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Astrology: Why are Cancer and Capricorn considered such a great match?

Astrology: Why are Cancer and Capricorn considered such a great match?

Astrology: Why are Cancer and Capricorn considered such a great match?

house,For a marriage, we see the 7th house, and here Capricorn is 7th from Cancer, and Cancer is 7th from Capricorn. That shows both are “samaandsaptama”—”equally being housed in the 7th house.” That shows there will be a kind of equilibrium in the relationship.

ITake Cancer – alone – always wanted to be loved, cajoledcare of and taken care.cajoled, caretaker,Take again Capricorn – a nurse, care and selfless attitude. So, one who serves and another who prefers service.

This is how the two will (most of the time) live a peaceful life.

Why are capricorns so attracted to cancer?

Sadly, I have way too much experience with this.

She had cancer.

Capricorns are attracted to cancer because they have a way of softening our vulnerable, hardened hearts.

We don’t want to have a hardened heart, but we have to develop a tough heart because we don’t trust anyone, and we are certainly skeptical.

Our personalities match because we aren’t risk-takers, and they are.

We want to jump, but we want someone to make us jump with them, and they do that.

We love a physical relationship, but cancer goes deeper, to the soul, and that is something a Capricorn often doesn’t experience.

Cancers are emotional, but even with that, we Capricorn know how to handle that

Astrology:Why are Cancer and Capricorn considered such a great match?

The opposite attracts:

Cancer: 70%attracts; compatibility- good side – opposite attracts – cancerian women will be drawn to cap men; good for family life and marriage too , both can rely on each other; downside: Cancerians are moody, which will make cap men annoyed On theon other hand, Cancerian women will find Capricorn men to be only attached to work and career, but with time and patience, things can be worked out

Why are capricorns so attracted to cancer?

Capricorns are a cardinal quality, along with Cancer, Libra, and Aries. Cardinal means most necessary. Capricorn can be represented as the father of the zodiac, and Cancer can be represented as the mother of the zodiac. Even male Cancerians have feminine qualities.

hard-workingCapricorns are hard working, extremely committed to a plan or a dream, sometimes dead-pan and have a need to stay busy and active, etc. They are rather masculine in their energy and ways of expressing themselves, and they need ways to release themselves because sometimes they take themselves so seriously that they don’t really allow a balance of nurturing and nourishment of their energy to come into their lives.

The Cancer zodiac is an extremely feminine zodiac that is governed by the moon, which equates to emotional expression and emotional control. When a Cancer is in their natural vibration, they are receptive, nourishing, healing, and extremely nurturing of themselves and others. If they heal themselves from the inside out, they can heal hundreds of thousands with their energy. Cancerians are likely to be introverted and charming, sweet, fun, and gentle when they are in their essence.

Their introversion does not mean that they are not capable of being social; this is just how they process their energy. The Cancerian can be fun, sweet, and an all-around pleasure for the Capricorn, but also mysterious.

Capricorn is attracted to the Cancerian’s ability to not take themselvesabout, too seriously, yet also apply themselves to whatever they are passionate about as well as their ability to multitask and hold many things together. It balances them, as Capricorn goes full throttle and releases himself whenever he works and can be so likely to shy away from his emotional clarity. He may have been made to feel his emotional expression is a distraction, so he circumvents them as frequently as possible.

A Cancerian is resilient, moves in stealth when ready, and is highly functional. one-track-mindedCapricorn is typically one-track and turbulent, and trying to focus on too many things at once can be a bit of a disaster. Cancerian makes Capricorn feel comfortable and safe with her energy. Capricorn goes about things as if he has it all figured out—the Cancerian knows that he doesn’t, but she believes in him and makes him feel like he does.

She teaches him how to express himself more and what it means to love, which is something he might be initially confused about. She can make him feel free and finally realize that he’s found what he’s been looking for all this time.

If she grants him trust, their sexual life will be quite dynamic and powerful as well. This will only happen if a Cancer feels completely comfortable in Capricorn’s company. itCancerian might take sex very seriously and only wants to share this with someone who makes her feel safe. She wants someone to submit 100% to, and she happens to be very submissive in bed. She wants to be her partner’s personal porn star, and this is not something she wants to do with everyone.

Even a Capricorn male might find himself in the same position as a Capricorn woman. As the Capricorn sign is a masculine sign, even women can function with their brains instead of their hearts. Cancer males might try to teach Capricorn women how to be more emotional. In the function of these two’s highest compatibility, their compatibility is high.

If Capricorn ever makes Cancer feel unsafe or like she cannot trust him, this is where the issues will start. This will cause a bomb to be set off inside of Cancer, and where she is normally peaceful and serene, she will become histrionic with mistrust and confusion.

