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Is Michael Myers 6’3 ft tall on Halloween 2024 ?

How tall is Michael Myers on Halloween

How tall is Michael Myers on Halloween?

Why don’t they show Michael Myers’s face?

Because If they did, you, me and everyone seeing would start to humanize him, see him as more of a human and less of a monster.

Look at him for a minute:

You know he’s a human because he has a human physiology, two arms, two legs, one head, you see, he’s a human.

However, you don’t feel he’s a human because he doesn’t act like one. He has human physiology, but he doesn’t walk like a human; he walks in an almost robotic manner:

He doesn’t stop, he doesn’t flinch, he doesn’t speak, the only thing that matters to him is killing those he’s targeting, and even when he’s killing, he does it in an unemotional manner:

He looks like a human, but he doesn’t act like one. Remember the T800 Terminator?

The T800 looks like a human when it has that pseudo-skin and it has human anatomy. But it’s completely emotionless, with a face completely devoid of any emotion:

And walking in a completely robotic manner:

Michael is a human version of the Terminator; he’s not a robot who looks and tries to act like a human; he’s a human who acts like a robot, completely devoid of any feelings; he doesn’t have or doesn’t show any emotions besides an intense rage which drives him.

The mask contributes to this:

It gives him an even creepier vibe when you look at him because now he doesn’t look like a human being anymore; he looks like a ghost, a void, a thing devoid of feelings. That’s why it’s a white mask devoid of expression, to show how Michael is inside: they he’she’slow and she’sow, and there’there’sng in him besides pure and simple evil.

If you take off his mask and show his face, the face of the actor portraying him:

You take this creepy vibe as well. Without the mask, he’s he’s Boogeyman; he’s he’s Shape; he’s jhe’sMichael Myers, a weird older man with obvious mental illnesses. You take away the creepy, monstrous and mysterious vibe and turn him into a common looney murderer; you turn him into a human.

That never really shows his face because it ruins the supernatural creepy vibe that he gives.

The Shape has varied in height over the years.

Michael Myers is called the Shape in the post-movie credit scenes when he wears his white William Shatner mask.

James Jude Courtney, the main actor playing Michael Myers, is 6’3″ t6’3″ He has starred as Myers in Halloween (2018) and Halloween Kills (2021).

Nick Castle and James Jude Courtney

Nick Castle, who played the original role in 1978, is slightly smaller at 5’10” 5’10”

Tyler Mane

Tyler Mane, who played Michael in the sequel, Halloween (2007), is 6’9″, 6’9″ing he was close to being over seven ′ tall.

Tyler Mane

So, in conclusion, Michael Myers’Myers’t has varied over the years.

I hope that clears up any confusion!

I ❤️C2, questions, disagreements, curses and hexes!

Does Michael Myers or Jason Voorhees ever eat anything?

Jason is an undead. He’s nHe’slive anymore, that’sthat’se looks beneath the mask:

His demand doesn’t eat. That is something that also happens in comics, like here:

(Jason vs Leatherface issue#2)

Now, Michael……, it depends on the continuity. In one continuity, he stayed in a cave for one year without moving, waiting for Halloween; he’s mhe’sparanormal in this continuity.

In the Rob Zombie one, Halloween II, Michael killed a dog called Ivan:

Then he ate his remains:

So yeah, Michael eats. He eats Dogs.

Multiple people played him with different heights.

In Halloween (2007), Tyler Mane is depicted as 6 foot 7 inches (2.01 m) tall.

Nick Castle originally played Michael Myers on Halloween (1978) at 5 foot 10 inches (1.78 m).

Why is Michael Myers from the ‘Halloween’ film’ under fire?

My husband mentioned this to me the other day, and I swear to you, I thought he was joking.

How in the world did we get here?

Well, Halloween Kills is being labelled as homophobic for the onscreen deaths of a same-sex couple.

Jesus, take the wheel.


I’ll still be with Halloween, 2018

Remember this child that Michael killed?

Remember this child Michael tried to kill?

He seems to dislike children; it’s safe to say he’s Phe’sphobic?..

Halloween Kills begins with Michael slaughtering First Responders and Firefighters. I don’t read or hear about #Noonefightsalone.

