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Best men’s swim trunks under $100, according to experts

Best men's swim trunks under $100, according to experts

Best men’s swim trunks under $100, according to experts

If you’ve ever thought that men’s swim trunks don’t deserve the attention that the rest of the clothes in your wardrobe get, think again for a few minutes. The fact that you will spend hours on the sand sunbathing or underwater, surviving the high temperatures does not mean that you should dismiss what one of the most useful garments of the summer season is. 

Men’s swimsuits are so essential in the male wardrobe and can have so many readings that they also boast prominence on the catwalks and campaigns, which have already dictated the trends that we are going to practice in our summer clothing this 2022. Two specific models are key this year: the mid-thigh Bermuda shorts (the ideal swimsuit, in short) and the tight-fitting briefs, perfect for showing off those legs you’ve worked on in the gym all year.

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Have we already convinced you of the relevance of men’s swimwear? If so, you may have realized that you were still using the same three models 5 years ago. Don’t worry; we’re here to help you find a replacement for them: you have to take a look at our collection of men’s swimwear and choose the one that best suits your style (or several, even) to combine with your new sandals or flip-flops and your glasses favorite sun. You’ll thank us when they compliment you on the shore.

Best men’s swim trunks under $100, according to experts

As soon as the thermometers rise, the season of “looking for friends with a pool” opens, and, by extension, it’s time to go looking for and capture those men’s swimsuits that will make us succeed this season. In that sense, there is nothing written. Perhaps, until a few years ago, the only taboo that remained to be exceeded was in the nautical pant, but a few summers ago, it was demolished, and we jumped without any problem from the most concise designs to the long surfers that fall beyond the knee; Passing, of course, through the classic options that fall to mid-thigh (either with an elasticated waistband or a tailored type with a hook and loop fastener).

However, as it is a seasonal product and even though there are countless options among the men’s swimwear, you always resort to the same firms. It increases the chances of ending up on the lounger with someone next to you in your same bathing suit. If you want to avoid this situation because you don’t like convention, here are a few quality brands to be the best dress of the season (without easily matching others).


Since 2019, Gusari has been producing swimwear in various styles, cuts, and color and fabric combinations. So far, everything is normal. However, what makes this English firm special is that its designs incorporate tailoring details that are not normally associated with swimwear, such as pleats at the waist, side drawstrings, or ghurka-style closures, with a buckle on the side. In addition, its materials are sustainably sourced and responsibly manufactured, prioritizing natural and recycled fabrics. In this way, they manage to redefine the classic swimsuit and, at the same time, create pieces with a timeless spirit that never goes out of style.


Paraiso’s main goal is to “inspire people through fun, pleasure and life enrichment,” This definition fits perfectly with the best summers of our lives. Under this leitmotif, this firm made in Barcelona, founded in 2020 by Oscar Puig, manufactures its swimsuits one by one and follows socially and environmentally friendly processes. But not everything is there: here do not expect to find the “typical swimsuits,” because we have come to have fun. In this house, bright colors and classic prints, such as Vichy or sailor stripes, are combined and intermingled to give rise to those swimsuits for life for which everyone will ask you.


Courtesy of CHÉ

The Oliver Cheshire model is an expert in enjoying the best summers while looking cool at any time. His long days off in Ibiza attest to this. So in 2019, he decided to share his fashion knowledge and style tricks, which materialized in his fashion label: CHÉ. Swimsuits (made from 100% recycled Nylon) with a sporty retro style, cut to mid-thigh and so elegant that they almost look like boardwalk shorts. Perfect for going from the lounger to the beach bar without messing up your hair.


Courtesy of Benibeca


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Benibeca is hidden on the small island of Menorca, a small paradise of white houses. This Mediterranean town was the outstanding inspiration for Anjara García to create her swimwear firm in 2017 – hence the name of the brand. Fleeing the frenetic rhythms of consumption and seasonal trends, Benibeca takes as its starting point the diversity of the Mediterranean Sea and its wave of cultures to develop its colors and prints, which are printed in three lengths of swimsuits to suit all tastes. : the classic medium length, the super short, and the ready to swim & wear, a design that eliminates the elastic waistband and looks more like shorts than a swimsuit.

Maltese flamingo

If something characterizes this firm, it is its ironic and unconventional prints. Flamenco Maltés was born in 2017 as a firm focused on swimwear (although it has since evolved to other lines such as pajamas and underwear). All their limited edition swimsuits are made & design in Spain, which guarantees they have total control over the process and offer a high-quality product. In addition, since January 2020, their designs ( Jungle Boss and Candy Frog ) have become (Eco)election; they are swimsuits made with recycled polyester from plastic waste. Fashion and sustainability to spend a luxurious summer.


