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7:My son is talking to his ‘discord kittens’. What are they 2024?

7:My son is talking to his 'discord kittens'. What are they 2024?

7:My son is talking to his ‘discord kittens’. What are they 2024?

Discord kittens are sugar babies. They look for people who can give them things. How old is your son? If he is under 18, you need to educate yourself on what he is doing, and you need to monitor. If he’s not old enough to have anything monetarily (like subs) to give to people, then you need to talk with him about what that term really means because he’s probably heard it and thinks he is being cool. Consider a discussion about how this relates to the fact that paedophiles look for kittens to groom.

My son is talking to his ‘discord kittens’. What are they? What can I do about it?

There are some paranoid, bad-faith answers. xD Online slang is inherently self-parodying and references inside jokes. “Discord kittens” was a meme last year, and yes, it jokes about e-girls (girls who bask in popularity found online) and simps (guys who fawn over girls). However, the way your son uses it can be anything because using the term in itself means he’s making a reference or joke. He likely means he’s talking to people/girls on Discord.

“What can I do about it?”

If you had “the talk” with him about not trusting strangers on the internet who could be anyone and also advised him not to be a jerk and abuse anonymity to trick or harass people the same way, that’s all you had to do.

If you suspect he may be doing something dangerous, illegal, or costly, you can try to observe and advise but avoid becoming overbearing.

My son is talking to his ‘discord kittens’. What are they? What can I do about it?

You didn’t give an age on the son, and the age of the “kittens” is also unknown, as well as the specifics of the dynamic. The handful of answers calming your son to be a paedophile are misguided at best. While there are individuals like that, nothing is known.

‘Discord kittens’ are a social dynamic between two or more people in which there are one or more defined leaders, and the rest are subservient to them. You might ask him to verify that they are near the same age, but beyond that, the best thing to do is keep your nose out of places it doesn’t belong.

My son is talking to his ‘discord kittens’. What are they? What can I do about it?

“Discord Kittens” likely refers to a group of friends or online acquaintances your son interacts with on Discord, a popular communication platform primarily used by gamers and various communities. Discord allows users to create or join servers, which are individual chatrooms where people can communicate through text, voice, and video calls. The term “kittens” might indicate that the group is friendly, playful, or has a shared interest in cats.

Discord, like any other online platform, can have its pros and cons. On the one hand, it provides a space for people with similar interests to connect, share information, and socialize. On the other hand, it can also expose users to potential risks such as cyberbullying, misinformation, and inappropriate content.

As a parent, it is essential to educate yourself about Discord and have an open conversation with your son about his online activities. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Familiarize yourself with Discord: Learn how the platform works and its features. Understanding the technology will help you better communicate with your son about his experiences on the platform.
  2. Open communication: Encourage your son to share his experiences with his “Discord Kittens” and ask questions about the nature of their conversations. Establishing trust and open communication is crucial to understanding his online interactions.
  3. Set boundaries: Talk to your son about appropriate online behaviour and the importance of respecting others’ privacy. Establish clear rules and boundaries for his online activities, including time spent on Discord.
  4. Monitor: Regularly check in on your son’s Discord activities, but be mindful of his privacy. Balancing supervision with trust is essential to fostering a healthy relationship with your child.
  5. Discuss online safety: Educate your son about the importance of online safety, including not sharing personal information, avoiding suspicious links, and reporting any inappropriate behaviour to you or a trusted adult.
  6. Encourage offline activities: While online interactions can be valuable, it’s essential to balance them with offline socialization and activities. Encourage your son to engage in hobbies, sports, or clubs that promote face-to-face interactions with peers.

By taking a proactive approach and maintaining open communication, you can better understand your son’s relationship with his “Discord Kittens” and ensure he has a safe and positive online experience.

My son is talking to his ‘discord kittens’. What are they? What can I do about it?

A man shall name the opposite sex, such as know, “An underage girl.” Once the individual identified the opposite sex, his “discord kitten.” The man will provide his kitten with “nitro.” Every time she pleases.

“hold on, I gotta unmute this asshole talking to me” – the trap

“Discord kitten, shall we go to a private VC?” – dirty old musty 50-year-old grandpa diaper-wearing ass.


You can get the police involved. Congrats, your son is a paedophile.

My son is talking to his ‘discord kittens’. What are they? What can I do about it?

A ‘Discord Kitten’ essentially refers to a Discord user (typically young or underage female) who wants to please another user in exchange for a gift (usually Nitro).

A Discord Kitten will do whatever the Discord Daddy wants; this may include inappropriate dressing (video chats), using sexual-related words (text chats), or sounding seductive (voice chats).