After Michael quickly kills those who helped him escape Laurie Laurie’s (not only is he a hater, he’s chestful!), he comes across an elderly interracial couple.

I don’t have any hostile recourse on this topic either. Their murders were worse and extremely gruesome. They were LaurieLaurie’sbours. He didn’t cross paths with them, but he did anyway.

Ergo, he went out of his way to kill them.

I guess he also has Gerontophobia (hatred of older adults), and since his wife Sondra is Black American, he’s racist.

Michael also kills a Black American couple and an elderly retired nurse; this happened to reiterate that he hates the elderly, in case we forgot.

Finally, we get to Big John and Little John, the married couple who happened to live in MichaeMichael’s home. And in case you didn’t, Michael was headed to this house.

So, this man who has slaughtered his way through Haddonfield would have an abrupt change of heart and not kill them because they’re. Does Michael even clearly understand what sexual activity entails outside of seeing his sister topless when he killed her?

I cannot even fathom how stupid this is. MichaeMichael’s boots, hands, axe, hatchet, etc., are rated E for everyone.

How tall is Michael Myers on Halloween?

I’ll list each actor’s height from each movie

Nick Castle- 5′10′’ (P1)

Dick Warlock- 5′9′’ (P2)

George P. Wilbur-6′2′ (P4 and P6)

Chris Durand- 6′2′’ (P7)

Brad Loree- 6′2′’ (P8)

Tyler Mane- 6′9′’ (Reboot 1 and 2)

Nick Castle-5′10′’ (2018)

I can’t give a precise height, but Michael Myer’s average height is around 6′2′’.

Why is Michael Myerrs so strong?

He’s strength comes from his hatred for those who he hunts. He has an urge to want to feel people dead. He’s a definite psychopath. Michael Myers was born with an evil soul. And he can only tame himself by killing. So when he hasn’t killed his target, he gets agitated and mad. But he still doesn’t show any emotion. It’s raging inside him. The shape is not a zombie nor a human possessed by demons. The Shape is a human with a demon as a soul. 50% human, 50% paranormal. And don’t consider him a human psychopath, psychos have personalities. Michael Myers is a 100% emotionless, unhuman being with no personality.

How would the prison staff keep Michael Myers from hurting anyone there if he was real?

The question is treating Michael as an unstoppable machine that cannot control his actions rather than someone who appears to be infected with evil.

In the 2018 film, Dr. Sartain says that Michael can speak but “chooses” not to and, for the past 40 years, has been nearly catatonic. Sartain also says that Michael was aware of the two podcasters when they arrived at Smith’s Grove and was watching them (the podcasters) as they entered the facility. This demonstrates that Michael is not mindless or void of thought or rationality. He makes specific choices and acts on those choices. Sartain confirms this, adding that those who have tried to study Michael leave frustrated in their attempt to diagnose what they believe his illness to be. This is why Michael is to be moved to a less secure faculty, as he has not given anyone any reason to think he could be a threat to society.

Here is another way to look at it: Michael enjoys playing games. Games which lead a person to be scared or fearful. Michael’s game with Judith ended with her death, and before Michael could continue to another game, he was caught and institutionalized.

If we take away Michael’s ability to make and act on those choices, we reduce him to one of the many mindless villains whose function is to chase and destroy. The chase-and-destroy villain is fun for a while but becomes incredibly redundant as we can begin predicting who will be next.

Chase-and-destroy villains do not play games as they do not have the mind to do so. They stalk, frighten, and destroy and then move on.

Not Michael Myers.

There were many instances of Michael making choices in 2018 that added dimensions to his character that were sorely missing from the previous films. The scene in the gas station bathroom when Michael drops the teeth over the door to terrorize Dana. That moment is horrifying but also strangely funny as it calls back to the 1978 film when Michael put on a sheet and pretended to be Bob before strangling Linda with a telephone cord. Later, when Michael is standing in the yard that Oscar and Allyson cut across, Michael only advances towards Oscar when the motion detection light turns off, thus further terrorizing a drunken and bumbling Oscar. These are examples of Michael playing games with the people he wants to kill. These are specific choices of an individual who enjoys scaring others and causing them harm.

With the above in mind, would Michael attack the guards and staff at a prison or mental institution?

