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15:Can you make an oil burner (meth) pipe at home 2024?

Can you make an oil burner (meth) pipe at home 2024?

Can you make an oil burner (meth) pipe at home?

Only if you’re an accomplished tweaker with the right equipment and materials, it’s okay to get a little sleep first, too. A tall glass of water, too. And a cigarette. Keep a phone near you to save time when some red hot glass drips on your 10-dollar plastic tennis shoe from Walmart. The sooner you get to the hospital, the better if that melted plastic runs between your toes. Remember to turn that map gas torch off before you get on the ambulance so your trailer doesn’t burn down and the fire department discovers your meth lab while you’re explaining to the doctor what happened to your toes about the time the cops appear to arrest you. But you’ll be okay when the other tweakers in jail are laughing it up with you when they find out they’re not the only idiots in there with burnt toes and arson charges for burning down the trailer park. Aside from all that, get a candy thermometer from Walmart and take the thermometer out of the Pyrex tube. Heat the closed end with a propane or, better yet, a map gas plumber torch until it gets red and melts into a ball. Carefully blow on the open end until a bubble is formed. Voila’. Get a piece of fine sandpaper and rub a hole in the bubble if you’re not skilled enough to melt a hole in it, and there you have it. An instrument of destruction that you’ll be sorry you ever asked how to make. Enjoy. I’ll meet you in hell later on to tell you how. It’ll be a blast.

Yes, 7ou need a glass tube (I’ve used a test tube from any hobby shop), a propane torch tip, and a YELLOW tank of gas from any hardware store, and you heat and blow. It’s that easy and very hot, so be careful, please.

Can you make an oil burner (meth) pipe at home?

Put a thin layer of oil on it.

You can help the burner pipework work better by putting a thin layer of oil on the inside of the bowl.

Use a Pipe Cleaner

Use a pipe cleaner to clean out the bowl of the oil burner pipe before putting on the oil. This will make the burner work better and stop any leftover residue from changing the taste of the oil.

Leave a Space on Top

A small hole at the top of the bowl will let the extra heat escape, making the bowl heat more evenly and making it less likely that the glassware will break.

Use a Collar

You can lift the burner pipe and bowl off the work surface with a collar. This will help get rid of the extra heat and keep your work surface from getting damaged.

Use paint that can handle heat.

On the outside of the pipe bowl, a layer of heat-resistant paint, like enamel or ceramic, can be put on. This will stop it from getting too hot while it’s being used.

Use rubber grips that can handle heat.

On the outside of the burner pipework, you can also put heat-resistant rubber grips to keep you from getting burned if you touch it by accident.

Use a wire mesh screen.

You can put a wire mesh screen on top of the burner pipe to keep things from falling into the flame by accident. This also helps make sure that the flame is pointed up toward the bowl.

Use a glass dowel

Instead of a metal bowl, a glass bowl can be used as the pipe’s bowl.

Use a metal dowel.

Instead of a glass bowl, a metal bowl can be used as the pipe’s bowl. This will let you see if you missed any dirt when you cleaned, which will make the heating work better.

Use a fume extractor.

You can attach a fume extractor to the top of the burner pipe to get rid of any unpleasant fumes that come out while the burner is in use.

Can you make an oil burner (meth) pipe at home?

Lots and lots of them get a bottle of Mapp gas aswirl tip self-igniting torch. A jeweler’s file. A thick sock and a pair of dollar store pliers. Next, you find a boiler supply company and purchase five sight glasses in the thickness you like best. They are four feet long. Use the jeweler’s file to score completely around the tube at the length you want. Use the map gas to heat the end and the crappy pliers to pull the molten glass in on itself. Now, once it is sealed at one end, you heat the sealed end until it glows red. Remove from heat and immediately put the open end to your lips and blow hard into the pipe. You do this around ten to fifteen times, watching the bowl you created so it doesn’t get oblong and stays round. To blow the hole, you keep your lips on the open side, put the newly formed bowl against the flame, and keep a steady pressure of air blowing into it. Don’t get scared when it pops. Heat the edges of the hole.

Why does my meth always get burnt in my mini pipe when I use a torch?

Because you hold the flame on it, you should hold the flame towards it and let the heat melt the ice, not the fire.

It depends. You could be holding it too close to the bubble, getting it too hot, and not cooling it quickly enough. Also, turn down the flame on your torch. You’re not welding something, lol.

