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13 What are the best gore sites? complete guide

13 What are the best gore sites? complete guide

13 What are the best gore sites? complete guide

Now, I’ve had my fair share of gore sites. A lot of them have pornography ads and are filled with viruses. Still, depending on your device, you can smoothly access areas such as,, I recommend visiting these sites using a VPN to protect your privacy and personal information from malware and viruses.

 What are the best gore sites?

Numerous websites provide explicit and graphic content related to violence and gore. Some of the more well-known ones include Gore | Together, Improving Life,, and These websites frequently display disturbing images and videos depicting accidents, homicides, and violent acts. It’s important to note that these sites can be distressing for some users, so it’s advisable to exercise caution when visiting them

What are some excellent gore sites?

As far as I know, it would be:


Best Gore

Run the Gauntlet

Live Gore

Documenting Reality



(But sure, adding the .com) that’s all I know. I hope it’s necessary.

Where can I watch gore videos?

  1. Right-click on the desktop icon for your browser of choice.
  2. Select ‘Open new Incognito window’ or your browser’s equivalent. Technically, this step is optional, but if your computer ever needs to be repaired, this will keep the tech from knowing what you’ve been watching.
  3. Click on the address bar and enter this address: www. google. com (without spaces)
  4. Gently tap your enter key.
  5. Click on the bar in the middle of the screen.
  6. Enter this exact phrase: “gore videos”.
  7. Gently wipe your enter key.
  8. Left-click on the link that most intrigues you.
  9. Enjoy. At least, I assume you’ll be enjoying it.

 What are the best gore sites?

Uh, I usually watch “live”

I want to clarify that I do NOT see gore to watch people suffer. I’m only interested in what’s in the human body, so I usually tend to medical gore. I’m not usually phased by gore as well. I’m obsessed with medical stuff and want to become a diagnostician. This is why I’m discovering how the human body works and a “peek” inside the body. Even if it means gore, I only do it for educational purposes. Ofc I get curious, but I’m stable. I have empathy and feelings just like anyone else.

 What are the best gore sites?

Although I prefer to avoid answering these questions as they don’t educate anyone, I’ll answer courteously.

Bestgore. Com

Liveleak. Com

Image and movie galleries of blood. Com

Incredibly graphic videos. Com

Don’t poop your pants! Fair warning!

What are the best gore sites?

Reddit, for sure! Some cool subreddits are “eye bleach” and “NSFW”. I love Reddit; you can find anything on it. It’s the most similar place to have a small taste of the dark web🌚.

What is the worst thing you saw on a gore site?

Every day, I see something horrific, courtesy of the Russian army. This morning, I saw on Reddit a 6-year-old girl killed in bed by a rocket attack. I don’t want to see this; it breaks my heart. But if the world looks away from these atrocities, nothing will change.

This war must be stopped immediately!

What is the worst thing you saw on a gore site?

It was called Kitten in a Blender. It was a little kitten being forced into a running blender, and it was the most awful thing I’ve ever seen online. I couldn’t sleep at all that night. Every time I closed my eyes, I saw and heard it again. It haunted me for many years. I have witnessed beheadings, disembowellings, and suicides, and none of it ever bothered me, but this really screwed with my head for quite some time. I’m not even going to describe it to you because I’m trying hard not to remember some of the worst of it.

That was over 20 years ago, and it’s still too much, man. I don’t want to talk about this anymore.

What is the worst thing you saw on a gore site?

I’ve always just assumed that everybody has seen this…

…Maybe 20 years ago, when checking out, I saw a pic of a group of Asian guys chowing down on a BBQ baby. From memory, one guy was eating an arm, but the hand was still intact with its tiny fingers.

Years later, I discovered that the pic was faked or from a movie.… Anyhoo, it wasn’t real.

But geez, it freaked me for a decade or so….

What are the best gore sites?

I’ve explored several gore websites, many containing explicit ads and viruses. However, depending on your device, you might access sites like deepgoretube. The site, – Gore Database, or USA CRIME » Crime News and Videos. Using a VPN while visiting these sites is advisable to safeguard your privacy and personal data from malware and viruses.

