, as well as their connection to the natural environment of Pandora. The taller height also helps the audience to understand the sense of wonder and awe when the human characters first encounter the Na’vi.

It’s worth noting that the height of the Na’vi is not meant to be taken literally, as they are a fictional species created for the movie. The height difference is used as a creative device to convey the idea of the alien nature of the Na’vi and to create a sense of awe and wonder in the audience.

In the “Avatar” movie, are humans still more powerful than the Na’vi even though they have been driven off Pandora?

The thing about Avatar I can’t get past is this…

“Nuke the site from orbit, it’s the only way to be sure.”

Aliens quote, but so true here. Having been beaten, the next step would be to nuke the planet from orbit, killing all the higher life forms.

They already need breathing gear, so having to use anti-radiation suits as well would be a small price to pay to remove the problem once and for all.

When they destroyed Home Tree, they demonstrated the mentality to nuke the planet into submission. They may have a PR problem at home, but it would be short-term.

In the “Avatar” movie, are humans still more powerful than the Na’vi even though they have been driven off Pandora?

Well, yes. Humans have a technological civilization capable of spaceflight across vast distances, necessitating the generation of mind-boggling energy. Losing a small mining colony staffed by a couple hundred people at most isn’t a real setback.

In addition, Avatar’s human civilization is (or, rather, should be) more robust and sustainable than the Na’Vi. Sure, the Na’Vi can live how they live pretty much indefinitely without significantly impacting their ecosystem, but they are one cosmic catastrophe away from extinction.

With the energy and resources available to them in the Solar System, Avatar’s humanity should also be capable of living more or less indefinitely and far more comfortably than shown in the movie. Their problem is that they mismanage their vast wealth in stupendously stupid ways. Just like us!

Ironically, the RDA losing its foothold on Pandora may be the best thing to happen to humanity in Avatar, provided it shocks world governments out of complacency. Seeing how monumentally stupid it was to give the RDA a monopoly on all off-world resource extraction makes them see it.

Alternatively, the RDA keeps buying off the politicians until Earth enters final collapse and can no longer be repaired. Then they destroy Pandora as a final violent spasm of a dying civilization attempting to outrun their own mistakes

In Avatar, does Neytiri understand that Jake isn’t Na’vi?

Originally Answered: In Avatar, does Neytiri understand that Jake isn’t Na’vi?

Neytiri knows that Jake is from the “Sky People,” who can somehow inhabit Na’vi bodies.

Notice that the avatars don’t look 100% like the Na’vi; their eyes and faces are different. The Na’vi have longer, more pointed features, whereas the avatar bodies mix Na’vi and human DNA. So, just by appearance, she probably could instantly tell he was not a “real” Na’vi.

Remember, Neytiri was going to kill him when she first saw him. She was about to shoot an arrow through him but stopped when one of the Woodsprites landed on her arrow as a sign to let him live.

She has experience with avatars inhabited by humans, having attended a human-built school in her childhood. Later, remember when Jake is warning the Na’vi to leave their tree. He suddenly collapses on the ground (because the mercenaries yank Jake out of the machine connecting him to his Avatar); the Na’vi warrior Tsu’tey puts his knife to the Jake-avatar’s throat to kill it, calling Jake a “demon in a false body.” The Na’vi are generally all aware that humans use fake bodies to walk among the Na’vi, in other words.

FYI, much of this is more clear in the full-length version of the film. The movie has many deleted scenes, and it’s all terrific stuff. The movie’s original version starts on Earth, for example, and you see what Earth is like (similar to the planet in Blade Runner, but more run-down) and how Jake gets recruited to the avatar program. There are scenes of Jake going on big hunts with the Na’vi, which are pretty spectacular. The final battle is much longer, with more details in death scenes (including Tsu’tey’s death).

And there’s an entire subplot about why the Na’vi turned against the humans: when Neytiri was a child, she and her sister attended the human school. One day, some Na’vi youth attacked some human mercenaries and ran to the school to hide. The human mercenaries chased the kids to the school and massacred most of the children in the school. The school’s remains, the photos of a youthful Neytiri with her sister at the school, and the event’s history play out through the film and provide some great additional character development.