It could be because the dope is bunk. I acquired some stuff once (and once was all it took) that turned coal black after a couple of good hits. Adjust your tools and method. See if anything changes.

What is the proper way to wrap your meth pipe?

Using a paper bag or envelope is the best because you can wrap it. It will be safer if you use tissue. The particles will go into the bubble and ruin the puddle, plastic will melt if you use it, or a container will rattle around, and any fabric particles will get into the puddle and ruin the clean bowl. trust me

How do you make a meth pipe/bowl out of things you might have at home?

Here’s how I made one after my pipe broke…and it works VERY WELL, lol.

You would need…a small light bulb, a pen tube or thick straw or sorts, some tape, and a tiny dab container (those rubber ones you store dabs in…, you want the BASE of the container, not the lid…..and you want it to be able to fit into the smaller end of the lightbulb once you remove the guts of the bulb)

So…take the small bulb….and hold a lighter up to where the glass ends…..where you would screw it in….you will hear it cracking, and that’s okay. After heating it a couple of times…

GENTLY smack the metal screw part off of something, and it should bust cleanly off….. at least relatively cleanly off….leaving you with an empty lightbulb shell.

Can you make an oil burner (meth) pipe at home?

Take some water and some salt, fill up the lightbulb, and shake the hell out of it. Use a paper towel wrapped around a pen (or whatever) to wipe out the inside of it… want to get rid of the “dust” inside.

Once you have a clean, gutted small lightbulb….take some tape…I used medical tape, specifically, the type that is cloth and very flexible…and I made a lip around the broken end of the bulb.

Make the lip thick enough….that the small dab container…will snuggly fit into it.

Now. You’ll probably need a pen tube or a thick straw of sorts….(I used the stem from my broken meth pipe, but if you don’t even have a broken one, then

….use a thick straw or a pen tube, etc.)

Cut a small hole in the back of the dab container and stuff the straw into it….there should be no openings visible where the straw is inserted into the back of the small dab container.

There you go.

Pop that shit into the bulb, light it….don’t let the flame touch the glass…….till you can’t see through the bulb from the smoke; partially pull the dab container with the straw….out of the bulb lip…, and inhale through the straw. I want to do this…. because there is no “carb” per se; you can hit it while it’s sealed. It doesn’t matter, but if you are trying to take the entire hit to face immediately…you might want to create a “carb.”

How do you make a meth pipe/bowl out of things you might have at home?

There are a few ways to make a meth pipe out of things you might have at home. One way is to take a small piece of aluminum foil and fold it into a small bowl shape. Another way is to use a small glass bottle or jar and break off the bottom so that it forms a bowl shape. You can also use a metal screw or nail to poke a hole in the bottom of the bottle or jar.

Okay, so it’s easy to load a bowl of meth; any dipshit can do it. But there are ways you should do it and ways you shouldn’t. First, if you just scored a bag and intend on smoking most of it, invest in a new pipe before you even get started. Or at least blow a new one if you have a tube of glass, propane, and a decent torch tip. It makes the whole smoking experience much more enjoyable. Before I proceed, if anyone needs pure gear (ice), they can email gear maestro at protonmail dot com or Wickr my app using the same email.

You blow out fatter clouds, don’t taste horrible, etc. Get yourself a wet rag to cool down the bowl each time you hit it, and your bowl will last much, much longer. (No, it will NOT BREAK your pipe.)

Can you make an oil burner (meth) pipe at home?

So, after you’re all set up, there are a few different ways of going about loading your bowl of dope.

You can break or chisel away little pieces off your rock and grab them up with your fingers and put them in the bowl like that. I usually like to load all my shit through the carb so all the duff doesn’t get stuck in the neck. Meth won’t burn your hands or fingers just from touching it; that shits a myth.

You can use a straw that’s closed in on one end; those work great for scoops. Like the Slurpee straws from 7/11 are made for that shit. Just make sure it’s a new, clean, dry straw. This works well if you have a sack that’s all powder or tiny busted-up shards. Be careful loading the powdery shit, tho, because there’s always some debris that gets caught up in there, like hair, lint, tobacco, weed, dirt, etc. And a little bit of that will fuck your whole bowl up.