How are websites such as LiveLeak and Best Gore legal?

This is more of a case for the “Why we need live leak” rather than a “why it is legal”.

I went to Live Leak to watch the video of the terrorists cutting off a kid’s head. Why? Because I now have first-hand knowledge that this indeed did happen.

Why would I settle for someone else’s statement on what happened when I can get 1st hand evidence?

Imagine if they showed the horror of wars on the news, uncensored. I bet fewer people would be so eager to go to war.

Now, if you are going there for gore’s sake, that isn’t comforting.

But I am disturbed by scary movies. People say, oh, it’s just a movie.


1. It’s probably been done to someone for real.

2. Effects are good enough that it is indistinguishable from the real thing.

So, if I re-enacted the kid getting his head cut off for a movie, and I did it so well, a frame from my film and a frame from the actual beheading were identical, pixel-per-pixel, is one photo more wrong than the other?

They are both equally horrible sights.

In summary:

It’s no worse than a scary movie, but because it is not fiction,

a valid source of information.

How are websites such as LiveLeak and Best Gore legal?

While they are frequently unpleasant, like Reddit, they don’t violate any laws in the regions in which they are located.

“Best Gore” also has a content warning acknowledgement page, which is frequently required in the U.S., just as Reddit has on specific subreddits; LiveLeak has no content warning, although it’s questionable whether there’s one deeper in or required.


They aren’t my cup of tea. And if you’re asking, you’re either concerned with what legal hoops you might have to jump through to create a similar site (in which case, that’d be “specific legal advice” and against the Quora Terms Of Service), or you’re asking because it isn’t your cup of tea, either.

They’re legal in the U.S. because we have Freedom of Speech.

They’re legal in 82 U.N. member nations because those nations have signed on supporting a Right To Freedom of Expression.

If you don’t like them, then protest them.

Or install Net Nanny or similar software, and you’ll never accidentally go there.

Or don’t go there.

I have to say that the sites have been periodically useful as watchdogs on government abuses and on activities which are not being covered by the major news media, either because all there is is some gruesome footage/photos without any accompanying journalism or because they do not fit in with the prevailing political narrative.

I do not believe that as an apologist since most of the site’s content is to sate prurient interests rather than being in service to legitimate journalism.

But even prurient interests can be speech/expression and are therefore legally protected.

What are the best gore sites?

Many websites offer extreme violence and gore content, but some of the most popular ones include, and These sites often feature graphic images and videos of accidents, murders, and other acts of violence. Some users may find these sites disturbing, so discretion is advised when accessing them.

Is the site “best gore” acceptable?

Acceptable to whom? Acceptable to society and the general public who wish to remain on the less edgy side of normality?

Then no, it’s not.

Good to someone who likes to see how life goes down in countries and societies you may have never had the chance to see in person.


acceptable to someone who wants to know the reality of what one human can do to another with evil intent?


It all depends on what your definition of acceptable is.

Certainly not for everyone, but for those who need it, it’s indispensable.

Why aren’t gore websites illegal?

Stated that it is a matter of 1st Amendment freedom of expression.

Some gore websites can be quite profound in their uncut delivery of the message, “We live in a sometimes dangerous world; be careful.”

Having watched my fair share of gore since my curiosity in childhood, I have grown up to learn to take caution in some critical situations like:

  • It’s not wise to jump off the side of a cliff into water (rocks below)
  • Do not peak into the inside of a garbage compactor
  • When retrieving heavy objects, don’t pull at them when they’re over your head or neck
  • Don’t antagonize anyone if you think they may be armed
  • Crime is real
  • War is real
  • Suffering is real

Regardless of the reasons for my curiosity, those gore videos inspired a genuine sadness, concern, and understanding toward human life that I had not felt before watching.

It also served as a solemn reminder to be careful not to make the same mistakes as other unfortunate human beings.

As far as any living person knows, there is only one life we get to live because once we’re gone from this world, there’s no coming back (as far as can be currently proven).

Be safe, good luck, and be good to each other. Okay?

Why aren’t gore websites illegal?