Remember when Jake has the ceremony making him a true Na’vi? Well, that whole sequence is much bigger and more important in the original version — he doesn’t just have his face painted and sit among the Na’vi chanting a song. He consumes something that sends him on a spiritual journey, like an acid trip with nature, basically, and if he survives and makes it back mentally in one piece, he has passed the test and become one of the Na’vi.

There’s about an hour of deleted scenes, and I highly recommend watching it. At the very least, the extended edition has an extra 16 minutes or so of footage added to the theatrical version, and those extra minutes do add more to the story and are great to watch.

In the film “Avatar” (2009), the Na’vi are depicted as being considerably taller than humans. On average, they are around 10 feet (3 meters) tall, while humans are around 6 feet (1.8 meters) tall. This height difference was used to emphasize the exotic and otherworldly nature of the Na’vi and to create a sense of wonder and awe in the audience.

In James Cameron’s Avatar, even though Neytiri was supposed to be mates with Tsu’tey, why did Neytiri choose Jake Sully instead?

Because Jake has the magic protagonist genitals.

That is the only justification I can think of. I think the characters could have better chemistry. I don’t buy their relationship at all. But Neytiri is the designated love interest, so she will choose Jake over someone she would presumably know better.

And that’s another thing. Why, in this tight-knit tribal society where everyone knows each other, is there not more effort put into betrothal? I get that it’s supposed to offend our delicate human sensibilities that say relationships are about two wuv. Still, given the Na’vi’s highly empathic culture, you would think they’d go out of their way to foster a healthy and hopefully loving bond between the two people who are supposed to be the next leaders of the tribe.

In James Cameron’s Avatar, even though Neytiri was supposed to be mates with Tsu’tey, why did Neytiri choose Jake Sully instead?

Neytiri had a lesser relationship with Tsu’tey because he was originally promised to Sylwanin instead. So Neytiri grew up knowing that she would have to find someone else. Also, the relationship between Tsu’tey and Neytiri is more of a brother-sister relationship, as the two grew up as friends, not lovers. Jake also spent a great amount of time alone with Neytiri, learning the ways of the Na’vi alongside her guidance. Instead of feeling like an arranged marriage, wouldn’t her feelings toward Jake be more pronounced? As she learned that Jake was one of two Sky People she knew who genuinely cared about her and her people and who tried to learn their ways, she started feeling more attached. After all, most of them tried to kill them and destroy their land, so any one of them who didn’t was a person to be accepted. After the celebration of Jake becoming one of The People, she was convinced that Jake was in love with her, and in that moment chose him as well.

Whereas Tsu’tey was the tough Na’vi warrior leader betrothed to her by default of Sylwanin’s death, Jake was the mysterious, quirky Sky Person who showed he cared about her.

In Avatarr, does Neytiri understand that Jake isn’t Na’vi?

Yes. Neytiri had experiences with being around Avatars (Humans linked to Navis) because she attended a human-built school in her childhood. It was from this that she could tell the difference between a normal Navi and an Avatar concerning their features, appearances, and qualities that Avatars possess. After the human-built school was shut down due to a small massacre when some youthful Navis attacked some human mercenaries, which involved the death of Neytiri’s sister, tensions started to rise between the Navis and the humans. Because of that, Neytiri decided to be on the lookout for any Avatars. One day, Neytiri was out hunting and found the Avatar of Jake Sully navigating cautiously in the forest. As Neytiri was about to deliver the shot, a wood sprite came out of nowhere and touched Neytiri’s arrow, telling her to let Jake Sully live since he had a strong and pure heart. This made Neytiri very curious about him. Later, Neytiri grew to love him, even to the point where she would defend Jake Sully’s Avatar whenever Jake Sully was disconnected from his Avatar. And after Neytiri killed Miles Quaritch to save Jake Sully, she tried to wake him. But then she realized he was in his real form as a human, so she saved him by putting an emergency oxygen-supporting mask on him. And even though when Neytiri saw Jake Sully in his human form for the first time, she never stopped loving him, which showed that Neytiri loved Jake Sully just the way he was.