In the real sense, the idea should be something quite educative, but it has been turned upside down by humans with pedophilic tendencies or sex freaks.

If your son says he is talking to his ‘discord kittens’, first find out how old the kittens are and their gender. Before then, it might be nice to know how old your son is because he may actually be the paedophile here.

However, if his mind is just about the innocent aspect of Discord Kittens, you might want to lay low on your fears and not raise unnecessary alarms that might prompt him to do more research on Discord Kittens; monitor him for now. There is an article that provides full details on this, and it might be useful.

My son is talking to his ‘discord kittens’. What are they? What can I do about it?

I suggest starting to have very open discussions with your son about the kind of thing that he is engaging in online. Make it a part of what you talk about regularly to see what they are up to by showing genuine interest. That way, your son can know that you are there for him, and he can be open with you.

People online can find like-minded people and develop great relationships, but they can also find relationships that are toxic and unhealthy for both/all parties. As I work with online offenders, I know that there are people out there who will seek out interactions that please them in ways that aren’t healthy. Your son must know that these people exist. I have told my children for years only to talk to people who they know, whom they can verify are who they say they are.

Discord kittens are people who will try very hard to be pleasing and make the other person feel really good. Whilst that in itself is okay, depending on the subject matter, there are better ways to get a true sense of validation.

My son is talking to his ‘discord kittens’. What are they? What can I do about it?

I really hope this is a joke, which it probably is and whoever I’m replying to will get a kick out of it, but I’ll go off of that 1%. A Discord kitten is basically an internet joke at this point. Discord is an online messaging app often used by adolescents/younger people. Mostly used to talk to online friends, a Discord kitten is like a “sugar baby” of Discord, a name given to someone by someone who gifts that individual “nitro”, a digital gift unique to the Discord app that can be bought by oneself or given to other users as a gift, Nitro gives privileges to the user like allowing one to stream/display high-quality videos, offers animated avatars, and use a different bio, profile banner in various servers (groups or group chats), and even make your emojis/GIFS. Though I can’t say much about what to do about your son’s involvement with this, it really depends on your son’s age, your parent-son relationship, and you as a parent. The best I can do is give you a thorough explanation of what a discord kitten is. Good luck!

How do I become a Discord kitten?

I’m not entirely sure; all I know is that you have to act cute, play games badly, be nice to the men paying you, put your Amazon wishlist on your Discord, join gaming and anime Discord servers, and use a fake name.

Be careful when you DO become a Discord kitten, tho, especially if you’re a minor. Only send pictures if you are comfortable with it; dont send your address or anything that’ll reveal your location.

My son is talking to his ‘discord kittens’. What are they? What can I do about it?

Discord is a communication platform designed for online gaming communities, but other groups have also adopted it for various purposes, such as education and socializing. It allows users to create and join virtual “servers,” which are essentially chat rooms with various channels for different topics.

One popular use of Discord servers is as a gathering place for people who are interested in a particular topic or hobby. These servers can include text and voice channels, as well as the ability to share files and images. Some servers, such as the one your son is interacting with, are focused on specific themes, such as “discord kittens”, which may be a server that shares cat pictures and videos.

It’s important to note that while Discord is a relatively safe platform, there are some potential risks. As with any online community, there is always the possibility of encountering inappropriate or offensive content or of interacting with people who may not have the best intentions. It’s also important to be aware that not all servers or channels are moderated, which can also be a concern.

To ensure your son is safe while using Discord, you can take a few steps:

  • Talk to your son about online safety and the importance of being cautious when interacting with strangers online.
  • Look into the server your son is joining and see if there is any information about moderation or community guidelines.
  • Set up parental controls on your son’s device to limit his time on the platform or to block certain types of content.
  • Encourage your son to be open with you about his online activities and to come to you if he encounters anything that makes him feel uncomfortable.

It’s important to remember that while Discord can be a great way for people to connect and share interests, it’s important to be aware of the potential risks and to take steps to keep your son safe. As long as you stay informed and take steps to protect your son, there’s no reason why he can’t enjoy using Discord and connecting with other people who share his interests.

My son is talking to his ‘discord kittens.’ What are they? What can I do about it?

It’s slang for underage girls.

I hope he’s too young to know what it means, and he’s just saying it because he likes kittens.

You better look it up and have an age-appropriate conversation.

What is a Discord kitten?

I don’t know what a Discord kitten is. I have never heard of a Discord kitten. I looked it up on Google, and all I could figure out was that it has nothing to do with felines. Sorry, look it up, and you can figure out what it means.😼

How can I tell who my daughter is talking to on Discord?