That would be an unwise choice, contrary to Michael’s enjoyment of playing games with others. Games that scare and intimate. If Michael were to kill and terrorize the guards and staff at a prison or mental institution, he would only be confined and restrained further, making it impossible for him ever to escape.

Even if he had his mask and was wearing it, I still do not think Michael would do anything that would prevent him from continuing the game he started on Halloween night.

There is a scene in Halloween Kills when Michael is apprehended at his house by the police after the 1978 massacre, and he does not fight against the police or the deputies. He appears to have chosen to submit to the authorities as the game, for the time being, has to be put on hold.

To keep playing the game, he has to obey the rules.

If Michael does not obey the rules, then the game ends.

In the 1978 film, Dr. Loomis indicates that Michael was not a troublesome patient but still dangerous enough never to be allowed outside a maximum-security facility. To return to the game, Michael would have to follow the rules and exercise patience to be ready to take the opportunity to escape when the time and circumstances are right.

And he did just that. He followed the rules and escaped when the circumstances were right.

The point of Michael’s game is to keep playing. He would not do something that would make it impossible for the game to continue, as that would mean the game was over, and Michael certainly does not want that.

How do you kill Michael Myers on Halloween?

Get the U.S. military to detain him. Fricken cremate him, throw him out into space, throw him into the sun, throw him into a black hole, fucking hell imprison him with 100-foot tall, 300 feet thick steel if that doesn’t work.

How do you kill Michael Myerrs on Halloween?

Originally Answered: How do you kill Michael Meyers on Halloween?

Take it this way: Michael Myers has been shot, burnt, had acid injected in his bloodstream, electrocuted, and stabbed, which means he had a lot of stem cells to regenerate that fast to kill him. We need radiation when a patient has leukaemia; the doctor exposes the patient to a little bit of radiation (about 6–9 grey), which kills stem cells in the bone marrow, so to kill Michael Myers, we need at least 30 greys of radiation now, he doesn’t have any regeneration now you can kill him with anything.

Why is Michaell Myers from the ‘Halloween’ films under fire?

He’s not.

I’ve seen three tweets claiming he was homophobic. One is a confirmed joke.

And I’m pretty sure the others were too. The media took these three tweets and ran with them, acting like there was an actual attempt to ‘cancel’ the famous serial killer so they could spread controversy and gain views.

This is yet another case of sites like Screenrant or comic book news writing absolute crap

Is Michael Myers gay?

He is not even described as a human being. How the fuck is he going to be gay? He’s as sexual as a coffee machine.

What did Michaell Myers do when he wasn’t killing?

Michael Myers wasn’t, by any means, stupid. While a psychopath in his own right, he was very intelligent and resourceful. He knew how to hide when it was time to and how to survive. With his mask removed, he could be just about anyone roaming the streets. It’s one of the major mistakes authorities made when it came to capturing him: they never released an actual photograph of his real face to the public to show his true identity.

With his real face never shown, he can blend into society without anyone knowing any different.

He could be anyone in a crowd, giving him his name and true persona as The Shape. Someone could shake his hand and give him half of their sandwich, which Michael would take in appreciation, and that person would be none the wiser.

Michael Myers knew how to blend with society for the sake of his survival, and he did it extremely well. Not a single person who didn’t know who he was ever questioned him due to his understanding of human nature, which makes him such a compelling and successful serial killer. He was patient and knew when it was the right time to strike.

What did Michael Myers do when he wasn’t killing? He was pretending to be a normal human being, and when it came time for him to don his true face, all of that was thrown aside so he could become the brutal killer he was.

Myers is the best villain in our history’s slasher films.

Why is Michael Myers from the ‘Halloween’ films under fire?


Some people are accusing Michael Myers of being a homophobe.

It appears that when there are no celebrities to throw backlash at, people are now going after fictional characters, namely Michael Myers, for killing a gay couple in the latest movie in the ‘Halloween’ franchise.

In the movie, Michael enters his childhood home, which is now inhabited by two gay men, who, doing what he does best, he kills.

The majority is fine with the scene, happy with at least having gay representation in the movie. Still, some take it to extremes and are now accusing a character that kills people of all colours, genders, and sexualities of being homophobic.