Folding up a dollar bill or whatever money you may have on your long way works, too, especially if you have a tiny carb. Just dump out however much you want to load and tilt that bitch till all the shit goes in there.

The last bit of advice is to try to load bigger bowls as opposed to small bowls. Smaller bowls are weak, pointless, and burn up way too quickly.

How do you make a meth pipe/bowl out of things you might have at home?

You can use a wine glass and a straw; by putting the meth in the grass, holding it on its side, slowly heating the glass till the smoke starts to appear, and inhaling with the straw.

How do you make a meth pipe/bowl out of things you might have at home?

Use a flat piece of tin foil. Quickly run a flame under it to burn the oils off. Then, chase the dragon. Heat it from under the foil, using about a 15-degree slope; that way, it will run along the expanse. You should turn the edges up for a rim so you don’t run it off the edge. Then, start from the edge it runs to and run it back and forth. Use a tube from an ink pen as a straw to catch the smoke by sucking air through it. Do not touch the product when wet. It burns badly. Do not suck it through the straw.

What’s the easiest way to smoke meth once your glass pipe breaks?

Or you can try hot rails by crushing up all your meth like powder, racking up some decent lines, heating the end of your stem until it’s glowing red, and then carefully using the heated end of the pipe, burn the line while snorting up your nose with the stem. If done correctly, you’ve got a nice zingy high. So so good.

What’s the easiest way to smoke meth once your glass pipe breaks?

Okay, so if you’re really ghetto like me, you may be able to save that pipe! If you are able to create a tin foil cover to replace the area of the glass that broke off the pipe, then you can still smoke off the little bit of glass that is left. It is best to use a precise torch light so you don’t wish flames to get through any area of the foil. Then your meth will taste like shit. But this works for me. Also, I cut my hand with a lightbulb when I tried it before. So, if you do use that method, the glass is super sharp. Be careful not to meth ( mess) it up lmao.

What’s the easiest way to smoke meth once your glass pipe breaks?

There are a few simple ways, and the items required can be found in your house every day. The easiest way is to get a piece of aluminum foil about 8 inches long by the width of the roll, fold it into a square about 8″x8″ then fold it in half, put the dope in the foil, and heat the bottom of the foil and with a straw inhale the smoke. The second is a light bulb, and the third is a shot glass.

What is the proper way to wrap your meth pipe?

Using a paper bag or envelope is the best because you can wrap it. It will be safer if you use tissue. The particles will go into the bubble and ruin the puddle, plastic will melt if you use it, or a container will rattle around, and any fabric particles will get into the puddle and ruin the clean bowl. trust me

How do you fix cracks in a glass pipe? I cracked the bowl on my glass oil burner that I use to smoke meth. Is there any way to fix it without totally breaking the pipe?

Slowly heat the bow. Then, from the lightest part of the bowl, run the pointed side of the torch flame up the line of crack slowly back and forth. After a while, the crack will disappear.

How do you fix cracks in a glass pipe? I cracked the bowl on my glass oil burner that I use to smoke meth. Is there any way to fix it without totally breaking the pipe?

You have to heat the crack slowly with a torch until it fuses back together. Let it cool, sitting at room temperature until cooled completely. If you’ve done a good job, no sign of the crack will be noticeable. But even if you can still see where the crack is, it doesn’t mean partial fusion didn’t occur. This is an emergency fix. Get a new one asap. Good Luck

How do you fix cracks in a glass pipe? I cracked the bowl on my glass oil burner that I use to smoke meth. Is there any way to fix it without totally breaking the pipe?

You have to give this a shot…it’s amazingly cool to see water welding!

Buy a propane torch, and heat your glass to near-glowing hot conditions. When it just begins to glow, toss it in a bucket of ice water.

The quick shift of temperature will cause a frosting effect, and the cracks will fuse like a tree root system, making a badass pattern.

I water-weld my glass pebbles for concrete…here’s an example.

It’s a cool process to see in action.

Is it okay to blow into a meth pipe to cool it down?

I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t after all. To get good vaporization, you blow lightly to start a bowl; at least, most peeps I know do. Just don’t drool and turn your bowl into a foul-tasting black pool.

If you’re blowing to cool it down, there shouldn’t be any problem blowing on the outside of the bowl.

Is it okay to blow into a meth pipe to cool it down?