In Avatarr, why do the Na’vi have breasts?

Originally Answered: In Avatar, why do the Na’vi have breasts?

Besides the “movie made for human people” response, you must consider that you (and everyone else) don’t know much about Na’vi evolution or biology. In asking why they have breasts, as they are not ‘mammals,’ you are subjecting them to the biological expectations of what we on Earth consider a ‘mammal’ to be. Firstly, you’re assuming that they are not mammals, and secondly, you’re assuming that their breasts are not mammary glands.

Because Dr. Manhattan created them from his remaining human DNA and combined it with the Prolemuris, he found on the moon Pandora. But his DNA was contaminated with the DNA from the Lynx mutant Bubastis when Ozymandias tried to disintegrate him.

So, ergo…blue cat people! With breasts!

The blue Doc did say he was going to “another galaxy” to create life. In the ’60’s Watchman universe, popular culture still confused the term “galaxy” and “star system.” Remember, this was before Star Trek came out. And the Doctor was a physicist, not an astronomer. Alpha Centauri A would be a logical place to set up shop.

Then perhaps he melded with the life on the planet, becoming Eywa with the same blue glow. Maybe he also melded with the planet Polyphemus. Also, it has the same blue glow.

After the events of the “Avatarr” movie, will humans come back to Pandora to beat back the Na’vi?

If the mineral they are mining for is as important to the survival of Earth and the human race as they claim… You can be certain the humans will be back… in much greater force… with better weapons… to eliminate the problems the Na’vi pose… probably by eliminating the Na’vi themselves. After all, the Native Americans at the Little Big Horn(1876) and the Zulus in 1879 won an initial battle against technologically superior foes that did little but ensure that their enemies would be back… even more determined to end the war decisively. I wouldn’t be surprised if humanity decided to bombard Pandora from orbit… using either H-bombs… or asteroids aimed at their moon from space. After all, humans can get to Pandora… the Na’vi can’t get to Earth. Like the Aztecs and the Spanish… when one side can reach the enemy… and cannot return the favor… the side that has the longer reach, in this case, the humans, will ultimately prevail. Even if they decide not to use nuclear weapons or asteroids… a suitable biological weapon could be developed and deployed to which the Na’vi are vulnerable… and end the problem that way. The best thing for the Na’vi to do is negotiate… while they have this temporary advantage… because they won’t have it long… and if history has proven anything… it is that you don’t want to piss humans off… ask the residents of Hiroshima and Nagasaki!

Why didn’t the Na’vi attack humans before in Avatarr?

The simple answer is they don’t have the firepower to do so. They’ve been resisting the human land grab for years. Attacking the machinery when they can, as seen when Jake first arrives on Pandora and Na’vi arrows are sticking in the tires of the big dump truck.

It’s only when they have Jake’s insider knowledge of the human firepower and take away the human’s radar ability that they can give them a sporting chance of defeating them.

Couldn’t the humans in Avatarr wipe out the Na’vi if they wanted?


That was one of the biggest flaws of the whole movie.

Let’s say we humans one day become an interstellar species.

And let’s say that for a while, interstellar travel is done slower than light.

Until we found a planet where an exotic ore existed that would allow us to travel faster than light.

But on that planet, there is not just life but also intelligent life.

So, we humans needed the ore, and we were willing to trade with the natives to get the ore we needed.

But the natives didn’t want to trade.

Simple solution… Nuke them from orbit!

That way, the natives are gone, and we can mine the planet’s resources as we damn well please.

The same could have been done in the movie Avatar.

This is why they should’ve gone to the trouble of explaining exactly why unobtanium was so important and some of its properties.

In a five to ten-minute explanation, they could’ve said something about how that ore would become mostly useless if contaminated by certain particles like fast-moving neutrons.

It needed to be mined carefully in its natural state until it could be used for human technology purposes.