The history of this French firm that was born “one day in October,” as they explain, is to return to its origin. Return to those basic and essential garments in our wardrobe that last us several seasons. To recover those pieces that we always keep and preserve some detail that takes us to a memory of a past. 

It is precisely what happens with their swimsuits; here, you will find the quality basics you always look for and never find.


The history of this Swedish brand is made up of the passions of its two creators, Nik (Nicklas) and Ben (Benjamin). The first was raised on the beaches of southern Europe, so bathing suits became his usual uniform for everything: beach, gym, being at home… After sailing the entire Swedish archipelago, the second traveled to London to study at the prestigious Central Saint Martins design school. However, although they share a nationality, their paths finally crossed in Spain, the cradle of long, hot summer days, where Nikben was born. His hallmark is retro-looking prints with a contemporary twist.

The brief swimsuit for men. This equation, a priori, could cause teething, especially if we submit to debate about the correctness of wearing or not wearing a Speedo-type swimsuit. Especially when David Gandy came to show the world – through the Dolce & Gabbana campaign – what are the necessary attributes?

Best men’s swim trunks under $100, according to experts

To wear a nautical panty without falling into ridicule. That lycra can be treacherous depending on what anatomies, and for a brief-style men’s swimsuit to look good, it would have to be a worthy possessor of what the classics called the Divine Proportion. This summer, the nautical brief is also part of the men’s swimwear collection. But not just any. There are subtle, elegant, and even sophisticated… despite their few centimeters of fabric. To wear it with dignity is not enough to dare; you also have to work hard and know the best alternatives.

To achieve this, it would suffice to look at the wealthy residents of Marbella in the 60s and 70s and discover that the brief swimsuit has a glamorous, Mediterranean-inspired side, as portrayed by Slim Aarons himself. We could also resort to classics like the simpler Jean-Paul Belmondo in that nautical version of a fashionable man that he used to preach so much in his youth. Or those other versions, somewhat longer, that Sean Connery used to embody the more aquatic vision of James Bond and that today the firm Orlebar Brown has reproduced through a swimwear collection.

Best men’s swim trunks under $100, according to experts

Classics aside, the nautical Braga has achieved unexpected fame far from its natural habitat: the Olympic swimming pools. Despite being a garment that should be intended solely and exclusively for sports, the truth is that it has transcended to appear on beaches, natural parks, and private pools. And the truth is that there is no age limit; men of all styles have taken refuge in them for various reasons. Those who practice more sports see it as a way to get the perfect tan lines, while men of mature age see absolute comfort in briefs. 

Adidas, Nike, or the same SpeedoThese are just some of the brands that have been linked to the manufacture of this garment since time immemorial. But the brief swimsuit has evolved, and below, you will find a wide selection of designs that would be nothing without all that crowd of men who have known how to wear it with the dignity that such a brief male swimsuit deserves. There is life beyond the Turbo swimsuit. Guaranteed.

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Best men’s swim trunks under $100, according to experts

It is the second atypical summer that we live, a reissue of the attempt at the so-called “new normality” that we made in 2020 recently unconfined. Although certain restrictions also go in the suitcase, the spirit and the desire to rest and enjoy within what is allowed takes up more space in our luggage. A piece of luggage that, as usual, the swimsuit cannot be missing. A key item of summer, one more year, we are here to offer you the best ideas and designs that the brands have presented for this season, with the only exception that this 2021 we want to focus on Spanish fashion brands.

Without detracting from the effort and work of the rest of the well-known brands, ours have experienced a difficult time that deserves applause and all the support we can offer. There will be those who remain faithful to the same swimsuit of past summers, but surely others already have the idea of ​​renewing this garment in their heads, and what better than choosing the quality national design.

The best swimsuits from Spanish brands

Brands such as ParaisoSunno by Bene Cape, or Seppia have reformulated the idea we have of a swimsuit and have wanted to offer different and modern designs that make this a garment that is used for much more than taking a dip. In addition, brands such as Pompeii have stamped their commitment to the environment on their bathroom collections, achieving garments whose production has not been harmful to the planet or has been produced with recycled materials.

There are options for all tastes: from daring prints to the most classic ones such as stripes, plain primary colors, or new tones that will highlight the tan you get these days in the sun. Are you coming shopping with us to discover 15 Spanish swimwear brands for men?

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Best men’s swim trunks under $100, according to experts

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