No, because your breath particles get in the bowl. The breadth particles then begin to burn and discolor the bowl. It’s people’s breadth particles burning, discoloring, and giving the disgusting burnt taste to bowls. Do not do it. Instead, wave your hand over the bowl or find another way to clear it.


Is it okay to blow into a meth pipe to cool it down?

I will open like I often do with these questions:

Take the advice of someone who escaped that life going on 17 years ago; Your life will be more fulfilling and happier if you avoid this shit. It’s the devil, man.

That said, You should never be getting your bubble very, very hot in the first place. MA vaporizes at something like 175 degrees. Once it starts to vaporize, remove the flame, roll the liquid to the cooler side of the glass, and then gently cool the glass on a damp cotton hand towel.

Can you make an oil burner (meth) pipe at home?

Don’t press the bubble into the towel with pressure, and the glass will not shatter, especially if you’re using warm water to dampen the towel.

This will cool the bubble quickly enough, speed up the snapback process, and allow you to stop wasting your product.

It will also keep it from burning to brown or black until you get to the very end of the load.

In closing, seriously, It might not be the first time, it might not be the fifth time, it might not be the one-hundredth time … but ONE time will divide your life into what it was before that day and the hell it became after that day.

Even “God” doesn’t play dice, man.

Are glass pipes the best way to smoke meth?

I don’t know if it’s the best way, but I smoke mine out of a water bong. To me, it’s smoother and doesn’t have that taste.

Are glass pipes the best way to smoke meth?

The absolute best way is in heavy-duty aluminum foil. It is an art as much as it is a skill. Think of it live, driving a stick shift car. You have to use both feet and both hands, all doing different things at the same time, but you have way more control of the engine. People will talk shit about foil sucks and really bad for you, and that’s true if nobody ever taught you the right way.

  1. Tear sheet of heavy-duty foil about 8″ wide.
  2. Always shiny side down and dull side up; the shiny side has lubricant from the mfg process and will fuck up the dope.
  3. On a table, lay down foil dull side down so you see the shine. Fold the edges back on to itself about half an inch, then once again but a quarter inch this time. This creates a picture frame and strengthens the “Boat.”
  4. Flip over dull side up now shape I to a letter “M” shape. Just like a cooking vent panel shape. This creates a center lane, and the two flaps on each side will trap hot air to heat foil uniformly.
  5. MOST MOST IMPORTANT!! Next, you have to have a Bic lighter, no substitutes, and hold up to the bottom side of “ Boat” until there is a thick layer of soot from the impurities in the butane. The bottom must be blackened well; this prevents the dope from burning into foil and ruining everything.
  6. Put a minimum of 2-tenths up to 4-tenths max. All at the top of one side, now take your Bic, let it melt, and then tip the boat down at an angle so it runs down and becomes a thin layer; let it cool. This will happen almost instantly. FOIL IS BEST BECAUSE YOU ONLY GET IT HOT ENOUGH TO BECOME A VAPOR AND NOT DESTROY HALF ITS GLASS BUBBLE WITH A TORCH OVERHEATING
  7. Now, grab your straw. A smaller diameter straw is better than one too big because we want to create a powerful suction. YOU HAVE TO START PULLING AIR ACROSS THE DOPE TO VAPORIZE, ALLOWING IT TO RUN DOWN THE BOAT

How do you make an easy homemade meth pipe?

Unfortunately, in said situation, it would be needed to make a pipe. There are many easy ways to make a homemade pipe.

Explore other means of ingestion. Ex. Snorting, eating, etc.

How do you make an easy homemade meth pipe?

Buy a cigar that comes in a glass tube at 7-Eleven or wherever you can find one. Heat the end of it with a propane torch until it’s glowing red hot, then poke a hole in it. That’s it. You can do the same with a lightbulb after carefully hollowing it out. With a pair of pliers or wire cutters, pitch the end off, leaving the metal threads in place, and very carefully start chipping away at the glass inside. Then heat The bulb and poke a hole in it. The hole in both pipes is to draw air. The easiest, though, is to make a gutter pipe out of aluminum foil. Double up the foil and make a” gutter” about 2 inches wide by 8 inches long. Put the Dope on one end, stick a straw in your mouth, and light from underneath. Let the shit flow back and forth to keep it from burning up while inhaling smoke through the straw.

What is the quickest and the easiest way to make a meth pipe?