She might be passive-aggressive before completely attempting to demolish Capricorn for rocking her free and peaceful life. When she decides to trust, she trusts without asking questions, and she wants to believe every word her partner says. Should he give her any reason to doubt him… Yikes. Oh, she’s sweet, but she’s psycho. I should hope no one ever brings that side out of cancer!

Capricorn might automatically feel like he can trust her without her really doing anything, because she makes it an intention for people to be able to trust her. Very rarely will a Cancerian woman cheat when she’s getting what she wishes for, and she never wants to hurt anyone on purpose. think about itIf Cancerian woman starts to feel unnecessary in her relationship, this is where she might cheat— but even then, she will always think fifteen times before doing it because she truly does not want to hurt her partner. She’s loyal to a fault, and so is Capricorn when he’s found “the one.”.

Her moon placements certainly do matter, and they affect this zodiac more than any other zodiac. When the moon waxes and wanes, so do her moods. Every 2–3, the zodiac position in the moon changes. Her moods are likely to be turbulent as they channel through water and earth placements and rather cooling when coursing through fire and air placements.

Cancer is extremely intelligent, and it is even more intelligent with emotions and energies. She knows when to speak and when not to. She is receptive to other people’s energy, and she listens and makes people feel understood.

She knows how to connect with other people’s hearts as she rules the chest, breast, and stomach. She knows exactly what to say to make Capricorn’s toes curl and have him addicted to her. When he’s stressed out, she gives him space, but affection brings them closer together.

When she feels safe, she’ll never nag him and always make him feel wanted, saying that he couldn’t possibly choose a better partner. Her love constantly nurtures and replenishes all that he’s lost consistently through the years of his life and makes him fight and believe in life again.

This is a couple that might likely end up married with children. Even in situations where things start out as “just friends,” they might end up being serious.

Why are capricorns so attracted to cancer?

Because cancers are warm, gooey, and delicious to eat.

Oh, wait. You didn’t want a food review.

But really, love is like food. Food is warm and comforting. A plate of food says, “Come here. I want to make you feel better.” A cancer in love wants nothing more than to make you feel better.

A Capricorn in love needs that. They won’t admit it, even to themselves. Capricorns also like how cancer will depend on them. cancerCancer needs someone to have their backs, someone to shore them up when life gets to be too much, and to take over when Cancer crumples on the bed, unable to withstand the vicissitudes of life. In fact, Capricorns adore this about cancer, even if they grumble about it.

The zodiac sign of Cancer is ruled by the moon, which is mommy (or the nurturer) and Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, which is daddy (or the provider.)

They are also opposite each other on the zodiac wheel. Cancer is water, and Capricorn is earth. Nobody likes a good mud wrestle more than this pair. provideYeah, there is no fire in this pairing, but their mutable, that is changeable natures, provides enough vibratory excitement to keep the earth moving under their feet.

It’s more than “opposites attract.” This pairing is the primal archetype for “family.” When the crab comes together with the sea goat, it is the key to coming home to the lock.

That’s why.

It’s just too bad all the other planets in their respective charts have the potential to muck things up.

Astrology:What’s it like for a Cancer woman to date a Capricorn male?

I’m a Cancer woman, and I’m with a Capricorn man. Okay! Let me break it down as best I can, because it is a roller coaster. First and foremost, in general, a relationship is about who you’re willing to put up with. No matter what they do, the question is: is it a huge red flag or not?! That’s what you really have to look at. So regardless of the sign, everyone has some kind of compatibility. To me personally, I think it’s a wonderful duo. It’s the epitome of a family-home dynamic. cappy,Cancers can be submissive and loving to their cappy, and Capricorn’s can have that alpha-dominated manly man to their crabs. So, it’s not like they’re totally bent out of shape. Nope! provider,If you want a provider, a capricorn (father) can provide just that. mother should and a cancer mother should be loving and nurturing. NO RELATIONSHIP is PERFECT OR FAIRYTALE!! So you will have bumps in the road. In a disagreement, Capricorn’s will ignore and not argue. Cancers get mad, get snappy back, then go into hiding. But as long as each sign takes the same amount of time to calm down, it can get better. argue,sheBecause cancer doesn’t care to argue she will want to communicate about the problems she and her Capricorn are having. Capricorn will only talk when he’s ready. Cancer is the type to not go to sleep mad at her man. Things get intensely heated sexually. So that attraction is non-negotiable. But the only thing that can harm a cancer in a relationship like this is if the Capricorn isn’t attentive in some way. Whether it’s validation and gratitude for the cancer or if the cancer is receiving no attention at all,. And if the Capricorn doesn’t have that solid person’s back,.