There is a vast difference between watching someone honest for real and managing some special effects in a show or movie, but shows and movies with gore are allowed, and you can’t prove the authenticity of these websites. Besides, the government needs to have complete control over the internet, which is international. Each country has a grasp on the internet for at least their country, and they have done something like using the dark web to track illegal activities within their respective country.

Why aren’t gore websites illegal?

I never heard of a gore website, so I googled it. OMG. I wonder why they aren’t illegal. Something that people think should be illegal just isn’t. Maybe they think nobody will watch them. I didn’t. It started to scare me as soon as it came on.

How has the best gore and similar gore-filled websites affected you personally?

I never saw them having no interest, but when I was a teen in the early 70s, I went to a movie with a girlfriend filled with senseless killing of innocent people. The film was evil. I was traumatized for many years, not so much by the movie, but that it was entertaining to people to watch this stuff. People who care about this stuff are disturbingly mentally ill and sadistic.

How has the best gore and similar gore-filled websites affected you personally?

I don’t go to gore-filled websites. Horror movies I have seen on DVD last played a long time ago. The previous Horror movie I saw was an I.T. remake at the Movie Tavern in Suwannee, GA. That was 2017. I rented I.T. 2 on DVD, and it was very gory compared to the original one on T.V. with John Ritter and Richard Thomas, besides other excellent actors. The profanity is excessive, and that’s what a reboot has to do to make it impactful. Compare the original Halloween by John Carpenter to the remake by Rob Zombie. It makes a big difference and proves a more desensitized society we have lived in since the early 90s or later. I can still watch one of the Horror movies I own on DVD, but I instead play my Video games on P.C. or X Box One.

I have Friday the 13th on X Box One, but I haven’t played it in a while. I have an interpretation of Jason Voorhees. Serial killers were more scary cause they weren’t fictional. No one I knew or know made that observation. The one character I know about based on a serial killer is Leatherface in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Based on Ed Gein. It hasn’t affected me much because I have other genres of movies like Comedy, Sci-Fi, Action, Adventure, Music Videos or Concerts on DVD. Superhero movies like Batman, Spiderman, Dead Pool, Fantastic Four, X-Men, etc.

How has the best gore and similar gore-filled websites affected you personally?

I never looked at gore websites. As an R.N., I had plenty of real gore to look at. Why would I look for it outside of work? The parasites on wounds and people’s bodies, wounds that have festered, and bleeding from the rectum mixed with stool were typical in an inner city hospital. IRL, you learn not to be affected by most things. If they do affect you, you wait until you are alone to react. This includes the reactions to favourite patient’s deaths.

What are the best gore sites?

Hey there! I understand that some folks are curious about gore sites, but it’s essential to approach this topic cautiously. While I’m not here to judge your interests, I want to emphasize the importance of responsible internet use and the potential consequences of accessing such content.

Many gore websites exist, and they often feature disturbing images and videos depicting accidents, homicides, and various acts of violence. Some well-known ones include “Gore | Together, improving life,” “,” and “” However, these sites can be distressing for many users, and it’s essential to remember that viewing violent content can have a significant emotional impact. If you explore these websites, please exercise caution and consider their potential consequences on your mental well-being.

In summary, while these sites may cater to specific interests, it’s crucial to prioritize your emotional and mental health. If you’re curious about the human body or medical topics, there are better, more educational ways to explore these subjects that don’t involve graphic or distressing content. Stay safe and make choices that are right for you.

What are some (still working) gore sites similar to Bestgore that I can use? Many have been taken down, and I need help finding good ones. I’ve tried a few already, but they’re nothing special.

I think you have 4chan /b left for that kind of thing. I used to watch documentaries and stuff on Bestgore years ago, but I grew out of that kind of thing, or it was a phase or something. I don’t know if the 4chan random board even still has a gore thread constantly running as they did back in the day, in 2016 or so when I used to frequent it.

Do you believe the website Best Gore should be taken down?