Do you struggle with burning your shit while smoking, never being able to get big ripper clouds, or experiencing a bad taste when you smoke? These could all be due to the fact that you don’t have the technique down yet. Meth is a fragile compound, and smoking it is an inconsistent activity; you have to have some amount of awareness and put in some practice before you really get proficient at it. I’m defining “proficiency” as someone who can hit the pipe every time and blow consistently big clouds while avoiding any burning or color changing. Before I proceed, if anyone needs quality gear (ice), they can email dextrolabs1 at protonmail dot com or wickr me app “mdextro.”


 Looking up through the bottom of the bowl, start spinning the bowl from 10:30 to 1:30 again while circling the crackback with your lighter the same way you did before. You should be able to see the crystals melt down into a puddle.

– Bring the bowl to eye level, and keep spinning the bowl from 10:30 – 1:30 with the lighter flame STILL ON the product. Spinning the bowl will keep you from burning the meth, even though the heat source is still on it.

– Once the liquid meth rises in temperature by about 15 degrees, the liquid will begin to vaporize, and you will see a trail of vapor rising toward the top of the pipe. It’s tempting to start hitting the pipe as soon as you see vapor, but for the biggest clouds, you want to keep spinning the bowl from 10:30 – 1:30 and *wait* until the vapor has filled the chamber of the oil burner. That is to say, the bowl of your pipe should be filled with a semi-thick, foggy vapor before you begin inhaling. This is one of those parts that takes practice and a thorough trial and error process to really get down. You’ll eventually learn just when to start inhaling at the perfect moment. Inhale too soon, and your meth cools quickly, leading to a smaller cloud.

Can you make an oil burner (meth) pipe at home?

– Once the vapor has filled the chamber, bring the stem to your lips and start slowly inhaling. One of my old dealers used to tell me to act like the stem of the pipe was a straw that you’re sipping water through. That’s how gentle your inhale should be. If you try and take a big ass bong rip or inhale with your lungs instead of pulling with your mouth, the meth will cool down too quickly, which results in a smaller cloud. The more gentle you can be on your inhale, the bigger the cloud.

-While you’re “sipping” off the stem of your pipe, continue to rock the bowl slowly and deliberately over the top of the lighter flame, remembering to keep the top of the flame about 1/4″ away from the bottom of the pipe. This keeps the heat consistent, so you have more vapor to inhale.

-When you’re running out of air on your inhale, it’s easy to start sucking harder accidentally. This creates more airflow, which results in a smaller cloud. Even if you feel like you’re running out of air, focus on not panicking and continue to pull on the pipe with a low-flow, small sip instead of a giant, sucking inhale.

-Don’t stop spinning your bowl, ever. This is what keeps your supply from burning as you heat it for inhalation.

-Think of your inhaling as if you were pulling on a cigar or a cigarette, using the muscles in your cheeks to pull the vapor into your mouth instead of using your lungs to pull the vapor into your esophagus like you would with marijuana.

-Once you’ve inhaled as much as possible into your mouth, breathe it into your lungs and hold for a moment. When you exhale, you should be exhaling a monstrous cloud that gets you positively gacked as fuck. If you’ve followed these directions correctly, the vapor should be odorless and tasteless. The meth should still be clear or foggy white when it recrystallizes on the pipe. If you packed .05 g into your bowl, you should be able to practice taking a few good hits before it’s time to reload the bowl.

How do you make an easy homemade meth pipe?

The easiest way is to take a regular incandescent light bulb. Now, take a bulb in your hand, holding the threaded metal base with the bulb pointing away from you as you hold it out on its side. Now, take propane or even. Get a butane torch and bring the flame down so it kisses the side of the bulb. Due to how you’re holding it, the top of the flame, and the fact that the factory sucked out all the air in the bulb m quickly a hole will form on its own. Before I proceed, you can score quality ice by emailing dextrolabs1 at protonmail dot com or wickr me app “metro.”

Now take a pair of side cuts or linesman pliers, whatever, and you’ll see a dark turnaround spot on the bottom of the metal part holding it by the metal nippers.

A hardened clay-like substance will fall out clearly. Take a screwdriver or something sturdy, stick it into the bulb, and break off the glass riser after a little bit of cleaning up the glass inside the metal part. If you use a clear glass bulb without the dusty white coating to go the type with the white coating for some careless reason, then wash it out really well and make sure it’s fully dry. That white stuff is way toxic. It might sound not easy, but before I learned to blow glass, I could make you a working puff in under 2 minutes with it rushing.