I’m not gay, but I feel like seeing him kill gay people should make them happy because he always kills straight people, and now gay people also have a chance to be killed by this iconic character and be part of something they weren’t before. Not only that but after he kills them, he also lays their bodies next to each other.

Why can’t Michael Myers speak?

It’s not that Michael can’t speak; he refuses to. That’s per several of the movies, including Halloween 2018. Michael Loomis, Michael’s doctor, says that he hasn’t spoken a word since Halloween 1963 when he killed his sister Judith. The investigative reporter in Halloween 2018 tries relentlessly to get Michael to speak, even to the point of taunting Michael with the mask he wore during the 1978 murders, but with no success.

Why is Michael Myers so strong?

Is he really that strong?

Well, let’s look at the evidence, shall we?


In the first Halloween movie, he is stabbed twice in the face by his sister and then shot six times by Doctor Loomis. Michael, partially wounded, follows Jamie to the Haddonfield hospital, where the second movie will occur.

In this movie, Doctor Loomis once again shoots Michael Myers several times after Michael Myers has walked through a glass door. He gets up, and his sister shoots him in both eyes this time. Doctor Loomis then ends the ordeal by setting Michael Myers on fire. He then collapses moments later while walking in the hallway.

In Halloween four, Doctor Loomis shoots at Michael Myers in the pub, but it does not affect Michael, who walks off and lights the station on fire with a truck he stole. Brady can bash Michael’s head in once with a rifle and give Michael a single punch before he gets his neck crushed. Later on, Michael is struck by a fire extinguisher. He also gets into a melee fight with some truck drivers before Rachel crashes the vehicle and throws Michael Myers off the truck. She then runs Michael Myers down when she sees him getting back up. Michael begins to get up again, only to be shot dozens of times by police officers and other nearby civilians. This time, Michael Myers is severely injured, and it ends his rampage for this Halloween.

In Halloween five, Michael Myers gets into a car accident and emerges alive and well. He then rams his vehicle into a police officer’s, yet is still alive. Another police officer shoots Michael Myers several times over, only for him to automatically regenerate his strength and have the police officer hanged outside a second-storey window. Michael Myers is then beaten into unconsciousness by Doctor Loomis, who tosses a net down on Michael Myers before repeatedly beating him with a thick wooden block.

I don’t remember every time Michael Myers got hit in the newer films, as I have not watched them as many times, but I do know he gets his fair share of hitpoint damage. In Halloween: Resurrection, Michael Myers is even kicked out of the house by Busta Rhymes and later burned alive.


Since Halloween is supposedly the day that the demon inside Michael Myers is at its peak, this can also be when Michael Myers is invincible and, therefore, cannot be killed. At best, he can only be avoided by staying out of his path until Halloween has passed.

This can be shown based on when the movies show Michael Myers being defeated. I have never seen a movie where Michael Myers was able to be defeated while Halloween was still ongoing.

Michael Myers’s first killing rampage even lasted for two movies. During the first movie, Michael Myers shows little to no sign of pain, even when being repeatedly shot by his doctor.

On the other hand, when Doctor Loomis proceeds to fire another clip into him at the hospital, the physical pain on Michael Myers is a lot more visible, signifying that Halloween is starting to end and that Michael Myers’s invincibility status is fading.

Whereas Michael Myers was able to recover from the two clips that were fired into him, he was not able to overcome being shot twice in the eye by his sister a few minutes later because by then, Michael Myers’s health and regenerative status were even lower than it had been when Doctor Loomis had been shooting him.

As a final ounce of strength, Michael Myers can be seen walking down the hospital hallway in a last attempt to reach his sister before collapsing for good. Halloween had finally ended, and Michael Myers was now back in his unconscious state.

When Laurie emerges from the hospital on a stretcher, we know Halloween is officially finished because we see the sunlight rising. The sun usually starts rising at least 7 AM at this time of year and in this part of the continent (Illinois).

On Halloween Eve, Michael Myers can be seen coming out of his unconscious state by first dropping his hand down. About an hour or so later — timeline-wise — Michael Myers clutches his fist to indicate that his health has regenerated and is now invincible again.