Thus explaining why they didn’t simply nuke the entire planet from orbit.

Why do some people who have watched James Cameron’s 2009 movie Avatar root the humans to win the war rather than the Na’vis even though humans violated the homes of the Na’vis?

A bit late, but…in all honesty, I hate stupid good guys winning because the villains (who are meant to be competent) are written as TOTALLY STUPID.

When I see authors/creators writing situations like that, I instinctively react to root for the villain/underdog.

It’s weird, but despite villains having resources, fleets, and trained soldiers up the wazoo, they are STILL the underdogs because the author’s bias is as heavy as a black hole.

An example from Star Wars:-

I hate the idea that ELITE stormtroopers get beaten by Ewoks, and these elite, crack-shot troops could not hit a barn door. Because of this, I always enjoy reading about Stormtroopers winning (and Ewoks getting smashed).

In Avatar? Well, they wrote The Human Soldiers so poorly from a military standpoint that I wanted to side with the true underdogs in that movie, the human soldiers.

I’d go deeper into all the problems from a military standpoint, but there are just too many. The military had options from orbital bombardment/drops to disease and poison.

The problem is that if they were written Competently, the N’avi would be wiped out.

In Avatar, how does Jake understand the Na’vi language?

In the same way, one would learn a basic foreign language when going abroad and staying with a friend.

It is comparatively harder if you are there on your learning by yourself. Jake was assigned Neytiri, a “foreigner” who was bilingual and understood English, which helped her teach him.

An American man who knows English will have difficulty learning from a Korean friend who only knows Korean, but if his friend can speak good English, the man will learn much faster.

Jake is especially motivated to learn because of his initial motives of getting close to the clan so he may convince them to leave.

Is Avatar (2009 movie) a film worth watching?

If you are a fan of science fiction, fantasy, brilliant visual effects, and James Cameron, Avatar is a must-watch. However, if you crave scintillating acting performances and any of the above do not excite you enough, you can skip it.

Even though I love better acting performances, I thoroughly enjoyed Avatar as a hardcore science fiction and James Cameron fan.

In Avatar, how long does it take for a new Avatar to appear? Does the previous Avatar need to die? How long does it take?

Yes, the previous Avatar must die before another Avatar is born. It can take from moments to years. For example, I read somewhere that Korra was born when Aang died, so that’s just super quick reincarnation. However, Avatar Kyoshi wasn’t born until two years after Avatar Kuruk died (if I remember correctly), so it all depends.

Edit: I recently read something where the next Avatar is born the moment the previous Avatar dies, so I probably remembered incorrectly with the Kyoshi/Kuruk thing. Sorry about that

In James Cameron’s Avatar, even though Neytiri was supposed to be mates with Tsu’tey, why did Neytiri choose Jake Sully instead?

In James Cameron’s Avatar, Neytiri is a member of the Na’vi, a humanoid species indigenous to the planet Pandora, and Tsu’tey is a member of the same tribe. According to the Na’vi’s cultural traditions, Tsu’tey and Neytiri are supposed to be mates and betrothed. However, Neytiri ultimately chooses Jake Sully, an avatar-sized human (his consciousness transferred into a genetically engineered Na’vi body), to communicate with the Na’vi as her mate.

Several factors may have influenced Neytiri’s decision to choose Jake over Tsu’tey. One reason may be that Jake shows a greater understanding and appreciation for the Na’vi’s way of life and culture. He takes the time to learn their language and customs and becomes more attuned to their spiritual beliefs and connection to nature. In contrast, Tsu’tey is more focused on upholding traditional Na’vi values and is initially hostile towards Jake and the other humans.

Another reason may be that Jake and Neytiri form a strong emotional bond and develop feelings for each other. Despite their cultural and species differences, they can connect on a deeper level and support each other through their trials and challenges. Jake also proves himself to be a courageous and selfless ally to the Na’vi, helping them to defend their land and way of life against the human colonizers.

Ultimately, Neytiri’s decision to choose Jake as her mate reflects her feelings and values rather than being dictated by cultural traditions or expectations.