First off, you should ask your daughter first. She can only delete her messages (private messages, same with server messages, UNLESS she has permission). You should ask her to see who she talks to and if she knows them. Breaking a child’s trust can ruin your relationship. Here are detailed instructions to do this if you choose not to take my advice: Unlock her phone (or computer). Open Discord if it still needs to be opened. On the left, scroll all the way to the top and click on friends. Then, another scroll bar will appear with a list of her friends and their messages. It will also say if she missed a call or if she accepted or started a call. Just a quick note: If you find anything “questionable/bad,” I suggest talking to them about it instead of getting mad and yelling, grounding, etc. You should also make sure to ask your daughter if she knew what the other person meant (if it was the other person) or what she meant by it. Sometimes, it’s a typo; sometimes, it’s a mistake. Also, make sure to count in about her age. Many people swear, are mean, etc, online. If she is provoked, it’s easier to retaliate. Make sure you know the whole story.

During online classes, my kid can’t stop searching on Safari and chatting with her friends on Discord and WhatsApp. How can I make her pay attention?

She made up a lie and said that the teacher was calling her name over and over again with no response. That way, she would feel a bit worried and pay attention next time.

If she continues to do this, then try grounding her and talking with her. Also, keep an eye on her screen because you can log into Discord on any device; I need clarification on WhatsApp, though.

I suggest giving her a particular time in the day to use those apps and basically make her use her break time to talk to her friends because, obviously, every kid needs to socialize. Make a routine for her and try to help her follow it. Anytime you see her not following the routine or timetable you made for her, try to be calm and remind her. When you’re not at home, tell her to text you about what she’s done. Set goals of what she needs to do for a day and at what times she needs to complete those tasks. Only try to put a little pressure on her for the first few days unless she obviously goes back to getting distracted. Then you can calmly have a talk with her about it.

My son is talking to his ‘discord kittens.’ What are they? What can I do about it?

Question asked: “My son is talking to his ‘discord kittens.’ What are they? What can I do about it?”

The slang phrase “discord kittens” means underage girls. Your son is informing you that he is out to commit statutory rape.

My son is talking to his ‘discord kittens.’ What are they? What can I do about it?

Just get your son some help and get him away from his PC for a bit

. There is this app called Discord, and it is like a chat app where you can interact with people who have the same interests as you; there are community-made servers for fandoms that you can join.

A Discord kitten is like a Discord girlfriend, probably a man with an anime profile picture. You should get your son off of his PC for a bit and talk to him at dinner about it.

My son is talking to his ‘discord kittens.’ What are they? What can I do about it?

Pray hard like never before.

Essentially, there’s a relatively recent label for this Discord stereotype. It goes as follows: Male mods (of any age) call the young girls (mostly minors) whom they simp on (i.e., spoil with affection without sound reasoning) ‘kittens.’

If he’s actually admitting to “talking to my Discord kitten,” then he’s too far gone because he’s not only bought the stereotype; he’s fully adopted it.

As for your best course of action, do what you would do if your son told you he was grooming minors online.

How should I handle my 13-year-old son talking to a person on Discord that I’m fairly sure is a child predator (he thinks the person is 16)? I read the messages between them, and it’s getting disturbing.

Hold on, hold on… Why… would a 16-year-old boy… talk to your 13-year-old son…

It’s called socializing. Sounds like friendship.

I chatted with a friend on the Internet the same way at that age. We’re both girls, but, y’know. Boys have some interest in life outside of games. (It was shocking for me to discover. Like, “Really? They talk about other things?” Thankfully.)

It’s funny you would ask this question. That other boy’s mom/dad is probably wondering the inverse. XD

But of course, teach your son to exercise caution and that he can’t trust everything anyone says.

And thank you for being a concerned parent. 🙂

How should I handle my 13-year-old son talking to a person on Discord that I’m fairly sure is a child predator (he thinks the person is 16)? I read the messages between them, and it’s getting disturbing.

Talk to your son about your concerns. No need to delete Discord or take away his computer. He hasn’t done anything to deserve being punished (that would be like grounding your daughter cause an older man hit on her or because he got raped. Maybe you can ask your son to get this person to video chat with him, and you guys can see for yourselves who/what this person is. But keep explaining to your son that he hasn’t done anything wrong; you’re just worried and concerned and that you want to make sure that this is a safe situation

My 17-year-old son is talking to strangers on Instagram and Discord. I have grounded him many times, and he still won’t stop. What should I do?

They are strangers to you but online friends to him. My younger sister also talks to random people on Discord, but they are her online friends. My mother was concerned, but I explained to her that she didn’t do anything wrong, play games, and send memes to each other. My sister doesn’t hide anything from us, and my mother understood, although she was skeptical of accepting that she agreed that she could have Discord.