At that moment, he goes into full rage and beats the people in the ambulance to death and then crashes the vehicle to convince authorities he has died in the accident so that they wouldn’t follow him to Haddonfield.

Doctor Loomis tried to shoot Michael Myers in the pub/garage repair shop because he was hoping to injure Michael Myers and apprehend him. Doctor Loomis had shot Michael twice in the previous two movies, resulting in Michael Myers falling.

However, Doctor Loomis did not realise that Michael was only reacting to being shot the previous two times because Halloween was already starting to end, so Michael Myers was becoming somewhat more vulnerable to bullets.

That is why after Doctor Loomis shot Michael Myers in the restaurant, he walked over to the counter, expecting to see Michael Myers bleeding on the floor. Only this time, Loomis was dismayed that Michael did not even react to being shot, and he simply walked away from him.

Michael Myers could also take a swing to the head by Brady and a punch square in the face without flinching because Michael was still invulnerable to physical blows, as it was not yet midnight, so Halloween was not yet deemed over.

Of course, by the time Michael had followed Jamie to the school, things had changed in Michael’s favour, as he was suddenly impacted enough by the fire extinguisher set off by Rachel that it paralysed Michael Myers long enough for Rachel and Jamie to flee the building.

Later on, Michael is momentarily paralysed from the truck that Rachel used to throw Michael off. However, because Halloween was not quite over, his health began to regenerate again. After Rachel hits him yet again, Michael Myers seems to be down for good as dawn is quickly approaching (the background lighting shows it is getting progressively lighter), so Michael is now more vulnerable to pain. His health is beginning to regenerate much more slowly.

Nonetheless, Michael steadily gets back up after being down for nearly a minute in a final, desperate attempt to kill his niece, who had just finished turning her back on him. Michael Myers gets up, only to be instantly brought down yet again under a hail of bullets.

Halloween is about over, and Michael Myers, as the next movie will show, is bleeding profusely from the last hail of bullets. His health is no longer regenerating. His last bit of strength is walking over to a farmer, either as a sign of his rage dying or possibly as a call for help.

The farmer takes Michael Myers in, and for a year, Michael Myers is once again in a comatose state. However, come Halloween eve of 1989, Michael Myers’s health has fully regenerated, and he is once again unbeatable.

He walks over to the farmer and breaks his neck before bashing him to death with a blunt object. And just like in all the other movies, Michael Myers takes a lot of damage throughout, from being in vehicular accidents to being shot multiple times with seemingly no effect.

However, once Jamie and Doctor Loomis flee to the main floor of the house, you can tell that Halloween is over, as the sun is once again coming back out. This allowed Doctor Loomis to run over to Michael Myers and tangle him in a net so that he could beat him unconscious. At this point, Michael Myers was no stronger than an ordinary human being, slowly progressing back into a comatose state.


Based on the theory that perhaps Michael Myers is invincible on Halloween and loses his powers upon the completion of Halloween, one must wonder why it is, then, that Michael Myers does not simply go on a killing rampage every Halloween.

One possibility could be that the demon allegedly possessing Michael can only come out on certain years in a pattern that would be illogical from a human perspective. How the planets are aligned and the moon’s shape that year could influence which year Michael Myers will emerge from his comatose state.

Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers indicates that Michael Myers comes from some cult that worships Thor and that it is through this cult that Michael Myers gets his powers.

I was not a fan of the whole cult scenario, even though it does make sense from a demonic perspective as to why Michael Myers became possessed by this demon and why he only comes out on certain Halloween nights while being inactive on others.

This uncertain hiatus in Michael Myers’s killing spree may be explainable through the behaviour of the forces behind Michael Myers’s ability to possess such inhuman strength and invulnerability on Halloween night while being seemingly harmless on any other night of the year.


Michael Myers’s invulnerability — as well as vulnerabilities, oddly enough — are not just unique to himself but is a trait found amongst most killers in horror movies.

Below, I will name just a few of these killers to show how it is they can be so seemingly unstoppable one moment, only to suddenly break down from a punch to the face.