No. I believe it is a crime deterrent. Watching it stops people from actually doing it. Would you rather a potential child molester watch porn where the girl is legal but pretending to be a child? Or the guy molesting a child. Also, Best Gore was partially responsible for catching Luka Magnotta after posting 1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick. Many people are naive and disconnected from the reality of how dangerous and messed up the world is. Once you get on the site if you are uncomfortable watching something like that, Best Gore offers you the option of clicking on the puppy pic to take you out of the site, and you have to agree to be 18 or over. Other countries report the news with graphic images because it deters crime

Are sites like Best Gore illegal in the USA?

I don’t see why gore sites should be illegal in the only country that allows true freedom of expression.


I remember rotten dot com from several years ago. It was disgusting and immoral, but I’m having a difficult time understanding how taking it down on that basis alone didn’t violate free speech protections. It could have been taken down for another reason.

Maybe certain content was evidence for ongoing cases (e.g., murder). There may have been user-contributed content that was poorly moderated or not moderated at all. Websites are responsible for negotiating user-submitted content to ensure anything illegal is flagged and removed.

Freedom of speech isn’t necessary for agreeable speech because no one will care. It’s essential to protect expression from being nothing other than offensive. If it’s gross and violates some other law (e.g., making threats), then that’s not covered by the First Amendment.

[Rotten dot com] was threatened with many lawsuits, mainly in cease and desist notices. These ranged from serious matters, such as requests to remove pictures of dead relatives from the site, to Burlington Coat Factory asking to take down ‘’, a domain bought by as a Trenchcoat Mafia reference, though it simply linked to Burlington Coat Factory’s webpage.[8]

On June 24, 2005, the US federal government ordered that the “Fuck of the Month” section of the site be removed, along with content from several ancillary sites.[9] In posting the page’s removal notice, the site’s moderator criticized supporters of both Alberto Gonzales and the Bush Administration for the enablement of censorship.[10]

What would be some reasons why a person likes to view websites such as Best Gore?

Most people with a healthy mind go to the website out of pure curiosity (how does it look when this and that happens?). Also, some people like being shocked (there has always been stuff like horror movies, books, shock rock, etc.) Nobody with a healthy mind doesn’t get any pleasure from the website other than pleasing their curiosity.

Those with messed up minds go to the website because it arouses or makes them happy (I’m not familiar with that approach, so I don’t know much about it).

Where are the gore sites? Are there some that are still active?

Gore sites are sites where you can watch murders and other illegal activities that include rape, sex with dead bodies and animals etc. are shown including suicides lot of them are videos of gangs in different countries and the US. USA CRIME is an example of a gore-ish site. There are videos of shootings, suicides, people getting run over by trucks, cars and trains, people getting shocked by electrical stuff execution shooting dogs and poisoning animals, etc. You have to log in/sign up for videos you can play. You have to pay for it. I think some gore sites include cannibalism.

How do I get used to gore?

Live with a mind-controlling, open-clawed, hitting alpha cat with a not-so-secretly hidden mouse and bird head trophy room in your closet, and dude gore will be no biggie.

What is Gore?

“Gore” may be a verb meaning to wound or to pierce with a tusk or a horn. Bullfighters run the risk of being gored. This sense of the word derives from Middle English “garden”, which is probably related to Old English “gar” (a spear).

As a noun, gore is a triangular, tapering or wedge-shaped piece of land (from Old English “gara”). Also, it refers to triangular pieces of cloth let into a sail, balloon or parachute and to triangular pieces of plank fitted into the deck of a vessel.

In high school, my summer uniform featured a stylish gored skirt. Triangular pieces of cloth incorporated into the dress created a graceful and flowing effect.

Gore also means blood, especially congealed and torn flesh. This meaning derives from Old English “gor” (dirt or filth).

What are the most disturbing websites?

Quora. Hands down the most disturbing website I’ve ever been to, from banning people from having opinions to anonymous people confessing murder, extreme incest sexual encounters, and underaged rape confessions.

What are the most disturbing websites?

This website is not that disturbing, but the technology behind it is alarming.

This website works using JavaScript. by Jonathan Puckey

It scans the screen and then displays an image that points towards your cursor.

Some screens –

This is a fun website.