In Avatar, how long does it take for a new Avatar to appear? Does the previous Avatar need to die? How long does it take?

The avatar is the person who holds the spirit of Raava on their body. (Raava is the spirit of light and peace, so the avatar is strong and can bend the four elements.)

Wan was the first avatar who connected with Raava to restore the balance between the spirit and physical worlds. As he dies and apologizes to Raava, feeling he didn’t accomplish his mission, the spirit tells him not to worry, that they will be together for all of his lifetimes, meaning that Wan will reincarnate forever and the spirit will accompany him.

So yes, an avatar has to die for another one to be born; now, as for how long it takes, we don’t know for sure, but we’ve seen Aang borning at the exact moment Roku dies.

We also know Korra was born the same year Aang died, so it is safe to assume that reincarnation is automatic.

Also, when Wan died, we saw Raava getting out of the body, probably to get to the new reincarnation.

Why didn’t the Na’vi attack humans before in Avatarr?

What do you mean by “before”? There have been clashes and tensions for years before the film’s events, including a pivotal massacre at the RDA-run school.

There was no all-out war because, presumably, humans weren’t intruding on Omaticaya hunting grounds too much. Hostilities erupted when their mining began to affect them, and it became evident that humans would run over anyone in the way.

Where do the Na’vi from Avatar get their plants?

Answer This Question

  • The Na’vi cell nucleus does not use nucleic acids to encode genetic information. Therefore, their genetic makeup is not considered DNA (thus, they most likely do not utilize RNA to synthesize proteins).
  • Despite their cyan skin color, the Na’vi have red blood, utilizing an iron oxygen-transporting compound similar to hemoglobin.
  • The size of Na’vi varies by region and genetic history. The average male stands 3 meters (~10 feet) tall, females slightly smaller, and the maximum observed size is 3.9 meters (~12 feet, 10 inches).
  • Males possess a prominent musculature structure on the chest, which is not observed in females.
  • Dentition is similar to that of humans, though the canines are more pronounced.

After the events of the “Avatar” movie, will humans come back to Pandora to beat back the Na’vi?

Humans (including humans who died in the first movie) will return to Pandora in some capacity. What for and how exactly and their goals have yet to be announced.

From an in-universe perspective, it is also impossible to predict the reaction to the RDA’s failure politically because we need to learn more about Earth politics. Still, there are two main areas of interest:

First, as many as six ships may already be en route to Pandora during Jake’s rebellion. They have the equipment to land but probably not establish a new colony and not beat back the now-hostile wildlife and locals.

It needs to be made clear how much in-system support these ships need to return to Earth or whether they have enough consumables for the sleeping passengers to return.

So that’s issue one: what do RDA ships do upon arrival, and how are they received on Earth?

Issue two relates to how much power the RDA wields on Earth. Here’s the thing about the Avatarverse: humanity only lives on Earth in filth because it benefits the RDA. No real reason exists for any energy or resource shortage to exist in a civilization that can generate the energy necessary to fly to Alpha Centauri and back.

So the salient question is how much power the RDA wields over Earth governments. Will it successfully propagandize to the people and lobby said governments to send a punitive expedition despite its frankly absurd expense? Or will its dismal failure finally be the last straw and see the RDA’s monopoly revoked?

Seeing the themes and messages Cameron wants to discuss in his movies, I am not ruling out either option – Earth deciding to send a punitive expedition would fit as a commentary on the folly of greed. Still, the other option could also work thematically.

How do the Na’vi (of Avatar) reproduce?

The process begins by linking their tails…

In Avatar, why do the Na’vi only have three fingers?

Because the biology of Pandora is deliberately based on a different model to the Earth’s pentadactyl model, storytelling visually emphasizes the difference between humans, avatars, and native creatures. It makes some sense in biological terms, but the additional psychic appendix doesn’t.

They have four fingers, similar to the prolemuris. They share a common ancestor, like humans and apes.

In “Avatar (2009)”, how much taller are Na’vi than people?

How tall is Ben Shapiro?

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