Freddy Krueger is considered one of the most intelligent and dangerous horror movie villains. Even though his body count might be seemingly lower than most other killers, his method for killing his victims is known to be fairly gruesome even by modern horror movie standards: from turning people into cockroaches or ripping people’s veins/arteries out of them and turning them into a human ventriloquist dummy — Freddy does them all…


You see, Freddy is technically invincible in the dream world. You cannot beat him in the official films while he is asleep. At best, you can limit his attack powers to increase your chances of survival by not giving in to his fear-mongering, but otherwise, you are more or less going to have to do one of two things:

  • Avoid getting killed by Freddy until it is time to wake up
  • Drag him out into the real world and kill him, then

In the first movie, Freddy is defeated because Nancy realises she could bring him into the real world after she pulls his hat off. A couple of nights later, she tricks him into the real world by intentionally grabbing onto him at the last second, knowing that her timer was about to wake her up.

Nancy had already set up several traps for Freddy, so as soon as he began chasing her in the real world, she could once again trick him into walking into some of these traps. And since Freddy was now in the real world, he could no longer change reality to his convenience, nor was he immune from the same types of pain that a human would feel when being hit in the penis by a falling mallet, being struck by a tripwire; or being burned by gasoline and a set of matches.

Freddy finally loses all his strengths once he realises that Nancy has become completely indifferent to him. In the third movie, when Nancy sees Freddy in snake form and realises how powerful he has gotten, she gives in to his fear again.


Friday the 13th happens to be Jason’s birthday. And in some versions, it was also on Jason’s eleventh birthday that he drowned at Camp Crystal Lake. This would also mean that on this anniversary, Jason watched his mother getting beheaded before his eyes.

Not surprisingly, Jason Vorhees would, therefore, find the whole date of Friday the 13th to charge up some emotional energy — and not for the betterment of humanity.

Even though there is little to no evidence that Jason has ever killed anyone on a day outside of Friday the 13th (non-official movies such as Jason X and Freddy vs. Jason not counting), Jason does possess the same qualities as Michael Myers in that he too seems to become invulnerable to bullets, fire and gas.

And just like Michael Myers, Jason Vorhees eventually loses that strength once Friday the 13th has passed, and even a simple slash to his shoulder or an axe to the face was sufficient to take him down in some movies.


When Chucky goes into a new ‘Good Guy’ doll, he is expected to possess the body of the first person he revealed himself to before he becomes too human.

Chucky first realised this weakness when he tried to kill a police officer in the first movie. Chucky caused the vehicle to crash, and he then followed up by trying to run into the mangled vehicle to finish the officer off.

However, Chucky is shot with a single bullet that causes him to bleed and retreat from the scene in agony. A mentor of his who had told him about the spell was then forced to tell him that the doll’s powers were becoming more limited and that he was becoming more and more human.

After a violent standoff, Chucky is defeated in the first movie, though he can capture Andy in the second movie and carry out the spell. Much to Chucky’s chagrin, however, it turns out that the time had just run out and that Chucky was now just another human stuck inside a plastic doll.

This causes Chucky to go into a murderous rage, but he is quickly defeated, as he is now subject to pain just like any other human and is killed off in some factory.


Jeeper’s Creepers is a fallen angel that revives every 23 years and kills as many human beings as possible for the next 23 days before returning to his layer.

Arguably, your best chance against the Creeper is to be more enraged than scared when confronting him, as the Creeper especially loves scared people. That is why, despite the girl in the first movie asking the Creeper to take her instead of her brother, the Creeper refuses because he can tell her brother is far more scared than she is. Therefore, it was her brother who was a priority over her.

Even if you get into mortal combat with this bat-looking creature, there is a good chance you will still die, as the Creeper doesn’t seem to take kindly to people shooting back at him, no matter how brave you may be.

In some cases, the Creeper might become temporarily paralysed if you can deal a devastating blow to his head or another sensitive part of his body; however, the Creeper will quickly regenerate himself and continue to do so over the next 23 days.

And 23 years later, he will reemerge and commence the same thing all over again.


As you can see, Michael Myers is in good company regarding his behaviour with the other famous horror movie icons of our era. While Michael Myers may seem invincible from a human perspective on Halloween night, I am sure these other killers could prove to be more than a good match in giving Michael a sincere run for his money.

It’s just a matter of when, not if, this happens…


Is Michael Myers 6’3 ft tall on Halloween?

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