Unless your son is doing something bad on Discord, you shouldn’t have to worry, but some advice I always tell my sister is never to share anything personally; she even uses a Fake nickname for it.

But it’s nothing bad, Trust me. Those online friends are better than real-life friends…

My parents are using something called SafeDNS to monitor everything I do. They even block the sites I use to talk to my friends, such as Discord and Twitter. Can I get around this?

Well, you could talk to them. If you start a respectful discussion with them, you’ll come up with a compromise. If there’s a reason why they’re monitoring you, such as you doing something bad in the past, then I’d suggest proving yourself trustworthy.

But yeah, talk to them. Don’t argue or yell. Be kind and treat them with respect.

Communication works miracles.

Actually no. Your Internet goes through the house router that is tuned up with this SafeDNS thing ever, that is. That is an anti-teen collaboration program.

So, you’ll have to wait till you leave the house or see them in school. If you really want to beat the system, use the hard line, the regular telephone. That will work until they pick up the phone and hear you. Then, they will violate your rights to do so.

Have you thought of carrier pigeons?

The only way to beat the system there is to get your phone and not use the house internet system. Use the phone carrier to connect.

They have inexpensive pay-as-you-go phones. So, if you have some savings research, pay as go and get your phone. It is the only way unless, of course, you go over to their house to tell the secret. Anyway, good luck.

My teenage son is using something called Discord to video chat with his friends. It has to do with gaming in some way. What problems or dangers should I be alert for?

Discord is simply another online chat program akin to Skype, so the only dangers, such as they are, would be the same dangers you’d find on any such software: other people who are dishonest, exploitative, or abusive, and malicious software introduced through seemingly innocuous links. There’s no easy way to protect someone from such dangers other than making sure they’re grounded and know what to watch out for.

My teenage son is using something called Discord to video chat with his friends. It has to do with gaming in some way. What problems or dangers should we be alert for?

Discord is another group chat service. You might remember IRC, ICQ, and AIM. Have you ever used Skype? Discord lets you have text chat and voice chat and lets others see what computer games you’re playing. Not just games—I’ve had friends ask me about Scrivener when it showed up in my info.

You make it sound like there’s a problem with gaming per se. Gaming is just an activity that engages the imagination, and some multi-player games have a social element. We are social creatures, after all.

I remember back in the ’90s when the internet was young, there was this scare born of ignorance that you should be wary of talking to strangers online. None of those fears ever panned out between then and now.

Unless you want to keep your son unduly sheltered, there’s no cause for concern.

How do I hide bots in Discord?

Thanks for the A2A Shiv, Answering: “How do I hide bots in Discord?”

Generally speaking, you can’t. The reason is that they do count as a unique online user and so will appear in the list by default. There is, however, a way to make them appear below the rest of your users.

1 – Create two roles for your bots. I usually call them ‘BotAdmin’ and ‘Bot Army.’

2 – On “BotAdmin,” give the role all required permissions for all bots. Assign it to all bots at the highest level in your roles screen, but set “Display role members separately from online members” to false.

3 – On “Bot Army,” give the role no permissions (they already get all required perms from the BotAdmin role), set “Display role members separately from online members” to true (this groups all the bots together) but then place it in the role listings below all your roles that you ordinarily assign to users. And again, assign this role to all bots.

Using this method doesn’t hide the bots, but it makes sure they appear below all the online human users while not interfering with their permissions over other users.

What are some good Discord bots for personal use?

Here are some good discord bots lists that will allow you to manage your server better while introducing a whole host of useful features, too.

  1. GAwesomeBot: is a super high-powered, incredibly multifunctional, and fully customizable discord bot that can conduct polls, coordinate giveaways, and even generate those all-important memes.
  2. MEE6: The best feature of this discord bot is the leveling-up system for users of the server. In terms of that all-important field of server moderation, this bot really comes into its own with an excellent range of features and support.
  3. Carl Bot: Reaction roles are one of the most useful features of this discord bot. Carl Bot is, without a doubt, one of the most intricate bots out there, and though it takes a while to get to grips with, the rewards are more than worthwhile.
  4. Dank Memer: Dank Memer, one of the most popular bots available, allows users to create memes and manipulate images as they see fit within seconds.
  5. Rhythm is geared toward filling millions of servers worldwide with the best tunes from sites such as SoundCloud and YouTube. However, what it does that others can’t seem to manage is offer this service with far less lag than you would expect.

YAGPDB, Dyno, Sesh, Pancake, and EPIC RPG are some other discord bots for personal use.

7:My son is talking to his ‘discord kittens’. What are they 2024?

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