Share your experience as a Capricorn-Taurus or Capricorn-Cancer couple. Have you met your soulmate? If yes, how?

Capricorn-Cancer couple. He’s a Capricorn, and I’m a Cancerian. We see each other as soulmates.


Our friends met up with each other for a hot pot meal. He initiated a conversation while on the way to the hot pot. I think he was trying to be sociable. visitingAs we talked, I showed interest to visit more areas of his city, and he was polite in offering to bring me around. People from his city must be friendly. At the hot pot restaurant, he switched from a few seats away to sit next to me. I think something was wrong with the seat that’s further away. On the ride back, I asked for his social messaging contact. foodThat night he messaged me, asked about the places I want to go and food that I wanted to eat, and recommended some food. He spent almost the entire day bringing me to six places in his city. He was very hospitable. We just ate, walked, and talked. The next day, he asked me out to try more local food. We continued to message for two weeks, then gradually started to have phones calls, then video calls. I don’t think I understood any of his hints. ourphoneOne day he asked exactly what was our relationship was. distance,I said I kind of like him, and he said that due to the distance let’s stay friends, but after a week, he asked if I would agree to date if he asked. I said yes because I still like him, but I’ll treat this matter as seriously as he does and think seriously about it for a night before I give my final answer and opinion. The next day, we started dating.

As we dated, we learned more about our similarities and differences as we had more in-depth conversations. isI once said that rings are needed when people marry but he said that the need for rings are just a marketing technique. I said that we have to celebrate Valentine’s Day, but he said that’s also a marketing technique. I said that couples need at least a day a year to remind themselves of the importance and memories of the relationship, or else everyone will just be busy working or slowly get bored. He said if that day is important, he would rather we just accompany each other for the rest of the day. I knew he was more practical. But I also slowly realised his love language was different from mine, so we took the love language test and found out that he gives and expects love in the form of time, touch, and service, while I give and expect love in the form of words, money, and service.

self-controlHis discipline and self control are impeccable. He can choose the best food option and stick with it every day, while I easily get bored with the same food and want to eat different dishes depending on my mood, so I don’t always eat the healthiest or most delicious food but switch pretty often. He sets fixed hours to do his daily tasks, while I like to do my tasks at the last minute.

He is realistic (which may seem cold to some people) and responsible, while I’m overly trusting and sympathetic. He often criticises my kindness and for being a “yes” person to everyone. He rarely makes any promises unless he is sure that the promised aspect will not likely change in the future due to external reasons. I tend to make promises more easily because of my overwhelming emotions of love and empathy at the time.


We dated for 2 years steadily and are still counting. We never fought passionately, but we discussed our disagreements until we reached a conclusion. but weWe used to be more reserved like our horoscopes but learned from past relationships and experiences that communication is important, especially in a relationship. We both like to think a lot privately, know someone well before showing more of our personalities, plan our future and life goals, organise, focus on details, stubbornly stick to our opinions, blame ourselves or feel guilty due to our sense of duty, and are givers in a relationship. stern,He is more organised, mild tempered, stern and practical than me because I am more emotional, soft-hearted, and insecure. I like doing what I love; he does what he thinks should or must be done.

Occasionally we were very similar, yet occasionally we were very different (e.g., stern, practical, mild-tempered). I had trouble understanding that different side, so I started studying about human personalities. We also chatted and agreed that the extremes of either one’s personality (100% thinking or 100% feeling) are not acceptable and that we should approach all problems moderately with 50/50 thinking and feeling. We got along well as a Capricorn-Cancer couple largely due to in-depth communication, acknowledgement of our own weaknesses, admiration of our partner’s strengths, and self-empowerment.

Astrology:Which zodiac sign best adjusts with Capricorn?

I’m not an astrologer, and I’m not someone who believes in astrology per se. However, I do think it’s something we’re raised with culturally a lot of the time, and so that shapes us. So it’s sort of a self-fulfilling prophecy if you’re raised with it.