The pipe should be glass or Pyrex. Glass is usually thinner, can withstand less heat, heats/cools quicker, and tends to be more fragile. Pyrex is typically preferred; it is slightly more expensive, and in my experience, it typically always has a colored tint. I’ve seen pink quite often, but also other colors like green. Pyrex holds heat longer and is thicker, which requires more heat initially and gets really hot.

It’s more durable than glass and is generally “cleaner” to smoke from. Both are fine, but it’s good to know the difference so you don’t burn your product. The “tube” part is called the stem; this is what you put your mouth on to inhale. The “round” part with a hole is called the bowl; the little hole should face up, the meth sitting at the bottom.

How do you smoke meth out of foil?

Tear off a square piece of foil about the size of 2 cig packs and fold it in half. Open it and place your meth on one end in the crease. You will need a lighter and a straw or shell of an ink pen. Place your straw in your lips, holding it…hold the foil with the left hand at the edge and the light beneath it. Light where the meth is but not too close to burn the foil, and slowly tilt the foil down so the melted meth runs down the crease. While this is happening, it is releasing smoke at the upper end, and the straw in your mouth you maneuver above that smoke and inhale. This takes a lot of practice.…well done for me. It was like rubbing your belly and patting your head on me. The foil gives it an awful taste if you get too close or hold it in one spot too long. With that being said, the quality of foil makes a big diff, too. I started out using foil…, and when I used a bowl, I was like, why? Bc that smell and taste are so bad..but hey, if you have nothing else.

Smoking methamphetamine from a foil can be made an effective and rather efficient means of delivering goodness to your noggin. But it takes practice and skills that are garnered nearly only from trial and error with this method. This is unrelated, but if anyone needs a good deal on genuine and pure ice, they can email Gear Mestro at protonmail dot com or also on the Wickr me app.

All though it isn’t by any means a desired way of smoking by most, some enjoy it, and most do it out of necessity as bowls can be hard to find; not just anyone should, or want to, bang their methamphetamine, and no matter how finely you crush and chop your shards nor how pure and clean the shit may be, there isn’t any pleasure in the painful and disgustingly flavored act of whiffing a big dandy meth line. This is semi-difficult to teach even in person, so be sure to carefully examine the directions that I’ve typed up and don’t skip ANYTHING. Now, for starters, you’ll need: · Dope ·Bic lighter(not specifically, but the French made a great fucking lighter with that one, so…)

A pen shaft, the kind from a 5-piece click pen with both end components and spring and ink shaft removed. Heavy-duty aluminum foil. And I must stress the importance of HEAVY DUTY. Otherwise, you’ll burn up your dopes with all the holes you’ll burn in the foil from trying to get it to melt and run. That would make you an unhappy camper at best, and you would have a fun time learning a nifty smoking method. 🙁 Alright. Now, with the foil, remove a rectangle of no more than 2″ and no less than 1″ wide. For a beginner, I recommend going the full 2. The extra foil helps distribute the heat more, so you’ll be more likely to get that ‘run’ started, and it won’t be as quick to get hot enough to burn through as quickly as it would with a 1″ piece. ~Forming the foil ‘runner.’

Do not. Repeat. DO NOT. Overlap pieces to make your runner thinker than one layer of foil. It requires too much heat and can cause losses in both drugs and lighters quite rapidly! ·You are going to take the fucking silvery rectangle of thin alloy and tear it as neatly as possible in half across its width. Designate the shiny side as the smoking surface(top) ·Then, with your roughly 6-7″ length of foil, create an acute crease down the middle long ways.

Don’t pinch the bottom; leave it bowled, but not too open and not too constrained while also creating a vector at which the smoke will not just flow all out and up and over the sides when you’re inhaling. It should look like a V with a slight slope in the crotch. After the folding, approximately a 50-40° acute angle crease should now be present in your foil. Hey bub, guess what? You’re almost there to get to smoke you some shit!

How does meth smell when smoking it?

It doesn’t have a strong smell. I can’t smell it at all. I don’t know anyone who can identify its smell. I’m sure some people can smell it, but most would not know what the smell was, even if they smoked it themselves.

Can you make an oil burner (meth) pipe at home?

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