Now, consider all the e-commerce websites like Amazon, ebay, Flipkart etc. They all track your cursor, tabs, and time spent on the product page, and with algorithms, clicks, cursor location, etc., products are displayed accordingly.

They need to maximize the total time spent on the website and maximize sales.

To minimize this, on your end –

  • Always clear cookies before buying anything. This way, you can prevent extra charges on products you’re interested in.
  • Use the incognito window.
  • Use VPNs of other countries to minimize target products.

You’ll stop buying many things you don’t need just because they were 30% off.

What is the worst thing you saw on a gore site?

It was called Kitten in a Blender. It was a little kitten being forced into a running blender, and it was the most awful thing I’ve ever seen online. I couldn’t sleep at all that night. Every time I closed my eyes, I saw and heard it again. It haunted me for many years. I have witnessed beheadings, disembowellings, and suicides, and none of it ever bothered me, but this really screwed with my head for quite some time. I’m not even going to describe it to you because I’m trying hard not to remember some of the worst.

That was over 20 years ago, and it’s still too much, man. I don’t want to talk about this anymore.

Why do some people like to look at Gore?

I saw few & I quit immediately

It disturbs me & the pictures jumping in my head at any time,

Also, what’s makes me more worried the views of millions! And the people asking for more or joking in the comments!

It opened my eyes that there are people like us ready to do such things.

These websites will increase the number of psychopaths.

Why do some people like to look at Gore?

People are stimulated by content that is frightening…stimulated in a “nervous system arousal” way…some people genuinely enjoy that stimulation and others find it uncomfortable. Here’s how it works:

When we see certain things with our eyes (Gore, violent or scary content), our amygdala scans this as “potentially threatening” (the brain reads this as violent stuff happening pretty close to your person!) and sends signals to the sympathetic nervous system to begin the “fight or flight” reaction…your heart beats faster, blood pressure increases, your pupils dilate, etc. Even though you are safe sitting in your chair, your body is still getting that sensation – it’s primitive and what makes many “scary movies” enjoyable (or uncomfortable) for many people.

However, some types of visual stimulation can cross a line and overwhelm different people. For some people, even minimally scary movies cross that line…and for others, it is “gore.” These people you’ll see even shield themselves from having to look at it and will do things like covering their eyes, etc… everyone has a different line.

Anyway, some people like to look at Gore because it gives them a bit of a rush… Neurologically, they are hyperstimulated yet are sitting in the comfort of their own home…but it’s a stimulation that not everyone will like and may be overwhelming for some.

Are you emotionally disturbed if you enjoy watching gore videos (killings/mutilation/torture), or is it something else?

It depends on what your motivation for watching these videos is.

When I watch videos of people dying, whether it is automobile accidents, industrial accidents, suicides, murders, etc., it is because of sheer morbid curiosity. Why did this happen? Where did this happen? How did this happen? Can I prevent deaths like these from happening to me?

These reasons, I would deem reasonable since death is a fascinating topic, even if it is taboo. The video can serve as a morbid lesson to be vigilant in all situations, such as looking both ways when crossing roads or taking the utmost care when dealing with heavy machinery. These are lessons that need visualisation for someone to internalise.

However, I draw a line before I reach it for mutilation and beheadings. I know what will happen, and I found no benefit from watching other than ‘don’t join organised crime gangs’. However, if you watch these videos and your enjoyment is from satisfying your curiosity, then it is okay.

If your enjoyment from watching stems from the acts being committed and the lives being ended, you might have a problem. Delight from seeing pain and suffering is unnerving but not an issue as long as you can contain it. However, if watching urges you to commit similar acts, you will want to seek help.

Hope this helps.

What happens to your brain if you watch alarming/gore videos?

Your subconscious mind will perceive that you are in a very unsafe environment since it doesn’t know the difference between reality and virtual reality. Your amygdala may become active, releasing adrenaline into your blood. If you are exposed to disturbing content (negative stimulus) for a long time, it will affect your health incorrectly, you may get depressed, and your immune system will be undermined/weakened. Limiting negative stimuli from the external environment is advisable as it damages your well-being.

13 What are the best gore sites? complete guide

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