I was raised with it and am a Capricorn gal. As such, I will say:

  1. Scorpio. Caps and Scorps just click. Scorpios have secrets, but they don’t lie. They are brutally honest and emotionally open. We Caps appreciate both of those things. honorableWe see the first as honourable, and the second as courageous behaviour.toward We also have similar attitudes to sex, i.e., it’s generally a good idea. Speaking, I do also find, generally speaking, that while they can be a lot to deal with socially and intimately, Scorpios are at heart very kind, and they act on it. (They are also naturally generous.) The two signs are very good at helping each other deal with challenging aspects of our nature. butWe Caps aren’t explosive like Scorpios; but, we aren’t as intimidated by angry Scorpios as maybe we should be. This is because we know, and they know, that if you do persist and manage to make a patient Capricorn lose it, look out!! Scorched earth policy! (Oddly, come to think of it, a lot of my Scorpio friends were raised by Capricorn dads who didn’t put up with much.) Thisfrom, means we can stay in the blast zone longer than other signs, apart from I think, Pisces, and definitely be the most effective at calming things down. We can help passionate and sensitive Scorpios bring their emotions back into range generally, so things are easier to identify and deal with. In turn, Scorpio knows that Capricorn’s immediate response to anything emotionally confronting is to frost up on the outside and internally curl into a protective ball—and they’re not having it. Scorpio encourages us and sometimes drags us kicking and screaming out into the world, and we learn that it’s not so terrifying to be emotionally forthright and ask for what we need after all. We are both loyal signs who will stick with loved ones no matter what. Scorpios help us grow, and we help them find peace.
  2. Taurus. Taureans are like Kryptonite for Capricorns. If you want to watch an aloof and frosty Capricorn melt into a flirtatious puddle, just throw a warm-hearted, attractive Taurus at them and stand back! Taureans are sensual, sexy, earthy, mostly happy, and want to be looked after. We want to look after people who are close to us, be around happiness to remind us that life is full of beauty, and have permission to be sensual and sexy. Taureans drive us slightly nuts with their simplicity and occasional bouts of tunnel vision, and we will not tolerate the tantrums they can throw from time to time,time; but mostly, we adore them and trust them. We admire and respect their decency and values, and well as their selfless commitment to the community. Taureans are asalways helping people out without fuss, quietly spending weekends doing charity work and sitting on volunteer committees. This makes us realise we are too caught up in ourselves, mostly because of shyness, and are being a bit slack morally; it encourages us to pitch in and do better. We also love how they are artistic and make everything around them beautiful, from their clothes to their homes to the food they make. We are basically putty in their hands. We will do anything for them. Out of all the signs, Taureans make us feel the safest and most able to drop the armour and show love.
  3. Virgo. kind,Intelligent; beautiful; quick; perfectionist; kind; sophisticated, and yet innocent—yep! Sign me up for that! Virgos are also naturally optimistic and genuinely want to help. We admire these traits, especially optimism, as it’s pretty alien to us. It works the other way too. No one is more bitter and wounded by the world than a Virgo who has realised life is a bit crap. (That’s when the off-putting, sharp tongue manifests.) Capricorns have the wisdom, resilience, and strength to get them back on their feet again. I think Caps initially seem a bit too slow to Virgos, who are sprinters by nature, but Capricorn combines the traits of solid Taurus and versatile Virgo and is the zodiac sign that has the best understanding of time. Eventually, it becomes clear that Capricorn can teach the Virgo sprinter how to run an endurance marathon through life’s tougher trials. Ingenious Virgo, in turn, helps us brighten up and remember that we actually like learning new things and helping people, and that life isn’t always a lonely grind. Virgos inspire a protective and nurturing side in Caps they would probably be horrified by if we weren’t so careful not to make a show of it.
  4. I will say cancer. Cancers can bewilder us with their sudden selfishness and unreliability and hurt us with their callousness when they decide they are bored with a trying situation. Cancers can find our prosaic pragmatism and materialism; our stoicism, which can look like masochism (we realise most bad situations resolve if you ride them out and may be able to be turned into something beneficial; Cancers don’t really see it that way, so staying with it looks like martyrdom); and also our closely guarded but deep vulnerability and perpetual self-doubt, which are irritating and even infuriating. We are opposites, and sometimes that means we can really set each other off. But that opposition means we complement each other in positive ways, too. Most of the time, we totally get each other. Our minds, our hearts, and our senses of humor are on the same page. It can almost be a psychic understanding. Cancer wants a home to be safe in. Capricorn is the safest home there is. Capricorns want to be able to show our vulnerability, to love and be loved without fear, and to be empathetic Cancer sees straight through the tough facade to the sensitive personality beneath. Sexually, we absolutely click. We have equally complex psyches and swim in the same waters. We are two halves of the same nature.
  5. Capricorn. I actually don’t think it’s generally a great idea to hook up with another Cap. Caps have profound depths of both light and dark, and it can be a lot to release on the world by coupling up. But when there’s a connection, there’s no doubt that, for good or for ill, it’s soul-deep.

Astrology: Why are Cancer and Capricorn considered such a great match?

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